The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove

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This was a fun summer read though not necessarily for me. The characters were developed well enough and the setting was fun. That said, I prefer a little more substance. That said, it was quick and enjoyable enough.
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Great plot, characters and setting..  The story line is a cozy romance about sophie , a bookstore owner and Alexander a property developer that comes to Herring cove.  It's nice relaxing story, easy read but keeps you entertained.
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Sophie Jones loves her little bookshop at Herring Cove. She’ll never give it up to big property developer, Alexander Fletcher – no matter how handsome he might be… Yet beneath Alex’s sharp suit and persuasive manner, there’s something about him that makes Sophie want to trust him. So when he offers to help make her little shop a success again, she wonders whether this could be the start of something wonderful for both Sophie and Alex – together?

Absolutely loved this book and raced through it in no time. A brilliant set of characters and a plot packed with emotions. HIghly recommended!
*** Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for granting me access to this title.
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve read a women’s lit book that made me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy. Sophie and Alex have such an interesting dynamic. And it made it impossible to not root for them from the beginning. Yes, it’s predictable and cutesy, but it’s the perfect combination of it all.

Sophie is a tough nut to crack, and she stands her ground even though Alex makes it really tough for her to keep saying no. And when he just keeps coming around, tempting and taunting her and making his feelings clear, it’s impossible for her to just walk away from it all. When Alex lets his guard down for Sophie and he lets her deep into his life and she starts returning the favour, you can see how the two of them get so tangled up in each other.

It’s perfect. It was exactly the kind of book that the doctor ordered for me to get over my reading slump. A book that warms you up from the inside is never a bad thing and I absolutely loved it from start to finish. Kellie Hailes is a new author to me, but I will certainly be looking out for more of her books in the future!
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I found this book very predictable and challenging to finish as I just couldn’t get into it. I’m thankful for the advanced copy but this is not a book I would read again
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The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove
By: Kellie Hailes
HQ Digital
Romance, Women's Fiction
Publish Date 10 July 2019
400 Pages

This is an e-book I received from NetGalley to give my honest review. I really enjoyed reading this book and gave it 4.5 stars. Why not 5 stars well I have a hard time with love at first sight or love with in a week of meeting stories. They are a little too unrealistic for me. Otherwise this was a great read and quick.
This story is about a young lady who has inherited a bookstore from her deceased parents and she is struggling.
There is a corporation who helps with dying little towns by buying up surrounding homes and business and installing a resort to generate business for the area.
This corporation has bought up surrounding businesses in Herring Cove and are trying to buy this young lady out but she refuses to sale. It isn't only a business for her but also her home and memories.
The story goes on to describe how she makes the little come together and get the young man who came to visit her about the sale of her store to think about what actually happens to the little towns that they have put resorts in. It is a cute story and gives you cause to think about the little dying towns we have around us.
I would recommend that you read this book.
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Cute slow burn romance with great characters and escapism abound. I especially love the bookshop setting. A quick fun read that I recommend.
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Alexander Fletcher came to Herring Cove with the firm purpose of changing things. He had it all studied and planned to the millimeter. For him a NO, was the beginning of negotiations that almost always ended in a YES, although in this case he did not have them all with him.

Attractive, intelligent and charismatic, but above all a businessman who has worked hard until earn his place in the family business. He’s not daddy’s spoiled boy. Alexander Fletcher is much more than all this. He is a fair man with a great sense of duty. He likes to achieve his goals, but without harming others.

When he gets to Herring Cove, he had not expected to meet someone like Sophie Jones. A sincere woman, kind and direct. Self-made and very firm in her ideas and convictions. If she thinks something’s worth it, she gives herself unreservedlyto the last consequences.

For both the encounter was a shock of feelings and sensations quite strong. They weren’t prepared for anything that was happening to them. Alex, because his life was about working and Sophie, because for some time she had stopped believing in human goodness. She had many reservations about this posh guy just arrived from London and on top of everything has plans to modify her home and her life as drastically as possible.

The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove is very well written, with the right doses of drama and lots of love. The spaces and places are so well described that at all times I felt very integrated in the environment. I had the feeling of being inside the novel, living the story along with the characters.

While Reading, I really enjoyed this town with so much charm and the peculiarities of its inhabitants. But what I liked most above all is the library and its environment. This is one of the novels that everyone likes If you’re looking for a light but highly addictive reading.

It’s been a very rewarding Reading, that leaves me with very good feelings and looking forward to more Kellie Hailes novels.
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This is a sweet romance, set in an idyllic Cornish village and with pleasant and believable characters. Don't expect any surprises, the story is a tried and tested romance formula, but it's well written and is a good beach read.
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"Sophie Jones loves her little bookshop at Herring Cove. She’ll never give it up to big property developer, Alexander Fletcher – no matter how handsome he might be…

Yet beneath Alex’s sharp suit and persuasive manner, there’s something about him that makes Sophie want to trust him.

So when he offers to help make her little shop a success again, she wonders whether this could be the start of something wonderful for both Sophie and Alex – together?..."

