The Things We Left Unsaid

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An emotional read that will send you on a full on rollercoaster of emotions. A mother and daughter who sadly don’t have the best of relationships . There are secrets to be revealed. 
It is a very thought provoking read and the writing is spot on.
The concept/plot is quite an easy one yet it is the way the characters are written that adds the passion behind it all and marries it so beautifully
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Unusually (for me) I was far more gripped by the flashback scenes than the ‘present’. I really enjoyed these moments and the characters from the past were brilliant. Oddly, I did not find the next generation of characters as intriguing, and I wonder if the author preferred taking us back in time? A thoughtful plot, though it wasn’t hard to guess one or two of the revelations. I know I didn’t love it because I began skimming after part one ended.
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An emotional. vibrant coming of age story, highlighting the relationship between a mother Eleanor, and her daughter, Rachel. Still reeling from the loss of Charlie, her father, she is jilted at the altar and has to return home to heal, and decide what to do next, Her complex relationship with Eleanor makes this emotional and difficult, and despite Eleanor's efforts, they remain estranged. 

With secrets untold, Rachel faces her third life-altering event and begins to realise what she has lost. She begins to look back into her mother's life and discovers, she' suffered pain and setbacks despite her glamorous persona. Told from dual points of view we revisit Eleanor's life, coming of age, in the swinging sixties and Rachel' solves a family secret that gives her hope for the future, whilst she comes to terms with her present, with the help of family and new friends.

The characters are complex and easily draw you into their lives. The snapshot of life in the sixties highlights the decadence, but also the prejudices that still need to be overcome. There are many poignant episodes in this story, which has an authentic ethos.

The plot is simple, and I have read similar stories, but this doesn't detract from the excellent storytelling.

I received a copy of this book from Penguin Books UK via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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What a beautiful book and one that I’d strongly recommend. It’s a well writing, touching and also thought provoking one that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters are all well developed and the ending was tremendous. A worthy 5 stars.
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Well written, well plotted and well researched - I think a lot of readers will love this novel about a mother and daughter relationship and the daughter's journey to uncover a secret. 

I did find it a little difficult to relate to the characters and their decisions at certain points, however, and I would have liked to see more at stake. But all in all a really enjoyable read.
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Not really Sharon expected to be honedt, I found the book pretty hard going, it certainly. Did not grip me. In anyway, at almost half way stage I wasn't sure if I e.would even bother reading into the end. I did but honestly can Monday I really enjoyed it much at all
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I’m a fan of Emma Kennedy’s writing so I couldn’t wait to read The Things We Left Unsaid.

Actually, the title sums the book up beautifully. It’s about taking nothing for granted and taking the time to connect with loved ones. I found this thought-provoking and it made me change the way I view my relationships.

The main characters are Eleanor, a renowned artist and her daughter Rachel. It is written in dual timelines of “then” and “now” and from both characters point of view. I didn’t find this confusing, in fact, I loved the flow of the story.

Both women are going through heartbreak, however, they don’t reach out to each other even though they are living under the same roof. Their relationship is strained, awkward and I felt that Rachel felt intimidated by her mother’s success. As an artist herself she feels that she could never live up to her mother’s huge talent. Rachel finds great comfort in her aunt Agnes, who brings terrific light to the story. She is everything her sister Eleanor isn’t and an absolute rock for Rachel. There’s a wonderful feeling of mystery, which really keeps the pages turning and kept me truly captivated.

It’s hard to say more without giving anything away and this story is far too good to spoil. It’s about love and loss, relationships, secrets, and revelations. I loved everything about it and highly recommend.
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This book was an absolute joy.

Told in two time frames from the viewpoint of Eleanor and her daughter, Rachel.

This tells the story of the difficult relationship between the two women.

Massive thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this.
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This one is written in dual time frame and it  revolves around the mother, Eleanor ane her mother grown up daughter Rachel. They have always had a tricky relationship and despite the clear love and respect for each other , there is also clearly a few tensions and feelings of awkwardness that have never been addressed.

As you move through the story we learn that Eleanor is a very talented and famous artist whose career escalated after her first  exhibition and from which she has always been very much in demand for portraiture. Born in the swinging sixties. We learn she is married to husband Charlie and together they had waited sixteen years for the birth of Rachel.

Rachel, is an odd character for me, one who has always felt that she lives her life in her mother’s shadow, never good enough to be alongside her famous mother, it comes across as being partly jealous and partly confused as to who her mother really is. However, Rachel clearly adores her father and every photograph her parents had ever taken featured her with her father; her mother obviously being the photographer. 

As the story starts Rachel has been jilted by her fiancé Claude on the morning of their wedding and with nowhere else to go has been forced to return to her family home. At this point the distance between mother and daughter becomes evident. As the Summer progresses those tensions and feelings of awkwardness intensify until one night when her life changes forever, nothing will be the same again or as she has ever known it.

For me, this was quite the read. I loved how the story was told from two sides, the author not interfering in how you felt about either character, almost letting you decide before throwing a plot twist right into the mix.

