Lomita For Ever

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 Jul 2019

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This is great.  I love LA and books about LA. LA for life.  This is a great book, more books should be like this.,
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The book is about Ever who seems to On the verge of a breakdown after the death of his father.

I found this a little disjointed, like Ever’s mind really and the language felt like it was trying very hard to be experimental, but I found it difficult to read as the flow didn’t feel right. 

So unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it, but that could just be my personal taste.
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A book of many parts for me. Loved parts of it. Hated other parts. Not for the squeamish in parts but I found it growing on me in the second half. The main characters were difficult to like but interesting nonetheless. In a nutshell, a story about by two people coming together ...one with a plan for revenge and one who took revenge. Thought provoking.
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Very enjoyable read.  Kept me interested and engaged. Read over a cold rainy weekend.  Thank you for sending it to me
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Absolutely worth the time- clever, intriguing and twisty. Although the very unlikely scenario challenges fictional reality, if you can imagine, you will be totally enveloped in this strange story of love. I loved the characters and the 21st-century realities that challenged them. More and more I am turning to fiction that offers hope through satire and I am glad I found this little gem.
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Not always an easy read but well worth persevering. I was attracted by the author's name and background and enjoyed his lavish and lush writing style.

The plot was well thought through and original and the characters well drawn and in one case, unforgettable.

I can understand why this is not everyone's cup of tea but give it a try!
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Great read. The author wrote a story that was interesting and moved at a pace that kept me engaged. The characters were easy to invest in.
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I am not surprised to see that people seem either to have loved or hated Lomita For Ever.  In some ways, I did both; there’s a lot that’s good about it in that it has an original style and deals with some tough issues pretty well, but in the end I couldn’t really get on with it.

The book deals with Ever (short for Everett) whose mind seems to be coming apart following the death of his father and some shocking revelations leading to his separation from his wife and son.  Frankly, for a good deal of the book, it’s not easy to say what the plot is; Ever has revenge of a kind in mind on someone whom he thinks destroyed his father but meets the very aged but still beautiful Lomita which throws everything into turmoil.  

It’s an odd plot written in an odd style, and it was the style which eventually threw me out of the book.  It is original and in some ways brilliant, but it’s also very hard to understand at times and began to get unbearably mannered.  As a small but typical example, Chapter 13 begins:
“The firing range.
Did not require ear defenders with the Maxim 9...”
That weird fragmentation of sentences happens a lot and while it is atmospheric, it got me down in the end, especially when it made it very hard to know who had said what.  I quite enjoyed the first 20% or so, slogged through another few chapters and then began to skim, I’m afraid.

On the one hand I admire Trevor Eve for his originality and courageous avoidance of a generic celebrity-author’s thriller, but on the other the book became a real chore after a while.  Others have plainly enjoyed this far more than I did and you may too, but personally I can’t recommend it.

(My thanks to Unbound Digital for an ARC via NetGalley.)
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Not my usual writing style and found quite difficult to connect to the characters throughout. Interesting premise but didn’t capture my imagination.
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A tremendously well written and gripping story. I loved it. This will definitely not be my last book by this author. It was funny and tragic and fantastic x
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