Tiny Little Brother

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Tiny Little Brother can be read by older siblings to their little siblings and also the parents obviously. But siblings will have fun with this. It’s a cute tiny picture book to  add in your collection. 

The art makes it more fun whereas the little poems can invigorate the bubbly feeling and sometimes the sad ones as well. The little ones can have help in learning to read as well and take away the message that the love between siblings is forever whatever the circumstance. 

Special thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for this review copy.
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I kind of liked this book, but I also kind of did not like this book...? I'm so confused. Let me explain~

The illustrations are adorably simplistic. Those, I really liked. I also liked how it threw in bits of the darker realities of life in relation to the birth of a child and the inevitable struggles of growing up and growing apart.. 

This book, however, lacked focus, especially in the first two chapters - the crucial ones. The ones that make finicky readers decide whether to keep going or just stop and move on to their next read. Oftentimes, I found myself wondering if maybe I missed a page, because suddenly it's leading me down a different line of thought, then throws me back to the previous one by the next page.

Things did start to pick up by the third chapter. I guess it's true that pain really focuses our thoughts. And I liked this part of the book very much. I adored the snippets of beauty in some of its verses, in those sweet interactions between siblings, and even in the dark void that pulled them apart. I felt all of that. And they made me appreciate the relationship I have with my own younger brothers even more.

Growing up is hard enough. But growing apart is so much harder. My main takeaway from reading this book is to not just appreciate the little things, but to also be vigilant enough to see and intervene in all of the bad ones. 

And if you're the one who's hurting inside, find the courage to reach out. We have siblings for a reason. Often, we only see and remember the bad reasons, but if we just allow ourselves to see them, we'd be surprised that there are good ones, too.. Attitudes change. Personalities change. But blood-ties don't ever have to.
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When I first saw this on NetGalley I was drawn to it because of the cover. I initially thought, like many others, that this was a children´s book but once you read it you find out it is so much more and everyone can read and appreciate it. 

This book although it is short, it is very powerful. It is a strong and relatable depiction of what it is like to have a brother or a sister. It specially hit hard for me because I love my brother so I was able to relate to a lot of things especially regarding growing up and moving on. The things this book tries to portray take time to sink in, this book touches on topics like depression, separation, comparing yourself to other people among other things. 

The illustrations give this book a nice unique touch, they are simple but are able to portray a bigger message that what it is written. As I said before poetry is not my favorite genre because I don´t always “understand” it, but the poetry in this book is simple and powerful. I was able to fully “understand” what the author was trying to achieve through her poetry and I was deeply moved by it.

Overall I truly enjoyed this book, the reason I took 1 star was because the ending left me with an unpleasant feeling, like it concluded fast. But, overall I truly recommend this book for everyone who has a brother or sister or is interested in the topic. It is a short book that is able to capture every emotion that comes with having a sibling.
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I did not expect this book to touch me as much as it did. I do not have siblings, but I could still relate to almost every sentence in this book. 
I will not comment on the poetry itself since poetry is not something I read regularly. 

I think this is a book that should be read multiple times and that one should take their time reading it. I relate so much with the main character and I believe she faces struggles and shows us a reality that we all recognize in our daily lives. 

My only complaint is that there were like two illustrations that were a different style than the other illustrations, which somehow took me a bit out of the touching story.
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This just wasn’t for me (after I waited so long for the Ebook to work too!) 
Some of the prose didn’t flow right & the images just weren’t great, like I know they were meant to be that kind of style but it just wasn’t for me.
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I'm so conflicted by this book. I found it in the YA section, but it's far closer to a children's book because it's so simplistic in both art style and writing. Most second graders would be able to understand the book with minimal help from an adult (or older sibling). Teens... I honestly can't imagine they'd be able to read this without feeling embarrassment because of how simply it's written.

In fact, I found it so odd that this is from the perspective of someone who was sixteen when her little brother was born yet the rhyme scheme is very juvenile and weak. At times, the rhyming drops entirely or would require a heavy accent to work. Other times, it's the kind of thing a child would write. The art also looks like something a child may draw: simple, no defined hands or features, colouring outside the lines. Also, there's a random goat which appears in a few drawings, but it has purpose at the end.

That said, this book tells a meaningful story about an older sister bonding with her little brother who's sixteen years younger. She begins to suffer depression (which is portrayed in one heartbreaking drawing as the goat having broken horns) and tries to explain it to her brother as she fights to maintain her facade of normalcy. But... I think she maybe kills herself? It's confusing. Things go from adorable to extremely dark very abruptly and the book ends on a very confusing note.

