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Thank you to Netgalley for a pre publication copy.  In return for an honest review #thethingsiknow #netgalley

Thomasina lives and works on the family farm with her mum, dad and brother. She knows she is different than the others with her physical disabilities. However her parents have always kept her close and protected her from the outside world. Until one day her brother finishes university and moves to the USA to work on a ranch and  Thomasinas life changes forever amd Thomasina documents the few things that she definitely knows about her life.

The synopsis of the book is what drew me in however when on my netgalley shelf it was always left "until later." This is because i felt the book had a dark and untelling cover which did not draw me in.

Although not a conventional romance and a book that can be compared to no others. This book makes you laugh, cry and hold your breath as you go through the roller coaster of Thomasina making the life of her dreams. 

Thomasina is a strong female character who makes you want to stand tall and proud next to her. Her character is one that normalises disability turning it into inability and dreams. I loved following her journey and feeling the emotions she went through to realise her potential. 

However i feel that Thomasina's parents characters were weak in parts and this slowed down the story considerably. At the beginning Thomasina often relays how protective they are to keep her working on the farm so they can protect her. However when Thomasina runs away to Bristol i feel on her return that her parents accepted this and had no questions. Something i know  most parents would have particularly with a child that they overly protect.

Furthermore this book includes some difficult but pressing topics such as bullying, disability and alcoholism. All of the characters have their own difficulties and this allows me topics to be broached in a way that does not make the book too heavy.   It is great that this can be included in a 21st century romance read to normalise this and get everyone speaking about these taboo topics. 

I would still love a sequel of Mr and Mrs Potts life running the farm.
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A slow-burning, tender and heart-warming story. Thomasina lives with her parents on a farm that has been in the family for generations. She longs to see the world and have new experiences but family ties and responsibilities coupled with her parents’ limited view of her capabilities keep her firmly tied to the farm. Having a normal life and finding someone to fill her cake tins for seems out of reach. Then a B&B guest arrives who changes her view of herself completely and helps her to see that everything is possible.
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to preview this ARC of The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse.

Thomasina, or Hitch as she has been nicknamed has been dealt a rough hand in life.  Because of birth defects she has lived her life with a hair lip that wasn't fixed properly and hitches to one side, hence the nickname.  She also has mobility issues and feet that wouldn't fit into a normal shoe, Hitch has been relentlessly bullied clear into her adult life.  Living and working with her parents, she finds respite and comfort in the day to day chores of their family's farm and bed and breakfast.  But what Hitch really loves is her chickens.  She visits them everyday, gives them names, and spoils them silly.  None of it truly fill the huge hole in Hitch's life, which is to live a more full life, full of adventure and companionship.

But everything gets a lot more exciting when a quirky professor comes to visit in order to give a lecture nearby.  Grayson Potts is immediately fascinated and attracted to Thomasina, but he has his own obstacles standing in the way of his happiness.  Can two misfits find love in a world that doesn't even want them to love themselves?

I always feel a bit guilty reviewing books like this because I could immediately tell that I wasn't the right audience for it.  However, it was very well written and very sweet, I can see the appeal.  I like a female character who is open about her desire for companionship, especially one that doesn't fit modern beauty.  I also loved their fierce loyalty to one another, despite all of the outside forces mocking their relationship, those kinds of pressures are easy to crack under.  If you love quirky romances that aren't too conflict driven, this is a good one.
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Amanda Prowse has once again created a beautiful story of two people that are very different to those around them, it is these differences that bring them together and they form an unimaginable bond within hours of meeting. that, They will have many obstacles to face. Will they be strong enough? Will their love survive? I loved Thomasina, I could relate to her. From everything she had to face growing up and beyond! Grayson was such a kind, gentle man and these two together showed that anything is possible and everyone has a perfect someone out there waiting for them.
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I am no longer interested in the content of this book. So, I'm DNF'ing this book for now. I may circle back around to this book one day.
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Another smash from Mrs Prowse. So heartwarming and so perceptive. Absolutely loved it.  Families...they love, they laugh, they protect, they hurt...sometimes in doing good, you do harm. Let them go...
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“The Things I Know” by Amanda Prowse

What a wonderful novel. Thomisina Waycott was born with a deformed foot and a cleft palate. Both visible deformities and have led to a long time nickname of Hitch. She takes care of her parents farm and B&B along with her parents and cousin. But Thomisina is not happy. She believes there is more out there for her but has been held back by her parents. Her one strong advocate, her brother, had moved to the United States. So she is stuck with a lazy and disrespectful cousin to help her and her parents, who are wanting to retire. 

This all changes when a guest arrives at the B&B who sees only beauty in Thomisina. Grayson Potts has a few of his own flaws and foibles. Which Thomisina loves. She and Grayson grow close while he is there, but they both wonder what will happen when he has to return home. Had their bond developed so deeply that there is more for them or will Thomisina continue to work her family farm knowing there must be something more out there for her? 

A poignant and moving novel about family, friends, overcoming disability, and finding ones own way in the world. It takes only one person to truly change ones Grayson that person for Thomisina? 

A moving novel by a wonderful author. 

