One Night of Passion

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I really enjoyed this book, I read it for pleasure, not for work.  The story was well-paced and the characters were engaging.
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A great book. Thé story keeps you wanting more. Can't put this book down.  I love this author and all her writing.
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Thad and Priscilla's story was great, interesting story line and lots of angst, with some heartbreak thrown in the mix. It was sad watching these two pine for each other, but wonderful watching her realize he was what she really wanted.
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Lifelong romantic Thaddeus Middleton is on the hunt for a wife. He hopes to find a woman more attracted to him than to money. Instead, he finds himself drawn to a spitfire who isn’t interested in him at all! At least, that’s what she says when she’s not kissing him beneath the stars.
I really enjoyed this story and am really enjoying this new series. I liked both main characters a lot. I read through it rather quickly. I highly recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Priscilla dreams with a life of adventure alongside her father and grandfather. 
In order to fulfill her dream she swears off marriage and love. Her only goal is to get to 25 unmarried so she can cash on her inheritance. That is until Thaddeus comes into her life. Will she give up the love of her life for a life of adventure exploring the world, or settle for sharing a life with Thaddeus.
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I actually read this a while ago, not long after i promised not to be so quick to read another (so sue me!).

Priscilla Weatherby has a plan – to get to her age of maturity without getting married, so that she can inherit the money her father has left for her, so that she can become the worldwide traveler she has always dreamed off.  Both her Father and Grandfather are off in “foreign parts” being adventurers, but apparently the money left to her by her father comes with Terms and Conditions – she must not hide away until she reaches 25 and her majority and she needs to frequent “The marriage mart”, not ruin her reputation and can tell nobody about the trust.

Partway though the season she meets Thad, who would be exactly marriage material, if that’s what she was looking for.  Both of them hit it off, and it turns out that both of them like each other (when talking to his sister, he describes her as “the one”, in only she was stopped cutting him off). However, she keeps him at arms length, both to prevent a marriage arrangement, but believing that he would curtail her travels.

Meanwhile she is living in the same house as her grandmother, a rather prickly old woman, apparently unable to accept the seemingly good wishes that her granddaughter sends her way.   Grandmother is seemingly intent on her finding a good match before her 25th birthday, and is constantly on her case as to finding a good man.

Finally, the two of them cant resist each other, and come to an “arrangement” as to what is supposed to happen next. However, there is a fly in the plan. Priscilla’s father returns for various reasons (none to do with his daughter) and Priscilla gets a cold awakening…..The £10,000 on her 25th birthday was an off the cuff remark he doesn’t remember making and certainly hasn’t prepared for. Grandmother has always been well aware of the son’s wanton behaviour, and was pressing for Priscilla to get married, knowing the money would never materialise.

Luckily, Thad and Priscilla already have the people they really want, including Grandmother, and it’s not long before everything is sorted out in the best possible way (Priscilla’s father really hasnt got a leg to stand on)
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I received with thanks an ARC copy of One Night of Passion from WebMotion and Netgalley.

This is my review of One Night of Passion by Erica Ridley. This was published on 14th May 2019
Another stunning romance by the one of best historical romance authors Erica Ridley. The characters in this novella were wondering and enjoyable to read about. This has everything you could want from a historical romance novel. Headstrong and independent heroines and passionate romance.

Would recommend if you love a historical romance
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Another fabulous story by one of my FAVORITE authors. Erica adds just enough spice to keep her stories interesting without going too far.  I always enjoy Erica's stories!
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I read tons of historical romance books. This one was no different. It had a good plot, lovable characters and passion romance. 
Great for relaxing evening!
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this one was actually more interesting the others. I enjoyed the H, he was a romantic at heart. the h was fun with the bantering between the two. I enjoyed her as well. I finally feel like this series is looking up.
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Thaddeus Middleton is hunting for a wife  and is drawn to  Miss Priscilla Weatherby ; however she is determined to stay single for her fortune.  The fates changes  both of their directions in life to create a page turning tale of love and romance. 
Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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This whole series was great. Despite switching back and forth between authors it manages to keep a consistent tone and characterization level.
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I enjoyed this quite a bit! We follow Thad and Priscilla. He just wants to find the love of his life, she just wants adventure.  

I thought that it was so refreshing to have such a romantic hero. I found him to be so adorable and charming, and I loved the contrast with him and the heroine. She was so determined and had such a lust for adventure I really admired. I enjoyed the way their relationship came together and the direct of the plot. I also really loved the inclusion of the animals, it was such a cute addition to the story!

Overall, a very quick and cute and fun read!
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I liked this one a lot. The grandmother was spunky or should I say feisty. Poor Priscilla's Dad and Granddad are terribly neglectful and selfish. She grew up abandoned and lonely. Both her and her grandmother were abandoned. Thaddeus needed someone to love and Priscilla needed to be loved. They both needed attention and companionship. Priscilla wanted adventure without restriction. In months she'd have her inheritance and freedom as long as she stayed single, but will she? I highly recommend this book. I think, this is my third read by Ms. Ridley and it definitely won't be my last. Her books are angsty and entertaining. I enjoy her plots and characters.

Quick unedited thoughts

Thank you to WebMotion for the eARC of this book.
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I was a little let down with this book, I found it too wordy, I know you might think that that just does not make sense since it is a book, however once you start reading it you will know what I am talking about, we have Priscilla who longs to go on an adventure so she does her utmost to prove herself a wallflower, she stays on the outskirts at parties, dances with only the ones she knows have no interest in her since she is trying to get to her 25 birthday and getting her allowance and joining her father and grandfather. Thad is supposedly charming, super nice guy, not titled and seems to be a stepping stone for others to meet those who are titled however he does notice Priscilla and he wants to meet her and he finds that she has the spark that he has been looking for. Seems interesting right? The problem for me was it was a little too descriptive, again to wordy so it kept losing my interest had it lost about half of the words I would have liked more.
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“One Night of Passion” is the third book in the series “Wicked Dukes Club” by Erica Ridley.

This is the second book I’ve read from the author. I really enjoy her style of writing, and the easy flow of reading. 

Thaddeus Middleton was introduced in book one of the series (and I’m certain possibly in book two as well). He does not have a title, nor is he rich. This does not tie him down to marriage of convenience, and instead allows him to freely seek out true love. 

In walks Priscilla, who is not looking to be settled down. She wants to travel, go on adventures and be financially independent. All throughout her life she has dreamed of joining her father on his trips and adventures. 

Having a man in her life will hinder her and, as promised by her father, if she is to remain unmarried by a particular age, she will inherit a large enough trust fund to allow her own independence. She is not willing to risk her inheritance. 

However Thad is determined to befriend Priscilla. She soon realizes that her life long dream is not her own but a deeper connection to being left behind by her father. Her next big adventure is not across the oceans but right in front of her, with Thad by her side. 

Star rating: 4

**  I received a copy of “One Night of Passion”  book 3 in the series “Wicked Dukes Club” by Erica Ridley via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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Another successful book by Erica Ridley. She never fails to please. This book was a quick, enjoyable and easy read: enough to satisfy anyone’s appetite for a tale of regency romance.
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Really enjoyed this book. It kept me interested all the way through. I would definitely recommend to a fellow reader. I like the cover as well.
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Pretty typical romance, not too bad, though it was quite slow and it wasn't where I was particularly inspired by the characters to continue reading to find out what happens.
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I loved this book.  Loved the characters and how they found love together.  Loved the writing, did very we'll keeping to the time period.  enjoyed the book.
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