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This is the first book I have read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Definitely a book that brings so many emotions, but I feel that is what makes a great book. Would highly recommend.
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I love that this story offers you an insight into life with disabilities and some of the challenges in social acceptability. Amanda Prowse has successfully covered both visible and invisible disabilities while writing this story and the story is fab! 
The characters are all believable and you can buy into them, it gives a fresh perspective in the story world of real life in a manner that keeps you hooked in waiting for the next bit...
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Amanda Prowse is one of my favourite authors so I just couldn't wait to read this. From that very first page I was hooked, I had to keep reading, infact I think I read this book in day - it was that good! The characters really touched my heart. The character 'Hitch' oh my goodness she is an absolute inspiration! She is a character I will never forget and I really loved reading her story. 

The thing I love most about Amanda's books is that they are so believable. She deals with so many issues that many shy away from. Not only that but the way she writes them is just outstanding! I am so excited for her next book!
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This was a book that is best as a whole instead of it's parts. I wanted to love it more but it was spotty and slow at times. Overall nice read but not one I'll remember much.
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This is a wonderful story about two young adults, who meet when the time just happens to be right.
Both Thomasina 'Hitch' Waycott and Grayson Potts were born with issues that made life challenging for them, and they also lived in completely different worlds. She was raised on a farm, and loved the country, and he knew nothing but  the big city of London, but when they met, they just seemed to understand each other completely.
This is a story of their two worlds and the challenges of finding a way to make their new found love work, as they both also had many obligations, and expectations of them, where they lived.
It is a great story about, what is important to your life, how to find your voice and stand up for, and believe in yourself, and to make compromises. 
Great character studies with all of the main characters. It is a story at least for me that made me want to find out how it all turned out.
I can't wait to read something else by this author.
I would like to thank NetGalley, Amazon Publishing UK, Lake Union Publishing for a copy of this book.
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The Things I Know is the story of Thomasina Waycott, a young girl living on a farm with her parents in England, and her struggle to achieve acceptance, freedom, and happiness.

Thomasina ( Hitch) was born with physical disabilities which meant that her whole life she was stared at, ridiculed and even bullied due to the way she looked. Her parents are loving but overprotective and she feels that her life collecting eggs from the chickens and making beds in the B&B, will never change. She yearns for the freedom which was bestowed on her brother, who has gone to live on a ranch in the United States and she craves travel, new experiences, and romance.

Then out of the blue along comes a businessman who rents a room from them. Grayson Potts has quirks of his own, he sees tiny details but misses the obvious, he has an incredible memory, intricate thought processes, and a tendency to be honest at all times. When Thomasina meets Grayson she soon realises that he isn't like everyone else, she relaxes in his company and is seen, for the first time, as a beautiful young woman.

I loved that the book is centred around a working farm and how Thomasina interacts with her beloved chickens, who have individual names and personalities. Her great love for animals, shines out, possibly because they don't judge or mistreat her due to the way she looks. When Grayson enters her life everything seems to fall into place. However, the farm is under threat and Grayson has his own problems, his mother is 'needy', bitter and selfish, making unfair demands on her son.

This is the sweetest, most compelling read, that draws you in from the first page. The beautiful writing portrays people who just want to live their lives without constraint, to experience freedom and most of all to find love. It shows that everyone is different in their own way and it should never hinder your hopes and dreams.
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I received a. ARC copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review 

Thomasina “Hitch” Waycott has been dealt some cruel blows in life. Born with some physical difficulties she faced scorn, teasing and rude comments from fellow classmates, total strangers, and even her cousin.  Hitch longs to be accepted and loved, and safe on her farm. This  goal seems unreachable after her brother relocates to the United States.  Hitch and her parents work constantly to make ends meet at the farm, even taking in guests looking for a quiet stay.  Enter Mr Grayson Potts  who makes an instant connection with Thomasina. Just when things seem to be looking up Gray’s mom is rushed to the hospital after a heart attack.  Will Thomasina every be happy?  Will she ever travel? How will she leave her beloved home and farm behind?
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The book was lovely. A feel good read perfect for this time of year lazing on holiday or in the garden. It was easy to read and well written. Great read
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This was a wonderful heartwarming, heart rendering book. I loved the character of Thomasina and empathized with her throughout. Grayson comes along and they form a bond. What will happen in their future? This was a book that had me turning the pages. Prowess is a masterful storyteller.  
Many thanks to Lake Union Publishing and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Thank you to Net Galley for very generously sending me a free kindle copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

