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This was a very thrilling book.  Imagine there is someone anonymous that knows your secrets and can broadcast them anytime anywhere.  This sets the tone for this thrilling read, gripping from beginning to end.  Recommended.
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A great book from start to finish, I would highly recommend this to any and all thriller fans. Just a warning though: this book is hard to put down so make sure you dont have plans for the rest of your day!
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4 Stars from me

I have loved reading this book - particularly so during our period of lockdown - as it is just like indulging in the juiciest, most fabulous, gossip-fest with your best friends!

Focusing around Erica Spencer who died a year ago - did she fall, was she murdered? - and set in a posh gated community in Cheshire, this story is sublime distraction from all that is going on in the world right now.

Instead, lose yourself in the drama of the Kaplans and their 'friends' in the posh streets of Severn Oaks... In fact, buckle up as you will be hooked within a couple of paragraphs - I know I was!

Someone is Lying is a fun and salacious whodunnit which pokes fun at all of the little stereotypes which exist within most groups of friends. It has affairs, secrets, murder, jealousy, wild parties and misdemeanours and I loved it!
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I read this book months ago but totally forgot to update my review!

This was just an okay domestic psychological thriller revolving around a murder of a woman named Erica. The plot gets moving when a year after Erica's death a mysterious pod-caster starts revealing the secrets of her neighbors. Which obviously ends up causing a lot of conflict, mistrusts and chaos.

Honestly, I found the writing of this novel particularly hard to get into. Like I said, the plot was okay enough but I honestly, couldn't care less for any of the characters and their respective stories. This was my first book by Jenny Blackhurst and I do want to try more books by her but this wasn't for me.
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I enjoyed this book.
It had similar themes to Big Little Lies. Set around a school and a community, exploring the ins and outs of peoples lives and dramas.
A good psychological thriller
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Really enjoyable read. Good characters and a Good story. Well worth a read. Think others will enjoy.
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Someone Is Lying is a really good psychological thriller that had me flying through to find out who the liar is.
The setting is a gated community in Cheshire, home to some well off residents, the majority being very close and spending weekends at each other’s parties and school events. The community was fractured a little after a Halloween party someone dies, but how did they die and was it an accident or was it murder? This was a good thriller the only down side for me was there were a lot of characters to get your head round and although the first few chapters try to get you familiarised with the characters, I did struggle for quite a while with who was living with who and the other things that were going on. The podcast I was a bit doubtful about as I haven’t read a book yet that this works in but in this book it does and does it well. I liked the reveal and how it all came together neatly at the end with no unanswered questions.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Headline for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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This was my first go with the authors work, but I can’t see it being my last! Intriguing, scarily believable and thoroughly addictive, this story twists, turns and thrills like a huge rollercoaster and keeps you guessing throughout! 

I adored seeing how the plotline moved and developed along the away, and look forwards to returning to Jennys work!
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At a Halloween party a year agoErica is found dead at the bottom of the tree house it was deemed an accident but was it ?
Now six people are named on podcast as it seems one of them had something to do with Erica’s death.
The friends become suspicious of each other and the secrets come pouring out.
Thanks NetGalley
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The title of this book says it all "Someone Is Lying" and boy oh boy are there people lying here. 

Think Desperate Housewives, Real Housewives, Big Little Lies and Cluedo add a dash of humour and you have the basis of this book. I loved it. 

The story opens with Erica Spencer telling us about a Facebook post that has appeared on the school's page. The post is declaring they know the truth of what happened in a Halloween party in a gated community. Was an accident from a tree house really murder? Erica Spencer knows the truth. How? Well, because she's the one that got murdered. 

What I liked about this book was the good ole murder mystery premise of a handful of suspects and plenty of motives. With each podcast that was posted there was a new secret and lie to uncover, and another suspect being exposed to their misdemeanor. The humour that was dotted around the story was excellent, just enough to keep it a gritty mystery without going over into naked gun territory. 

The gated community residents of Severn Oaks seemed to think they were better than everyone else, but each one had their own secret. A fantastic read.
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Someone Is Lying is a strong, dark psychological thriller filled with twists and plenty of suspense. Blackhurst's writing will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The characters are unlikable, but so fun to read about. The plot is excellent. Highly recommended to readers who enjoyed Big Little Lies.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Headline for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A deliciously entertaining and absorbing read.

