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I loved it!
It was the perfect mix of Amanda Lovelace and Rupy Kaur. 
The art was also stunning! I wanted to take every picture and every sentence and put it in my journal.
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This is the first time I have ever read the work of Trista and I am eager to consume more of her work.
The book reads a little less like poetry and more like a private journal and to me, that is not a bad thing.
I felt like I was reading the journal of a close friend who gave me their permission to witness their healing. I really enjoyed going through the collection overall.

One of the quotes that will stick with me:

I treat my greatest loves like seeds.
When I'm ready, I put them down and I seldom look back
at what has grown behind me.
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Actual rating: 3.75 stars

This collection is loosely based on the Greek goddess Aphrodite - hence the book title, it has common themes in relations to certain females of today. It addresses several topics including rape, abuse, representation of LGBTQ, self-love and love in general. Adding to all this, one will also find amazing graphics and illustrations throughout the book.

In all honesty, this is the only book I enjoyed reading that was written by Trista Mateer. 

“When you fight for what is just, prepare to meet opposition. Remember, it is the good in us that stands in front of what needs protecting. There will always be reasons to back down but there will be more to push forward.”
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A whole collection of feminist poetry, telling Aphrodite's story and not only. Love, loss, pain is everything there. 
I enjoyed some poems others not so much, they seemed nice but not all created the same impact and are kind of forgettable. Aside from that, I enjoyed the poems about Aphrodite's, we get to see her perspective, her side of the story that was lost. It’s always interesting to see the perspective of a Greek goddess, especially to someone who likes mythology.
I liked the images between poems, but some didn't seem to fit so well, didn't have the same effect. Still was kind of nice to see, like a break with a little message.
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I am deathless. I will have no eulogy. I will have no mourners.

There are ARCS that I read a few lines of and immediately add them to a list that I will purchase for myself when they become available to buy.

Aphrodite Made Me Do It is one of those books.

The poetry resonated inside me and at times made me cry. I read myself in between the words and saw my life shimmering in the lines.

This is a fast read but it’s an in depth one and you will remember it for a very long time. Usually I have to pick and choose which poems or short stories I especially like in anthologies like this but I can honestly say I loved each and every one.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, passion, and sex. She identifies with the planet Venus which hello, also associates with love, beauty, and passion.

This is a book of poetry about romance, love, healing, self care.






They say I rose from the sea fully formed, forced to bear the weight of other people’s desire.

I wonder if there are goddesses and gods inside all of us. Pushing us to our brinks, smirking as we do their bidding, perhaps prompting us to try harder and healing us when we feel stretched to our limit.

Hades fills me with fire

Dionysus pushes me to move forward and grow

Hera urges me to take care of myself

Aphrodite teaches me to love myself

Even when that’s one of the hardest things to do.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my honest and fair review.
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This was amazing! I loved this so much more than I could have possibly imagined. 

Not only does this book give an alternate perspective on Aphrodite (much needed by the way) it was also about queer representation, love in its many forms and had beautiful imagery juxtaposed throughout. I was not expecting the story to be in prose and to have symbolic imagery. It was such a joy to read. I never felt bored and honestly wish there was more even though I felt like the ending was perfect. I really want to check out more of Trista Mateer’s work ASAP. 

Here are some beautiful lines from this beautiful book:

“Regardless of whether you desire it, love is what sits at the core of the world. It is stronger than greed and hate and jealousy and pain. What brings us together will always be more powerful than what keeps us apart.”  Pg 29

“When people say you cannot love others until you love yourself, they fundamentally misunderstand love. Nothing thrives in isolation.” Pg 64

“Understanding doesn’t have to mean granting forgiveness/And forgivenesses doesn’t have to be a free pass.”  Pg 77

These are just some of the amazing lines you will find in this book. It’s extremely empowering and gorgeous.
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"Understanding doesn't have to mean granting forgiveness. And forgiveness doesn't have to be a free pass."

"Aphrodite Made Me Do It" is a poetry collection as well as a mix media art book. I was very intrigued by the description of the book and the fact that it included art, something that poetry books over the past few years have increasingly included. Like most poetry books I have read over the years, this book has left me with mixed opinions. It definitely has some really good and important poems that touched me and some amazing quotes that I noted down for future use. However there were also poems that I could not connect with. which could 100% be my own fault, and should in no way discredit the author's experience or writing. The other deciding factor in this books rating would be the writing. I have to be honest and say that was expecting something a little more sketchy. However the art felt a little too much like a collage and not so much like a continuation of the poetry. I was expecting it tell me a story, and while some definitely did that most felt flat to me. I do believe that if I had liked the art a little more I would have probably given this a 4 stars.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Aphrodite Made Me Do It is a collection of poetry and prose that gives us a retelling of mythology based on The Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

"I wrote my own story and still said all the wrong things."

With this one line this poetry collection spilled my deepest thoughts onto its pages. If nothing else in this collection spoke to me, this one line would still have said everything I would of needed to love it.

This is a beautiful collection of poetry that allows you to see into the authors thoughts and see their feelings and emotions. It is by far one of my favorite poetry collections. It's books like this that make me remember why I love poetry so much.
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Beautiful, stunning, necessary. We need more queer poets. Thank you for representing the ins and outs of queerness, our joys, our fears, our shame. I feel less alone with them.
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Absolutely wonderful read! I enjoyed the plot, characters, and prose so much. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!
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The authors portrays a beautifully visual and written conversation between Aphrodite and the Poet. Much like Aphrodite, these poems and prose relay a message of love and war; between loving yourself now and loving your future self and battling war with your dark inner thoughts and war between the prejudice of other people. 