I enjoyed the themes, the ending was brilliant and if you like a good story that captivates you for hours, then this will tick those boxes.
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This is one of those books that I did not want to end. The story was beautifully written, sad, poignant and hopeful. It made be smile and it made me feel like crying. The characters were very believable and most, excepting Claude, very likeable. I thoroughly recommend reading this book.
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This is the story of Rachel and her mother Eleanor who are going through a very difficult time. Both mother and daughter are mourning the loss of Charlie, Rachel’s father and Eleanor’s husband, who died six weeks ago. To make matters worse, Rachel is jilted by her fiancée on her wedding day.

Told over two time periods - the present day and 1960’s London the novel covers Eleanor’s life before she Rachel was born and explores the difficult relationship between mother and daughter.

I found the book to be very sad in places but there were moments of humour; Eleanor’s sister Agnes was a great character. 

An enjoyable read although I did find it took me a little while to become fully engaged with the story, after which I became fully engrossed with the well drawn characters and plot.
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This is the story of two women: Eleanor and Rachel. They are mother and daughter but they struggle with their relationship, all of which is complicated by the fact that they are in mourning for Charlie, Eleanor's husband and Rachel's father. Rachel is also trying to deal with being left at the alter by her fiancee who has disappeared and isn't answering his phone. Eleanor and Rachel deal with their losses in different ways and both lament the things that they never said to Charlie...and just what is Eleanor hiding? 

Taking place across two different era's - 'now' being present day, and 'then' being Eleanor's youth following her leaving home, going to university in London and falling in with an eclectic crowd of artists, photographers and poets in Soho's social scene. She is desperate for new experiences and to break out of the cloistered life that she had been living and is most peeved when her mothers friend asks a young writer called Charlie to keep an eye on Eleanor and report back. 

I found the pace of this story to be a little bit too slow for my liking. I kept wanting to skip ahead to find out what the big secret was. It's interesting how it leads you down a couple of different paths but the conclusion felt a little too predictable for me.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book and found myself looking forward to reading a bit more. I definitely got caught up in its world! Having said that, I found some of the characters rather frustrating and the ending did feel rushed. I still can't decide if I find the ending satisfying or not! But a very lovely book, definitely check it out.
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A beautiful story of love, loss and relationships. Well told and a joy to read : 2 different eras spanning the life of Rachel’s parents as well as the time after their death.. How many of us wished they knew more about their parents when it is no longer possible to ask then
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Three and a half star rating.
A family and their relationship.  Eleanor and her daughter Rachel aren’t particularly close, rubbing each other up the wrong way most of the time.  She feels inadequate in comparison to her mother who is a successful artist.  This story is told from both their points of view - London and the swinging 60’s and a village near Oxford today,  Eleanor was a selfish girl and a cold woman and her daughter was a bit of a whinger, full of self pity.  I thought most conversations were stilted.  Despite the above, did still enjoy the book and loved the literary connections.
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This book was a wonderful journey with rich descriptions full of nostalgia, love and memories of what it means to be home. 
I enjoyed the dual timeline descriptions of the characters that portrayed a rich depth to each character from the perspectives of past and present. 
The vulnerability that was written was very touching and I felt a deep connection throughout the stories to Eleanor and Rachel. I absolutely adored Agnes who is just brilliant throughout and deserves her own novel I feel.
It was a heartbreaking, life-affirming, empowering read showing how grief and tension can carve our lives in to different pieces and taint our perspectives of people and memories. It explores what keeps friendships and families close throughout the years.
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I picked this up on holiday after seeing some fantastic reviews and I can see why this book has captured people.

Rachel has her dream wedding ripped from under her feet and stays with her mother Eleanor whilst trying to get back on her feet.

This book will break your heart as the lovely Rachel keeps fighting to overcome obstacles that life is throwing in her path. It is a story about determination to uncover her mother's past to help her heal and feel whole again.

A brilliant book that will have you reading late into the night as the past and present come together to give Rachel the answers she has been looking for
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Eleanor and her daughter, Rachel have a difficult relationship. They are mourning the loss of their husband/father. Six weeks after her fathers death, Rachel gets jilted at the alter. There is nothing else she can do but move back into her family home. She has always lived under her mother's shadow. Eleanor is a famous artist.

This story is told in a dual timeline. I liked the way the haracters developed throughout  the story. It's well written and emotionally charged. The parts that are told in the past are of Elanor when she was a naive young girl. This is an emotional take that deals with the pain of loss. The characters are true to life and well rounded. A beautifully told story. I do recommend this book.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Random House UK, Cornerstone and the author Emma Kennedy for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book. Rachel has been jilted on her wedding day and has returned to her mother's home. Her relationship with Eleanor has always been difficult, and they are both mourning the loss of Charlie, Rachel's father, who has recently died of cancer. The story is told in 2 time frames. Eleanor went to London in 1964 to study Art. There she met and fell in love with Jake who introduced her to the hedonistic lifestyle of the time. The descriptions of the swinging sixties are colourful and exciting. As Rachel tries to put her life back together, tragedy forces her to look in to Eleanor's past. I loved the characters in this book and I recommend it as a good read. Thanks to NetGalley copy.
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I thought this was a fantastic book.  A beautifully crafted piece of work, that tells us about love, relationships, family, and the consequences of what can happen to all of these when things are left unsaid.
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