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Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Things I Know. I voluntarily chose to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

Thomasina (Hitch) Waycott is sweet and endearing, but many of those in her life only see her exterior flaws. Born with birth defects that have not been successfully erased during surgery, Hitch is often the butt of jokes and feels that she must be better to gain respect. While working on her family farm that doubles as a bed and breakfast, Hitch meets Grayson Potts, a man who just might change her life.

Though somewhat predictable, The Things I Know was a great read. Thomasina's life seemed very realistic, especially regarding the bullying that she encounters because of her looks. The fact that she hides her circumstances from her parents also rang true, as this fact was in line with her character. The ending of the book was a little drawn out, but the overall story and characters helped The Things I Know to shine. I would recommend this book to those who like realistic fiction with a little romance thrown in for good measure.
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This was the first book by Amanda Prowse which I’ve read, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Prowse has a lovely and warm style of writing and does fantastic character development.  I’m definitely adding more of her books to my reading pile.   

The main characters Thomasina and Grey were lovable, and you couldn’t help wanting the best for them. I enjoyed the story however the writing was from an old soul.  At times, I had to remind myself that it was set in more modern day.  

Overall, it is a lovely story. The story itself could have been more indepth but I feel the writing style and the characters make up for lack of excitement. A nice easy ready and one I’d recommend.

3.5 Stars (rounded to 4) - It is a great read.  

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!
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A story about family life and relationships and finding your own way in the world.  Easy to read and enjoyable
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The answer was no. I didn't understand the purpose or point of this book. I didn't like any character and it was so slow.
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Really good story between two individuals that life has placed limitations on physically and mentally.  Thomasina "Hitch" Waycott has been teased a whole like because of her looks, born with a cleft palate that was incorrectly fixed along with curved fingers on one hand and clawed foot.  Grayson Potts whose mother has belittled him since his dad left is a financial broker who can figure out all kinds of financial projections but has a hard time with simpler understandings.  Hitch lives and works on a farm in Bristol and Grayson lives in a flat in London.  Both are in a rut and feel that life is passing them by.  Two ordinary folks whose lives cross paths and opens up a world of opportunities.  Very heartfelt and moving story where I was rooting for both to make a move towards fulfulling their lives and hopefully together in light of the daunting circumstances they were in.
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This book is written in the third person, so I had a really hard time getting into it. I grabbed this book a long time ago prior to me understanding what Netgalley was. But I made myself read it regardless. Or try to anyways. It was just something I couldn’t get into. The third person POV is hard for me to understand and concentrate. I get confused. Unfortunately I could not finish this book, even with getting halfway through. And I rarely do that. DNF is a rarity for me.
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Beautiful Love Story

