Aphrodite Made Me Do It

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I love the concept of Aphrodite just appearing to the author in a dream, at once an enemy and a friend. It was a great idea with some really powerful images and moments, but it lacked depth overall.
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This was my first book by this author, It was pretty enjoyable. I would give this book a 3.5 star rating! It was a pretty Quick and easy read!
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Thanks to Central Avenue Publishing and NetGalley for the Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review. 

I'm not really a poetry girl but I automatically request anything Classics related, no matter how tenuous the link.

The book was a mix of reflections, self-help ponderings and affirmations about topics as varied as desire, lost love, abuse, LGBT issues and sexual assault that all came together into something rather beautiful and powerful. 

The Aphrodite parts were the standout for me but overall I just really enjoyed this although I'm a total newbie when it comes to poetry.
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It’s a first-time reviewing poetry on this platform for me. However, I am more than happy than it is with Trista Mateer’s poetry. Her book, Aphrodite made me do it, intertwines the story of the goddess of love with the one of every and each woman. Through it, you discover how to survives the world and how to heal from wounds older than you, such as injustice made to women and discrimination, abuse, fear of rejection or heartbreak.Essentially, what is surprising and what really resonates with me in the writing is this ambition to write the common and the daily life as sacred spaces and moments, as many possibilities to found yourself and to heal. The real world, just as the world of myths and goddesses, becomes important and magical, sublimed by the person who live in it.
By unraveling the story of Aphrodite, Trista Mateer wants to show how empowering taking back your own narrative can be. She interrogates, meddling with past and present, ancient and resolutely modern, how history is rewritten by the “victorious” and the ones who benefit from the power dynamic.
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I’ve read most of the books written by Trista Matter and “Aphrodite made me do it” is my favourite of all.

It’s a beautiful collection of poetry and prose and reading it feels like checking the author’s art journal, because it has illustrations and photos with messages... and it’s so gorgeous!

And I love how it deals with topics such as feminism, body image, sexual assault, abuse, queerphobia, trauma, healing and self care.
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WONDERFUL. I'm not sure this collection of poetry will be for everyone but for me it was great. I think sometimes poetry falls into our hands at the exact moment we need it. I LOVED this whole collection and the images just enhanced the experience. Aphrodite Made Me Do It deals with a lot of tough topics in a beautiful way.
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A wonderfully magical collection of poetry and prose!
Mateer manages to not only re-write Aphrodite in the modern lens but gives her a voice so powerful and succinct I found myself highlighting phrases of the book every two seconds.
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I received an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

2.5/5 stars

This collection was thought provoking and parts of it were very well crafted. I highlighted certain lines as they spoke to me, but I think that my overall issue with the collection was that I liked parts of it and not all of it. As a whole, I didn’t feel like it flowed well and consistently.

That doesn’t say that it wasn’t well written. Parts were eloquent and edgy, and I really did enjoy reading that. I liked the blend of artistic pictures combined with the poetry and writing, and it made for an engaging read.

This is a review written for a book outside my comfort zone. I don’t read a lot of poetry. I don’t go crazy for Milk and Honey or much modern verse, and I don’t really write it. So this is the review of someone who went outside of their comfort zone to read a book written by and for women. 

I give it a 2.5 out 5 because it was between a “meh” read and an “I liked it” rating. It may just be personal belief and personal opinion that this book wasn’t a stunner for me. I did enjoy the idea of it and certain lines, and feel like this is a book one would have to read themselves to form a full opinion of.
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This read was beautifully written and made me as reader pause and soak in every word. I truly enjoyed this author's writing style and look forward to seeing her name more in the future.
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The writing didn’t mesh well with me. I found myself getting utterly lost in the text and not in a good way. Should’ve went through at least another round of edits. But the actual premise was interesting.
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To be perfectly honest, I knew little to nothing about this book going into it. From a very broad blurb and someone else's review, I formed this idea of a novel where the protagonist is encouraged by Aphrodite to give love another chance. In a way, the theme is still there, but the book proved to be so much more, using poetic prose and mixed media.  Mateer's style of poetry is very reminiscent of the 2010's tumblr era, which made me relate to her writing even more. 
Mateer's achieves the perfect balance between acknowledging trauma and rising above it, and has found a way to deal with very difficult and triggering issues that does not make you want to look away. This is a book I didn't know I needed and one that I read at the perfect time. I expect I'll be re-reading this whenever I need reminding of some very important lessons. 

Thank you to netgalley, Central Avenue publishing, and Trista Mateer for providing me with an e-arc copy of this book.
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I don't know why I keep doing this to myself. I want to give young, new poets a chance and I am always looking for new talent, but every time I try them out, I end up disappointed. I think it's great that so many people can turn to writing to express their thoughts, heal from their pasts, and fight for social justices. But this new wave of poets and their poetry seem to read more like diary entries or Instagram posts than poems.

I received an advanced copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.
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I’m usually torn when it comes to modern day free verse poetry, and this collection is no exception. 

