Seven Days

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An absolutely great story that is totally gripping. This book is well written and keeps you hooked right into the story. It is very emotive as you know the bigger picture for so much of it but are waiting for it all to come to a head!
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5 Stars from me

Wow, Seven Days is deeply disturbing and emotive read about a typical young girl who is snatched by a local predator and kept captive in his basement for years and years. He repeatedly rapes her resulting in three children and it is the third one who forms the focus of our story as she becomes determined not to let him die.

I couldn't help but draw parallels with Room and I wonder if one inspired the other?

The whole family backstory was beautifully orchestrated and I really enjoyed the thought and creativity that went into the construction of their lives.

Seven Days is a brilliantly clever book and a captivating read, I had genuine trouble putting it down. Much like other books I have read by Alex Lake it is emotive, interesting and cleverly put together. Very much recommended.

Synopsis: The twisty new psychological thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author

A race against time to save her child…

In seven days, Maggie’s son, Seb, turns three. But she’s not planning a party or buying presents or updating his baby book. She’s dreading it. Because in her world, third birthdays are the days on which the unthinkable happens… she loses her child.

For the last twelve years Maggie has been imprisoned in a basement. Abducted aged fifteen, she gave birth to two sons before Seb, and on their third birthdays her captor came and took them from her.

She cannot let it happen again. But she has no idea how to stop it. And the clock is ticking…
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Alex Lake writes a hugely engrossing and entertaining novel thriller full of suspense and menace.

Maggie Cooper is dreading her son Max's third birthday in seven days time when he turns three. Maggie was abducted twelve years ago and has been imprisoned in a basement, ever since. Aged only fifteen when she was captured, she gave birth to two sons before Max and on their third birthdays her captor took them both from her. She is determined that it will not happen again, to Max. But the clock is ticking as she figures out how to stop events from being repeated. 

Alex Lake delivers an unrestrained and exuberant story of menace with a toxic concoction of terror, fear, tension and suspense. Throughout the different stages of their lives following Maggie's disappearance, the reader is shown how her abduction has affected her family. The reader is also privy to Maggie's emotions at the different stages of her life in captivity, as she copes with her sons being cruelly wrenched from her. Told mostly from Maggie's perspective, I liked the way the author gave other family members a voice to relate their own feelings. 

Seven Days is beautifully plotted, a cracking story and a book that I revelled in all the way through. It brought no disappointments and everything was well wrapped up in the fabulous finale. I loved this powerful, soul-stirring tale and I will be looking at Alex Lake’s back catalogue.

A riveting and exemplary thriller that I'm very happy to recommend. 

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from HarperCollins via NetGalley at my request. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Wow what a read! A true deep psychological thriller, that really draws you in, the short chapters make if feel like you are racing through the book dying to get to the end to see what happens!
Maggie a 15 year old girl is abducted one day by a weird elderly man who has been tracking her movements and planning for this day! As the story unfolds it comes to light that Mr Best knows Maggie’s mum from his teaching days,and in a weird twist mr best the abductor works his way into the families life after he has taken Maggie! During Maggie’s captivity she has three sons with best, the eldest two are taken on their third birthdays, so Maggie makes s plan to escape with max her third child, from her rudimentary calendar she realises she has 7 days to effect an escape! What follows is a shocking, harrowing account bourne out of a mother’s love and desperation. This book will shock you and make you truely grateful for your normal life and existence!
Thank you net galley for this early read.
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Seven Days is another gripping novel from Alex Lake.

Maggie is a prisoner trapped in a stranger's basement. Captured as a teenager, and now in her twenties, Maggie longs for the world she hasn't seen for so long, but she knows that nothing will ever be the same for her again.

Life has changed beyond recognition for Maggie.

Not only has she been held against her will, but she has also been raped against her will, many times.

She is now counting down the days to her son Max's third birthday, but not so that they can celebrate (Maggie has nothing to give her son, even if she wanted to), but so she can ensure his safety.

Maggie has had children in captivity before, but when they have reached their third birthday they have been taken away from her, and Maggie has never seen them again.

She is determined that Max will not suffer the same fate.