This was the first book by Amanda Prowse which I’ve read. She has a lovely and warm style of writing and the main characters Thomasina and Grey were lovable and you couldn’t help liking them and rooting for them. I enjoyed the story however sometimes I did forget that it was set in recent times. The farm setting sometimes made it seem a little dated. Overall an enjoyable story. I can’t give it anything higher than a three purely down to the story not really having much content. The writing style  and the characters however make up for lack of excitement. A nice easy ready and one I’d recommend.
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Wow! This was the first book I have read by Amanda Prowse but it will not be my last. I loved this book and found it to be a quick and emotional read.
She brings you on an emotional journey with Thomasina/"hitch" who knows she is not like the rest. After being ridiculed for being different she is looking for a change. Will Grayson be the one to show her the compassion she needs?
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There are books that make you think. There are books that make you feel. There are books that make you laugh. There are books that charm you. Every now and then, you find one that does all of these. It grabs you right around the kneecaps and takes you to the ground. This is one of those!! Amanda Prowse writes with such empathy, understanding and honesty. I spend all my time with my hand to my chest and a smile on my face, as I immerse myself in characters so genuine and compelling that sometimes I have to just catch my breath.

This is the story of Thomasina (or Hitch, which I really don't want to use to refer to her). Thomasina was born with a few things against her - a deformed hand and foot, a cleft palate, and a weak heart. But this girl. Oh my gosh, she is simply beautiful where it matters. Her parents lovingly, but protectively raised her. Although it was never intentionally to hurt her, they limited her. She was content to live and work on their family owned farm, until she wasn't. Until she felt trapped and felt the wanderlust of wanting more out of life. To explore the world, to spread her wings, to buy the shiny red shoes that she could never wear because of her deformed foot.

Enter Grayson, who comes to her family's bed & breakfast that they run on their farm. Grayson is just a little off - most likley leaning toward very high functioning Asperger's. He is so charming and open and guileless and honest. He simply never tells a lie. I don't think I've been this captivated by a character in a long time. Yes, there are plenty of book characters out there that I've fallen in love with, swooned over, silently adored their alpha-hole ways...but then there is Grayson. He is just a man you want to pick up, put in your pocket, and carry around with you forever.

Things aren't so simple for those two though. They are both stuck in their lives with responsibilities, guilt, lack of confidence and/or social skills. There is lot stacked against them, and a lot for them to overcome. Even those of us who seemingly have the skills and the resources to handle these obstacles would be challenged.

This was a joyous read for me. There were tears, but there were moments my heart was beating out of my chest because of the overwhelming thoughts of "this is what love should feel like". If you want charming, compelling, emotional, uplifting and genuine, you want to read this.
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This is a love story. It is not a romance.

The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse
Waycott Farm in Wales was home to Thomasina and her parents. The property had been in the family for generations. But Waycott Farm was suffering under the weight of outdated equipment and procedures which was overwhelming for Thomasina’s parents. To add to the stress, Thomasina’s brother Jonathan was moving to America to work on a horse ranch. The three remaining Waycott family members were just keeping afloat with the help of cousin Emery, who was the only paid help. Thomasina worked at a small bed and breakfast to bolster the family finances, but it just wasn’t enough.

Like her brother, Thomasina had dreams of leaving this hard life. Fatigued with chores, it seemed her only relief was her chickens. She doted on them. The twenty-five-year-old girl had been nicknamed Hitch because of her deformities; a left foot that was shorter; a hand with curled-up fingers, and a mouth that wasn’t complete. On top of the abnormalities, she had a weak heart and insides that were not quite up to the task of functioning correctly. But she was a fighter and her parents loved her unconditionally.

The love her parents bestowed upon her was also a curse in many ways. They never had plans for her to go to college like her brother and worked to keep her on the farm so she would not feel the heartbreak of life in the cruel world. They seemed unaware that her own cousin was a bully who filled her life with pain daily.

