The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove

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Easy summer read; cute and enjoyable, but predictable. It’s formulaic, but I enjoyed it; stubborn heroine who thinks she might know best and a hero who is doing his duty, but it’s not his passion. They meet, one falls while the other doesn’t want anything to do with the other. Cue cute stuff, a misunderstanding, and the make up with a happy ending. It’s a Hallmark movie and I love those!
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A brilliant book, perfect for a summer afternoon.
The cast of characters is very likable and well written, the plot entertaining and engrossing, the setting made me wish to be there.
I look forward to reading other books by this author.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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I fell in love with Sophie and her little quirks. For me, books are all about the characters and I’ve got to relate to the narrator. Kellie Hailes knocked it out of the park with this cutesy summer read.
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Oh wow I've not read anything by Kellie hailes before but will now love this book. 
Loved how Kellie kept people guessing about what was going to happen at the end.
Yes it's a romance but it was not just all love and kisses it was real this is how stuff happens in real life. Sometimes if your lucky.
So happy it did all work out in the end.
I love books that are set at the beach as it's one of my favourite places to be.
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Kellie Hailes has done it again with this gorgeous Summer read about Sophie and Alexander. I fell in love with the two immediately and enjoyed watching their journey from hate to romance blossom. 

The story-line is entertaining throughout, the characters are all absolutely wonderful and if this book cover is anything to go by - who wouldn't pick up this book!?
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This is a great summer read. Well-written, entertaining, adorable, and quick to get through. Also, I love the cover. It's bright and graphic, and certainly sets the tone for the rest of the novel.
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I had to DNF this at 56%. But, it's not a bad read at all, truly. I had to DNF this because i just wasn't feeling the book.

I started this expecting some intense conflict. However, we're barely a few chapters in before the main character was already melting for the love interest and showed no genuine signs of self conflict. And the characters were just so happy all the time!

I need the drama. I need the impression she was miserable and her life was going to the sh*ts and that she did all she could to resist the charms of Alexander and if she didn't, she will lose out on life.

I personally felt that the book didn't manage to procure that tension and i had to drop it and move on.

So, yes. I DNFed a Romance book because there wasn't piping hot tea spilled and it was happy.

3.2 stars
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Thank you to Netgalley for a pre publication copy of The little Bookshop at Herring Cove.

Sophie Jones lives alone in the cornish village of Herring Cove. Sophie has had a hard upbringing, her parents died in an accident when she was a baby and her aunt left as soon as she was able to go back to Manchester. Natalie and Ginny Sophie's best friends have been by Sophie"s side since the accident showing her love and honour. Sophie's parents owned a book shop which was finacially dwindling and Sophie has continued in their legacy her beloved book shop. Philip, Sophie's ex, ran off with her life savings leaving Sophie in financial and emotional ruin. Herring Cove is on the fletcher group map to turn it into a 21st century profit making resort something Sophie is against. The book follows Sophie's journey of beginning to trust men again, particularly when Alexander Fletcher turns up  as well as increasing profits for the town and her shop without turning it into a resort. The book shows Sophie's thoughts and emotions when everything she knows is likely to move away from her leaving her as she is. With a financially ruined book shop, alone with puddles the cat.

This book is a well written romance read. The characters allow you to get emotionally invested pushing this book into being a page turner from start to finish. It seeps into modern day living where some of our qaint areas are being turned into resort hot spots. Alongside modern love stories that spring when we least expect them.

Without the epilogue this book leaves you on enough of an ending that it would be fantastic to have a sequel.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.  I loved this book, loved the characters and most importantly of all it was a good read.
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Sophie, a bookshop owner, is struggling to make ends meet.  She does not want to have to shut her bookstore down but if something doesn't change and change fast she will have to shut the doors for good.  Enter, Alexander Fletcher, who's father is wanting to build a resort in the quaint town of Herring Cove.  Alexander tries to buy Sophie out but she tells him to get lost.  Knowing that Sophie is hurting for cash he finds out all he can about her and her little bookstore.  What follows is a lesson on how to follow your heart and be the person you are meant to be,
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This was a cute, little story about Sophie and her bookshop!

I really liked how the existing relationships are between Sophie and Natalie/Ginny.
I also liked how all the villagers knew each other and were there for each other.
The emotions that were shown throughout the book were very realistic.
In the end I liked how things ended up. Though I wished for some more 'scenes' between Sophie and Alexander building there relationship.
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I really enjoyed this story of Alex and Sophie in their quaint Cornish village. The way that it was described and the sense of community made me want to go and live in a place like this. I liked that it was centered around a bookshop - and an independent one at that. Such a rare thing to find these days. I enjoyed the story that unfolded between Sophie and Alex - no spoliers here.
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A perfect cozy read a sweet love story wonderful people Inwant to visit the town.Sorry to have to say goodbye to the people the town.#netgalley#hqdigital
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This book is an easy read for some summer escapism for all chick-lit fans. It’s a read that left me a little on the fence. The romance story was enjoyable and the couple fitted well together. Our protagonist left me largely underwhelmed however. Her inability to do anything for herself was so frustrating that I just wanted to shake the stupid girl. Her bookshop wasn’t failing because of her poor choice in men but rather, her lack of doing anything about it! The prose was easy reading but there were words like ‘babealicious’ for instance that left me cringing. The setting however was lovely and I would love to read a follow up book on another character in Herring Cove.
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This was such a sweet love story that was easy to read and dip in and out of. The description of the setting make me want to visit and I enjoyed the characters budding romance. I'd like to read more from this Author.
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The story of Sophie and Alex.

Sophie has lived in Herring Cove all her life, running the bookshop as soon as she was old enough. Now Alex is out to destroy that, wanting to knock down her shop and home to build a holiday resort.

As soon as they meet there is a connection between them, but Sophie has been hurt before, so will she let him in. 

An easy read set in a great location.

Looking forward to the next book in this series!
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This is such a sweet love story, that your heart just melts! 

Sophie is an orphan, she owns a book shop and is in debt!  Along comes Alexander, a businessman who wants his company to build a resort in her little fishing village on the Cornish coast! 

Whilst everyone else in the village is happy to take the money and run, Sophie is not!  Her bookshop means the world to her and she refuses to sell for any amount of money!  

There is definitely a connection between the two and what follows is an enemies to lovers story, but things never go to plan and once again Sophie find her heart shattered and all alone!  

Can Alexander talk his dad, the CEO of the company, around to his way of thinking, and will he fight for the only woman he ever loved!
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I love  stories set around bookshops. The premise of this story  with Sophie fighting to save her shop and home and Alex struggling to live up to his family expectations and own wishes  appealed to me. Alex and Sophie were cute but I didn’t feel as great an emotional connection to their love story as I wanted.  Overall  It was a pleasant easy read for the summer.
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First off I'll admit to having a certain weakness for stories about bookstores and quaint English villages. That being said The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove is an enjoyable clean, easy read with wonderful characters and of course the perfect HEA. All around this is a solid 4 star book that's perfect fora summer beach read.
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Loved it from start to finish.
The storyline was really interesting and entertaining. 
I loved Sophie's character, she was hilarious and at some points I could even feel her desperation for her bookshop!
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