100 Days of Sunlight

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First off, let me just say that I ADORED this book and all of my emotions are a jumble of "OHMYWORDTHISBOOKWASAWESOME," but I'll do my best to write a coherent review anyway. XD

The characters were spectacular. Tessa was relatable enough and so well-written and realistic that I almost felt like I could put myself in her shoes and experience what she was experiencing. Which doesn't happen very frequently at all for me, so I'm SUPER impressed. Top marks to Abbie for that alone. Tessa was a really enjoyable character, but I'm struggling to think up any specific things I loved about her (though I know they were there) because WESTON.

Weston... Where do I even start... This boi brazenly stole my heart, filled it with sunshine, and walked off with it. I think he wins the award for biggest book crush ever. He's so sweet and stubborn and strong and courageous and HE PLAYS UKULELE AND SINGS, ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE. And he's funny and sarcastic and WONDERFUL. He does so. much. to overcome everything, and it's so, so cool to read. It's super inspiring. OH. And his relationships with his brothers are so sweet and so much fun to read (I LOVE to read about older brothers with their younger siblings) and so relatable.

And their relationship! They're so fun together, and so adorable, and I CALLED THAT ONE THING FROM CHAPTERS AHEAD AND I'M SO HAPPY IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I have no words for how absolutely wonderful their relationship is.

And then there's the writing. Everything in this book was brilliantly described. It wasn't flowery or anything, but it was enough for me to conjure up some of the clearest images I think I've ever imagined while reading a book. AND EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL. This book is SO. AESTHETIC. Even the less upbeat scenes manage to be beautiful. They don't lose their potency--in fact, the beauty of the tone deepens the emotion and makes it all the more impactful. And the description isn't all. There's also a TRAINING MONTAGE. I don't think I've ever seen one of those in a book, at least not done well, but this one was PERFECT and SO. COOL. Plus, the characters' internal dialogue felt so natural and emotional and... *sighs* I could go on and on.

My only complaints about this book are about the consistent minor swears from Weston and Rudy and occasional inappropriate humor from Weston when the two of them are talking. But personally it was small and infrequent enough to not detract from the rest of the book.

To sum up, I squealed through the majority of this book and grinned like a maniac through the whole thing. It's just a beautiful, bright, sunshiny, inspiring, adorable, wonderful, heartwarming... I could never think of enough positive adjectives to describe this book, y'all. Just go read it.
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I’ll admit it.  I was drawn to 100 DAYS OF SUNLIGHT by Abbie Emmons for two reasons.  The first was the bright yellow cover that I thought would look amazing in any library and the second was that I’d never heard of the author before which always intrigues me.  Then when I read the plot description, I thought it was unique and might give me insight into the teenage mind a bit when facing hardship.  At the end of the day, I read this book in 3 hours and love how it was laid out.  It was so hopeful, often funny, and Tessa and Weston were very well developed in my opinion.  I liked the dual narrator and the photographs and the connection to all the senses. I also loved Rudy.  While some of the poetry was a bit much for me, I remember being a teenage poet where everything is so dramatic so that didn’t bother me by the end.  I think this is a good YA book for seeing past the surface and realizing people are so much more than how they appear.  Enjoyed it and there is a killer Spotify list at the end that I really loved too.
I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Let's be honest: the broad strokes of this plot are pretty predictable. An accident leaves the protagonist resentful of most everyone, especially of the endlessly positive boy she meets. There is a central message that negativity is useless, that through intentional positivity you can make significant changes in your life. While this is true it's also incredibly difficult. Depression and anxiety are nearly impossible to defeat through sheer force of will. It's something of a naive concept. It's easy to understand, digestible. Pleasant enough.
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This was a very interesting read and I loved the representation, both main characters had me falling for them too, and it was slightly heartbreaking to see the ending and how disabilities affected one of them. Would love to read more books 📚
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I ADORE this book! I love reading YA when I'm in a reading slump because they're so easy for me to get excited about, and this definitely did the job. It was so cute and there were many moments where I squealed from how adorable the two main characters were. 

If you're interested in YA romance with depth and tons of character development, this book is for you! The ended was a wonderful close, but left me wanting more. 

