10-Minute Crystal Ball

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This was an okay read, but nothing special about it. It did not captivate me or impressed me with anything. I was grateful for the tarot tips.
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Sehr hübsch gestaltet, interessante Ansätze zu Psychic and Magic und wie das alles erklärbar it.
Stellenweise etwas abgehoben.
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This was a good introduction to the topic of psychic powers and introduction. It's an easy read and divided in a nice way.
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I love this little book! Some great insight and some great tips, some I knew about and some I didn't.  Glad to check it out...thanks!
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Not a long/huge book that has some basic/ introductory information. Some moments/examples from her life or heard/told. More of something quick to do if want something like this. Introductions to auras, meditation, dreams, intuition, and problem solving. So a nice introduction to a few different areas.
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[I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley and Fair Winds Press, for the opportunity.]

I was really excited for this book, but because of the weird formatting, the eARC was impossible to read through.
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Another good book to read and study up on.
Anything spiritual is fun to read and study,but couldn't load to kindle.
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Great guide and introduction to crystal balls, divination/auras etc. Definitely useful if you're trying to get into psychic activities. There are many different options for everyone's taste, i haven't use them yet so i can't tell you which one are better than others, but definitely keep an eye open for this one.
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This book is broken down into 2 parts. The first part of the book explains the fundamentals of psychic phenomena. It is easy to read book and does not get overly technical so is great for the beginner. The 2nd part of the book is filled with over 400 tips and tricks for exploring and developing your own psychic powers. The book tells you we all have the ability you just how to figure out how to bring it out of yourself. The 2nd part of this book will help you in easy to do 10 minute exercises in order to sharpen your personal abilities. 

The introduction itself tells you if you are not interested n learning the fundamentals feel free to skip to part 2. For this review I personally did not skip part 1. Part 1 does tell you the different types more or less of psychic ability. It explains in a short order what these mean like auras, and the sixth sense. Then it tells you ways of helping you to trian your mind through meditation, dreams and things like that. 

There is a section on tools like divination rods, Tarot Cards, runes and more to help you receive the messages from the other side. 

Part 2 like I said are the exercises to help you develop and bring forward your abilities. These are very simple things you can do. You should set aside just 10 minutes a day to do just 1 of the exercises. Personally for me I have written down each exercise on a index card I cut in half and put them in a small box. Each day I will reach into the box and pull a random card and that will be my exercise for the day.  

For instance today my exercise was: Sense colors:
Take five sheets of colored paper in different hues, close your eyes, and mix them up. Lay the sheets of paper out on a table. With your eyes still closed, hold your hand over each sheet and see if you can feel what color it is. This is from the book, so you can see how simple most of the exercises are. 

This is a great reference book to keep around. I cannot honestly say Yes this book works, I have not been doing this long enough but I am getting 10 minutes or down time a day with the hope that in the long run it will make me psychically stronger. 

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com and chose to leave this review.
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Another book in this series where the cover was blown out of the park. If I could give it a five out five stars just for the cover I would. Once again, there are colored illustrations throughout the book that keep it engaging and fun to read. This is a fun book for beginners because it really does start at the beginning. The book is broken down into two parts. The first is about physics (everyone is one!) and what it means an how to harness that. The second have is the part about intuition, divination, and problem solving. I recommend this book. It's a quick read, but has amazingly good information in it that could really help anyone. 4 out of 5 stars.
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An interesting guide to developing intuition and your "sixth sense," with a variety of exercises, experiments, and tips. Some items were common sense, some were a bit out there, but overall this was an interesting read and I plan to try some of these out.
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10 Minute Crystal Ball is a fast read, perfect for the beginner working in divination.  There are 400+ tips on how to get in tune with your psychic abilities in a speed list format.  Personally, I found this book to be geared to the beginner with simple tips like flipping coins for yes/no answers as well as guessing which box the object is in.  Truth is, psychic ability is much like a muscle and needs to be worked to develop.  Skye provides easy exercises to help you in your psychic workout.  I appreciated the information included with Runes and I Ching, areas I have limited information on.  I especially liked the exercise that calls in help from the directions N-S-E-W.  Although those experienced in different forms of divination may find this book lacking in introducing new thoughts or in-depth instruction, it is a great introduction for others.
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Great introduction to psychic powers and inner visions.
I appreciated the easy writing, especially for newbies and the focus on self-care and self-love.
The books offers simple and accessible techniques that can be performed easily. I would have loved some more explanations but it is a great starting point for discovering and learning more.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange of an honest review.
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10 Minute Crystal Ball by Skye Alexander
Easy Tips for Developing Your Inner Wisdom and Psychic Powers

Beginning with the idea that everyone is psychic this book goes on to discuss the mind, tools, intuition, divination, other people, problem solving, etc. The most intriguing part of this book is that in each section there are numerous exercises and ideas on how to tap into and strengthen one’s psychic abilities. I remember trying out a number of the ideas in the book: looking at cards and having someone guess what the card is (projecting and receiving images), trying to see auras, using a pendulum, using the tarot or the ouija board...many were not new ideas but some were. I believe this book is one that would be fun to have to refer to for ideas and would love to have it in my library. 

Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group – Fair Winds Press for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

4-5 Stars
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10-Minute Crystal Ball gives a basic overview of divination. The book covers, briefly, everything from Tarot to Norse runes. The majority of the book focusing on easy and quick activities you can do to build intuition and divine messages from teh world. Honestly, I was a little perturbed with the book. This seems aimed at those who think this stuff is just a fun side game.
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3 1/2 stars

I have definitely been cut from the Western cloth of idea--practicality, science, pragmatism, etc. However, another part of me has longed to access intuition and deeper meanings, to understand the possibilities that may exist beyond.

I love the idea of enhancing and developing intuition and 10-Minute Crystal Ball certainly offers a lot of tasks relating to it. I suppose I expected that the book might be more devoted to showing how to enhance intuition through a crystal ball or viewing images created by the mind that way. While this was briefly mentioned, I wished that there had been more.

However, there are dozens and dozens of tasks that can help to open the mind. I haven't tried any of them so I can't tell you if they work. Sometimes, when you're so grounded in Western belief, it's hard to let your mind go to experience more. I think that a book like this could help.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Sharpen your intuition and divination powers with techniques that can be performed in minutes:Use tarot cards to understand meaningful messagesLearn which stone to carry to attract love and contentmentInterpret dream symbols and their significanceAnalyze a friend’s handwriting to determine his secrets
This is what you think it is.
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I like how Skye Alexander writes and how she explains and make understandable complex concepts.
This is a good book and her style of writing is a plus that makes this book engaging and interesting.
I appreciated the explanations, the examples and the hints.
Useful and interesting, highly recommended!
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Beautiful little book with some lovely ideas to help make your more open to your intuition and psychic ability. These are Easy to try and the book is simple to read through and come back too time and time again.
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Great guidebook and start/introduction to crystal balls, psychic ability and intuition. Uses plain English, is bright, bold and appealing. 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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