Someone Is Lying

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 14 Jun 2019

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What a start for great story for sure. I need to read the whole book because the first chapters have really got me hooked. Definitely a gripping thriller.
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Absolutely gripping taster of the first five chapters of ‘Someone is Lying’. To leave on such a cliffhanger!
I must now read the rest of the book- off to buy this one straightaway. 😁
Thanks to NetGalley for introducing me to this excellent new book  in exchange for an honest reviewer
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Really enjoyed this teaser, looks like it a great story so am now going to purchase the book in order to find out what happens next!
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After reading a teaser for this book I am very much intrigued as to who the 6! And what happens next.  Waiting on tenterhooks
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A great teaser of what is set to be a very twisty, turny thriller. You can already see the dynamic between the main characters, and it definitely made me eager to read on.
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Didn't realise this was a teaser when I requested it.  Nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed those first few chapters and would certainly look forward to reading the whole book.
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I am going to admit that it is hard to write a review for a sampler of the first five chapters. I think most of us have be stung by an amazing first few chapters, only for the rest of the book to go downhill. 

But these first five chapters hugely intrigues me. I love a good murder mystery and with the idea of using our recent love for social media and True Crime podcasts (such as Serial and My Favourite Murder), it will be interesting to see how the truth slowly comes out. 

I think my only concern is that people might compare this to Big Little Lies. But as I have read another book with similar Big Little Lies vibes via NetGalley recently - Sanctuary by VV James - and it added something new to the "Mums at the Schoolgate" thrillers so I'm very intrigued to see what this does...
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This is sadly only a teaser, but I can see it has the potential to be a huge hit this summer. There is, however, a large cast of characters, so I am unsure of whether that will work or not as it is impossible to really tell through such a small excerpt.
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Someone Is Lying is a standalone psychological thriller.  Set in an exclusive gated community called Severn Oaks the story revolves around Erica Spencer, a resident of Severn Oaks who tragically died in an accident the previous year which has affected all the neighbours deeply.  When an anonymous post appears on the local Facebook Page claiming Erica's death was no accident and announcing a podcast which will prove who killed Erica over the next few weeks the residents start to panic, especially as each and every one of them have secrets and lies which they will do anything to keep hidden.

With a large cast of characters it is easy to get slightly confused at the beginning of the story, but it didn't take me long to get totally and utterly gripped by the story line.  There were several twists which I really didn't see coming and once again Jenny Blackhurst proves she really can write a superb, psychological thriller.
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I am a huge fan of this author. If this is a taste of things to come I can't wait to read more. Definitely another page turner. You have left me hanging by a thread. Please don't make me wait too long. I think it will be another five star read.
I would like to thank the author, Headline and Netgalley for the ARC in return for giving an honest review
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Someone is lying is a book full of suspense, thrills, chills, twists and turns a plenty. Like physiological thrillers you will love this.
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i'm a huge fan of Jenny Blackhurst and I was so excited to read the sampler for her new book. The prologue is intriguing and the chapters included in the sampler are an introduction to presumably the main players ... one of whom is definitely lying. I'm so looking forward to reading the full book!!
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Ok, I hadn’t realised this was only five chapters. I thought when it said TEASER in the title that it meant we were getting the first look in with an ARC. I’ve never come across this before, and it was very frustrating.
The prologue is really gripping, written in the voice of someone who is already dead, and it is her murder that we are going to be investigating throughout the book.
It’s very hard to leave a review on only five chapters, as I have read books in the past that were good to start off with but then went downhill fast and vice versa. This starts off good, but I can’t endorse it without reading the whole thing.
Interesting premise and a good start but that’s all I can say! The stars given don't really mean anything as can't really rate it.
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HOOKED from start to finish! This teaser is wanting me to read more and I cannot wait for the book to be released.  Definitely going to be a future purchase! 
 The school mom mentality was relatable to many who had been at the school gates of any school and the hook at the end of chapter five was one leading me to want more. 
 The use of social media is another element which I loved, social media (may we love it or hate it) is now a part of society and can come with it's own limitations and problems.  I do not know of many authors who can include social media without it feeling just added to bring the story into the modern day, however, I applaud Jenny Blackhurst as this has truly excited me to see how it is developed further in this story and felt more like a necessity to the story rather than an "add-on" side thought.  
  For anyone who enjoys a good crime/thriller/mystery genre this will be right up your alley. Cannot wait for the release of this book.
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From what I've read (prologue and the first five chapters), it seems to be a psychological with great potential.  I can't wait to read the full book, hopefully it'll be as gripping as this teaser.
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Hard to comment on this book as it is only a teaser but it looks like it will probably be the making of a good psychological thriller.

