The Marriage Betrayal

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Shaking Boland is now an author I will have to look for. She had me guessing all the way to the end! 
Faye rents a seaside Victorian home in her husband Jake's childhood hometown as a birthday surprise. She invited Jake's sister, Laney, and their kids to come along which they did. 
You can tell there is something off with Jake and his wife. I was disappointed in him as a husband and felt bad for Faye. Then Jake and their son goes missing after a morning hike and I felt Faye’s fear from then on. 
So many twist and turns and I did not see the ending coming. Maybe in my mind I started to think it was an inside job but nowhere near the bomb that was thrown in the end.
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The Marriage Betrayal was another great read by Shalini Boland.
I have yet to find one of her books that I haven’t enjoyed and this book was no exception, I loved it.
Great twists and turns throughout and did not expect that ending.
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I’ve read this from start to finish in pretty much 6 hours this afternoon! 

I literally haven’t put it down since I started. (Except for coffee and loo breaks) Straight away I was pulled into an intriguing plot via the prologue. Then, the book progresses with two narritives of ‘them and now’ based around a brother, sister and their respective families.As the book progressses the little seeds of doubt are planted and a not so perfect marriage. Or was it? It had everything I love! A storyline that is fast paced, family secrets and lies and the good old twist you expect from a psychological thriller ! Another fantastic novel from Shalini Boland
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A book that typically grips and draws you in like all of this authors books, at points I did wonder where it was going and how it would get there, but it did and I certainly enjoyed reading it!! Thanks
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Shalini Boland once again provides an entertaining and twisted psychological thriller.  I was drawn into the story of Faye, Jake and their marriage problems from the beginning.  Faye has planned a mini=vacation for Jake’s birthday, only to find Jake less than thrilled to return to his old hometown.  The group decides to return home early, but when Jake and Dylan go to watch the dolphins on the morning of their departure, they never return.  Faye is worried about Jake, but she is frantic about her son Dylan.  The plot is very twisted, almost secretive in the way that the author reveals the backstory to the marriage of the troubled couple.  The way she masterfully plots the revelation kept me reading and trying to guess what would happen.  The book is a very tense read, making me want to continue to read long into the night.  Fans of dark psychological thrillers will enjoy this book for sure!
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Another Shalini Boland brilliant book. Hooked from the first sentence, the characters are easy to get to know and you are straight into the action. There are so many unexpected turns and a final twist that I didn't see coming! I thoroughly recommend this book, an easy 5 stars.
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Faye Townsend has planned a surprise family holiday to small seaside town of Swanage, where Jake and his sister, Lainy, grew up but didn't anticipate her Jake’s reluctance to be back home .What should be a perfect birthday outing though turns out to be a nightmare when her husband Jake and six-year-old son Dylan go missing. While the cops and the community jump in to help search for them  secrets come tumbling out and Faye soon realizes that she might have not known her husband at all.

The Marriage Betrayal is a twisty psychological  domestic thriller.Told between alternative timelines and POV’s  this is another fast moving , gripping addictive read by Shalin Boland.

I would like to thank Bookouture & NetGalley for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest and fair review.
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I love this book from beginning to end. It had me hooked as I read about one mother's attempt to find her husband and their son. She loves them both dearly and is shocked to suddenly see them vanish with no trace. As the hunt begins to find her husband and son, secrets are revealed, and nothing is as it appears.

This novel is full of shocking twists and turns, lies, deception and betrayal. How far would you go to save the ones you love?
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A gripping psychological thriller that the reader will never guess the ending of.

After arranging a short break for her husband and sister in law in their old home town Faye is disappointed by the unenthusiastic response she receives from the siblings.  Unspoken secrets seem to be bubbling under the surface and then the unthinkable happens, Faye’s husband and son disappear.

