The Flower Fix

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I loved this book. I loved the philosophy of this book  of using flowers we have easy access to to create beautiful floral arrangements that are also in tune with nature.
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A very informative book I found myself learning so much with this reading.. really well categorised, this means easy to find randomly things if ever want to go back for something in specific, and the writing its really easy to understand... love it
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4.5 stars.

This is my first time reading on flower arrangement though I had some interest after seeing them in shows. Reading this book was a joy and the arrangements the author made and showed in the book were really pretty. I love that the author made a lot of emphasis to be creative and don't let anything be a barrier on one's creativity. I also liked the quotes, mood boards (though not in every arrangements) and inspirations in each arrangements. Few of the arrangements were big but they looked so beautiful. The photography in itself was an art.

The only downside I see for this book is that the basic skills is close to the end of the book instead of the beginning but otherwise everything else was great.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with the digital copy for an honest review.
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I enjoyed this book very much - floristry is a relaxing hobby and I loved the photos and clear instructions - it was inspiring and motivated me to be more creative in my floral designs
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The Flower Fix is a beautiful book for sure. The photography is gorgeous and the copy and quotes are very inspirational but, the flowers and arrangements are very classical, not comparable with the image on the cover at all. They feel much more like flower arrangements from old paintings. It might become a new trend but, I personally prefer a more minimalistic approach.

Besides, even in a floral country like the Netherlands, where I live the flowers used are not easy to purchase.  Creating bouquets and wraths like these will quickly add up.
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I am amazed that this book maintained my interest and was a constant delight whenever I picked it up.
I would never have imaged this kind of book could have stimulated my sense of nature and the environment. Helped me to focus on life and death, ethereal things, literature and Dutch masterpieces.
I have gained a sense of place, structure, design and presentation.
Now if the author was baking cakes and the book contained all the practicalities from ingredients, cooking methods and mouth-watering pictures I could understand why I had fallen in love with them and would want to see flour on her nose and taste her chocolate cake fresh from the oven.
I fail to comprehend why Anna has so bewitched me with a different type of flour and placed me under her spell with evergreens and foraged foliage with recourse to mistletoe or wine.
This is a lovely book that makes the garage bouquets as redundant as packet mix buns.
 Anna is a designer first and foremost with an eye for colour and a creative gene few possess. Yet this book will inspire the most incompetent of would-be flower arrangers to not only see but also believe.
With each wonderfully illustrated arrangement, floral design or wreath the author takes us through the process. With a poem, literary quote or passage we follow her inspiration. How the flowers, containers, colour and most surprisingly the placement comes together. With throw away comments about the names of the blooms, Japanese culture or her own inspiration we learn so much. We quickly learn nothing is wasted and everything from flowers to her words recorded are well chosen. She is a natural communicator and teacher, generously sharing her thoughts and mistakes. She spends time detailing the ingredients, the method, the skills needed to bring it all together. The captured images in the photographs bring the still life to a vivid picture of floral delight. You can almost smell the blooms but you see it in it’s setting and have individual processes or single flower pictured independently.
She takes us through this again and again. Highlighting seasons, colours, the visual space and explaining that any display is a living testament to nature and resonates both new life and decay.
Just when you could keep reading and seeking out her latest project the book draws to a close with the most important elements. Having been inspired by words and pictures we now are provided the motivation and belief we too can achieve.
A glossary of terms and techniques and list of flowers and suitable alternatives. What to use when and where. How to buy, collect, gather and forage. Why sustainability is all about in season rather than gathering just figure 0 model stems off the florist’s catwalk.
I loved this book. I’m not aware of any of the arrangements were completely edible but I know how to prepare old man’s beard without being poisoned and other aspects about the most unusual blossoms and flowers.
This would make an ideal gift. While a cook book could not save a starving man this book will inspire, delight and enable the most humble of people to see beauty and display it within their homes.
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The Flower Fix is an inspirational book, with both actual flower arrangements and some basic skills that could be okay to know. The book had great tutorials and I liked the touch of using seasonal flowers. An added bonus was the quotes.
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Part one is the arrangements and part two is basic skills - used to having it the other way around. With some of the information in the second part, it would make sense to have a side note or have it as part one.  What I do like about the projects, you are getting the same colour or similar colours in the same section which is nice.
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Whilst the flower arrangement projects are lovely, what I really like about this book is the easy going and informative style of writing, decorating and thinking behind the projects.
I enjoyed the adventure into the colour and use of the seasons, and the thinking outside the square aspect of arranging the follows
There are detailed information on copying the arrangements in the book, but the book is more than this.
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I recieved an electronic version of this book for my honest review. 