This is the first time I have read this author, and I have to say that I am blown away. I read a lot of books, so that does not happen often. She has created a magnificent story here of two people struggling with physical and mental challenges. Our heroine knows the marrow of her bones that she is flawed, but a part of her still wats so much more out of life than the tightly proscribed life that her parents allow because they want to shield her from cruelty. Her life is changed forever, ultimately for the better, when a young man on the spectrum comes to stay at their farm. He is just about the only person outside of her family who accepts her, seeing her for who she is on the inside, not as her physical and mental limitations. I love a romance where two decent people, especially ones who are shunned or maltreated by society, come together and find comfort and strength in each other. This is one of those books. The couple's road is not an easy one, as you might imagine, but the author wrote it with such an open heart that what could have been a sad and depressing story actually shows the triumph of the human spirit. Loved it, as you might be able to tell! Highly recommended.
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This was a cute love story! In it, the main character, Thomasina, struggled to gain confidence after dealing with some tough issues during childhood. The doubts are hard for her to overcome, but it is a pleasure to go along on her journey as she becomes more self aware and ultimately searches for meaningful love.
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Amanda Prowse is the Queen of domestic writing and this is yet another beautiful book, fantastic cover and fitting title.
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I had just finished reading the latest book by Amanda Prowse, a new discovered authos I found  and looking for more of her titles to read and came across this one hanging in my NetGalley list from last year.I dont know how it got overlooked in my NetGalley List .It was another wonderful touchwarming empathetic novel by Amanda..
Hitch Waycott, a young  caring  girl who is   a misfit physically, but emotionally very mature and  feels safe at her parents farm and Bed and Breakfast house, where she cares for their farm animals,especially the chickens, who she names all of them.. She was born with physical traits, a scarred lip whose surgery didnt help, and a twisted foot. Scarred with cruel names from children growing up , especially from her cousin Emery, who was worse , while growing up and even tho she told her parents,they felt he is kin and couldnt beleive his rude remarks  about her cousin as a child. 
He goes to live on the farm when her  older brother Jonathan moves to the STates.He feels there is more agriculturing opportunities out there.
Grayson, ,a  young man, who will be a boarder for two days on their farm, arrives giving her hope and empathy.They both are similiar in their thoughts and emotional traits.
The different romantic steps they take to get to know one another and up to their ending and the outcome of the farm, you will want to embrace Thomasina Hitch Waycott, yes that is her real birth given name and you find why she chooses to keep it.
I will be looking for more of AManda Prowse's books to read, they are heartwarming and  loving stories about love,forgiveness and  found romance.
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This book follows the story of a 20 something year old girl who was born with a few disabilities to a family of farmers.  She has a younger go getting brother, but her parents  were over protective and sheltered her within the family , limiting her chances and choices.

Unexpectedly she finds love with an autistic man who was a bed and breakfast guest, who lives in the city with a dysfunctional alcoholic mother.

I loved this book, I liked the way the author listed our heroine's thoughts throughout the book, giving the reader insight into her inner most thoughts.

I enjoyed the way our heroine grew in confidence due to the knowledge she was loved .

Read this book in a day and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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I loved this book and really enjoy reading this author!  A lighthearted read.
Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Thomasina has not had an easy life, with bullying and others poking fun at her throughout her entire life.  She works hard on the family farm - from caring for her chickens, to cooking meals, and hosting guests who come to stay.  One day Greyson comes from the city for a short stay.  The two click and understand each other quickly and deeply.  Thomasina and Greyson move together as allies, tackling tough relationships in each of their lives, and figuring out what the future holds.
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This book is a lovely feel-good novel with likeable characters and an engaging plot tracking Thomasin's journey from an unhappy childhood marred by the cruelty of others to her blossoming into a young woman who achieves the happiness she truly deserves.
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Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this novel, The Things I Know.  I thought it was a nice change of my usual reading choices. I appreciated the characters and their flaws and how they worked through them.
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This is a heartwarming read. Prowse does a great job with giving life to her protagonist Thomasina, and her heartbreak is one that we feel in our hearts when we read her story.

I loved how in the end, her parents supported her completely, and the plot resolves itself with hope and joy.

Thank you, NetGalley, for a review copy.
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This one's one of the sweetest romances I've read. Ever. It is warm, funny, sweet, all in equal measures. And Thomasina is one of my favorite heroines ever.
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This is a masterful piece of writing bringing the characters to life and making the story come to life.
The fact that the characters are not perfect makes for an even better story.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this. I will be posting a full review to Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram.
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3.5 stars

This was a lovely story that had two main characters that always felt displaced and not part of the social order find one another and start down a path to both love and understanding. 

Thomasina (Hitch) had been born disfigured with a cleft palate and other visible disabilities but she loved living on her parents' remote farm and being a part of farm life. She had often been ridiculed for her appearance and so wanted to be able to be part of the world outside the farm. Thomasina meets Grayson Potts, a loner who also has had many difficulties in feeling that he is a part of the world. The couple hit it off, but there are obstacles in their path that might well endanger any kind of life they could possibly have.

This was a nice story that had many family values and issues within its pages. It was the kind of story that does elicit many emotional responses in a reader. Life is oftentimes cruel and for both Thomsina and Grayson it has been extremely so. Will these two being able to find the happiness they both richly deserve? 

Thank you to Amanda Prowse, Lake Union Publishing, and Net Galley for a copy of this sweet story.
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