We also see events from Maggie's family's perspective, from the harrowing days when she first went missing, to them trying to get on with their lives years later. Their struggles are as real and as painful as Maggie's.

Seven Days is a novel that will stay with you after it's final chapters, and I think the author's best so far!
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A fast paced book told in short chapters so you just want to "read one more". I loved it and  would definitely recommend it
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An excellent read albeit quite disturbing in places. I read this in one evening, I just needed to know the ending.  I enjoyed that the story went back in time and we could read how Maggie disappearing had an impact on her family as well as what happened to Maggie during her years in captivity.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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This book is sensational! The pace will whisk you off your feet and set your head spinning. The short chapters make the book a really easy read. A clever and gripping story that alternates between the present and the past twelve years giving a really comprehensive background. Excellent read.
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This is the most gripping story I've read in a while. Maggie Cooper is taken aged 15 and held captive for 12 years. This is the story of the seven days leading up to the 3rd birthday of her third don Max - a countdown to the day when she knows "the man" will take Max from her. Her son is her only ray of hope in the small space she has lived in for 12 years. Present day is interspersed with flashbacks to the past - to Maggie's previous life, her family and the intervening years for each of them. I felt sick reading this yet I couldn't put it down. It's just as well the clocks went back this weekend to give me more time to get to the end before I had to sleep. We see the effect of Maggie's disappearance on her mum, dad and young brother who looks up to her. It is sickening to see the behaviour of her captor and I got nearer the end with a feeling of dread. I had no idea which way the ending was going to go. I got there with a full pack of tissues, and much holding of breath. A fabulous read.
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Great book. Very dark and addictive with a plot that's quite unique. Tense throughout, and the countdown to Max's birthday only makes it all even more urgent. I would recommend this book very highly to fans of suspense and thrillers. An excellent read.
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What a read!  Couldn't put this book down once I had started it. The abduction of 15 year old Maggie 12 years ago is the beginning of her nightmare in captivity.. Present day and Maggie is desperate to keep her son Max . A gripping , shocking and emotional read.
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This is a well written story, that really keeps you guessing, how she is going to escape.  Read in more or less one sitting, so that says it all.  Very enjoyable, if a little uncomfortable.
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This book is so much more than the story of a young girl abducted and kept prisoner by a psychopath, who although perhaps considered to be delusional is cruel and has thought through things thoroughly. This also explores the effects of this act on the family of the girl abducted - how they struggle with the event at the time and as the years pass. The story does not dwell on the day to day but on the overall effects as the years passing and is a fascinating tale. The momentous moments are played out causing sadness, hope, horror and fear. An excellent read.
Many thanks to Netgalley/Alex Lake/HarperCollins UK for a digital copy of this title. All opinions expressed are my own.
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A gripping thriller that I couldn’t put down.
Maggie was kidnapped and held against her will. She has a little boy who is about to turn 3 and she knows he will be taken away on his 3rd birthday like the other ones.
She wants her son to be different.
The books has short chapters which keep you turning the page making it fast paced.
Easy to read
Really enjoyed it
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And Breathe!!!!!!! 

Seven Days by Alex Lake is one Book I highly recommend to read this year! A must read!!! 

Alex's new book is a psychological thriller that was fast pace, gripping throughout with lots of twists and turns. Its shocking that plays with all your emotions and have you shouting out aloud! it will also have you in tears. What a roller coaster ride and You will feel so sorry for Maggie and her family especially Maggie, as she loses so much within a short time. . 

The clock is ticking! 

Maggie Cooper was walking to see a friend and stops to help a man in a car with directions to somewhere he want to go too. Before she knows it, he has abducted her! Maggie wakes up in a small windowless room that only has a thin mattress, 2 buckets and a bath........No mod cons in here! Where the hell is she!?! 
Her parents, are Martin and Sandra, they are trying their best to keep what is left of their family together whilst James, their son who was 14 year old  is having a rough time coping life without his sister Maggie.
That was twelve years..........Maggie is still being held by this man. Maggie was fifteen when he abducted her! 

