Aphrodite Made Me Do It

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“Men wrote the myths down and called them history, and time has dragged them further from the truth.“

There are so many different times during my 24 years of life, where I wish this collection of poems had been there with me. As young women, we are programmed to perceive mythological women as villains and temptresses, our educators use Eve’s sin and Aphrodite’s sexuality as weapons to make us docile and passive and apologetic as if it’s our burden to carry. These poems give a voice to the alleged past and the chaotic present, reminding us that though worlds apart, very little has changed in the way that women are trampled all over in the history books. 

Fans of Margaret Atwood’s Penelopiad will love this retelling, it’s brave and honest and brutal and graceful and all of the things that young women need to hear in this unstable world where it can sometimes feel like we’re moving backwards. I would never call myself a poetry fan despite having a Literature degree, but I really wish my educators had given me poems like these instead of ones written by stuffy old white men, because the world needs more voices like Trista Mateer.
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"Every scar is evidence of growth" 

I have read this twice already and I am pretty sure those won't be the last. Aphrodite Made Me Do It is a collection of verse and poems regarding tough topics such as body image, sexual assault, rape, eating disorders, physical abuse, gore, blood, death and fire. I really liked how the author put in what the specific trigger warnings are in the beginning of the book to prepare the reader for what they are getting into. I loved the various quotes and I connected to a lot of the poems. This was a quick read I read it in less than 30 minutes. Like I said I feel like I will be needing to reread this when I need some advice, or a pick me up with the various quotes. The author shows you through the poems and Aphrodite that you can be your own healing.
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I was really surprised by this book. It's a collection of poetry, prose and inspirational artwork. I was really drawn in to the first collection, written as if by Aphrodite herself. The following collections were more personal and hit so many chords for me - they are about being a woman, about worries, about abuse, about relationships with other people, about relationships with yourself and about sexuality. A lot in there was so truthful and raw. Things that need to be said. I actually feel lighter for reading them, as if they have enabled me to let go parts of myself that weighed me down. I would usually turn away from books like this, but I'm glad that I managed to get a copy and read it.
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Bestselling and award-winning author Trista Mateer takes an imaginative approach to self-care in this new poetry and prose collection, Aphrodite Made Me Do It. 

A fantastic collection on poetry, Mateer in her poetry shares such personal but relateable things within her work that sets her apart from her peers. Short and sweet and then raw and punchy, her poetry stays with you long after you have read it. 

The pieces that share the thoughts of Aphrodite in this book in particular continue to make you think long after you have finished reading and make for such critiques of modern life, even if they are set many many many years ago, the goddess giving us a slice of truth in these poems. 

A really awesome collection of work, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Amanda Lovelace. 

(I received an ARC from Netgalley for honest review).
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I am honestly speachless, this book is beautiful and written in a way that drags you in and stays with you for days 

I love the mix of actually mythology and what became the mythology we all grew up with 

I am going to be first in line to buy this book when it comes out as I need to for my own collection. 

Plus I can't wait to recommended this book to the young ladies of the future
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Wow, this was a really moving poetry collection. I'm not generally a big fan of poetry, but I've been making an effort to read more of it, and this one was extremely beautiful. I love the attention to detail with Aphrodite and her myths and how the poet translated that into modern-day life as a woman. I absolutely loved the artwork scattered throughout. That raised it from 4 to 5 stars for me. The art is beautiful and made me stop and gaze at it on a regular basis. The poems remind me of Amanda Lovelace, but I have to say I prefer Trista Mateer's. A really exceptional collection that I would strongly recommend. The visual art is a strong component.

I received a copy from NetGalley.
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This book was nothing like I expected, with that said it was absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with this book very quickly and very thoroughly. I couldn't put it down, I read it in one sitting. This book touches on a lot of serious topics, all of which I have experienced or thought at least once in my life. This made the book hit home on numerous occasions. I felt so many emotions with this novel, that I think it is my top 2019 read as of now. I will definitely be purchasing this book for myself as well as friends. I will also be getting copies for each of my daughters to read. This is a book I think all girls should read to realize their self worth, as well as what and when to let certain things, as well as people, go. This book touches on so many emotions that it makes it hard to describe.
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Biggest thanks to NetGalley for this early copy. It October 1st.

This is also a case of right book at the right time. But let's just say she did it again. Trista Mateer stole my heart.

Very different to her other books, here we have less of her usual style of poetry and more of an inspirational text that goes right through your bones. Mateer offers a message of power, community, love and joy.

Visual arts took a very important space, to my delight. Each piece was though off in a perfect mixture of beauty and meaning.

While I did not connect to all the subjects that were addressed in this collection, they still all conveyed strength.

Finally, I'm certain this will be a splendid book "object". Can't wait to see how it'll look then.
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This was an amazing and unique poetry novel. 

I adored the storytelling style of the poetry, and the images were fun little additions. 

This book covers a lot of subjects, especially about self-identification and wanting to be welcomed into the world without questions. It’s about finding yourself and who you are, and embracing if you are different. It’s about love, and hate, and acceptance. It’s a beautiful poetry novel and anyone could relate to this in some way.
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Trista Mateer is writing the poetry we need and deserve in 2019. I haven't read a collection of hers yet that I haven't loved and she only continues to write the truth.  This collection is full of passages to meditate on. Passages reminding you to forgive yourself. Passages reminding you to no longer be ashamed. 

