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I loved the premise of this book - an anonymous podcaster revealing secrets about a group of neighbours  in the wake of the death of one - but somehow, although the story is well written and cleverly plotted, the execution didn’t quite live up to the expectation, perhaps because I struggled to engage with any of the characters. I don’t necessarily need to like them (which I didn’t) but for a long time I got them mixed up in my mind and never really managed to remember who was married to who or what they’d been up to. While the podcast idea sounded promising, ultimately it felt underused.

The word “dark” appears in a lot of advance praise, but honestly, I didn’t have that feeling about it. A perceived similarity to the TV show Desperate Housewives has also been bandied about a lot, and I can definitely see that comparison - even some of the characters’ names feel reminiscent of the characters or cast (“Felicity Goldman” being a case in point...).

Secrets and lies - and murder - in a well off community certainly has plenty of dramatic potential. Maybe it was just the mood I was in but Someone is Lying, while an enjoyable read, didn’t quite hit the mark for me.
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A year ago at a neighbours Halloween party Erica is found dead at the bottom of the tree house, police investigated but it was deemed an accidental death or was it?

A year later there is a Facebook message saying someone has Erica’s diary and can prove what happened on that fateful night and will reveal all in weekly pod casts.

Her 6 closest friends named the “Severn Oaks 6” are worried that the podcasts which are to be broadcast will have details about each of them that they are trying to keep secret. They thought living in Severn Oaks one of the more exclusive gated communities in Cheshire was safe but little did they realise the danger was closer to home.

The close friends become suspicious of each other. Within this close knit community there are secrets galore and where money and position is everything. 

Loved this great murder mystery and thought the use of podcasts was a great way of keeping the suspense building as we slowly revealed what happened on the night of the party. I was waiting with bated breath for the next podcast.

A great read, which kept me engrossed. Even though there is only a handful of suspects you still kept me guessing untill the end. Makes you look at you’re neighbours in a different light!!!

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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I loved the concept of this book, it had lots of suspense plenty of surprising revelations and someone is definitely lying
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I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would after reading the description etc. I was expecting a belter of a book and just found that it was so hard to get into and get my head around. So many people are discussed within each introductory chapter. I feel it would be better suited to a chapter per person to separate them a bit.
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I have read a few books by Jenny Blackhurst and enjoyed them so was looking forward to reading this. I wasn’t disappointed. It is very much along the lines of Desperate Housewives meets Big Little Lies, also a bit Agatha Christie as well so plenty to keep you hooked! It was interesting with the main character narrating some of the story as well. I thought I had guessed the outcome a few times but I was wrong! A sign of a good book. I would recommend this book.
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This had a Big Little Lies theme about it. Lots of wealthy people in a gated community all of whom have secrets. These secrets are about to be revealed via a podcast. For me the premise of this book did not live up to the execution. I have enjoyed the authors previous books but this one did not gel as much. It seemed that the individual characters did not shine so I had trouble holding them, and their stories in my head. It was also hard to warm to any of the characters individually, although at the same time I didn't actively dislike any of the characters just a bit apathetic towards them. Overall, it was OK, worth a read but not particularly gripping.
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Crikey, Jenny's done it again. What an awesome read.  

I loved the premise and the way its a real whodunnit.  I also enjoyed the way the main character narrates sections. 

It reminded me of a cross between desperate housewives, agatha Christie novels and pretty little liars but so much better!

I highly recommend this book.
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Very well written! Keeps you engaged and guessing throughout - as soon as you think you have worked it out another twist comes so you are guessing until the final pages. Definitely worth a read!
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I finished Someone Is Lying last night and I’m still unsure how to approach this review. 

I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of characters, I couldn’t remember who was married to who. The storyline is good but I wouldn’t call it believable. Definitely worth a lazy afternoon curled up in your favourite chair!

While overall I found the story entertaining would I recommend buying this book compared to others on the market? No probably not BUT if you’re like me and read every thriller / mystery you can get your hands on then yes I recommend this.
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I did quite enjoy this book but it definitely fell into the category of 'guilty pleasure' for me. The feel of it is very Desperate Housewives, to which I had the same relationship: fun at the time, but afterwards you realise it was all a bit daft.

There were far too many characters, and it took me a long time to remember whose husband was whose. Not only that, but sometimes there were inconsistencies between different chapters, or places where it seemed like something had happened 'off screen' and yet the reader was somehow meant to know about it. In addition, some of the twists and turns were just too far fetched.

Having said all that, though none of the characters were really very nice people, I did reluctantly grow to like the main ladies (Karla, Felicity and Miranda). And I liked how each of them was harbouring their own little piece of guilt for Erica's death.

A fun, throwaway read if you don't take it too seriously.
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I have read all of Jenny Blackhurst’s novels and enjoyed each and every one.  

‘Someone is Lying’ is no different.  Another five stars and I’m looking forward to more please.

It is a standalone thriller centered on a prestigious gated community, Severn Oaks, in Cheshire.  All the residents stick together although there is an inner group who attract all the attention and hold all of the parties.

At one such party, Halloween, the year before the novel starts one resident, Erica, falls from the tree house at the celebrity couple’s residence, Karla and Marcus Kaplan.  Erica was married to Jack and they had two children. Her husband has been left to look after them when the police investigation is closed citing an accident due to too much alcohol.

The inner sanctum of the residents comprises of Karla and Marcus Kaplan, Felicity Goldman, Peter and Mary-Beth King and Miranda and Alex Davenport and Jack along with all the children.  Out of the blue an announcement is made on Facebook that Erica was murdered, and all will be revealed in six podcasts.  This is from somebody called Andy Noon. They all huddle around the computer to listen to the Podcast which begins to let out secrets that each of them has tried to keep hidden and uses quotes from Erica’s journal which nobody, including her best friend Mary-Beth knew about.