Love, love, love this book and can't wait to see what else I can read of hers!
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This is one of the best books i have ever read. Its about failure and attitude and how you can always choose to do with what's given to you. Yeah i know it probably sounds like a load of inspirational bullshit but this book is so much more. Abbie Emmons has created a phenomenal story of love and friendship and inner strength. Which everyone NEEDS to read. (oh my gosh i love Weston sooooo freaking much)
I dont wanna give anything up, neither do I wanna create excess hype. But please oh please read this one. Pick it up. Give it a try. You will love it.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I absolutely adored this book. Tessa and Weston are such fantastic characters, I loved their journey. Abbie did a great job of writing from both characters’ perspectives. This is one of my new favourite love stories, and it is a book I could read over and over again.
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An extraordinary story which I really enjoyed. Well written with strong lead characters, I particularly liked the character Weston. I really enjoyed how the relationship between Weston and Tessa developed  throughout the book. A story of family, friendship, loss, hope and perseverance. 

I don't usually read YA novels and was really surprised to enjoy this as much as I did. Highly recommended. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a quick, cute read that will most likely be forgotten by me in another month. Just a few days after finishing and I struggled to remember the title in order to add it on Goodreads! There wasn't anything bad, it was an entirely decent read, but nothing about it will stick with me in the long run. And the abrupt ending I could have done without.
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I read the synopsis of this book and I just.. couldn't. I needed it immediately. You all know I love diverse rep in books and 100 Days of Sunlight features rep I've barely seen. But.. instead of talking about it in my intro, let's just dive into the actual review, right?!

So. The representation. Our female main character, Tessa, was in a car crash and is temporarily blind. Safe to say she's having a hard time adapting and is struggling a lot. Her grandparents are Christians. The male main character, Weston, is an amputee. There's also mention of reading braille.
All those things combined already sound pretty awesome, right? And that's even before diving into the story itself! Seriously, the rep alone should be plenty of reason to get your hands on a copy stat.

The story itself is more than worth it as well. Weston finds his own small ways of making Tessa realize that losing her sight doesn't mean she's lost everything. The book is divided into parts, into senses. Smell, sound, touch, taste. Using those things, he helps her get out of the pit of depression and while doing so their relationship grows into a friendship. Although it does change a bit from one point to the next, it doesn't feel all that random. I loved seeing how a stranger could influence Tessa's "sight" - excuse the pun - on things.

But Tessa's view isn't the only one we get. There are two POV's in total - Weston's as well. Where Tessa only tells the "now" of her story, Weston's jumps back and forth between his past and the present. Between the period of losing his legs and the present where he helps Tessa realize life isn't all about seeing things.
The past parts, where he shares how he felt right after losing his legs, is.. hard to get through but at the same time amazing. There's a mental strength in Weston's character that came across beautifully in Emmons' writing. On top of that, it shows why it's so important for him to help Tessa, even when she's acting like a.. well.. brat? And, to top it off, Weston's refusal to tell Tessa about his legs is a great reminder not to treat people differently because of the way they look. He's still a normal person and 100 Days of Sunlight shows how someone can miss being treated as such when there's something different about them.

Then there's all the different kinds of relationships! The relationship Weston has with his parents, with his brothers, his friendship with Rudy, Tessa's friendship with her blogging friends, with her grandparents. There are so. many. different. relationships. I don't think I ever really saw something like that in other books? Or not that pronounced, at least? This automatically adds a lot when it comes to depth of character as well!

Emmons' writing is a bit different than what I'm used to in comtemporary, but it definitely worked in this story. Shorter sentences, mostly written like the characters - or like we - would think things at times. An example of that is repeating certain words or sentences like a mantra or to convince themselves of something. It worked - and I'm glad it did because it added to the atmosphere of the story.
Another element is the addition of poems since Tessa writes poetry and blogs about it as well. There aren't that many but the fact that it's incorporated? Loved it.

There isn't really anything bad about this novel. More like.. something I personally would have loved to see differently? And that's the ending. I just needed a bit more.. information on what happened after the 100 days ended. Like, say, a couple months later or something? I'm just curious. Probably because I started caring about Weston way too much for my own good. Oopsies.

