A Girl Called Shameless SAMPLER

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 May 2019

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It's fab! Picking right from where the first book left off, it's just as gripping and engaging as the first book. Izzy is such a memorable main character, it's a real pleasure to return to her world again. Strong recommend!
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A sampler that sets the tone for a riotous read...
Full-on start, with the briefest recap of the events that happened to our narrator, and it immediately sets up what seems to be the focus of the novel - dealing with double standards and the thorny issue of social media.
Can’t wait!
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This helpful summarised the first book at the beginning so those who had not read that could read this. This was helpful as I've not read the first one but was aware of it. I liked the beginning of this and how it re-introduced the characters but this sampler did not sell me completely. The characters did not feel fully fleshed out and that made the story less likely for me to follow. The premise is super interesting and the writing style seems okay but I'm not completely sold on the story.
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Yes! Yes! Yes! From the moment I started reading this I knew I was going to love this author. I couldn't stop laughing with how this was written, it's so gooood and so cleverly put together. It's rare for me to fine a book that genuinely makes me laugh out loud because of how funny it is, but this book did that!. While reading, just from the opening two words alone, I knew that this book reads as a sequel and so once I finished reading it, I did do some research and found out that this is in fact book two in the Izzy O'Neill series. Good instincts. The first couple of pages did do a complete recap of book one, of Izzy O'Neill life, where spoilers were included and read by me! But given that, I am very much considering purchasing and reading these books, starting of course with book 1 (The Exact Opposite of Okay) then following with this book, because you've got to read them in order, right? So just be warned that spoilers will hit you in the face with this book.
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I loved this, I can’t wait to read the whole thing, a great sampler but annoying as so good I wanted to carry on reading. Must buy this !

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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*confession* I had already read this book in my local library and thought it was exceptional and wanted to tell the publisher! 

Here is my review: 
Argh, I loved this. Five stars easy. And for me to give five stars to anything contemporary is a big deal – this isn’t my genre. But I love the narration in this book so so so very much. It’s rare to find a protagonist who’s voice feels so similar to my own internal monologue and who shares so many of my passions and interests. The fact that there is an adorable dog called Dumbledore – just a bonus.

Loved this. Would recommend to pretty much anyone – even fantasy heads like myself.

My rating: 5/5 stars.
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Argggh. It's a sampler. I don't usually download samplers because I get frustrated at not having the whole book. Suffice to say that this promises to be just as good as The Exact Opposite of Okay. Four stars based on it not being the whole book (but could easily be 5 stars depending on how the entire book pans out.)
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