She still has no clue where she is, Why he took her and what day of the week or year it is! The only way Maggie knew what day it is, she had to asked for a piece of paper and a pencil so she could write the days down and cross them out when she thinks the day has passed! The only other way she knew they days had changed was by the food he prepared and bought down for her to eat!

Maggie has a son by him she has called him Seb. Seb will be three years old in seven days time...........In seven days her abducted will break her heart and take Seb away from her!!! 

Where will he take Seb?

Will she see Seb again?

Maggie has another child, she calls him Leo..........Leo will be three in seven days time..........and  in seven days her abducted will come and take Leo away from her............She has to find away to save Leo and he will not take another child from her!

Does she succeed? OMG My emotions are everywhere..............I so need to go to sleep!!!!! But its not going to happen I want to read the rest of this book to find out what happens to Maggie and OMG Leo!

Maggie has another child and she calls him Max.....he is so sweet a perfect little boy........But seven days time her abductor will come and take Max away! Max's birthday is here!!!! 

OMG is Maggie going to save her beautiful son this time???? Has she got a Plan???

Well, you will just need to buy this brilliant book and find out!!!!!

All I can say is that I can get some sleep now..............Blimey what a roller coaster cracking read! Just Brilliant and highly recommend reading this book!!!

5 massive Stars for this book!!

Massive Thank You to AlexLake, NetGalley and HarperCollinsUK for an ARC of SevenDays in exchange for an honest review. Bloody Brilliant read!
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I really enjoyed this book almost as much as it gave me a case of the creeps. The book is an echo of The Room, a favourite from years ago. Both books have a similar premise but are quite different in the execution. The book opens in shocking, dramatic fashion and I knew I was going to enjoy myself. I enjoyed the fact you don’t just get Maggie’s story as she struggles to find a way to change her awful circumstances and keep her son, you also get to spend time with her family and see how her disappearance affected them. Her family don’t know she was taken and she just vanished. You also get insight into the police officer investigating Maggie’s disappearance. I really felt for her parents, watching Maggie’s brother, James spiral further and further out of control. I found myself unable to turn away from this often harrowing book. I enjoyed the way the chapters moves back and forth from the present to Maggie’s disappearance and subsequent years in captive. Seven Days is powerful and unforgettable.
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This is an a very well written thriller and study in family dynamics, it is extremely dark and tells the story of Maggie who was abducted as a teenager and imprisoned for years in a basement. I like the way the book focuses on how the kidnap has affected not just Maggie but the impact on her family. However I did find it hard to read in places and one scene in particular made me put the book down for a while and think did I really want to carry on with the book. This is just my opinion, the book was very well written and I wanted to know the outcome, usually with books I can appreciate them for what they are, fiction. But this one was so reminiscent of real life cases that I couldn't help thinking about women who have been through this and felt a bit uncomfortable about reading this kind of story as entertainment.  
So all in all I am conflicted about this book!
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Loved this book.  I started to read it in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep and ended up reading for hours! 
The story starts with Maggie who is being held captive in a room by a man who’s name she doesn’t know. She’s been there for years and has been counting the days as she goes. Her son turns three in seven days time and she knows he will be taken from her, just like the others were.
The story then drip feeds us snippets from Maggie’s life before, as well as now, along with her family’s lives and the Detective Inspector running the case into Maggie’s disappearance.  
I loved the way at the end the chapters got shorter and shorter  so I was speed reading them to find out what was going to happen next.
A great thriller, for a change, one where the reader knew “whodunnit” from early on in the book but had to watch the story play out. 
Will definitely look out for more by this author
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This was an incredible read.

Absolutely terrifying from the get go.  It describes the story from everyone's point of view and shows how one horrific event can cause a domino effect.  The different emotions and feelings from all the characters were well described and I felt the emotions with them. 

This book will give you hope and take it away in an instant.  You feel everything is hopeless while you're reading it, but this novel teaches you that there is always a sliver of hope if you just believe there is. 

I would definitely recommend this book.
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A great story about Maggie and her fight to escape the room she's been confined in by her kidnapper, Was rooting for Maggie from start to finish and was aghast at the cheek her kidnapper had.  Loved the way that the book delved into the lives of those left after she had disappeared. You won't be disappointed when you read this.
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