Guess I don't need to say any more, right? If you look at the rep in this book and the way I loved it.. You just need to give this book a chance! And if you need one more reason: Abbie published this entirely on her own. No publisher involved. SUPPORT HER!
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This book was so sweet and thought provoking. I loved both of the characters and enjoyed both points of view. I loved the romance but I also appreciate the lesson about appreciating the life you are given and believing in yourself.
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THIS BOOK BROKE ME. In the best way possible. I loved the characters and what a quick read this was. It was poetic and smart and witty as well. It provided a lot of emotion for someone (like me) who is an older reader even though this is geared towards YA.
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Beautiful easy read for the summer. 16 year old Tessa loses her eyesight in car accident. After being told her eyesight would return she still needed a to adjust to life without sight for a while. Watson comes into her life and brightens the darkness she is suffering and eases her pain. The plot was flowing and the characters of Watson was perfectly rounded, unfortunately for me, I found it hard to warm to Tessa.
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Review copy courtesy of Edelweiss.

Readalike of “Everything, Everything,” this book takes a disability, makes it part of a teenaged drama, and then adds some romance.
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100 Days of Sunlight was a captivating read. I absolutely loved both of the main characters, Weston and Tessa. Weston had a light about him that made his optimism and resiliency shine through. He was determined to help Tessa through her struggle of losing her sight and feeling like she lost herself in the process. Little does Tessa know Weston has a well kept secret and discovering it just might change everything she is feeling about him.
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Wow just wow this book was perfect. I never knew I needed another book boyfriend untill I met Weston. I laughed I cried this book had me in tears its is such a great story. The disibility rep is spot on.the chracture development is great.i liked the book goes from Tessas point of view to Westons. My heart broke when I was reading how Weston acquires his disibility. I commented to Tessa as I blog and I love poems. I  ever shipped a couple so hard like I did with Tessa and Weston. The only issue I had with this book is that it ended. I think this book could be the book of 2019. Please someone make this into a film. I am looking forward to more books from the Author. Abbie is now a fave author.
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I really tried to like this book. And I failed.

I could compare my feelings towards this book to that of what I felt after The Stars in My Fault. Two young teens, both with their own diseases (disabilities in this case), finding solace in each other. And here also, I struggled to connect or relate to either of the two.

Okay. Here's the first thing that I was not impressed by - Weston suddenly out of nowhere deciding that he would be a friend to Tessa. We see him right off the bat decide to make Tessa see the beautiful things in life, even in her temporary blindness. Okay. But why? They didn't know each other beforehand, and Tessa was horrible to him from the start. I get the idea that it's supposed to be because Tessa is the first person who can't look at him pity for his condition, because she's blind, and he likes that. But the writer does not expand on these feelings, except maybe a line or two.  

Second thing that I didn't like was how quickly Tessa and Weston grew an attachment. I get that they're forced by their proximity and in Tessa's case, isolation from the rest of the world. But I still would've liked them to take some more time to build their connection towards each other. But this is not any major issue.

My major issue was not being able to connect Weston and Tessa. Weston came off as a little too self-righteous and self-assured on his decisions when it came to Tessa. That was a turn-off. Tessa, on the other hand, was just unlikable. I get that she has a lot of problems but her character development felt lacking to me. I just couldn't bring myself to sympathize with her.

I commend the author for touching upon many difficult and serious themes in this book, particularly that of mental health, family, etc. but I think that the quality of the writing needed to be better for these themes to have more of an impact on me. There were some genuinely cute and funny moments. It brings me back to my first point. I wanted to like the book, because it had an important message. But the writing made that difficult.

I definitely think that this book would appeal more to younger newer readers. But I've read too many YAs in my days to have found anything novel or unpredictable about this book.
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This book was so beautiful. It was a story of hope, of love, of living even through darkness. 

I cried. A few times. I absolutely loved the characters in this story and I fell in love with their personalities. They were fun and relatable and so, so brave. 

There is so much to learn from this book, things that make you reevaluate your entire life. 

And the writing style- oh my gosh. So poetic. It reminded me a lot of my own writing style and it has inspired me to work even harder on my own book. I loved it. A lot. 

I highly recommend picking up this book, it truly was incredible.
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I LOVED this novel! A beautiful debut featuring interesting/well developed characters, great descriptive language, and an excellent portrayal of disabilities/situations not frequently featured in novels!
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This novel was a good summer read for me -- a book that won't stress me out or break my heart /too/ much, keeps my interest, but all in all, a book that I won't become too invested in.

I really like the main male character, but the female main seemed kind of lacking to me. More often then not, I was just silently complaining about her to myself and wishing she would just be quiet.

Basically, if you are looking for a book that is quick and a pretty good time, I would recommend this one.
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