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A beautiful and heartwarming love story of two people, Thomasina and Grayson, who are considered a “bit different” to others.  Their story will pull on your heartstrings as you watch the instant connection they make with each other when they first meet.  Their story is full of overcoming life’s obstacles and proving that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.  A truly touching, powerful, empowering story that I highly recommend you read.  
Many thanks to NetGallery, the publisher and author, Amanda Prowse, for the opportunity to to read this wonderful book.  This is my true and honest review.
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Amanda Prowse once again a beautifully written story.
A heartwarming story set on a farm where we meet Hitch and her family.
The characters had depth and I loved Hitch and Grayson, and the fact they were both very special people who had their share of challenges. 
Life hasn’t been easy for either of them and I felt for them with the challenges they came up against. 
The story left me with a smile on my face.
I highly recommend
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This is another great read from Amanda Prowse. In this story, Thomasina, a young woman, lives and works on her family farm in the West Country. She was born with a number of health issues, including a deformed hand and foot, and a cleft palate which has been badly repaired. She has grown up bearing the brunt of other people's name calling and believes she will never have the life that she longs for - she would love to go to New York and own a pair of red sparkly shoes. She also longs for a proper boyfriend and a place of her own to call home. Then one day Grayson Potts arrives at the farm as a B and B guest. He too has his problems - he is clearly on the autism spectrum and leads a lonely existence with his alcoholic mother in London. But will the course of true love run smoothly for these two? This is a love story with a difference, which I recommend as a lovely, heart warming read. Thanks to NetGalley for a preview copy.
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A good read with well developed characters, not one of my favourites from Amanda but nevertheless a well written book which I recommend.

Thank you to Netgalley and Amazon Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
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Is there anything more powerful than the written word?
Once again Amanda Prowse has written a true masterpiece. The characters came to life with her carefully written descriptions. Thomasina and Grayson are adorable characters; I loved watching them grow throughout the story!! Because these two don't fit into 'society's norm' they have both unnecessary prejudices. 
Everything about this book just knitted together so brilliantly: the location, the characters with their hectic lives.
I'm sure this book will fly off the bookshelves.
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I do love Amanda Prowse and her books. Ever since I read the first one, I have been hooked, and I was really looking forward to this new one.

Delving into the mind and world of Thomasina, or Hitch, as she is known, and reading about her meeting Grayson, and falling in love, felt like a privilege.

I have to commend Amanda for executing the nuances of this novel with such sympathy and grace. The thoughts and feelings of someone with a disability, but a person who is like everyone else, someone who wants her own life, and to be able to do everything others do, without the limitations that have been imposed upon her by her own loved ones.

That, and her capture of a person on the spectrum, someone whose thought process is so very different to the majority of the world.

And their love story.

I was hooked. I loved Pops and Mum, and I adored Thom and Gray!

One of my favourite quotes from the book - " I like the way you care for my daughter and, for the record, I happen to agree with you. I think she's pretty perfect too." Thomasina's Pops.

There's a lesson in this - in the end, anything is possible - you just have to make that first step towards change.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Amazon Publishing and Amanda Prowse for an ARC, in exchange for an honest review.
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I love Amanda's books and I was looking forward to getting started with this one. I was saving it for the weekend as I knew I wouldn't be able to put it down. I couldn't wait - when I started this I had 10 minutes reading time whilst eating breakfast but found myself still reading an hour later. I wanted to savour it, but couldn't stop reading and finished it later in the day. A beautiful touching story which will stay with me.

Amanda is such a talented writer - as with all of her books, I was drawn in from the start and became so emotionally invested in the characters. I was willing a happy ending for Thomasina and Grayson. This is a beautifully written story about being a bit different and the difficulties this causes in our society. It is a story with sadness, family relationships, finding happiness and, most of all, hope. I wanted to reach into the book and give Thomasina a big hug. I loved the farmyard setting and descriptions of the farm meant I could picture it so clearly including Daphne, Thomasina's favourite chicken and faithful friend Buddy the collie dog. 

