The Moody Handbook of Messianic Prophecy

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It showcased some prophecies that I had not seen in other books and was an easy read. It would be a good reference book for most ministers.
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Quote "This is a book about the Messiah in the Old Testament. Although it has become accepted in critical scholarship that the term “Messiah” has no technical usages in the OT and that the concept of a messianic deliverer did not develop until the second century BC,1 this book has taken a decidedly different direction. It seems necessary, before addressing any other subject or passage, to be clear about the subject—to understand what is meant about the Messiah. Therefore, this article will address two foundational elements of this entire study. First, it will seek to develop a biblical, theological definition of the word “Messiah.” Then, it will examine some (though not all) of the other titles the OT uses for this individual."
And that is what this book did. I'm not a scholar or a student of theology. I'm an everyday Christian who came across this book through NetGalley and received a E Book ARC copy. I wanted to see if I could dig further into the understanding of Jesus through the Hebrew OT. Although, I don't think this book was written for the common man, I did receive plenty of information, to improve my Biblical studying.
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This is quite a resource and a very difficult book to review.
I attempt to be fair by only reviewing a book when I am finished reading it.  But on this occasion I am going to have to rethink that as it may be years before I complete this tome.

This is indeed a ‘handbook’ and as such is not intended to be read from cover to cover.  It is instead a collection of thoughts and teachings based on the Old Testament writings but reflecting their fulfilment by Christ in the New.  It is quite a major work consisting of over 1300 pages and 100 articles written by almost 50 contributors.  It is a very fine resource.

By the nature of these things, it may not always be totally aligned with every readers’ thoughts or theology but it is certainly learned enough to give anyone with even a passing interest in Messianic prophesy and eschatology something to get their teeth into and to think about, and I think I will be chewing on this for some time to come.
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The book starts out by mentioning that King David was anointed by Samuel, the Holy Spirit came upon him mightily, just as the Messiah, David’s descendant, is the Anointed One who is mentioned at least 9 times in the OT.
There were 49 contributors to this book - scholars whose writing skills, deep biblical knowledge and research skills made this book what it is - a phenomenal storehouse of messianic ideas and prophesies that are contained in the OT! 
You will find a treasure if you methodically plow through this book. - there are opposing viewpoints for using the MT (Masoretic Tradition), whether or not the OT prophets foretold the distant future, and whether or not the names in the text should be changed because they brought disfavor - as in the case of Moses’ grandson being named as the first pagan high priest or whether it was Menasseh.
I read this book at a leisurely pace, there was so much information, I wanted to reread some of the passages to get the full meaning of the text.
You will appreciate discovering more about our Messiah in this book!
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This is an extensive reference work discussing the various references made about the Messiah in the Bible. It is well-researched and thorough in its presentation.  Although it is presented in an easily read format, this is not a book that is meant to be read through quickly.  It will serve as an excellent reference tool for both the layman and serious student.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book that was provided by the publisher through Net Galley. However, the thoughts and opinions presented here are my own.
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At first I found the introduction to different theories about interpreting the OT in light of the new and vice versa a little hard going. I was hoping to just jump straight to a list of prophecies! But with some perseverance I came to understand the thrust of Dr Rydelnik's hypothesis - and it is becoming very interesting right now. I haven't finished the book yet but I feel excited every time I read it as what I have read so far is clear and reasonably argued. Thank God for people spending the time to produce such works. Thank you Dr Rydelnik.
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I love a good Bible resource book! This new title, The Moody Handbook of Messianic Prophecy, from Moody Publishers intrigued me as I've found Messianic Prophecies to be of interest to me lately. 

I love to study how the Old Testament points us forward to the coming of the Messiah. Messianic Prophecy is sadly ignored by many modern churches, some whose pastor's have even said that the Old Testament is of no value. This couldn't be farther from the truth! Having a full understanding of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation is the only way to understand our Lord. I personally think this is said because our society shuns anyone who says certain lifestyles and actions are sinful. While it is hard to stand firm on these things at times when there is so much pressure to give way, studying the prophecies about Christ in the Old Testament can help us to see that it isn't all about us and what we want. It is in fact about an all-righteous, all-loving God who calls us to a life of obedience to Him, not because our obedience saves us, but because our obedience is an act of love for all He has done to save us. 

This title is a compilation of many authors. I like the various perspectives of writing, yet all with the belief that the Scriptures are the inerrant, holy Word of God. This is a heavier read, but absolutely worth the time and effort. I personally like the chapters on the deity of the Messiah (something often called into question by those who do not believe) and the titles of the Messiah found in the Old Testament. 

As amazing as it seems to have it all compiled into one book, every prophesy of Jesus Christ as the Messiah is noted and explained. I intend to take each of these passages and study them as a part of my personal time with the Lord. This would also make an excellent resource for a group Bible study on the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament. 

No matter what your role in church (pastor or layperson) or your reason for studying these passages (personal or group study) this is an invaluable resource with great insights into all the Old Testament has to say about the Messiah.
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