Absolutely loved this book. Easy reading, heartfelt and light, with characters that keep you smiling at their love and kindness.
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This was an easy summer read in a delightful little village. The characters were all likeable and the setting was lovely. Would’ve liked a bit more of a chase in the relationship, a bit more resistance at the start before she totally fell, but I enjoyed it.
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I was fortunate to be sent a copy of The Bookshop at Herring Cove by NetGalley.

It was a pleasant, enjoyable read set in Devon with Sophie and Alexander who start at opposite ends of the argument and gradually become closer. It was an easy, comforting, seaside read.

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I make no secret of the fact that I love UK settings, particularly those set in small towns and villages with people who are engaging, intriguing and make me care about them. Kellie Hailes has done this with each book in this series that I’ve read, and this is no exception.  Sophie has lived over the little bookshop her entire life, first with her parents, then an aunt, and now with her adopted cat Puddles.  It’s always been a struggle, and she’s tied to the place emotionally because of her parents’ deaths when she was just five, as well as feeling comfortable in the place where her friends and the people rarely change.  While she’s had a disastrous relationship and the bookshop is struggling, she is more determined than ever to reject the offers coming in from the Fletcher Corporation who is planning a big and exclusive resort in Herring Cove. Having already secured the farm and one of the two other buildings next to her shop, she’s been visited by Alexander Fletcher, heir apparent and ‘closer’ for her sale. 

Alexander Fletcher has been groomed to take over the family business since birth – but he’s always felt as if he is the better ‘front man’ for the closing, as he’s not quite as manipulative and demanding as his father. But he’s also watched the difficulties and aftermath in the small towns where the company’s resorts are located: from increased rents that price out locals, to infrastructure and pr issues, and until Sophie flat out rejects his offer – not even looking at the numbers, and her look and mannerisms intrigue him, he hasn’t actually thought about the effect to Herring Cove or the aftermath. 

Soon he’s seeing that Sophie, despite all of her struggles with the business and her stubborn refusal to consider change has ideas that make a new sort of investment in the area a better idea, and as he starts to come around to that idea, his feelings for her increase.  While she’s still struggling with trust issues, he’s got to manage his own place in the firm and be heard by his overbearing father and mother, while seeing the pieces and people that make Herring Cove so special.  While there were some issues with Sophie and her on-again-off-again feelings about Alex, and the slowness with which she opened up and communicated, her ideas and loyalty to the area and the people was striking, and together, without really being a “made for” match, the two worked well.  If you like atmospheric, low-angst (mostly) stories that have you wanting to see things work for each of the characters – this is the perfect read for you. 

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Review first appeared at   I am, Indeed 
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Thanks to netgalley for a chance to read this book.

The fletcher group want to buy the majority of the properties in herring cove, demolish then and build a five star holiday village.  Alex tries to persuade Sophie to sell her little bookshop, she refuses to sell. 

A good feel good book, with a twist.
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I enjoyed this book, but it felt really hard to get into and burn through, like similar Hallmark-y books. I don't know why it felt so dense - the story was easy and the love interest was easy - nothing complicated or intricate, but it wasn't the quick summer beach read that I wanted it to be. I just didn't get sucked in.
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This is a very cute, warm and fuzzy summer romance. I would definitely recommend this as a quick beach read!
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I absolutely loved The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove! It drew me in immediately and the characters were so likeable, especially Sophie and Alex. I whizzed through the book and was left wanting more. I hope that I will one day get the opportunity to return to Herring Cove!
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Such a cute sweet romance in the perfect setting. 

**I was sent an e-arc copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This in no way affects my rating or review. 
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I really thought that this was going to be the perfect holiday as the blurb on the front cover claimed it to be but honestly for me, this wouldn't be considered as that. This book is simply a book that can be read everyday on normal days. Because the content of this story was somewhat deep and the truth of what reality usually is about. So, I find that a holiday read would be all about freedom, being carefree and abandoning all sorts of responsibilities. This book on the other hand is the opposite of that. 

This is Sophie's story and her little bookshop, All Booked Up that is located on a fishing village in Herring Cove. Its a small town where everyone knows everyone and would make the effort to care about everyone else. Its totally different than how city people live who honestly cannot even be bothered to get to know your very own next door neighbour. Well, I'm saying this because I'm talking based on my own experience but I think that this kind of setting should be changed. 

Its also a town that the people are most comfortable with so I understand how they would feel when a big corporation comes over and tries to take over the place as though they own it. I'm glad that they manage to yield and stay true to their own stances to fight for their home and what is right. 

For the romance aspect, I find it just okay. It wasn't mind blowing or anything like that. But what makes it special is that they are just two people from absolutely different backgrounds who are trying again with a chance at love. 

This story is heartwarming and a relaxing read. Sometimes all it takes for something to go your way is to be patient, calm and collected because it might just go the way you want it to go.
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This was a lovely, warming romance to read. Perfect for a summer beach holiday! I liked the characters, but didn’t feel that I fell in love with them. It was a very predictable ending, (as expected)! But that’s fine, and I like that from a romance sometimes. I found the main character and narrator Sophie to be a little bit annoying, and feel like she created problems for herself! But maybe that’s just me being a little harsh... definitely worth the read though.
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