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Thank you for giving me a book with lovely characters!  Thomasina and Grayson are both imperfect people who become perfect when they are together. Nice to show families that are close (hers) along with those that aren’t (his). It’s what makes the world go around. All the different stories out there. Loved it!
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This is another wonderful book by the talented Amanda Prowse.  The characters of Thomasina and Grayson were so beautifully described and I desperately wanted Thomasina to get her sparkly red shoes . Highly recommended
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Despite usually enjoying Amanda’s books I really struggled to get into The Things I Know. I never thought I’d say this but I gave up on it as it just did not hook me in.
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Quirky story of a man and woman each with a "disability" that has made them self-conscious and the target of bullies. When they find each other they see the good and aren't put off by the other's limitations. They are able to embolden each other to pursue their dreams and build a life together. A bit schmaltzy with a perfectly happy ending.
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I love Amanda Prowse books, and this book was added to the list.

Thomason/Hitch was born different to some, with a few body abnormalities, which she had been ridiculed about throughout her early years. The family lived at Waycott. Farm, which had been in their family for generations, and life was hard, but good. They turned it into a B&B to bring in a much needed extra income. Thomason didn't have any "human" friends, but the Farm animals became her friends, and each had their names given, along with her best friend Buddy (the dog).

Little did Thomasina know, when a Mr Grayson Potts arrived one day at the Farmhouse B & B, that her life would be turned upside down. He was to be attending a work semnari in Bristol, and he, like her had his own peculiarities which some others found strange.
Could these two timid, sheltered people, take on the world?

I have been on another complete rollercoaster reading about the unfolding story. Laughter, tears, anger and shock have all showed their faces in typical Prowse fashion. It feels as though the author is recalling times in her own life, as she tackles it with such sympathy and understanding. I really didn't want the book to end, and therefore, I have rated it 5*****.

Another brilliant read by the fabulous Amanda Prowse.

My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC copy, in return for an honest and unbiased review
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This is a great read.  We learn how it feels to be different and often isolated in a world  where some will always pick on those less fortunate.  Whether the reader has experienced anything similar or not there is no doubting the effect of teasing, bullying or abuse on those affected.  Both Thomasina and Grayson know they are 'different' and when they find each other by accident their lives change forever.  They feel a kindred closeness but not everything is plain sailing.  They both need to find their own personal strength to change the outcomes for their lives.  

This book draws the reader totally into the life of the characters.  You can almost smell the food cooking in the farmhouse kitchen!!  It is a novel about challenge, emotion, family and love.  I will recommend it and would hope that there will be a sequel.
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I have loved every book I have read by Amanda Prowse. She writes with so much passion that I can't help becoming a part of her stories. When I saw that this wonderful author had written 'The Things I Know' I just had to  read her book. Wow, she did not disappoint! 

This was another brilliant novel that I could relate to and it was also deeply moving. I felt great empathy for the characters, especially Hitch (Thomasina). It was a beautifully written story about being a bit different and the difficulties this causes in our society. The story-line was gripping and the characters were extremely credible, likeable and so well drawn by Amanda Prowse. 'The Things I Know' certainly ranks very highly with me and a recommend it to fans and new readers alike.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from  Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Thomasina is  also known as Hitch and she considers herself to be an ugly duckling due to a number of medical conditions. Like most women she desire love and a fairytale life. When Grayson comes to stay at her family farm and B&B, her life begins to change. This is a book that will delight people looking to read something upbeat. In many ways it is a satisfying “feel good” story that is so satisfying in these stressful times. Taking a risk is both terrifying and exhilarating. Unless you take a risk, nothing will change. .
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Thank you very much to NetGalley, Amanda Prowse, and the publisher, Lake Union Publishing for an early electronic ARC of this book for an honest review.

Thomasina is a very quirky, strange character to get to know throughout this book.   While I was able to resonate with her feelings and her struggle in life, and I loved how the author brought in the 'bullying' towards Thomasina due to her botched surgery for her cleft palette.

This family is very strong in morals, beliefs and what they feel is best for them, even though it seems as though it's at the expense of Thomasina.

