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Such a lovely book to read, it’s a wonderful way to introduce children about different races.  Very much enjoyed reading to my little boy.
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There is so much to like about this little book. Aston loves music and both his grandads play. Granddad Roy plays drums in a steel band and Granddad Harry plays a trumpet in a brass band. He loves them both and their music and he is learning to play both instruments. He loves spending time with them and practising with them. When Aston's school needs a band to play at their fair, both grandads want to play. Can Aston help them out so they can both play, and play together?

This was a fun story about music and how it can help bring people together. With both grandads coming from different cultures, it was wonderful to see them come together and enjoy each other's style. They forgot about their differences and just enjoyed the music and life itself. A simple, but really positive message about getting along, compromising and doing what works for everyone. This is also a great story about multiculturalism and would be a great addition to this unit in a primary classroom. I absolutely loved the illustrations. They were large and colourful, fun and whimsical and showed great emotions. My grandchildren enjoyed this story quite a bit. We had fun listening to different types of music after we finished reading. Thank goodness for youtube.
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Aston loves his two grandads who are both teaching him to play very different styles of music. Grandad Roy plays in a steel band and Grandad Harry plays in a brass band. When his school needs a band for the school fair Aston asks both his grandads to play, but the school only need one band.

This was a lovely story about family and working together. I'm sure any child with an interest in music would enjoy this one.
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A beautiful picture book that focuses on inclusion and the strides that the gay community has made for full recognition in today's world.
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Such a wonderful and beautiful book that not only embraces diversity, but celebrates it. I love how this title explores the cultural differences of music and the importance of it to a person’s identity and upbringing.
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Thanks NetGalley for the preview! 

I liked the illustrations in this book quite a bit.  I loved the message of cooperation and joining forces.  I think this would be a great supplement in a music lesson!
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I thought based on the cover it was going to be about LGBT grandparents. But it turned about to be a story about multi-cultural families. Its a very cute story, a little long for my liking for a picture book. I like the use of music as a cultural connector.
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Fantastic storyline all about sharing and the love of music. Would be a wonderful addition to your child's library.
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Thank you #netgalley for giving me a copy of #mytwograndads to review. This was a cute story about music, differences, and coming together. The message in the story should be shared.
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Such a sweet story about how music brings people together - which it does! I loved the illustrations as well. Could easily be integrated into a variety of different units or just to be enjoyed on the classroom shelf. Thanks to #NetGalley for the opportunity to preview #MyTwoGrandads by @FloellaBenjamin
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Sooo who wants to make a band with their family!? 

I wish I had such musically talented grandpas! (I love my grandpas, too I'm just saying this would also be cool). 

I was expecting a story about two gay grandpas and I was so pumped. They are not gay (or at least not together and it isn't mentioned if they are)- so spoiler alert if you were also looking for this type of rep. 

That being said, as a multi-ethnic kid with two very different (ethnically and culturally) grandpas-- I appreciated this representation, too. My time with both of my grandpas was remarkably different as they moved in strikingly different worlds, and I can't say I've ever read a text that reflects that experience back to me.. I can see this being a nice mirror for kids, too. It was sweet to see that both grandpas loved music, and the way their grandson brought everyone together. 

Overall, I loved the story and the concept behind it, the writing was eh just okay for me, but the art was funky and I was into it. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for access to an ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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This is a lovely book promoting a dual heritage family as well as the themes of consideration and compromise, as well as the power of music....
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Aston has two granddads; one is from the north of England and the other from the Caribbean.  Now, Aston, his parents and his two grandfathers all live in the same place.  Aston enjoys spending time with each grandad and wants to learn to play their instruments.  He learns about both steel drums and trumpets. 

The story goes on to show how the bands of both grandfathers come together to play at a school fair.  Initially Roy and Harry squabble but, with Aston's assistance, they come together and form a unique group.

This story includes some information on simple instruments that can be made at home.  The book's twist on cooperation involving adults (not children) will be entertaining to young listeners or readers.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this e galley in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a cute enough story of Aston who has a grandfather has a white grandfather on one side of his family and a black grandfather from Trinidad on the other. Each plays in a band, but each plays different sorts of music, both of which Aston enjoys.  This is all the build up we need when Aston's teacher goes on the search for band for their school faire.

This is good for children to see how multiculturalism can work together.  As, in the end, both grandfather's bands blend together and play at the school faire.

Not the most exciting story, but a gentle story of how two different kinds of people can work together to make a better whole.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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This is a simple story about harmonic multicultural family!! I love music too so it's kind of a plus point.
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This was a cute story about a mixed race family. One side is English while the other side is Trinidadian. I want to get this one for my biracial niece because the family is very similar to her own right down to her dad's side being from Trinidad. It did a great and easy to understand job of showcasing to young children the need to be proud and relate to both sides of their family.
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A heart warming musical tale of families, love and the joys of working together.
Aston's musical Grandad's are teaching Aston all about their music, their instruments and the joy they get from playing in a band.  Aston wants to learn from each Grandad and is finally old enough to learn to play!  He spends time with both and learns so much from each of them.  
When faced with a dilemma, Aston comes up with a brilliant plan and he creates something incredible.
Only one band can play at the school fair but both Grandad's want their bands to play.  Aston feels torn and can't decide, nor can the Grandad's.
A combination of both bands, a new style and loads of love bring a school fair together.  

The power of love and music come together and give us this amazing story worth sharing again and again.

Gorgeous illustrations bring this story to life and I delighted in Aston and his lovely family.
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Both of Aston's grandfathers are musicians: one plays the trumpet in a brass band, while the other plays steel drums in a steel band.  Even though their music and backgrounds are very different, they learn to blend and play together to help Aston's school.  

I liked the story in that Aston loves and wants to learn how to play the instruments of his two very different grandfathers.  I did not like the font chosen for this book; most pages have several lines of text and I found it a bit small. Sometimes letters within a word shift in their vertical position, and, while this can resemble notes on a sheet of music, I didn't find it as easy to read.

Thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book. #MyTwoGrandads #NetGalley
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A really cute children's book about a young boy and the two granddads that make his life. It's absolutely adorable and the illustrations are so cute.
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