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Painting School has tons of cute little images to learn how to paint. The directions are super easy to follow and the books provides so many ideas to try. This would be a great book for kids who love to paint.
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I loved "Painting School" by Tanya Emelyanova, even as an adult. While the book is geared to elementary-aged kids, there is so much included in this book. From the color wheel, to paint types to different types of painting that create unique effects. There is so much for kids to learn about.

This is the perfect birthday gift for the aspiring young artist in your life. Get them this book, some paint, some brushes and mixed media paper and they should be able to create some very unique works of art in no time. I feel like the book is obviously written for kids, but the concepts are not "dumbed down" to their level. Ms. Emelyanova does an excellent job at communicating in a way a child can understand and connect with. This would also make for a great homeschool book for parents looking to teach their kids the basics of art and want kids to expand their creativity.

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Hmmm.... this is a cute book and fun in a lot of ways, but also seems like a bit of a missed opportunity in others. It's supposed to teach kids (I think?) to paint, but none of the examples are actually painted in the whole book. The art all seems computer generated in a very specific, cutesy style. Think cupcakes with smiley faces on them. Actually, think everything with smiley faces on them.

The book starts with fingerprint art ideas, showing how to make things like crocodiles or bees by stamping your fingerprint with paint and then drawing little faces and legs and such on them. The Ed Emberby (sp?) books do a great job of showing all the fingerprint art you can make, and this takes that idea and shows a bunch of different fun things you can "paint" with your fingerprints as designs. You're drawing on them with a pen though, so it's not that much about painting.

From there, you see how to paint basic animals, people, objects, etc. with basic shapes that you then let dry and embellish again with pens to draw the faces and details. As mentioned, it's all done in a sort of computer generated art style, so you don't see examples that look like anything a child or adult actually painted with the steps. It's a good way to see the basic shapes involved in a pagoda or hot air balloon or cutesy bee or flower, though.

The art featured on the cover is exactly what you get inside, so if you want to see the basic shapes to make all kinds of things just like the cover, this will be an excellent resource. I'm not sure how well kids will be able to recreate them, but they're likely to like trying.

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I read a temporary digital ARC of the book for the purpose of review.
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I've been dabbling in doodling recently. Trying out sketching and watercolor just for fun. I'm never going to sell any of my artwork, not that I wanted to, but I do like improving my limited skills and learning new things. 

I was really excited about this title, Painting School by Tanya Emelyanova, for a couple of reasons. The first is that it's geared towards kids and that's about where I'm at! I also liked the look of the artwork. It has a Japanese Kawaii look to it with cute little eyes and facial features. I also like the variety and layout style of the book. 

Grace and I sat down to have a little art session! I had fun painting a whale shark and she a hammerhead shark. 

While I really liked the setup of this book and how the beginning is explained, it is very clear this artwork was done digitally. Now that isn't a problem exactly unless you are trying to recreate using watercolors or acrylics as is suggested in the beginning. I've never made digital drawings so I started out with water color. The directions for painting these clearly makes it difficult for them to turn out the way you expect them to. For instance, you cannot put light colors over top of dark. I wish it had given clearer directions for painting in an order that would work. 
I do think this would make a great beginners guide to digital painting. 

Grace really enjoyed the painting. She didn't seem bothered by the fact that it wasn't easy to make it like the picture, but then she's a kid and a really easy going one at that! My oldest daughter is a perfectionist and knowing her this would have been quite frustrating. 

Here are our finished art pieces! I ended up using watercolor pencils and then painting with water on top. Grace just used straight water colors and then added a fun background! 

Overall I still liked the book, but I think it could have been a little more practical or specifically address digital painting.
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Painting School is a new tutorial and technique guide aimed at younger artists and their adults. Released 4th June 2019 by Quarto on their Walter Foster Jr. imprint, it's an impressive 240 pages and available in flexibound format.

