Aphrodite Made Me Do It

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This book was gorgeous. I love Trista Mateer's poetry but I think this is my absolute favorite thing I've ever read of her's. The art is beautiful and it addresses a lot of difficult subjects and it does a damn good job of it.
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I really enjoyed this poetry collection, despite being a bit of a patchy history with most modern poetry. The verse is moving and impactful and Mateer intersperses the poems with punchy photography and art and quotes.
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I enjoyed the different sections and perspectives of the poet versus Aphrodite. Both are strong women with different journeys but similar goals of helping others accept themselves as who they are. I have noticed that a lot of poetry recently has taken this "self-help" approach and I feel like I am starting to read very similar things, but I like that if I am feeling particularly low, I can pick up something like this and feel a little more empowered when I am through.
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First of all I have not read alot of poetry but I am actively trying to do so now. Second I struggle to find a way to review poetry correctly? So! I googled what is poetry? 
First answer came back saying put simply expression of feelings using distinctive style and rhythm. In all honesty I dont think this book did have either of those. Alot of it was repetitive but not in a particularly creative way. Some pages were only one liners. In saying that one of the one liners was pretty powerful and definitely stood out to me.
Then furthur down in my google search I got the answer of, Artistic writing that's stirs the readers emotions and imagination. Okay, yes the book definitely did that for me. I highlighted alot of it, which seemed surprising considering alot of the book did have alot of content I couldn't relate to. But there was just enough that in could relate to for me to enjoy it. 
For such a small book it covered alot of topics and tough topics at that. I myself connected alot with the family (mostly parent), relationship and self care content in it. It is obviously very fueled by female empowerment which I really enjoyed and the stories of Aphrodite and other godesses took it to another level. Then the art scattered throughout it really added that magic touch to it.
It was a powerful wee book that I'd love to own some day 

Thanks to netgalley for providing me with an arc in exchange for a honest review
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Such a powerful and inspiring collection of poems, the author really poured her emotions into each page while including symbolic and strong metaphors to Greek mythology, especially the goddess Aphrodite. Including such raw and honest dialogues, you can tell the matters in the book meant a lot to her and that she wants to encourage others through her work.
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I loved this collection! It was a wonderful idea to present the poems/prose/story as a dialogue between the author and the goddess Aphrodite. The prose was very relatable and beautifully written, and I really enjoyed the inclusions of the visual art as well. I don't have a ton to say except for that I really recommend this book! I have a hard time with poetry normally so it's great to find something I like. I'll definitely be checking out the author's other work.
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Content Warnings: assault, homophobia, transphobia 

An emotional journey of self-love, healing, queerness and womanhood.

How do I put into words how much I loved this poetry collection??? 

I've been wandering and getting lost on my own personal journey with Greek mythology recently and I've been enjoying the experience. I've been listening to a mythology podcast, reading the Percy Jackson series and Lore, Olympus comics. I read Warriors, Witches, Women while reading Aphrodite Made Me Do It, finishing them both on the same day. I've been learning bits and pieces as I go, finding which goddesses I identify with. It's been such a lovely journey for me and this poetry collection only added more magic to it. 

The poetry captures so many experiences of being a queer woman in today's society, of what it's like to be a survivor of abuse and how hard healing from society's firm fist can be. 

But it also shows how this experience mirrors that of Aphrodite, how her emotions are not too different from ours. 

Throughout reading it I did wonder if my eARC had the correct formatting but regardless it didn't affect my reading experience and emotional connection to the words. However, it does make me want to purchase my own copy a little more so I can see for myself, the words how they were intended to be. But mostly I just want a physical copy to refer to whenever I need strength and sisterhood to remind me I am not alone, and even goddesses come across mountains in their paths.
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I was really interested in Aphrodite Made Me Do It by Trista Mateer because I've loved some previous poetry by the author and one of my reading goals for the year is to pick up more poetry so this seemed like a great place to start. The collection weaves the mythological and the personal together, which at times, is quite powerful and at other times feels pretty forced. Most of the poetry, even when it was nice, didn't feel new and even within the collection could feel a bit repetitive. There's a bit of a mix of media in here; in addition to the poems there are some photos that have text written on them, which were nice but didn't really have much of a lasting impact on me. There are definitely some beautiful lines and moments, and it was enough that I would still continue to pick up books by Mateer in the future, but as a whole Aphrodite Made Me Do It just didn't leave me with the heart-wrenching emotions I hoped for.
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Oof. That one hit hard, kids. That was so powerful and moving and I won't lie to y'all, I cried the entire time I was reading it. I don't usually reach for poetry but this was absolutely amazing and I know I will definitely go back and reread sections in the future!
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I was super intrigued by the book's conceit of alternating between Aphrodite's point of view and the unnamed narrator's. The poems here explore a lot of tough topics in an accessible, no-bullshit way that lots of readers will undoubtedly love. For me, I wished the poetic language was pushed further; I wanted more figurative language to balance the confessions, more creativity with language and form. Some of the artwork crossed over from profound to trite, but I did adore all the tarot imagery. It's clear that Mateer was working through a lot in these poems, and I have no doubt that many readers will absolutely love this collection.
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I'm not usually a person that read poetry but this book is different from the ones I've read before. This poetry collection is about empowerment with a little love and melancholy. the way they mixed poetry with Greek mythology seemed very original to me.
thanks to netgalley and central Avenue publishing for providing me with a free arc  in exchange for a a review
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Though I've read other collections by this poet, this one stood out to me a lot more. I know I enjoyed Honeybee, but this one really hits you hard. It's a wonderful collection of learning self worth, of saying 'I deserve better', but also speaking about trauma and the fact it's always there even when you want to move past it. As someone who is Pagan, this also hits home with the relationship between the poet and Aphrodite. How they were able to find similarities, how their goddess was there for them, while also setting an example of stepping past expectations. It's personal and lovely and the art in it also helped spread the message. A great short read that I highly recommend.
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I received a copy of this collection from the publishers but that in no way affects my review.

