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This book follows the story of a 20 something year old girl who was born with a few disabilities to a family of farmers.  She has a younger go getting brother, but her parents  were over protective and sheltered her within the family , limiting her chances and choices.

Unexpectedly she finds love with an autistic man who was a bed and breakfast guest, who lives in the city with a dysfunctional alcoholic mother.

I loved this book, I liked the way the author listed our heroine's thoughts throughout the book, giving the reader insight into her inner most thoughts.

I enjoyed the way our heroine grew in confidence due to the knowledge she was loved .

Read this book in a day and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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I loved this book and really enjoy reading this author!  A lighthearted read.
Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Thomasina has not had an easy life, with bullying and others poking fun at her throughout her entire life.  She works hard on the family farm - from caring for her chickens, to cooking meals, and hosting guests who come to stay.  One day Greyson comes from the city for a short stay.  The two click and understand each other quickly and deeply.  Thomasina and Greyson move together as allies, tackling tough relationships in each of their lives, and figuring out what the future holds.
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This book is a lovely feel-good novel with likeable characters and an engaging plot tracking Thomasin's journey from an unhappy childhood marred by the cruelty of others to her blossoming into a young woman who achieves the happiness she truly deserves.
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Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this novel, The Things I Know.  I thought it was a nice change of my usual reading choices. I appreciated the characters and their flaws and how they worked through them.
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This is a heartwarming read. Prowse does a great job with giving life to her protagonist Thomasina, and her heartbreak is one that we feel in our hearts when we read her story.

I loved how in the end, her parents supported her completely, and the plot resolves itself with hope and joy.

Thank you, NetGalley, for a review copy.
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This one's one of the sweetest romances I've read. Ever. It is warm, funny, sweet, all in equal measures. And Thomasina is one of my favorite heroines ever.
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This is a masterful piece of writing bringing the characters to life and making the story come to life.
The fact that the characters are not perfect makes for an even better story.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this. I will be posting a full review to Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram.
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3.5 stars

This was a lovely story that had two main characters that always felt displaced and not part of the social order find one another and start down a path to both love and understanding. 

Thomasina (Hitch) had been born disfigured with a cleft palate and other visible disabilities but she loved living on her parents' remote farm and being a part of farm life. She had often been ridiculed for her appearance and so wanted to be able to be part of the world outside the farm. Thomasina meets Grayson Potts, a loner who also has had many difficulties in feeling that he is a part of the world. The couple hit it off, but there are obstacles in their path that might well endanger any kind of life they could possibly have.

This was a nice story that had many family values and issues within its pages. It was the kind of story that does elicit many emotional responses in a reader. Life is oftentimes cruel and for both Thomsina and Grayson it has been extremely so. Will these two being able to find the happiness they both richly deserve? 

Thank you to Amanda Prowse, Lake Union Publishing, and Net Galley for a copy of this sweet story.
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I received an advance digital copy of this book from the author, publisher and Thanks to all for the opportunity to read and review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Ms. Prowse's new book is an emotional journey that shows the beauty found within and that true friendship and love is real. Characters are well developed and deeply human. A wonderful book to read.

5 out of 5 stars. An entertaining read.
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Really enjoyable read. Good characters and a Good story. Well worth a read. Think others will enjoy.
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The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse will pull at your heartstrings. This book gave me all the "feels" from start to finish, I loved reading and learning about Thomasina "Hitch" Waycott. Thomasina was born with a cleft palate, deformed foot, hand, and heart. But, she is full of spunk and love, it just took the right person to bring it all out. Enter Mr. Grayson Potts. Together, these two are magical, they are the sweetest ever and I know you will fall in love with them, just like I did. I was sad when this story ended, reading it made me happier. I have become a fan of Amanda Prowse in the past couple of years and she sure did not disappoint with this book. I highly recommend this powerful and touching story.
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When reading the synopsis for this book I was really excited for how it could turn out.

The first part of this book is an inside look of the daily life of Thomasina 'Hitch' Waycott. She lives and works on her family farm while also tending to a bed and breakfast ran out of their house. She is very passionate about her work and loves what she does but is starting to feel trapped. She feels like she can never leave because of her parents overprotective tendencies. She was constantly bullied because of a scar on her lip (and that is how she received her nickname 'hitch').

Her life changes when a guest named Grayson Potts comes to stay at her bed and breakfast. They hang out together and open up to each other. They figure out that they are both very similar in the way that they were bullied in the past and they never felt like they fit in.

This book could have been very cliche with how they "fell in love" within two days of knowing each other. But when you just click with someone like that when you have never clicked with anyone else before, is monumental.

I loved the chemistry between Thomasina and Grayson. I loved how Grayson stood up for Thomasina in many ways - especially with giving her the guts to tell everyone to stop calling her 'hitch.'

The story started falling off for me when they stopped talking. It was frustrating because it could have been a simple conversation but instead they just didn't talk for months and Thomasina was sure they he just forgot about her and didn't care. It just seemed like a stupid falling out that definitely didn't need to happen in this way.