One day Grayson Potts from London came to stay in the bed and breakfast. Thomasina was drawn to Grayson even though she knew she was not to get personal with the guests. But Grayson Potts was different. He had no filter and said only what he needed to say with little or no emotion. Grayson and Thomasina found strength in each other to face the bitter world.

It was a short-lived connection, as Grayson was called back to London. But Thomasina did not give up on their relationship. She found she could maneuver the bus system and showed up on his doorstep. Grayson was happy to see her, but his alcoholic mother was not having a floozy ruin her cozy mother/son set up.

If Grayson and Thomasina were to make a go of it, they had to work to make it happen. This is a love story that grew out of weaknesses in two individuals who chose to fight for each other. I hope you enjoy the story of Thomasina and Grayson.
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I always find Amanda Prowse’s books highly engaging and readable. This is no different and was a relaxing read over the course of less than 2 days. There are a few plot resolutions that happen a little too easily and conveniently which reduced the rating I gave but, as with all this author’s books, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
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This book started a little strangely but I soon got into the characters two people who didn't fit the mould of everyone else
Didn't look same or walk the same or act the same 
But then the stars collided and they met at her family's farm which was also a B&B in the summer months 
Their eyes met there two completely worlds collided and then stopped 
How could it work? 
He had responsibilities, she had the farm ?
What would they do well obviously drift apart 
But what if they could work it out?
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Amanda Prowse is one of my favorite authors and this book gave me "all the feels". It was a beautiful story of overcoming life's obstacles and how you can do anything if you set your mind to it. I especially loved the ending which kept me smiling for days !
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This was a good book.  It started off being a slow read to me but ended up being something more.  The story is centered around Thomasina Waycott (Hitch) and her family.  Thomasina's family owns a farm (in England) which has been in her family from generation to generation and unlike most young women her age (her age not revealed), she has a few birth defects which make her appear as being different in the world.  She desires to be loved by someone other than her family and wants an opportunity to leave home, explore the world and have a life of her own.  She's sure it will never happen until her dreams are answered in the blink of an eye.  

I also found this book to be interesting because it gave me a deeper understanding on farm life.  I have lived in the city my entire life and it was interesting to learn about the day-to-day duties of a farmer.  

If you find yourself like Hitch, different from the average without experiencing love and life in its rarest form, this book is certainly for you.  Please read you will not be disappointed.
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Love, love, love Thomasina and Grayson!  Everyone should read this to open their eyes to the adversity that some people face each and every day.  Perhaps people will be more accepting of others in the future.  A story full of heartbreak, strength, love, re-evaluation and ending with commitment.  The path along the way made me laugh, cry, feel anger, and smile.  They each enabled the other to climb out of the rut they were stuck in and go after the life they dreamed of.  With each small step, Thomasina became more assertive and willing to fight for her future.    Wishing that every Thomasina and Grayson in the world would find the strength within to fight for their own love and happiness.  Many many thanks to Amanda Prowse, Lake Union Publishing, and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this recently published heartfelt book that will remain in my thoughts for a long time.  Don’t miss this read!
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A sweet romance full of hope, courage and strength. This story is about a girl who has physical abnormalities and a boy who seems to have Aspergers. They meet and find kindred spirits in each other which leads to a love that gives them the strength and courage to break free from the current situation and reach their full potential.
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Sweet, compelling story of an unlikely pair: the capable, loving Thomasina "Hitch" Waycott on her family's farm with little hope of living even a single one of her dreams of falling in love, raising a family, going to New York City given. She has a malformed foot and hand as well as a badly repaired cleft palate that seem to doom her to work the rest of her life for no reward, no friends, no change for the better. When Grayson Potts stays at her family's B&B within the farm, everything changes. He is also different and in a limbo state between the life he is living and the life he longs to live. I loved the characters, the setting, and so much about this story -- would have given it four stars but for strange, strained, mechanical bits to the plot and easily resolved matters handled off-the-page in unbelievable fashion.  Ultimately, a story where you cheer for the good guys, gnash your teeth at the bad, and wish like mad for another such absorbing read.
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