So, yeah, it's an interesting book and it attempts to tell an important story, but I think it suffers from the poetry scheme and I'm not sure what audience it's trying to reach or whether the ending is appropriate. (Is this a book to share with the younger sibling of someone who committed suicide? Or just the younger sibling of someone who ran away / moved away?)
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A beautifully heartwarming short story told through poetry and illustrations. The rhythm brought out the passion and the simple yet elegant art style enhanced this charming tale of the ups and downs but ultimate love of family.
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A well written book with an interesting story line. The characters are strong and the story flows quickly and smoothly. I enjoyed reading this story.
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Odd little book, I thought the first half was quite good, nice story for young teenagers about a new addition to the family, it then turned a bit dark but I don't know why, this would make it for older teens. The pictures are great, fun and definitely tell the story.
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At first this seems to be a light hearted and joyful poem about a new addition to the famiy told through the eyes of the big sister.  But as with life things change as both grow older and have to face the real world in all its darkness and cruelty covering themes as diverse as sibling rivalry and peer pressure to depression and social anxiety.  The words themselves remain light even as their meaning darkens, creating a poem that increases in impact long after you've finished reading.  The illustrations add to this effect as they provide just enough detail to show what they are but facial details are left out allowing the reader to add their own or those of their family, effectively personalising the poem to each reader.
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Tiny Little Brother was a short and sweet poetic story about a family. I wasn't sure wether this book was meant for children or adults, so I'm gonna say everyone can enjoy something in this story. I do appreciate the small hints at the larger surrounding stories, affecting the mom, and mostly the big sister. They took the story much deeper. I do feel like the writing style was one to get used to, as the pace changed for me a few times, but overall I enjoyed this short story!
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I like the way the story flowed, and the the illustrations grew on me more and more. The book is funny, sweet, sad, and wistful in places.

There were one or two spots where I wasn't quite sure I was correctly understanding what exactly had happened. I would have liked to have things explained a bit in an afterward, but that probably has more to do with my lack of familiarity with poetry than anything else. Still, I did enjoy the story and the way it was told.
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A short but touching poetry collection. As an elder sister it was incredibly relatable to me. Hit some tricky topics, such as depression, and tackled then rather well.
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This was a bittersweet poetic picture book that touches upon more serious themes of family and growing up. The poetry and rhymes didn't really work for me and I wasn't the biggest fan of the quick sketches that accompanied the text. 

Recommended with those who helped raise their baby siblings. As I only have a younger brother who is only a year younger than I am, I couldn't relate to anything in this book since I've never treated him as a baby and was never very protective of him.... (in fact, he treats ME like a younger sister because he's always been bigger than me)
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Despite some darker parts, I found this to be a really sweet enjoyable story. 

I think anyone who has the experience of watching a child grow up, not necessarily a little brother, would enjoy this book.
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This was a sweet little read about siblings--big sister, little brother told in poetic form. It has many layers and on the surface may seem like it's a children's story, but it really is so much more. Although I'm an adult, I have a younger brother and we are still as close as we were as kids so this book brought me back to our childhood and the relationship we built through hardships and love.
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Tiny little brother is a quick reading. This simple narrative poetry is beautiful. It is about big sister and her little brother. Although it is a poetic story, I could feel the bond between them and how it was developed and getting stronger. 

Another thing I like from this book is its cute illustration
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I had to sit with this one a bit to fully realize the impact of the book. I initially categorized it as a children's book, but now that I have had time to think of it, I think it's got a lot to say for young adults, and really anyone who is a sibling. Poetry is not my favorite genre, partly because I don't always "get it", but I was drawn to this book because of the title and the illustration on the cover. This book covers the relationship between older sister and baby brother, and it is realistic in that the bond has it's ebbs and flows as one of them deals with depression and other hurdles that life throws at us. At first when I read this, I was thinking it was just depressing and I couldn't figure out what was so great about this book. But now that I've had time to think about it, I think this book has a lot of layers, and I think that as I got back and reread it, it's likely I'll take away something new each time. I love the illustrations and feel that they really add to the story, and I think that I will probably go back and notice something new the next time I read this. I recommend this for anyone who is a sibling. 

Thanks to Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you NetGalley.

this is an adorable short story in poetic tones.       we loved reading this together.
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The writing wasn’t my style, but the story and the art leveled it up for me. This book deals with depression and family, two hard subjects well developed. 

I’m at lost for better words, I just wish the writing was a little more adult.
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