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I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

I whizzed through this book. A gritty depiction of the Edinburgh drug crime scene. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Being a Scot who knows Edinburgh really well, I think this worked in my favour. Those who aren't Scottish or familiar with the capital may struggle to get a really good impression of what is happening (despite a very clear glossary of Scots slang at the back of the book).
I understand this is part of a series which can be read as standalone books. But the "main" character plays a really minor part in the novel so for anyone looking to read it to continue Macallan's story may be left disappointed.
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First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Peter Ritchie, and Black & White Publishing for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

There are times when books grab certain readers and leave others behind. An author can craft a great series and yet one book sticks out as a sore thumb, leaving many to praise the collection while perhaps wincing at a single book buried in the series. I tried twice to get into this book, making it into double digit completion percentages, but I could not find any connection to the characters or the plot. With so many books to read and little time to waste on those who are not able to captivate me, I will leave Peter Ritchie to his adoring fans and those who find something herein that excites them. I choose not even to try summarising what I did read, as it was all nonsensical and I prefer not to skew those who want to go in with a fresh look at what could be an interesting Scottish police procedural.

Kudos, Mr. Ritchie, for making it five books (apparently) into this series. I’ll leave it to others to laud you with praise.
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I would like to start by thanking Netgalley and Black & White Publishing for an advanced reader copy of this book in return for an honest review

Sadly that review won’t be very positive from me, I wanted to like this book, i love Edinburgh & I like crime thrillers normally but I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters and felt like I’d missed things and kept going back to re-read chapters. I had to put it down before finishing which I rarely do but it just didn’t hold my interest.  
I did find out after that this was part of a series of books and I jumped into the middle so maybe that would make a difference. 
I did enjoy the writing style of  Peter Ritchie; so will find and read the first book to compare.
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I found it a struggle to get into and enjoy Our Little Secrets with none of the main characters grabbing my attention or making me want to invest in them 

Sorry but not a book I can recommend
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I love to read about crimes and thrillers and thought this one would be up my alley. I also noticed after starting the book that it is a series with the same detective throughout.. All of the books are standalones in the series, so you should be able to jump in anywhere. 
Unfortunately, this particular book seemed like it was focusing on too many characters for me to get a good feel for the plot and the storyline. There was A LOT going on. I think that was 100% intentional on the author's part. All to confuse us as readers. I wasn't fully invested and found myself not really caring about any of the characters and at times having to go back to reread parts since it just wasn't grabbing my attention. I tend to love a dirty and gripping crime drama, but this wasn't it for me. 
The characters didn't have a lot of redeeming qualities and I wasn't sure where it would end up. Suffice to say, this was difficult to finish for me and I found myself skimming towards the end. That's not to say that others won't like it. I'm calling it bad timing on my part. I'm a mood reader and it just wasn't for me right now. I may go back to read it again later because I do love a good mafia with blackmail and double crossing. But it just didn't hit the right notes for me right now. With all that said, the writing was good and I'd be curious if I would be more invested in the characters had I read the previous books.
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An excellent, fast paced crime thriller! Would definitely recommend. I didn't know until googling the author that this is part of a series, but this book can definitely be read as standalone.
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This was an easy to read thriller thaylt kept my attention all the way through! Lots of twists and surprises I didn't see coming. Very good, would recommend!
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I was a bit disappointed in this. I got to just passed 50% and my heart still wasn't it in.
I didn't feel any real pull to the characters and found myself having to re read chapters where I had zones out. 
Just want for me I'm afraid.  

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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In spite of the fast pace of the story, Ritchie does and excellent job of character development. The reader discovers how everyone individually gets to where they are at story time. However, eventually everyone gets on the same train-wreck, which is expected but at the same time very surprising.

Peter Ritchie is an excellent storyteller. Even though the story is violent at times the characters get what they deserve and almost accept. The smart ones walk right into their fate while the less aware are dragged in but not surprised. It’s a nuance that Ritchie seems to have mastered.
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I received this as an ARC from

I think I initially picked it for it's location of Edinburgh, Scotland. I didn't realize until I had finished the book that it was part of a series with the same main detective (even though her part in this book was a bit small).
This was a fast paced crime drama told from many different perspectives all combining to end up in a climatic ending.
This book had several twists and turns and you were never really sure of what the characters were capable of. Some of the language was a bit hard to understand as it was written in slang but I was able to get the context.
I will definitely look into this authors other books.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this. I will be posting a full review to Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram.
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Loved this book. This book is part of the Grace Macallan series, although she plays a minor role in this dark story about the underworld of crime and corruption in Edinburgh, Scotland.

