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This is the first time I've read a book from Holly Wainwright before.

The Mummy Bloggers is hilariously funny and I really related to a lot of the things mentioned in this book. More so from the blogging side of things and a couple of the life bits as well. However, I did struggle to relate to the mummsy side of things, not being a mother myself. 

Witty, funny, sarcastic and relatable. Worth a read.
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This book was just delightfully hilarious but also drama filled. I loved it!! The “influencers” were spot on but hyperbolized (I would hope!!!) read in a day and very excited to have found a new author I love!
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I love the humor and depth to this book. There's so much more to it than typical "chick lit" provides. These women are smart, alluring, and multi-faceted. Well done!
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I enjoyed the concept of this book, as I thought I would. I love reading about female friend groups and relationship dynamics. However, I was bored at times. I found myself beginning to skim at about the 50% mark. But I did find the way the story ended satisfying and I would still recommend this to anyone who loves reading about female friendships.
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Even though I don't think I particularly qualify as part of this book's target market, nevertheless I relished reading The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright. 

Set in Australia, this delightful tale focuses on three parent bloggers, Elle Campbell, Abi Black and Liesel Adams. Stylish mum Elle is a social media manager and has two boys; tactless Abi is a blogger of all things healthy and eco-friendly; Liesel, a working mother has trouble dividing her time between children and work, and never feels good enough for her family. Each has their very individual parenting styles and all are vying for a coveted Blog-ahh award.

This story really packs a punch and Holly Wainwright worked wonders with her characters. I could totally relate to Liesel, although not so much to Elle and Abi, though I suspect this was intended by the author and my enthusiasm for this hilarious tale was not diminished in any way. I like that Holly Wainwright does not rely entirely on comedy to move the narrative onward, but showcases a generous dollop of realistic, warts-and-all family life, as well. Immediately spellbound, I was desperate to see how the plot would progress and could not predict the conclusion. Read The Mummy Bloggers if you're a fan of blogging, celebrities, reality shows or the internet. 

I look forward to reading more from Holly Wainwright in the future. 

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Legend Press via NetGalley at my request, and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Mummy Bloggers was as addicting as those mom bloggers are addicted to likes on their facebook/instagram/and blogs.

The book follows 3 mummy bloggers who are nominated for the BlogAhh’s awards in Australia. The award will be based on engagement and follows, and these 3 mums go to extreme measures to gain the number 1 spot.

This book is fascinating, and as a mom and blogger I found it really relatable even though none of the mom’s personalities fit my own. I promise you guys I am NOT that crazy. I do put my phone away and play with my kids. There is not secretly a nanny doing all the homeschool and playing and loving for my kids.

I think I related most to the “Working Mum” because she, at least, was authentic and you could feel how much she cared about her kids.

IF you enjoy social media, or blogs, or reading about parenting, this book will keep you entertained for hours. It was really dramatic.
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I have to say I'm so glad the world of book blogging is no where near as underhanded or cutthroat as that of the mummy bloggers in this book. 

Meet the 3 ladies who will go all put to win a prestigious blogging award.    

Elle, Abi and Leisl are all interlinked in more ways than you could think.  They are all mums with very different approaches to child raising. 

There are many characters in this but once you get used to the structure and who belongs with each lead it does help a lot.   I loved that each chapter was labelled with who it was focusing on. 

There are many parenting issues covered in this book as well as a commentary on social media and how it's used. 

I loved this book so much that I think the only thing I can do is sit down and read the sequel that also happens to be on my kindle. 

Plenty of fun,  relatable elements of characters and down right deviousness. A great book for those of you with kids and like me those that just want to be entertained.

Thank you to Legend Press on Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Welcome to the world of the mummy bloggers - this blog is so true to life, despite it being a work of fiction, you really have to see some of these 'mummy bloggers' to believe the lengths they will go to to get one up on the others. A fabulous, funny, yet heartwarming read.
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The Mummy Bloggers reminded me of why I don’t like women.  So much tearing down and destroying of other humans.  The pressure and drive to compete ... ugly compete.  

Was a fairly realistic tale about how far some women will go to have what is important to them at the expense of everyone around them.  

Self centeeed and cold hearted women on the lose.
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OK stop what your doing!

Because this book is what you should be reading!!

It's time to sit back and devour Holly wainwright's novel! The Mummy Bloggers!!

Get ready for some laugh out loud moments, some understanding smiles and a touch of mum guilt! (yes my son's have too much sugar at times and would kill you dead for a creme egg!)

Considering what I do with my hobby of reading and putting together this blog, The Mummy Bloggers was an eye opening look at what its like at the height of the blogging world!

3 very different women all connected and all blogging and sharing every part or there lives, or are they? the pics are staged, the posts are a bit too thought out and perfect and every event is planned to perfection! do they really believe what they are saying, is it all worth it?

I thought this would be a light read but WOW i was just obsessed i HAD to know who everything turned out, from learning the true you, facing up to the problems the women had and the fact that one of them is an obvious sociopath!!

All this combines to make a fantastic fast paced read, with it's own twist and turns throughout and a shocking ending that left me open mouthed!!