I can't recommend this book highly enough - I would give more than 5 stars if I could. A wonderful uplifting emotional read - fabulous, I loved it.
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If you’re looking for a book that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling The things I know is the one for you. I am a huge Amanda Prowse fan and she has written another winner!!

The main character Thomasina (Hitch) is a girl faced with many difficulties but all she wishes for is to feel pretty, find love and wear pretty sparkly shoes. She lives at Walcott farm with her caring family and beloved chickens and faithful dog.

Grayson arrives to stay on the farm and Thomasina  catches a glimpse of happiness. There are lots of obstacles in their way and I was hoping that these could be overcome against the odds. 

I grew up in the countryside and the beautiful descriptions of country life took me back to my happy childhood. The hurdles faced by children with additional needs also resounded with me. As a grandparent who experiences the issues daily I really related for the need to protect against the necessity of allowing independence and life experiences. 

Amanda is a genius at portraying real life and real people. Her characters are so beautifully observed I I can immediately imagine people from my own life behaving as they do. 

The need to fit it, confirm to the norm and ultimately find your own happiness was the strongest message I took from this beautiful book. It made me laugh, cry and smile in equal measure. 

Thank you to Netgalley, the publishers and Amanda Prowse for the opportunity to read this heartwarming book.,
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But of slow starter but persevere its so worth it. As always a truly lovely book from Amanda that really focuses on deep emotions and totally pulls the reader in.
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Loved this book. Prowse writes so well about human emotions and her characters are as deep as ever. A slow starter, but so enjoyable and worth a read. Accessible but heart wrenching.
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Amanda Prowse is one of my absolute favourite authors and I always pick up her books when I am looking for a book to immerse myself into and this book was no exception.

Amanda writes with such passion and relevance her books never fail to pull you in from the first few pages. The Things I Know introduces you to the lovely Thomasina (Hitch), giving you an insight into her life on her families beloved Waycott farm with Daphne her favourite chicken and her faithful Collie 

Hitch has only ever wanted what all girls want, to feel pretty, wear pretty shoes, to be able to make plans and have dreams with someone to share it all with. In this story you embark on a journey with her where you get glimpses of her childhood experiences that have created the feelings she now experiences and where you see her meet Grayson when he arrives to stay at the B&B on the farm and this sets a chain of events into motion.

I absolutely loved this book, it was a beautiful story full of love and compassion that carries such a relevant and important message that is especially important in todays society, when people seem happy to openly pass judgement and share negative comments on social media.