Rating: 4.8

** I chose to read and review an advanced copy of this novel. All thoughts, comments and every aspect of this review is my own.
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This was such a lovely book to read, it was an easy relaxed book, something you could read on a train, in the bath or relaxing on holiday by the pool or on th beach.
I love Amanda Prowse books  she writes with such descend enthusiasm that makes you want to continue reading. I was sorry when I had finished it but I will be looking for more of her books in the near future.
My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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This is the 2nd book I've read by this author and thoroughly enjoyed. A sweet story, even though, there was this one character I disliked a great deal. A feel-good ending is always a major plus, and I was not disappointed. Many thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Countryside girl meets city boy. 
Hitch has led a lonely life, unaccepted by society. She works dutifully on the family farm, caring for her hens and preparing the guest rooms. Then one day a gentleman, Grayson arrives to stay on the family farm and a friendship blossoms along with aspirations for the future. 
Here begins their journey of self-discovery and acceptance woven gently into a soft and meaningful romance.
I liked how Amanda dealt with disabilities and discrimination faced, along with the fight for inclusion. I particularly loved the part where Hitch demands that everyone calls her by her proper name, Thomasina. It demonstrated a strength and confidence she now felt.  
The scenes were set well and drew you into the story. As always I was gripped by the book, I eagerly page turned, reading for the happy ending.
Many thanks to Net Galley, the publisher and Amanda Prowse for giving me the opportunity to review this book.
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This is a very sweet love story with an emphasis on kindness and acceptance. You will love both characters and will be rooting for them until the end.
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Once again Amanda Prowse has written a book that has reached inside my heart and got me thinking about things in a different way. 

Seeing Thomasina's story first hand, her thoughts, her dreams, and how people treat her was eye opening, but it wasn't until the introduction of Grayson, who also has his own unique challenges,  that the book really came alive for me. 

Watching as these two characters grow in confidence, as their connection deepens,  seeing how they deal with their tricky family circumstances, as inspirational. 

For anyone going through any of the same things as Thomasina or Grayson, I'm sure this is a book that would provide comfort that you are not alone. 

I was completely absorbed into this story and their lives, and am astounded once again by just how warm, compassionate, and deep Amanada Prowse's range of writing is.   

I'm so glad I held onto this to read on holiday, as it meant I was able to read this uninterrupted over the course of an afternoon poolside.   Which really is the best way to read an Amanda Prowse story! 

Thank you to Lake Union and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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I did not enjoy the writing of this book and I couldn’t get into the story.  I found myself wishing it was half as short as it really was. I couldn’t connect with the characters.
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I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

Thomasina “Hitch” Waycock still lives with her parents at 28 and helps run their family farm/B & B.  She dreams of more, of seeing the world, but can't see how to make that happen.  With her brother already gone to America, she knows her parents rely on her more than ever.  She also dreams of finding love, but there is no one in her small town for her, especially since everyone makes fun of her cleft palate and deformed foot.  When Grayson Potts comes to stay at their B&B from London, he and Thomasina feel an instant connection.  Grayson sees past the parts of Thomasina hates about herself and sees a woman worth more than she believes herself to be.  Can Thomasina and Grayson find love, or will the ties holding them to their current lives get in the way?

My favorite parts of the book were the ends of the chapter where Thomasina wrote out her thoughts in her journal.  Thomasina and Grayson's relationship was sweet; I liked that they told each other the truth and didn't play games.  Most of the characters in the book came across as very flat, and I'm not sure if that's just because of how Thomasina saw them (as there seemed to be a couple of instances that implied maybe she had mental issues as well as physical) or if it was the writing.  That kept me from getting fully immersed in the book. 

2.5 stars
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Thomasina "Hitch" is a very likeable character who was born some birth defects that has not allowed her to live a fulfilling life. She works on her family farm/bed and breakfast with her parents. The farm has been in the family for several generations and while she can see herself being a part of the farm forever, she also has a strong desire to leave. She dreams of touring the US and being free to live her own life. Then, one day a guest, Grayson Potts, comes to stay and her life is never the same. Does she try to live a life with Grayson, who has his own set of challenges, or does she stay on the farm? Maybe, she leaves it all and follows her brother to the US?  This turned out to be a nice, heartwarming read.
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Amanda Prowse is a new to me author although I’ve seen her name and books frequently. This is well written and I look forward to reading more of her books. Thank you to the author and Netgallery for offer this complimentary copy.
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My first Prowse book, but I will be looking up more!  What an unexpected joy this book was.  Hitch and Gray are drawn so truly in character and it is so easy to root for their success over failure, while holding your breath that one little thing can take it all away.  I so enjoyed the prose as well as the storyline of this book.  I can guarantee it is a new theme and a very enjoyable read.

My thanks to the author, Lake Union Publishing and for the opportunity to read and provide and honest review of this novel.
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This is a book I was unable to download in time from Netgalley as I had lent my kindle to my mother-in-law. I sought it out and finally got to read it.

Absolutely love the premise of this book! Wonderfully and delicately written it shows that in the end people are people and deserving of love and respect! Everyone! Perhaps this story really but home as I am the very grateful mother of a child with additional needs. Gosh I really love that, so much better than  saying special needs, I have in past said child with challenges if pressed. As each of us face our own needs specific or special to us, it often felt inadequate but I felt unable to come up with an alternate.

Anyways back to the book.... I am not always a fan of romance books - too much explicit detail and unrealistic people and situations. Everyone is just too perfect from body type and looks to living situations and jobs. The poor misunderstood main character who when she takes off her glasses everyone recognizes her for the supermodel she has always been! Yuck! The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse features a real person, people actually, and they are people who aren't usually regarded as romantic leads (mores the pity). It is so refreshing to be able to read about real people! I hope lots of people read this book, I hope it becomes a movie, this is one way people will see that all are capable and deserving of love.Thank you Ms. Prowse.
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Very heartwarming and may even make you cry!
The girl who was born different with her outward deformities who chooses to think she is not good enough for love, it is for others not me she thinks. When she learns to stop judging herself and worrying about what others think of her she realizes she more than measures up and she just may find love as well! 

Published June 11th 2019 by Lake Union Publishing
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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I normally like Amanda Prowse books but I couldn’t get into this one . Not one of my favourites unfortunately, found it a bit bland
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