The story is cleverly plotted with numerous twists and dark reveals. Gradually we learn about the backgrounds of each person and the lies they have all told about the night of the ‘accident’ and how this opens a different perspective on the events each time another lie is revealed.

A couple of the characters I didn’t warm to but, overall, I think I saw similarities to a few people I have met.

A great read.  Highly recommended.
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I thoroughly enjoyed Someone is Lying the new book from Jenny Blackhurst.

When Erica, Jacks wife falls - or was she pushed to her death from a tree house, drunk and intoxicated, her neighbours, a group of rather intriguing characters, who've managed to be branded "The Severn Oaks Six' - not by choice, named and shamed in a on-line Podcast by Andy Moon - But who is Andy Moon and how does he know the secrets of 'The Six' they all have a story and some thing to hide, plus possible motives to have murdered Erica.

The storyline has so twists and turns its like riding a bucking bronco, each and every character has a motive and yet a reason it wasnt them.

I found it very reminiscent of a program from a few years ago, character wise - which isnt a bad thing, as I loved that show - Desperate Housewives, and as for Terri Hatcher and co in the show, suburbia isn't as dull as it may seem for the neighbours in Severn Oaks either.

Jack Spencer, widower of Erica, left to look after their two children, Max and Emily.

Karla and Marcus Kaplan - the cookery book queen and the self-help guru, husband and wife duo have a lot to lose, not just their celebrity status. Live with the troubled teen Brandon and his brother Zach.

Single mother - Felicity Goldman - and her twin girls Mollie and Amelie.

Peter and Mary-Beth King and their children.

Miranda and Alex Davenport - caustic humor carries their pressured marriage along with Charity and Logan their children who both know what buttons to push to get their own way too.

They all join together and listen in stunned silence each week to the podcasts and see what secrets Andy Moon will reveal about them for the world to know. Such revaltions can only cause further damage, but are they truths or unfounded lies, and how does this mysterious Andy Moon know all these stories about them?

A brilliantly twisty, dark book, detailing the lives of 'The Severn Oaks Six' in such a way that you begin to like the characters, but are not sure if you should, because it has to be one of them that killed Erica. To find out you'll need to read Someone is Lying though, as I am not going to tell you who it is. Their secrets are safe with me.
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OMG I so wasn’t expecting that….First of all I am hooked from page one and read half the book, then life gets in the way and there is jobs to be done. So I download the audio book, now I can kill two birds with one stone….Listen to this gripping book that I found myself engrossed in, while doing the house work! Happy Days.

Next thing I know I am sitting on the sofa totally mesmerised. Then I get to the epilogue where the story is wrapped up and I am saying out loud WOW!……My jaw just hit the floor, What a book, what an ending!

This book is simply fantastic I cannot begin to tell you how clever the story is. I could rave on about it for ages. But you need to read it for yourself to see what I mean. and you sure as hell will NOT be disappointed.

I cannot recommend it enough giving it all the stars.

Thank you to Anne Cater for inviting me to take part on this tour and to Headline for a copy.
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There are strong undertones of Liane Moriarty and Desperate Housewives in this neighbourhood noir (I don’t know if that’s a thing – if not, let’s just say it is) about a close-knit (somewhat incestuous) gated Cheshire community called Severn Oaks.

It’s been a year since Erica Spencer tragically fell out of a treehouse and died at a lavish Halloween party. Her friends and family are carrying on, still trying to come to terms with her death, but generally managing to move forward with their lives. And then someone places a post on the school website informing everyone that they will be broadcasting a serialised podcast about events leading up to Erica’s death, and claiming to know exactly what happened that night of the so-called accident. They go on to say that Erica’s six closest friends are all suspects in what is actually a murder!

‘The Six’ as the podcast refers to them, are suddenly thrown into a state of complete panic! Who is the mysterious ‘Andy Noon’ who says they know everyone’s deepest darkest secrets? It must be someone known to them, someone from inside their community! And as they turn themselves inside-out and against each other, we slowly see them reveal what they’d rather hide … and they all have plenty to hide! Because when people are that close, one has to wonder how convoluted the relationships actually become.

Jenny Blackhurst has cleverly created a cast of rather unlikeable characters that you just can’t help sitting back and pointing fingers at! They’re all quite conniving and judgemental and rather too quick to jump to the wrong conclusions about people who they were comfortable to call their friends, but who all of a sudden they’re not so sure of once doubt has been cast. The thing is, that they’re all ready to stand back and keep their distance because they’re absolutely certain that nobody can be sure of them either!

Should one keep ones’ friends close and ones’ enemies closer? Hmmm, I’m not too clear about that old adage after reading this one. But it’s well worth the read. It’s dark and compelling and there’s something about it that digs its claws in and just doesn’t let go!
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Someone Is Lying is a standalone psychological thriller.  Set in an exclusive gated community called Severn Oaks the story revolves around Erica Spencer, a resident of Severn Oaks who tragically died in an accident the previous year which has affected all the neighbours deeply.  When an anonymous post appears on the local Facebook Page claiming Erica's death was no accident and announcing a podcast which will prove who killed Erica over the next few weeks the residents start to panic, especially as each and every one of them have secrets and lies which they will do anything to keep hidden.

With a large cast of characters it is easy to get slightly confused at the beginning of the story, but it didn't take me long to get totally and utterly gripped by the story line.  There were several twists which I really didn't see coming and once again Jenny Blackhurst proves she really can write a superb, psychological thriller.
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