Amanda Prowse has a superb knack of tapping into her characters and visually creating them in her stories, she makes you feel as if you are standing alongside her watching her characters and stories unfold. She leaves a part of herself in each book and manages to evoke emotion and happiness through her writing and her books are always an absolute pleasure to read.
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I almost gave up on this book as I found it to be quite slow at the beginning I'm glad a perservered, it was an enjoyable read.
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Amanda never fails to amaze me with her books    This was just such a lovely story about two people who met against the odds, and overcame all the problems that came their way.
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Prowse has written a touching story of a woman who yearns for more than livng on a farm under her family's loving, but cloying care. Hitch has some challenges in life, but she has a vision of where she wants to go. Hitch's story unfolds as the drama plays out Around her. When all seems lost, her life turns around in the most unexpected ways.
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I have read many books by Amanda Prowse and was overjoyed to be able to review The things I know.
I find Amanda Prowse's characters always draw me in, pull on my heart strings and keep me enticed from the first chapter to the final.
Thomasina is known as Hitch and has disabilities which made her feel lonely, sad and insecure which was especially worse when her brother moved away.
Hitch longed for more in her life than working on her families farm and had many dreams.
When Grayson comes to stay on the farm, who has difficulties also the two connect and bond which changes both their lives. You follow the ups and downs and the hurdles they have to face.
Loveable characters and a beautifully-written romance.
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All I can say is "Thank you Amanda Prowse" ! I feel privileged to have been allowed to enter the wonderful world of Thomasina and Grayson and assorted animals. What a fabulous book! I have loved every one of Amanda's books but this one is my absolute favourite.  Her sure grasp of someone living on the spectrum is encapsulated in her portrayal of Grayson . His character is so rounded, so lovingly drawn , with all his individual quirks, challenges and talents and his breathtakingly beautiful and poetic simplicity. I found myself wanting to reach into the book to hug him and look after him. Similarly, the character of Thomasina is so well observed. Everyone who has every been dismissed by society as "different" and been mocked and villified by those too blinkered to see beyond physical imperfections to the beautiful human being within, can empathize with and feel totally invested n her life and longings. At times during the book, I found myself feeling physically sick with dread for them and praying that they would get their happy ending. I don't think I have ever cared so much about fictitious characters! That  of course is down to the genius of Amanda's writing. Her prose draws you in to her world with her such lovingly drawn and fully fleshed characters, both human and animal. This book also gave voice to the poetry in her soul with the most glorious passages of dialogue. I haven't the words to do justice to this masterpiece of a book but urge you to read it for yourselves and immerse yourselves in all its myriad emotions and life affirming beauty.
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The things I know...
...this book is full of happiness and sadness and hope. 
As a parent of 2 children with additional needs, one with a very rare chromosome disorder, I can relate to the family in so many different ways. I love a book that I can get emotionally invested in and this one really tugged at the heartstrings in so many brilliant ways. The characters, especially Hitch and her cousin are incredible. I really enjoyed the dynamics of the relationships between the family members and the local community. It felt like I was  there, on the farm, observing Hitch's life as it unfolds and she grows. 
I found myself wondering what my daughters life will be like in years to come and glad that I haven't been overly protective of her, full of even more hope for what her future may hold after reading Hitch's story. 
I think it is incredibly brave when an author tackles difficult subjects that people are very opinionated and passionate about. Subjects that other shy away from because they can sometimes be considered taboo to talk about. Bullying over Disability and Gender and the struggles around Addiction are all still very prevalent in today's society and yet again with her beautiful writing Amanda has taken something difficult and sometimes controversial and made it relate-able and inspiring.
I'll be completely honest, this review was a really hard one to write. There are so many things I want to shout from the rooftops about the characters and the story but I can't without spoiling it for other readers. So I will just say that it's a truly fantastic story that had my crying in the first chapter and laughing in the last!
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I have read many books by this author so was very happy to get an advance copy of her new release. 

This book was hard to get into at the beginning. I found it really slow and nearly gave up reading it. I am so glad that I persevered as it improved dramatically and was such a good book
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A moving love story of two people who are a bit different

What I love about Amanda Prowse's books is that they always shows her empathy towards those who don't quite fit in. Thomasina is known as Hitch because of her awkward gait caused by her twisted body. She lives and works hard with her brother on her parents' farm, where her family protect her from the unkind world. Although slow to learn, she gains release form the constraints of her life by expressing her thoughts and dreams on paper. She longs to go to New York, have a boyfriend and have sparkly red shoes. Her parents tell her she is 'different' but she longs to find out exactly how different.

When her brother, Jonathan, goes to work on a ranch in America, she realises that her own dreams of escape have been crushed, as her elderly parents rely on her to support them on the farm. Then Grayson Potts comes to stay at their B&B. Like her, he feels himself a misfit and constrained by his needy mother, an alcoholic, with whom he shares a tiny London flat. They make an instant connection and make each other happy, but their lives are so different. He is a stockbroker, she a farm girl. Can they make a future together?

I love the fact that, as Thomasina gains in confidence, she becomes known by her proper name, rather than the derogatory nickname used by even her parents. A beautifully-written romance, with pathos and humour.
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Another beautiful story from Amanda Prowse Hitch was born and raised on her family farm but she had disabilities which made her feel insecure and sad but when a young man Grayson comes to stay at the farm one day her life changes forever he also has difficulties and is not confident until the two meet and connect instantly it's like two broken souls meeting and coming together they have to face lots of hurdles along the way but slowly and surely they both begin to blossom and get stronger and fight to have a future together a great novel lovely believable characters and with iove at the heart of the story its a must read
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