Roughly 10% of the page content is taken up with an accessible, well written introduction covering materials, color theory, tools, and other how-to's. As an aside, the text is well illustrated and so very appealing and upbeat. The small color wheels, for example, are liberally illustrated with cute smiling faces. I enjoyed just paging through this vibrantly colorful book. There's no dry and dull explanatory text here.

The introduction is followed by step by step tutorial pages starting with very simple fingerprint painting where a finger/thumbprint is enhanced with drawn in details after the paint is dry. There are so many cute ideas, from animals to plants and even a submarine. All of them can be successfully completed by even beginning artists (yes, even me!). The end of the chapter has a nice full page illustration in color of a landscape done by fingerprint painting and is a good example of composition and placement.

The next chapters use simple geometric shapes built up into recognizable subjects. There are chapters for animals, people, fantasy subjects, nature, edible things, vehicles, space, and dinosaurs. There are enough subjects to keep kids of all ages busy and engaged for a long while.

Beautifully done.

This would make a superlative addition to the classroom library. It would also be a great selection for camp/kid art time at a public library as well as a go-to book for summer vacation fun at home.

Five stars.
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I am absolutely in love with this book! Where it was when I was a child?! I could not put it aside because I want to try everything. Yea, when I hold this book in my hands, I became a big baby who won’t go to sleep and only want to paint, paint, paint… The book consists of several chapters and starts with finger painting, followed by more advanced paintings. This one will fascinate not only children, but also their parents and all family friends.
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This is a most charmingly illustrated guide to painting for young artists.  I adored looking at all of the illustrations, especially the smiley faces on objects.  However, in addition to being adorable, this book is filled with good information, including step-by-step projects for young painters.  Each project is clearly illustrated.  In addition, the book includes information about types of paints, the color wheel, brushes, other supplies and more.  All in all, this looks like a perfect summer book for children who need time away from devices.  Enjoy!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this read in exchange for an honest review.
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Simple, easy to follow and really comprehensive. Lovely colours and child-friendly explanations make it a fantastic introduction to painting and art techniques in general.
I will definitely be getting a hard copy of this book as I think any parent should.

Thank you to NetGalley and Walter Foster Jr (Quarto Publishing Group) for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.
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I chose this book because of the vibrant cover and because I love offerings published by Quarto. PAINTING SCHOOL proves to be a more than worthy choice, one I wish I’d had as a kid to spark artistic inspiration. And boy does it do that! Artist Tanya Emelyanova offers step-by-step instruction for young children on painting more than 250 subjects — people, creatures, objects, nature — starting with how-tos on tools and paints, then easy lessons with the most beautiful illustrations. A visual smorgasbord, a color-rich classroom of fun! 5/5 

Pub Date 04 Jun 2019.

Thanks to the author, Quarto Publishing Group - Walter Foster, Jr., and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine. 

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This is a great fun book for encouraging children to be creative and enjoy art. It is bursting with bold and beautiful pictures and projects and is a joy just to browse through.  The activities will appeal to all children and would be a brilliant rainy day resource.  There is also enough basic information about colour and techniques to give children a basic understanding, and hopefully a lifelong love of art.  A must have book for all parents
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Good book steps by steps drawing like but this type with painting. Most of it is for children and young one, because the steps by steps are very basics in their steps but also in their final form. It also has information about painting, tools you will need, different color, shades and tons, etc. This is well done and easy to get through. A good book for young artist to be!
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This book is the PERFECT painting book for young children! I will definitely be using this with my daughter for her art class as I will be homeschooling her next year for kindergarten. The pictures are beautiful and the activities look so fun! My daughter loved looking through this book with me and she is very excited to try the fun activities! There are instructions for making things via finger paint and also brush painting with such a wide variety of things to choose from- including, but not limited to, animals, people, fairy tales, food, nature, household items, vehicles and buildings. There is something for everyone and whatever their interests may be! The graphics are fun and this book really simplifies the art work down to make it more doable for those without an abundance of painting experience.
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