'understanding doesn't have to mean granting forgiveness. And forgiveness doesn't have to be a free pass.'

If you're having a crappy day, read an 'abridged list of things to let go of if you want to be happy.'

This collection is Mateer's own spin on mythology and she does it so cleverly. She is truly one of the best story tellers of our time, I can't wait to hold this book in my hands!
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It takes quite a bit for me to feel connected with a poetry collection - but this just blew me away! I could relate to so many areas on a personal level and it was so thought provoking. I will definitely be picking up a finished copy!!
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As I try and get more into poetry I find myself enjoying and understanding each collection I read more and more. I thought Aphrodite Made Me Do It was very honest and open. 
I really loved the illustrations throughout. 
I loved the incorporation of mythology and more specifically woman from mythology and how they were integrated to touch on certain points.
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This is a beautiful construction of imagery that connotes power and inspiration. This collection is a must read for all budding English students.
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This collection was sheer pleasure to read. I really enjoyed the artwork and illustration scattered throughout. These added depth to the pieces. I loved the title of the collection and it really fits the content. I liked the way the author combined personal journeys with mythology. I felt I could really relate to a lot of the poems. The poems combine Greek mythology, biblical references and personal insight. It’s a strange combination that works on every level. I read it in a couple of sittings because I enjoyed it so much and didn’t want to put the collection aside.
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A very powerful collection of poetry that uses interesting metaphors, beautifully direct language, and is brutally honest. The only reason this is not getting a fifth star from me is that I didn't love a lot of the illustrations /photos in that they felt like banal Instagram statements, especially in comparison to the poetry.
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"I'm trying to remember to make room in my life for the person I am now, not just the people I have been."

Rating: 3.5 stars

I love poetry, particularly feminist poetry, and I love mythology so I was immediately drawn to this text. And I enjoyed it, with the balance of perspectives between Aphrodite and the author, and I highlighted a few passages that particularly struck me as beautiful or relatable. However I did struggle a little with the text, though that may be the ARC copy formatting weirdly on my phone and I'm definitely keen to take a look at a finished paperback copy (I love all my poetry collections in paperback) to see how the pages are supposed to look. I've read a lot of feminist poetry, and I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed all the rest of them, however I couldn't help but feel that there were only a few stand out sections. Some of the content felt very tonally and textually similar to other collections I've read. Not to say that we don't need lots of feminist poetry out there, because I think the more the better, particularly if it gets more people reading poetry again, but I do feel that there was just something missing here.

"I will grab myself by the throat but I will never let a man do it again."

I absolutely will be reading it again when it comes out in paperback, though, because as I said I want to see if being able to sit and dog-ear the pages gives me a different reading experience. 

"She says, if you were only meant to be beautiful, we wouldn't have put you down here in the dirt."
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A truly beautiful winding of mythology and personal journeys make this poetry collection very dear to me. It is a wonderful thing to be able to see yourself in a poem, to connect and feel valid, which is so important in this day and age. Bravo, Trista Mateer.
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This book is a trip. It intermingles Greek mythology, biblical references, and the author’s specific neuroses into one strange place.

This is what it’s also like: 
-A middle school diary
-College art sketchbook
-Art gallery exhibit  
-Compelling Instagram story 

That’s all I’ve got for skimming it in thirty minutes.

Thanks to #NetGalley, I had an advanced PDF to read and review. 

*All opinions are my own and I was not required to post a positive review. *
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Aphrodite Made Me Do It is such an amazing collection of poetry. Actually, I'd say this is probably my favourite collection of poetry, just behind Sappho's Fragments. I read it in one sitting and then I went back and read it all over again. 

What I especially love is that the collection is framed around Aphrodite and the author having a conversation with her, listening about her life. I've always loved Ancient Greek myths, particularly the ones that involve women: my favourite is the story of Medusa, which we briefly read about here. Most recently, I've been enjoying relearning these myths from a modern and feminist perspective, which Mateer definitely does -- along with poems about her own personal life mixed in with Aphrodite's. 

The poems are about trauma and assault, but also about empowerment, self discovery and inner strength. This was my first experience with Mateer's poetry, and it definitely won't be my last. 

Even though I received a free copy of this collection, I will definitely be purchasing a physical copy so I can annotate it. 

If you've ever been interested in poetry, but didn't know where to start, I recommend this collection as a beginner.
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Aphrodite Made Me Do It was a fantastic poetry read! 5 Stars!!

I really enjoyed this little book! It was a nice, smooth read and it drew me in immediately! My favourite part of this collection was that it is separated into the authors point of view and Aphrodites point of view. It is a very interesting concept that you don't see very often! I have always really enjoyed Greek mythology so it was great to see the way that Trista Mateer portrayed the goddess, especially since it's in a way that she isn't portrayed in main stream media!

The content of this book is not only relatable but you also feel connected to the author which is hard to do when reading and writing poetry! I really enjoyed this book and it has become one of the few that I reread! I recommend this to everyone who loves poetry and even those who don't!
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