Many thanks to the publishers and netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Wow, what a page turner! The ending was amazing and one that I didn’t see coming. 
Shalini Borland is one of my favourite authors as she effortlessly creates amazing thrillers that quickly pull you in and this one certainly does not disappoint.
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Faye Townsend has sorted a birthday surprise for her husband.  A lovely trip to his childhood home town with their son as well as his his sister, husband and kids.  Why isn’t Jake more excited by the trip? Faye encourages him to take their son Dylan on a trip out but they never return.  What follows is a nightmare for Faye as the police and community try to find them.
I loved this book and how the story unfolded.  A new Shalini  Boland will always be a must have purchase.
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A fast paced thriller with great twists that kept me turning the pages! Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an advanced reading copy.
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Lots of twists and turns in this one. You may think your friends have the perfect marriage but really its full of secrets. It started off with a bang and had you guessing. I love it when you dont know whats going on until the end. Highly recommend.
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I enjoyed reading The Marriage Betrayal. The plot of the book had me hooked. Despite this, I would have been more invested in the novel had I known more about the background of Faye and Jake’s relationship before jumping straight into the holiday where Dylan goes missing.
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Ms Boland is now one of my favourite authors. This was such a brilliant, twisty story that kept me guessing and turning the pages. Fans of this type of psychological drama will love it! I'm looking forward to reading any new books from this author and catching up on any I've missed.  Loved it!
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This book was very well written. Nice and easy to read and flowed well. Had me on the edge of my seat. Wondering which way it was going to go. Great mystery can’t beat it.
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What I love most amount Shalini Boland’s novels is her ability to make the smallest of situations, incredibly intense. Not that I’m saying that ‘The Marriage Betrayal’ was centred around something small, because it wasn’t. What I am saying is that Boland is the type of author who, if she were in sales, would be the type to sell ice to an eskimo. It’s an incredible talent, that’s for sure.

So yeah, the suspense behind the storyline did not falter one iota. It was very difficult to read at times, what with the focus being on a disappearing child and as a parent myself, things like that make my nerves stand to attention. That said, the event was delivered realistically to the point it took my breath away. Everything was just so vivid as though I could step into the book and find myself face to face with the characters.

I thought the psychological nature of the book was twisted yet wowza! It certainly had me hooked as I was so eager to find out the truth.

A dark, sinister and highly addictive read from the queen of suspense herself. Loved it? You bet!
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I love a good mystery, but they sadly seem to be in short supply lately. Fortunately, that all changed with the marriage betrayal, which was completely engaging from start to finish!

I've somehow never read anything by Boland before, but I've been reliably informed that this is something I should change, and reading this has shown me how right they are. The twists are truly shocking, the characters are fantastically well fleshed out and the mystery element of it has a truly satisfying, if wrapped up a little quickly. 

I would recommend it to anyone who's a fan of a good thriller, and can't wait to have a look through her backlist!
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As always another fantastic book from Shalani Boland, with this author you can always guarantee a page turner with a surprising twist and this book is no different.
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Looks can be deceiving...

This psychological thriller surprised me! It's not often that I don't have the whole plot sussed out after the first couple of chapters. I can usually anticipate the twists especially when warned that one is imminent (e.g. With the tagline on the cover "brilliant twist"). Shalini, you got me this time!

What it's about: Faye Townsend plans a seaside trip to Swanage for the family as a birthday surprise for her husband, Jake. Her brother-and sister-in-law, Tom and Lainy are also along. Included are the children, Faye's 7-year-old son Dylan and Tom and Lainy's girls, Annabel and Poppy. The location has been selected specifically because Jake and Lainy grew up in Swanage and Faye thinks they will enjoy a return. The first hint that this vacation isn't going to be so great is when they arrive at the run down Gothic Victorian that's meant to be their lodgings. Still, they initially try to make the best of it with outings to the beach and an art gallery. It becomes obvious that neither Jake nor Lainy are enjoying their homecoming and they decide to leave early. Jake wants to take Dylan on one last activity, dolphin watching, and they intend to take off back to London after. Well, Jake and Dylan never come home. The police are alerted, searching begins, and Faye and her in-laws are frantic with worry. What in the world has happened to them and where are they? NO SPOILERS

Why you should read it: it's great domestic drama with a true surprise. You will have to wade through a lot of angst because emotions are high and that's my least favorite prose to read, but other than that, it was fast forward movement of the narrative and quite entertaining as I jumped to one conclusion after another. I did appreciate the character development and the shift in time perspective in the voices of Faye and Lainy. It's a fun, quick read that I devoured in a couple of hours.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for this e-book ARC to read and review.
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