This book made me laugh and cry and feel very close and connected with the characters.

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Amanda Prowse is one of the authors that can take life circumstances and turn them into a flipping great read! 

We have a young girl to young woman who has several deformities that have haunted her life thus far. It’s even caused her to be called a nick name related to one of her deformities. 
Not a good or kind way either which made my blood boil.

Meeting her in this book was lovely . What a sweet, kind helpful person she was. To me she was lonely. Her “friends” being chickens she collected eggs from with her being brought up on a farm.

She had hopes, dreams, ambitions and a need to be loved and give love.

When her brother flew the nest she too questioned her own future.......

To make ends meet they would open up the farm for guests.

So one day, a young man comes who befriends her, he doesn’t see from the outside, he sees her beauty inside. They connect.

It’s such a wonderful story in this day and age of acceptance of diversity and teaches us some home truths.

I loved it
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What a book. Gripping. I loved Thomason from the start. What a big heart. Her love for others is special. Amanda Prowse puts you in the heart of the story.very thought provoking. About a friendship that gets to mean more over time. This was posted a while ago but didn’t show up so reposted now. Really recommend this book.
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Thank you to Netgalley for a pre publication copy.  In return for an honest review #thethingsiknow #netgalley

Thomasina lives and works on the family farm with her mum, dad and brother. She knows she is different than the others with her physical disabilities. However her parents have always kept her close and protected her from the outside world. Until one day her brother finishes university and moves to the USA to work on a ranch and  Thomasinas life changes forever amd Thomasina documents the few things that she definitely knows about her life.

The synopsis of the book is what drew me in however when on my netgalley shelf it was always left "until later." This is because i felt the book had a dark and untelling cover which did not draw me in.

Although not a conventional romance and a book that can be compared to no others. This book makes you laugh, cry and hold your breath as you go through the roller coaster of Thomasina making the life of her dreams. 

Thomasina is a strong female character who makes you want to stand tall and proud next to her. Her character is one that normalises disability turning it into inability and dreams. I loved following her journey and feeling the emotions she went through to realise her potential. 

However i feel that Thomasina's parents characters were weak in parts and this slowed down the story considerably. At the beginning Thomasina often relays how protective they are to keep her working on the farm so they can protect her. However when Thomasina runs away to Bristol i feel on her return that her parents accepted this and had no questions. Something i know  most parents would have particularly with a child that they overly protect.

Furthermore this book includes some difficult but pressing topics such as bullying, disability and alcoholism. All of the characters have their own difficulties and this allows me topics to be broached in a way that does not make the book too heavy.   It is great that this can be included in a 21st century romance read to normalise this and get everyone speaking about these taboo topics. 

I would still love a sequel of Mr and Mrs Potts life running the farm.
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A slow-burning, tender and heart-warming story. Thomasina lives with her parents on a farm that has been in the family for generations. She longs to see the world and have new experiences but family ties and responsibilities coupled with her parents’ limited view of her capabilities keep her firmly tied to the farm. Having a normal life and finding someone to fill her cake tins for seems out of reach. Then a B&B guest arrives who changes her view of herself completely and helps her to see that everything is possible.
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to preview this ARC of The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse.

Thomasina, or Hitch as she has been nicknamed has been dealt a rough hand in life.  Because of birth defects she has lived her life with a hair lip that wasn't fixed properly and hitches to one side, hence the nickname.  She also has mobility issues and feet that wouldn't fit into a normal shoe, Hitch has been relentlessly bullied clear into her adult life.  Living and working with her parents, she finds respite and comfort in the day to day chores of their family's farm and bed and breakfast.  But what Hitch really loves is her chickens.  She visits them everyday, gives them names, and spoils them silly.  None of it truly fill the huge hole in Hitch's life, which is to live a more full life, full of adventure and companionship.

But everything gets a lot more exciting when a quirky professor comes to visit in order to give a lecture nearby.  Grayson Potts is immediately fascinated and attracted to Thomasina, but he has his own obstacles standing in the way of his happiness.  Can two misfits find love in a world that doesn't even want them to love themselves?

I always feel a bit guilty reviewing books like this because I could immediately tell that I wasn't the right audience for it.  However, it was very well written and very sweet, I can see the appeal.  I like a female character who is open about her desire for companionship, especially one that doesn't fit modern beauty.  I also loved their fierce loyalty to one another, despite all of the outside forces mocking their relationship, those kinds of pressures are easy to crack under.  If you love quirky romances that aren't too conflict driven, this is a good one.
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Amanda Prowse has once again created a beautiful story of two people that are very different to those around them, it is these differences that bring them together and they form an unimaginable bond within hours of meeting. that, They will have many obstacles to face. Will they be strong enough? Will their love survive? I loved Thomasina, I could relate to her. From everything she had to face growing up and beyond! Grayson was such a kind, gentle man and these two together showed that anything is possible and everyone has a perfect someone out there waiting for them.
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