There are no dearth of novels that use social media and technology as a plot device. Some are good and some are atrociously bad, with twitter, facebook, Instagram or whatever either entirely superfluous to a story -included to attract the 21st century media savvy reader, or with only a glancing relevance to the plot. Jenny Blackhurst's "Someone is Lying" is certainly one of the better novels that uses the tools of a surveillance society to propel the narrative forward, with one particular podcast proving intrinsic to the plot. You see everyone thought that Erica Spencer had tripped down the stairs and died accidentally... well that is until a podcast is released on a school website which evidently suggests otherwise. As it turns out there are many in gated community where Erica lived that may want her dead, including the six individuals named by the anonymous podcaster. At a rattling pace the story progresses, suspects are revealed and eliminated, with Blackhurst keeping the reader guessing in the expert fashion of a true proponent of the mystery genre. This is a wonderfully twisty thriller with some deliciously unlikable characters hiding dark secrets. "Someone is Lying" is also a timely reminder that in our social media obsessed world nothing stays truly hidden forever.


One year after Erica Spencer falls from a treehouse at a lavish Halloween party, the residents of the exclusive gated community where she lived have comes to terms with her death and moved on with their lives.
Until one day, a post on the school's website announces there will be a podcast to expose what really happened on the night of the accident. Six suspects are named, with the podcaster promising to reveal the murderer by the end of the series.
Everyone in this community has secrets to keep, and one of them is already a killer...
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This is a twisty psychological thriller which takes place in Severn Oaks, an affluent gated community in Cheshire. 

A year after Erica, one of the neighbours, fell to her death from a garden tree-house during a Hallowe’en party a mysterious podcast is broadcast online. It alludes to the fact that Erica may not have fallen, but may instead have been pushed by one of her neighbours. Six suspects are named. 

As we get to know each of these suspects and their families in turn it seems they all have at least one secret of their own and they are adept at lying, so who is telling the truth? 

I enjoyed this book and it held my attention for the most part, but I struggled at times to remember who each character was.  All in all a worthwhile read for fans of psychological thrillers.
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A brilliant book from an amazing author. Keeps you wanting to read more. Don’t go to any Halloween party after reading this.
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Keep your friends close, but your enemies in your pocket. Never was a statement more fitting.  The residents of the gated luxury community of Severn Oaks all know each other well - or so they thought until a mysterious social media post threatens to blow apart the friendships they work so hard to maintain.

One of their number, well respected community organiser Erica fell from her neighbour's tree house during a Halloween party the previous year; an accident so the police and coroner decided some months before the podcasts started. Whoever the author of these announcements is sees it differently, and not only that wants the world to know "the truth" of what happened that night - and states they have evidence to back up their claims.  This book follows events from the first podcast, predominantly from one of the resident's points of view but also spotlighting various other neighbours' involvements too.  At first the local constabulary are reluctant to get involved with the social media circus which the podcasts create but when another resident goes missing they are forced to start asking questions.

The pace of this book is perfect, with virtually every person who lives behind the gates seeming to have an influence on events at the Halloween party or a possible motive for wanting to cause Erica harm. It's a very flowing read with lots of possible scenarios being pitched at the reader throughout the book which keeps the pages turning quickly. Just about any one of them could be responsible for Erica's demise - including the latest missing person. After all, why else would they disappear - unless they are the one recording the podcasts? The more questions the detectives ask, the more secrets are uncovered which only leads to more head scratching back in the incident room. 