This is a book that anyone can relate to at any age because the themes the author brings into it are universal. Everyone has battled with forgiveness and shame and the struggle of love. However, the author doesn't just let us wallow in these feelings, instead she brings us back up and reminds us that healing is always possible but it may take awhile. It is still healing nonetheless.

There are some trigger warnings that should be placed with this book just because there are mentions of abuse and rape. However, it is not explicit and the author always brings it back to healing. She lets us know "these things happened" and lets figure out how we can become better than those things that have hurt us. 

Overall, a very powerful collection of poetry/prose. I finished it in 1 sitting just because the words flowed so well and the pages practically turned themselves. The author told her story the way it needed to be told and didn't beat around the bush. Instead she got straight to the point and because of that, the book was neither too short or too long.
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This was a lovely poetry book. I loved the photos especially. I could relate to a lot of what was written and empathize with everything else. I think I would enjoy it more in paper form. Kindle format is always weird with stuff like this, but enjoyable nonetheless.
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Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this poetry collection!

My rating: 4 stars
Rep: queer, mental illness 
Trigger warnings (found at the beginning of the book): body image, sexual assault, rape, eating disorders, queerphobia, emotional abuse, physical abuse, gore, blood, death, fire. 

A Greek Mythology based collection all about love, healing, trauma and self-care. With sprinklings of gorgeous artwork and quotes throughout, which add to the overall feel and message of this wonderful book!  This book also talks about being queer, I especially connected with the poem "Queer Girl Overture". 

My favourite quotes: 

-"The thing about embracing your own chaos is that it never becomes clear when you need to stop."
-"You believe in the triumphs of love despite growing up in full view of its defeat because you are brave"
-"People expect all stories of abuse to be loud and angry, but they're not. Sometimes they're quiet and cruel and swept under the rug."
-"My pain is valid even when people make me feel like it isn't, even when I make myself feel like it isn't."

-"Love knows no face
Love knows no gender
Love knows no sexuality
Love knows only love

We waste so much time
trying to explain ourselves"
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I loved this book more than I thought I would. I first saw it on a booktube video and was interested in it, and generously, the publisher for giving me a copy of this on NetGalley even though the book was already published.

This book is a mix of poetry, prose, verse, list, affirmations, hope, struggle, strength, mixed media, and so much more. I don't fully know how to encompass the book and how it made me feel, but it hit places that I didn't know I needed.

This is definitely a book I will be adding to my permanent collection.
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While the formatting was not ideal within the ARC the poetry that was mixed up inside of it was beautiful. I could go back and reread portions of the poetry and discover new parts that had a deeper or more beautiful meaning than I originally noticed. I need to find a physical copy.... and if I have the funds buy it! So I can appreciate the poetry in the format it was meant to be seen.
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"In this empowering retelling, she uses the mythology of the goddess to weave a common thread through the past and present. By the end of this book, Aphrodite make you believe in the possibility of your own healing."

There was some real high points of mythology, teamed with cool / beautiful artwork throughout. Some poems were a sucker punch, only needing a line or two to deliver the impact; others take you on a journey through Aphrodite and a modern lens. But then some moments feel plucked from a motivational handbook, too familiar; hard to get past the sense that they are pep talks seen before, or little boosts too common to feel quite as impactful. Overall though a surprising and interesting collection.
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*Arc received from Netgalley in return for an honest review* 

It has been a hot minute since I have read this book, but it still haunts me. The poems were all rich dragging me into them and drowning me in feelings. I enjoyed every minute of it and highly recommend it to others. There are some warnings though so be prepared for some heavy topics.
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I read the ARC of this book on my phone.

Not the way to read it.
The words and the pictures that accompany it deserve to be seen in its full beauty.
After reading this book, I wish to hold it in my hand, annotate, laden it with sticky notes and come back to my favourite passages on a low, bad day.

The dialogue between the poet and Aphrodite is beautiful and insightful. The flaws of the poet, the struggles and strife contrast perfectly with Aphrodite's confidence and certainty. She has seen all there is to be seen - and she urges you to learn it too.

A gorgeous combination of light prose and pure poetry, I cannot wait to get my hands on a physical copy.
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I'm not sure what I read in particular. It seems like a mix match of strung out ideas loosely related unfortunately creating a conflicting message about love. The idea that Aphrodite, the embodiment of love, is violent was not the best metaphor at the beginning. It presupposes that love makes you do harmful things (like rape?) and partners are held accountable to your abusive "acts of love". However, the larger plot soon pans out to encompass the actual person Aphrodite might be. Her dreams and the possibility that she has agency for her own life.

Yet, this sort of concept is muddled with poor collages. Poems that read more like diary entries instead of complex, well structured pieces of verse. It's not something I would pick up to give me insight about love. I would even go as far as say this is some kind of deep fake poetry I wrote as a high school freshman. It misses the mark on multiple accounts but the generic uplifting message at the end feels like an afterthought. 

Thanks to Central Avenue Publishing and NetGalley for the advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review!

Absolutely gorgeous and I'm so upset the content is less than that. The way the illumination from the title colors the waves is *muwah. Well, I guess this is just a missed opportunity.
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Ah, gods such beautiful words. Love the imagery and use of greek mythology. A quick read that just keeps all your attention and focus.
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