On the one hand, I mean, just look at it and read the synopsis. It features thoughtful utterances about personal growth, trauma, and loving yourself and others, presented in parallel with the myth of Aphrodite and in conversation with her, which is such a cool concept (I’m a big mythology nerd so giving Aphrodite her own voice for once is really nice). The book also features some very nice art work in a sort of scrapbook style, which I really liked. The collection is also in part the author's vehicle for expressing herself and reflecting on her experiences, feelings, and traumas, which she does admirably. The themes that she talks about are highly personal and relate mostly to her own life, but are also universal in a way, meaning that many people will relate to at least parts of the work and recognise themselves in the verse. 

On the other hand, the poetry itself feels a little contrived and perfectly fits the mold of pseudo-psychological self-care posts online that are written in a kind of internet poetry format, which I (an English literature student fairly uninitiated in modern poetry) struggle to truly appreciate in the way it probably deserves. I know that this type of poetry is very popular online and among millenials and this is the way in which the poet has chosen to express herself and I respect that, but it just doesn’t speak to me that much. I guess that when it comes to poetry, I am still quite an inexperienced and conservative reader. Additionally, although the themes seem universal (i.e. love, abuse, anger, heartache, etc), they are just not universal for me. These are not generally topics that I relate to, though that is certainly more to do with me than with the author or this collection. I am just not exactly the right person for this book.There are many people that I think this book will be perfect for and that will relate to it and adore it, but I am not one of them.

Having said that, there are some poems and parts of the collection that I enjoyed very much. I adored ‘modern hymn for myself’ and the entire three of cups section that followed. I made a bunch of screenshots of sentences and poems that spoke to me or that I thought were particularly interesting, just so that I can easily find them again. As I mentioned before, I also really liked the art pages that were interspersed throughout the book. Overall then, this was a pleasant and quick read, although my enjoyment of it was somewhat diminished by my inability to fully relate to and appreciate both the format and the subject matter. 

3.5 out of 5 stars
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This was such an incredible collection of poetry and prose. I could not put it down once I started it. Trista’s words have the ability to make you feel so many emotions at once. This collection was extremely powerful and beautiful. 

I know that I will be purchasing a final copy as soon as it comes out, but I am extremely grateful to have been given an advanced copy. I will now be shouting about its greatness to all of my friends- poetry loving or not. 

If you yourself are not a big poetry reader, this is a great place to start as it is a quick read and contains lots of prose as well. 

I am still in awe of how amazing the words on the pages were, and I could only hope that one day my own collection will be as eloquent as this one. 

Adding it to my shelf of favorite poetry books right away.
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This was a well done modern poetry book that at times touched me deeply that it is hard to explain. I loved the misunderstood Aphrodite bits in this, we need more of this strong version of the goddess than the meek and love-obsessed one we get in most books. There were moments that while reading this, I cried, but other times I laughed and loved it all. I would gladly read more from this author, it is hard to find a good modern poet in today's society.
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// she says "if you were only meant to be beautiful,
we wouldn't have put you down here
in the dirt." //

this was great. i love loving poetry collections, they are, to me, one of the most true forms of feelings.

// love never means you have to stay / it means your heart is open / fight to keep it that way //

anyway. i had expected this to feel like Honeybee, but damn, this was a big step up. i think it's amazing to see how poets grow and what their words shape after a while. this collection feels like self care, feels like self love, feels like SOFT IN THE MIDDLE meets GODDESS OF THE HUNT meets CIRCE, feels like growth, feels like power.

// i have this dream where i only write you love poems and none of them have to say, "i'm so glad we're alive" //

i received an e-arc in exchange for an honest opinion and several pages with, i assume, illustrations were distorted and unreadable. sad, but it does mean i get to excitedly look forward to new content when i get a paper copy in my hands!

// i washed my hands clean in the ocean and i came out something else, diffeent than before; butblood will do that to you more than seawater ever will //

honestly, great poetry collections are always a form of self care, for me, and ones so strongly about this even more so. can't wait to be able to put it on my shelves.
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i adore this poetry collection so much. i didn’t personally relate to everything that was talked about, but so many parts hit me hard. it was beautiful - the writing, the imagery, all of it

it's soft yet fierce writing, and somehow exactly what i needed right now. i dont even know how to properly review this but i loved it and thats all that really matters tbh

i also just realized this is the same author who wrote honeybee which i also loved, so basically i can say that i love and adore trista mateer’s writing
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This is a gorgeous poetry collection. I can't wait to buy the physical book. 
I love the author's style of poetry, this one hit hard for me.
I can't wait to read more from them.
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As a poetry fan, I was excited about this collection, and it did not let me down. There is a lot of pain in these words, but in that cathartic way that poetry has about it. It is beautiful and heartbreaking and full of love all at the same time, and I suppose that is to be expected from a book that invokes the goddess of love right in the title. This is the sort of book that will rip you apart and put you together again, and I'll be shocked if it's not a one-sitting read for most people. The poems will reach straight into your heart and worm their way in so you will never truly be free of them again. And you wouldn't want to be.
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I gave this a 2.5 rating. I loved the imagery and the photos in the book. But I felt like the poetry/story line wasn't flowing together well. It was sort of jumbled up in a self care, my rape story, love is what everyone wants, romance is dead mess. Although I appreciate what the author was trying to do, I just had a hard time connecting with this one.
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