Thank you to Netgalley and Headline Publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this short story.
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On the basis of these first few chapters, Jenny Blackhurst’s latest novel looks set to be a delicious read. The opening evokes both Desperate Housewives and Jo Spain’s recent book Dirty Little Secrets (a woman observes her neighbours from beyond the grave), and it looks like the affluent residents of Severn Oaks have plenty to hide. “Lying” in the title and Facebook on the first page are pretty standard in the current psychological thriller market (I’m not sure when I last read a contemporary novel in this genre which *didn’t* mention the dreaded social meeja), but 
with a hidden hand at work to stir up trouble, it all looks like huge amounts of fun.

The first few chapters serve mainly to introduce the characters and set up the basics of the plot... I look forward to finding out more.
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Highly recommended this story to anyone to read the only fault I had it was to short it had me gripped from the first page until I finished .
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The problem with most teasers they are either too short or bear no reflection on the rest of the book.
Reading a clever prologue and the first five chapters here it seems this taster is about the right length. It also sets the book up and reveals only as much as the blurb that goes with the promotion of this novel.
Someone is Lying is one of a number of recent books where deceit and variants the verb to lie have been used in the title. 
Jenny Blackhurst may still be an unfamiliar name to some yet over the years she has produced a number of standalones in this genre, that are always at the cusp of where edgy and psychological thrillers have progressed. She is the talented bow wave, an author who has pushed crime mysteries into new directions and examined the interplay between characters and the blurring of truth and reality in fiction.
So what does this sample of Jenny's book reveal?
Well, we are introduced into world that Erica has recently departed. Her "friends" continuing despite the "accident" that took her prematurely, remembering her and "honouring" her memory.

We do not have to like these women but they are recognisable from types we have seen and met. That Blackhurst has an ear for dialogue and the nose to spin such a credible cast of characters is one aspect that makes her novels stand out. Here is no different.

We may as well have been standing at the school gate. Passing before our eyes drift past, look at me Mums, gossip a lot Mums, jealous out of shape Mums, toned, narcissism driven Mums, guilty Mum neglecting their kids to work, frustrated Mums their careers on hold and voices speaking but thoughts unspoken.
We see nothing. We know no-one. We make assumptions and think we know their partners, less frequently seen around school, but returning late, meddling with the car or minding the barbeque.

Within these five chapters we have an insight into these local people; they come out of the pages like three dimensional figures, their attitude and thoughts to be laid bear. I cannot wait to meet them and the partners for the most part implied as complicit, but for now more in the shadows.
What do they know about Erica's death?
Someone knows more than most. Now they have posted on Social Media that they are prepared to out members of the community, reveal their secrets and involvement in what happened to Erica.
This isn't blackmail it is whistleblowing but to what ends?

Has each person something to hide? 

Has each by neglect, omission or conscious act contributed to Erica's demise? 
Were they co-ordinated acts, a conspiracy, or is one's guilt so clear they will be revealed as a murderer?

Jenny has captured another current issue. 
Trolling across the internet and the ability to hide behind the anonymity of profiles and the reluctance to share information with investigating authorities that makes social media posts so damaging and destructive.
So I am hooked just a few pages in - the mystery is set and its unravelling seems a delightful experience of reading gold.
You've done it again Jenny.
Long may your ideas and words weave such amazing stories.
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I really enjoyed this book.  It has great main characters and a really good story line.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone.
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