 Our Little Secrets The is the fourth novel is the DCI Grace Macallan series by Peter Ritchie. Recommended reading. You won't be disappointed.
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I thought this book was so well written! I was nervous at first to see it was book 5 of a series, but quickly learned that I did not need to read the books in order to understand. The author did such a good job of setting the scene, providing a realistic approach to a police story, and really had me engaged the entire time!
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Gripping book that was completely unputdownable. 
I was gripped from the start to the end. Love the style of writing. I will definitely read more of this author. If I’d had another one I’d have started it immediately. 
I really felt this story come alive and develop and I couldn’t read it fast enough. 
Huge thank you to the publisher and net galley for providing me with a copy of this book in return for my unbiased opinion. 
I’m off to buy more books...
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Thank you Net Galley for the opportunity to read the Arc, i enjoyed the book, read it a while ago and forgot to leave a review. This is the fifth in a series of books, i usually like to start with the first book in a series, but they are also stand alone books.
I wasn't drawn in to the characters,  alot of the slang i was not familiar with, but just went with it... Maybe if I had started with the first in the series? Just not my cup of tea...
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This is the first book that I have read by Peter Ritchie but it won’t be my last! It had me right from the start and I couldn’t wait to find out about all the secrets! Thanks for a great book!
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I'm sorry to say that I did struggle with this book to start off with but once I got into it I had trouble putting it down. this is the 1st book the I have read from this author but will try and get hold of some other's to see how they compare.
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Detective Grace Macallan - Book 5
Black and White Publishing
ISBN-10: 1785302418
ISBN-13: 978-1785302411
July 2020
General Fiction – Adult

Edinburgh, Scotland – the Present

Pete the Pole was screaming how he would slice Tonto up as he chased him. Tonto sees two PCs (cops) ahead, outside the Tynecastle Stadium where football game attendees are gathering. The cops who see him coming run away. Luckily an armed police team shows up saving Tonto's life.

Detective Inspector Janet Hadden sees Tonto and recognizes him for a gangster tool. Someone she might use as a grass (snitch). A search shows he has a packet of drugs on him. She has grand goals for her career and hopes she can twist the situation to her advantage. Hadden digs herself into a lot of trouble.  

Tonto works for Paul Grainger. Paul and his brother Seth handle the family’s illegal business. Their older brother Dominic handles the legal side, but he still has oversight on all the family’s business. Something Paul resents and wants. Dominic’s wife Jude is planning to divorce him for his infidelities. She is just as guilty, but she plans to take everything, which might expose Dominic’s other bad habit—gambling. Grainger seeks to work with Irish gangsters in a new illegal deal which will relieve his financial woes. Arthur Hamilton, a powerful crime leader now retired, hires private detective Frankie Mason to investigate his son-in-law Dominic Grainger. While his daughter Jude hates him, he adores her and will protect her.

Crime and violence vie with hatred and rage in OUR LITTLE SECRETS, especially when a dishonest cop gets involved. The characters range from grungy to elite, but all are willing to perform, or be trapped into unethical acts. Everyone has seen or endured incidents which haunt them. While Grace Macallan makes a brief appearance in an early chapter, it isn’t until much later that she becomes active in the maelstrom of the story.

The author of OUR LITTLE SECRETS, Peter Ritchie, has vast experience in policing and organized crime in Scotland, so his writing is authoritative and believable. His previous profession also shows in his understanding of criminal minds. The local jargon is sometimes hard to fathom, but a glossary of Scottish crime terms is included. While it is hard to empathize with the characters, they all provide intriguing interest. Danger always lines the story’s edges evolving from all the character’s convoluted twists and turns. It is a long story, but well-worth the read.

Robin Lee
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I love Police Procedural Books and this one did not disappoint. Although it is the fifth in a series, I did not find that to be an issue. It kept me guessing and engaged throughout. 

About the book;
At a dark place in Edinburgh's heart, secrets refuse to lie dormant.
At Police Scotland HQ, Grace Macallan has pitched up in Counter Corruption. But the demons of her past are never far behind.
Meanwhile, Edinburgh's gangland is in turmoil. As a new breed of upstarts challenges the old criminal order, their battle for territory causes serious havoc.
Into the war steps DI Janet Hadden. Ambitious, hardbitten and addicted to risk-taking, she knows how to throw opponents off balance. But when she’s thwarted, Hadden seeks help from a notorious underworld fixer, a man who keeps secrets but always extracts a price.
Beset by violence and double-crossing, Grace is soon embroiled in a savage game of cat and mouse with colleagues and criminals alike. With all sides driven by dark desires, theirs is an endgame that will take Grace down unless she holds her nerve.
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I really wanted to enjoy this book but couldn’t finish it.
I love crime thrillers, especially those set in my home town of Edinburgh. However I really couldn’t get in to the book. Although I was interested in some of the characters, and how their stories may unfold, I found it too clunky with an unusual showing/ telling ratio.
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