I would read many more novels by this author.
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Amanda Prowse does it again! What a beautifully written love story about Thomasina & Grayson, two characters who the reader will absolutely enjoy getting to know. They both have their quirky characteristics, but it's these that warm you to them & draw the reader in.
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The Things I Know is the first book I have read by Amanda Prowse so I was not sure exactly what to expect.  But the description of the story looked very compelling so I thought I would take a chance.  Boy was I glad I did take that leap and open myself up to reading a new writer and a fantastic story.  At times it was heartbreaking, with more than a few tears shed, but it was also uplifting and inspirational.  
Thomasina certainly has more than her fair share of impediments, not the least is the way others see her.  But she is a sweet, loving and hopefully young woman with a heart of gold, as my grandma would say.  She dreams of a future just like we all do...........a home, a love, acceptance, family and of course adventure in whatever form it takes.  But for Thomasina she does not know if she will every have any of these things.  
Grayson comes to stay at the family's farm B&B.  He also has his own impediments in life which he masks in certain ways.  He is shy, awkward and very socially inept.  However, he is also brilliant with figures, has a great job at a bank, is knowledgeable, eloquent but also a bit old fashioned.  These qualities draw Thomasina to him and he is drawn to her and sees past the physical and into her soul and heart.
Grayson opens up Thomasina's world but she has to decide if she will also open her heart.  With Grayson's help Thomasina is able to start making changes in her life that may lead to the greatest adventure yet...............her life in the world.
The Things I Know is a good reminder to the reader that if you open yourself up to the possibilities in the world and the people that love you then you may just get the things that you truly need in this life.  But to say closed will ensure that you never do.
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This is an amazing book; fabulous characters, an achingly beautiful storyline all written impeccably. This author has done it again. She reaches in, hooks your heart and you find yourself reading far later than you should. Your face may be drenched in tears, but your heart will be enriched by this tale
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Amanda Prowse writes lovely books about protagonists who are flawed, sometimes maddeningly so, yet I love and pull for them in every book. This one was no different. Thomasina's flaws are physical, but she's learned to deal with them without complaint (although she does have complaints with some of the people around her and the way they react to her). I was pulling for her to have a happy ending throughout the book, and I loved her bravery in trying to build a life separate from her over-protective parents. Grayson's flaws are emotional, and as we learn more about his life we learn why he is the way he is. And how we root for them to find a way to make a life together. As with all her books, Prowse writes with great heart and affection for her characters, and makes us feel that affection as well, despite their human frailties. As a side note, I did listen to the audiobook in part, and as usual Prowse does an excellent job with the narration.
My thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for providing a copy for an unbiased review.
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I found the story was slow going but improved. I’m glad I continued reading as the two main characters went thru a lot but preserved thru the adversaries each had to bear. Another good story for fans of Amanda Prowse.
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This is the first book I have read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Definitely a book that brings so many emotions, but I feel that is what makes a great book. Would highly recommend.
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I love that this story offers you an insight into life with disabilities and some of the challenges in social acceptability. Amanda Prowse has successfully covered both visible and invisible disabilities while writing this story and the story is fab! 
The characters are all believable and you can buy into them, it gives a fresh perspective in the story world of real life in a manner that keeps you hooked in waiting for the next bit...
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Amanda Prowse is one of my favourite authors so I just couldn't wait to read this. From that very first page I was hooked, I had to keep reading, infact I think I read this book in day - it was that good! The characters really touched my heart. The character 'Hitch' oh my goodness she is an absolute inspiration! She is a character I will never forget and I really loved reading her story. 

The thing I love most about Amanda's books is that they are so believable. She deals with so many issues that many shy away from. Not only that but the way she writes them is just outstanding! I am so excited for her next book!
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This was a book that is best as a whole instead of it's parts. I wanted to love it more but it was spotty and slow at times. Overall nice read but not one I'll remember much.
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This is a wonderful story about two young adults, who meet when the time just happens to be right.
Both Thomasina 'Hitch' Waycott and Grayson Potts were born with issues that made life challenging for them, and they also lived in completely different worlds. She was raised on a farm, and loved the country, and he knew nothing but  the big city of London, but when they met, they just seemed to understand each other completely.
This is a story of their two worlds and the challenges of finding a way to make their new found love work, as they both also had many obligations, and expectations of them, where they lived.
It is a great story about, what is important to your life, how to find your voice and stand up for, and believe in yourself, and to make compromises. 
Great character studies with all of the main characters. It is a story at least for me that made me want to find out how it all turned out.
I can't wait to read something else by this author.
I would like to thank NetGalley, Amazon Publishing UK, Lake Union Publishing for a copy of this book.
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The Things I Know is the story of Thomasina Waycott, a young girl living on a farm with her parents in England, and her struggle to achieve acceptance, freedom, and happiness.

Thomasina ( Hitch) was born with physical disabilities which meant that her whole life she was stared at, ridiculed and even bullied due to the way she looked. Her parents are loving but overprotective and she feels that her life collecting eggs from the chickens and making beds in the B&B, will never change. She yearns for the freedom which was bestowed on her brother, who has gone to live on a ranch in the United States and she craves travel, new experiences, and romance.

Then out of the blue along comes a businessman who rents a room from them. Grayson Potts has quirks of his own, he sees tiny details but misses the obvious, he has an incredible memory, intricate thought processes, and a tendency to be honest at all times. When Thomasina meets Grayson she soon realises that he isn't like everyone else, she relaxes in his company and is seen, for the first time, as a beautiful young woman.

I loved that the book is centred around a working farm and how Thomasina interacts with her beloved chickens, who have individual names and personalities. Her great love for animals, shines out, possibly because they don't judge or mistreat her due to the way she looks. When Grayson enters her life everything seems to fall into place. However, the farm is under threat and Grayson has his own problems, his mother is 'needy', bitter and selfish, making unfair demands on her son.

This is the sweetest, most compelling read, that draws you in from the first page. The beautiful writing portrays people who just want to live their lives without constraint, to experience freedom and most of all to find love. It shows that everyone is different in their own way and it should never hinder your hopes and dreams.
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