I really enjoyed The Flower Fix. The photographs were stunning. I have always dabbled in flower design. This book gives plenty of fresh and new ideas.  I highly recommend  The Flower Fix to those who enjoy flower arrangements as well as to those DIY'ers who want to add some pizzazz to their spaces.
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The Flower Fix by Anna Potter is crammed with numerous floral arrangement ideas that should spark the creative juices when it comes to arranging flowers. The two things I really liked about Potter's book was the Basic Skills and Glossary of Flowers chapters. In the basic skills chapter the author explains how to create frames such as a free-standing or wreath structure to use in floral arranging. In the Glossary of Flowers chapter the author tells about various flowers including the length of time for their use.


Review written after downloading a galley from NetGalley.
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The Flower Fix- Modern arrangements for a daily dose of nature by Anna Potter (published by White Lion Publishing) is a book with a very clear purpose- to give the reader his or her daily flower fix! I think this is a book that is more about the journey and less about perfection. There is a freedom that makes creating something beautiful a pleasure, and Potter encourages all of us to adopt that free spirit and let nature and its imperfections lead you to create beautiful floral arrangements. 

Picasso has famously quoted, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”. I think that this is the general spirit that pervades The Flower Fix. Potter offers guidelines on what would make good floral arrangements, and then urges the reader to break these rules! 

Navigating The Flower Fix

There are 26 floral-oriented projects in the book, ranging from small simple designs to larger installation projects. There is one thing that is particularly different and striking about the manner in which these floral decor projects are presented in the book. Each project is a ‘recipe’. There is a list of ‘ingredients’, that is, the exact number of flowers and other materials she has used. However, each floral arrangement tells a different story. Some evoke playfulness, curiosity and serenity while others let you go wild! 

Each chapter also explains the sources of inspiration that Anna took in order to create the arrangements that she did. As she describes the various arrangements in detail, step by step, she gently weaves in some really practical tips. For example, how can one create a sense of depth in a shallow container? (The answer- using the larger blossoms at the back). A lot of basic skills required to make a floral arrangement are diagrammatically expressed in the latter part of the book. 

Any book on floral arrangements must have great pictures. The Flower Fix is also packed with beautiful “Instagramable” images, that are sure to inspire you, as well as lines and quotes that will echo in your mind long after you have read it.
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This book is heartbreaking gorgeous. It reads like a diary/cookbook/novel all in one. Can’t recommend it enough.

Thanks to #NetGalley, I had an advanced PDF to read and review. 

*All opinions are my own and I was not required to post a positive review. *
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Gorgeous photographs of arrangements, complete with step by step instructions on how you too can create these for your home.
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Anna Potter’s instructive manual shows flower arrangements from the plain & petite, to elaborate grand designs meant to fill a room. Her use of both live blooms, fresh wildflowers along with dried grasses, fruits and even a whimsical live snail will provide you with lots of ideas to take your bouquets to the next level. Four flowerlike stars!  #TheFlowerFix
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What I really appreciated most about this book was the stunning shots of the creative arrangements that Anna has put together. It really is a visual feast. The little anecdotes in each section were also charming and I really liked the origin stories for the naming of the plants and flowers. My one issue with the book is that these are not easy to recreate arrangements. One uses a bathtub, another is twisted around a pole hung from the ceiling, while a third employs an entire wall.
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I’ve always wondered how to arrange flowers in the house to make them look pretty. When someone has given you some flowers. Or you buy them yourself. They always make you happy and make you smile when you see them and all the arrangements in this book are beautiful. Now to go out and buy some flowers so I can give it a go.
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Really pretty photos, very interesting to look at. I think this would be really fun to flip through in paper form while sitting in your garden.
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I will never be able to arrange flowers as Mrs. Potter does, but this book was good for my eyes and also it was full of very nice sentences from famous author, so I really enjoyed it.

Non saró mai capace di sistemare i fiori come fa l'autrice, ma questo libro é stato un balsamo per gli occhi ed un piacere da leggere per via delle frasi tratte dalle opere di famosi autori che accompagnavano le bellissime foto, quindi devo dire che mi é proprio piaciuto.

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Fabulous book on modern floral arrangements and installations inspired by nature and flower lore. Pitted throughout with wonderful literary quotes the book contains 26 projects to get you started. The gorgeous photography will inspire you to explore your own floral creativity and build your own permanent structures for your home. You may even be inclined to take the authors advice and like the changing seasons watch the fading floral blossoms.
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