   TW for rape, abuse, sexual assault, death, eating disorders, gore, blood, queerphobia
   I always find it really difficult to rate poetry collections because it is such a personal thing but this is 
   probably the easiest 5 stars I have ever given. Never before have a felt so seen or had my feelings so 
   well represented on page. This collection was absolutely beautiful but insanely heartbreaking and I 
   found myself crying at so many different points. I really can't put into words how much this 
   collection now means to me but I'm going to buy copies for all of my friends. I truly felt this 
   collection in my soul and I'm already highly anticipating reading it again.
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Trista Mateer's beautiful poetry book is a quick but powerful read. It is filled with dark but empowering poems and illustrations that will help you get started on your healing journey. Thank you for sharing it with me!
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Wow, what can I say. What a wonderful book. I think this book is absolutely amazing and has such a nice feel about it. Trista Mateer is a wonderful author. I would recommend this to anyone.
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This poetry and prose collection was different than I was expecting but in a good way. It's a storytelling of a loose retelling on greek gods and goddesses that helps you realize and step towards your own healing, and though it's quite different than Nikita Gill's 'Mgreat Goddesses' greek mythological poetry book, fans of that would thoroughly enjoy Aphrodite Made Me Do It. I'd even recommend to people who are not familiar with greek mythology.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Central Avenue Publishing for the digital advanced reader's copy of this book! All my thoughts are my own.
All trigger warnings: body image, sexual assault, rape, eating disorders, queerphobia, emotional abuse, physical abuse, gore, blood, death, fire. 
"Aphrodite Made Me Do It" is a poetry collection speaking about the journey towards self-love after trauma, told from two alternating perspectives over the course of eight sections: the perspective of the author, known as "The Poet," as well as from the perspective of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess.
The emotions form the author are completely alive on the pages from the very beginning: anger, hurt, fear, as well as the will to survive their past traumas, the will to love themselves, within both perspectives throughout the entire collection. It felt as if Mateer was speaking directly to me as I read this book.
The poems from Aphrodite's perspective are stories spun from both the original histories we know of the Greek Goddess as well as stories Mateer has made herself that fit within the origin tales, making these sections very entertaining, coming off like ancient myths themselves. Aphrodite's poems also mention other villanized and typically negatively-seen mythical and religious woman within the poems, such as Eve, Pandora, and Medusa. Adding more mythical female figures created a mini fictional world, told from a females gaze, giving these myth-like poems extra dimension.
While Aphrodite's sections are shaped from original tales, modern feminism, and the anger that is the backbone of this collection, "The Poet" sections contain Mateer's own experiences and feelings with no myths to embellish them, making the experience of reading them incredibly raw, and sober, clear-headed, taking on their past by the horns and laying them out for the reader to feel and digest for themselves. One of my favourites: "I knew love could draw blood/ and I still never went into it/ with bandages in mind."
The art Mateer has made for this book is absolutely incredible, made with mixed media consisting of photographs (with diverse faces), collage, and illustrations. The artwork screams in sync with the poems, reflecting the mood of the poems it was placed near in the book using words, colour and the subjects of the artwork (one of my favourites: "change is normal" written in blue over a black background, surrounded by illustrated phases of the moon). 
Overall, this collection of poems is incredible. The author's emotions leap out off the page and grab you the moment you begin reading, whether from the Poet of from Aphrodite. "Aphrodite Made Me Do It" hurt to read at times, but is worth it, and I will be writing several of the poems in this book in my notebooks just because they're that amazing.
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I really enjoyed Trista Mateer’s collection of poetry in Aphrodite Made Me Do It. The art is beautiful, and the prose is quite moving. It’s a quick, powerful read. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in poetry and feminist works.
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Love the art in the book and the different structures of poems, it keeps the flow going without getting boring. Some poems could’ve been developed more but she will definitely grow as a poet.
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3/5 Aphrodite Made Me Do It was part poetry but mainly basic twitter advice to young girls. Conceptually I thought it was interesting, but in my opinion, it didn't necessarily work. I was much more interested in the lyrical and often very beautiful poetry from Aphrodite's voice, but when it came to the poet, aside from some vulnerable and heartfelt pieces, I felt like I was reading regurgitated Tumblr lines from earlier in the decade. There is no doubt the author is talented, but here I felt like I was reading two different books and one was much more original and enjoyable than the other. Unfortunately, the book came off messy. Between the mixed media art (which was all beautiful might I add) randomly assigned to pages up until the end of the book, and the cacophonous change in style between the Poet's narration and Aphrodite's, I can't say it's anything especially original or new. I would absolutely adore a series dedicated to Aphrodite's voice alone as those poems were beautiful and held on their own. As a collection though, I can't say this really did it for me.
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