I felt this book to be quite reminiscent of The Couple on Cedar Close by Anna Lou Weatherley where the residents appear to be good friends however under that veneer of friendship nobody properly trusts one another. The final chapters certainly shocked me, the plotting throughout the book definitely managing to throw me well and truly off the scent. I look forward to being able to discuss the ending with people once this book is published and I can see it being a popular book club choice over the coming months.
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This is a really good murder mystery set in a gated community, with everyone suspecting each other. Erica fell to her death at a Halloween party, but was it an accident or was she pushed?
A year later a podcast is leaked which says it will gradually expose what really happened on the night of the accident. Six suspects are named, with the podcaster promising to reveal the murderer by the end of the series.
This was quite confusing at first as it jumped around from character to character, and didn’t really give you the chance to get to know them. 
As the book progressed I got used to this and was keen to know what really happened. 
The people suspected all have something to hide, but could they be capable of murder?
This is a gripping mystery thriller and I’d like go thank Headline and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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Who is responsible for Erica’s death and why is Mary-Beth missing.  

The residents of Severn Oaks all have secrets over what happened at a Hallowe’en party where one of their friends died.  Someone seems to think one of them is responsible and is letting everyone in the area know their secrets via weekly podcasts.  The residents all have their secrets.

Personally I found the story very choppy and the story kept forward in weeks.  Was far fetched but came together in the end.
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My thanks to Headline for a digital edition via NetGalley of ‘Someone is Lying’ by Jenny Blackhurst in exchange for an honest review. It was published in ebook/audiobook in May 2019 with its paperback edition being published on 14 November. 

At a lavish Halloween party the previous year Erica Spencer died after falling from a tree house. The inquest ruled her death an accident and the residents of the exclusive Seven Oaks gated community have begun to move on with their lives. 

Then a post appears on the local school’s FB page announcing a podcast that “brings to light new and never heard evidence that will cast doubt on everything you think you know about this ‘tragic accident’ and expose a murderer.” The anonymous podcaster names six suspects and promises to reveal the murderer by the end of the series.

It turns out that everyone in the community has secrets.

Although this was a quite readable domestic noir, it failed to really engage me. l found it hard to care about any of its rich, entitled characters and they tended to melt into each other. In addition, the number of secrets and lies were so numerous that it began to feel like one of those over-the-top daytime soap operas. I know these are popular but are just not my thing.
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The residents of the gated community of the exclusive Severn Oaks estate are amongst the elite, money, huge houses, privilege, the children attend successful public schools, and they are all doing well in their fields of work. At a lavish Halloween party Erica Spencer had fallen to her death from a tree house, it had been ruled as an accidental death. But what if it wasn’t an accident?

Everyone seems to have come to terms with her death, and begun to move on with their lives, until at a community event, a Facebook page is put up on the school website, informing everyone that there will be several podcasts broadcast, revealing what really happened that Halloween night, at the end of all the podcasts the guilty party will be exposed, six people are involved and one of them may have killed Erica but why? Everyone is hooked on the podcasts.

Initially they believe the post is just a joke, a hoax, until the first podcast is broadcasted, and when the police become involved re-opening the case, looking at what initially was seen as a simple accident, now points to foul play..

Podcasts being as good as they are now and with more and more people listening to them on a daily basis this plot line feels very relevant and current. As you are reading or supposedly listening to the podcasts the tension starts being ramped up and you are on the edge of your seat wondering which person Killed Erica. Trying to work out from the clues given, who is the most likely to have committed the crime and what was the motive? What did the killer gain?

Every one of these people have secrets, but what are their secrets, is someone’s secret that bad it’s worth killing for? 

From an enclosed close knit community, with gates surrounding them to keep people out, someone within those gates could be a killer. So who is safe the ones inside the gates or the ones outside?

This is a really well thought out story with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing, the story flows well, it’s entertaining, cleverly plotted, a good psychological thriller, and who doesn’t like one of those. Overall a good book from Jenny Blackhurst.

My only small thing is the amount of characters and keeping track of who is married to who and the children, at times it could get a little confusing, but once you have them all figured out it’s ok. Some of the characters are so shallow but somehow that added to the fun.
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Unfortunately this book was not for me.  I've read several books in a similar vein over the past few months, someone dead in a close community full of rich entitled people, all harbouring secrets of one kind or another.  It feels like an overdone subject to me now and was too much like those books for it to maintain my interest really.  The characters were not particularly likeable nor did I feel anything bordering on sympathy or empathy for the victim.   However, this is only my personal opinion and I wish the author every success. 

Thank you for the opportunity in exchange for an honest opinion.
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