I really cannot wait to read more from Holly Wainwright, Her whole writing style is so well put together that it like been told a story by a friend so easy to read.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! I am still days later writing this thinking about the story, it really has left me wanting more! as crazy as these women were in the end i myself was just as obsessed about there lives! 

This is not my usual read but i was drawn in so much by the blurb but surprisingly in the end this book fit this blog so well as it has touches of light psychological thriller elements as well as comedy!
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As a working mom, this novel not only had me laughing and gasping, but also managed to pinpoint issues that mothers deal with. In the age of social media, being a mom seems akin to being under a constant microscope; the pressure to post family pictures and maintain a "perfect family and life" are all too real, and the way that each character struggles to find and maintain her identity in The Mummy Bloggers is perfect. While the character of Elle focuses on appearance and the pressure to be perfect, Leisel struggles to be successful at her job and at home. These characters in particular resonated as believable to me, and I was able to identify with them to a small degree. 

Overall, the plot of this book is fun, and the manner in which Holly Wainwright connects the characters was nothing short of genius. I really enjoyed this book, and I look forward to reading more from author.
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This is more than just another chick-lit book. This fiction novel is fresh, intriguing and filled with humor. As a former blogger long ago I was instantly sucked into the book.  All bloggers are different and face different issues, but what the bloggers show you does not actually portray who they are. If you're looking for a good cozy, spend all day on the couch reading book. This is it! Thank you NetGalley for the review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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This is a brilliant, fun and witty read that I enjoyed from start to finish. 
Elle Campbell, Abi Black and Leisel Adams are all mums that run different blogs around parenting.  They all share the title of Mummy Blogger. Its a title that none of them are keen on but it is the only thing they all have in common. The Three woman are all very different and they all parent in very different ways. 
When they all find out they have been nominated for an award for their blogs at the Blog-Ahhs.
They all up their game to ensure that they will win the prestigious award. What follows is the competition between the three of them. As the awards get nearer the lies they tell get bigger and bigger as they compete to be number one. But will it all end in tears as the stunts they use get bigger and their lies get found out as secrets from their pasts begin to catch up with them all. 
I really enjoyed this book and it was fun to read. As a parent myself you do feel pressure to the look perfect to the outside world and show them that yes you can be perfect. When you read this you do get a great insight into each of their lives and you do understand their need to show a perfect image to the world. It becomes great fun reading as they all compete with each other and their lies begin to unravel around them. I really liked the writing style of the book and I found that each of the women's stories all were intertwined well with each other. 
The book would be a great holiday read.
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I always know how good a book is by the length of time it takes me to read it. This took 3 weeks (I usually read a book or 2 a week). It lacked something, but I did finish it! Maybe it ended to soon? I don’t know, but I did want to know what happened, although not all my questions were answered. I wouldn’t read this again, but it want the pits!
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Ooh, this was so much fun! I loved the way the three main characters were so diverse, yet so intertwined. The whole hashtag thing with Elle had me in stitches, as did the lengths the bloggers were prepared to go to to try to win. Fast-paced and compelling, I wasn’t able to put this one down.
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This is such a funny, fun book to read. I loved all of the chapters and their storylines. I also really like that she writes about how not everything is how is seems and the media can be very deceiving.
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I really enjoyed this book. It treats so many topics that mothers are dealing with. From the fake social media posts and feelings to real-life problems that we deal every day while trying to balance a job, childcare and the guilt of not spending enough time with them, family life and social life. It can be so overwhelming at times because the society it's changing so much every year with new demands and, as always, people are trying to fight or stay true to their ideals.
I'll definitely recommend this book to all my blogger mummy friends.
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In The Mummy Bloggers, Holly Wainwright has taken serious parenting issues, combined them with echoes of every online scandal over the past few years and thrown them at the colourful canvas that is the world of competitive ‘mummy’ blogging.

The result is a very funny story that every parent – and parenting blogger – will enjoy. As the author so eloquently puts it:

Motherhood, as Leisel would later write in her blog, smacked her across the face with a wet nappy.

The Mummy Bloggers is the story of three very different women who all have children, write about their lives online, and are competing for a $500,000 cash prize in a blogging competition. They have three months to prove to the judges that they have the biggest, most engaged online audience.

Chaos and lies ensue.

If you’ve ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at the world of blogging, you’ll love this novel. Holly Wainwright has moved among parenting bloggers for several years, most recently as Head of Entertainment at Mamamia.

Personally, I think she’s nailed the all-consuming beast that is blogging – a strange mixture of art, marketing, tech, celebrity and mundane, everyday life.

I also really enjoyed this book – I read it two days, staying up waaaaay past my bedtime on the second day to find out who won!
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I expected this to be a typical 3 \-character women's fiction easy read.  Well, it was delightful in that the author did a fabulous job of connecting all of the characters without it seeming forced or odd.  I did not expect the ending twist with Elle, but each of the characters was fleshed out and seemed real.  Oddly enough, the character that I most connected with and was eager to read about as each of her chapters came along was Abi.  She was crazy as all get out, but I loved how genuine she was underneath all the green nonsense. 

I could not put this book down once I started.  I am looking forward to more from Ms. Wainwright..
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I was really looking forward to this book. It was a bit disappointing. I did enjoy if, but not like I had hoped. The characters were a bit flat, and the story a bit boring.
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