Can The Mind Be Quiet?

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Note: Thank you, Watkins Publishing and NetGalley for the preview copy of this incredible book.

This book does not actually require a "review" or needs to be promoted, below are just some of my thoughts:

"The mind is like a child absorbed by an intricate toy. As long as the toy holds interest, the child is absorbed by it; when the toy is broken or taken away the child cries."

Can The Mind Be Quiet? starts with a wonderful foreword by Terence Stamp. The chapters are well structured and the contents are "packaged nicely". Jiddu Krishnamurti is often difficult to understand and tough to read. In this book, the chapters are written in a way to first capture the reader's attention, and then the teachings are delivered. Most of the content in the book is in a simple Q&A style, instead of the usual essay format.

"The man who enjoys what he is doing is not possessed by what he is doing. The man who loves is anonymous. The man who possesses is clamorous; for him there is conflict, and not for the other. The important thing in all this is not being possessed by that which occupies you."

Jiddu Krishnamurti is tough, difficult and much different from the "normal" teachers. Most of his teachings will go 'over the head'. But, Jiddu Krishnamurti is a required and much needed reading for one and all. Terence Stamp has summarized it so well in his foreword of this book:

'I might not have been sure about what he (Jiddu Krishnamurti) was saying, but there was always this shift.'

So, how important it is for the mind to unburden itself? 

"and knowing that to take a really long journey you must travel lightly..."


"So let us be concerned with understanding the enormous wastage of energy that we human beings indulge in. It is wasted in pursuit of ideologies and so avoiding what is. It is wasted in daydreaming and in the images that one has built about oneself; in the pictures of pleasures, sensuous, sexual or so called spiritual; in the grudges that one bears; in the memorable pleasures that one keeps locked in the privacy of one's own mind; in the self-concern with all one's little problems and private quarrels with oneself and others; in the assumptions, the formulas, the opinions and the judgements. All these are a great waste of energy."
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This is an incredibly deep and thoughtful book. I find it is not the kind of book you breeze through quickly but one where you read a passage once and then come back to it a second time and read it again to let the knowledge sink in. In a busy and chaotic world I find this book helpful to find meaning in the day to day. Would recommend.
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I thought this was really interesting, and easy to follow.
Well done! I recommend to everyone!

I loved the title.  Like we all wish we could have a quiet mind for a day or so, right? 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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This is quite good, quite deep. Be prepared to take your time with this, as it is not a quick read. Lots of wisdom and reminders here. Recommended for knowledge seekers.

I really appreciate the advanced copy for review!!
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Unfortunately my mind wasn’t quiet enough to jive with this book. Some very meta and philosophical being discussed.
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Honest and in-depth advice for reaching your full potential.  This advice is presented in easy to follow language that can be broken up and applied in pieces at a time.
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This is not an easy book to read though it is organized in appropriate chapters. The book is comprised of Krishnamurti's recollections of conversations. These are mostly the type of circular conversations that can give a reader a headache. 

If one man is asking, "can I unburden all my emotional baggage at once or do I need to do this one piece at a time?" There conversation from there moves off the subject of burdens and experience and into whether the quality of the mind can even handle the question. This is just one example of the chapters.

Krishnamurti is renowned and the conversations have something to offer followers of the yogic path, but it may be a confusing reading experience.
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Lovely thought-provoking read. Was exactly what I need whilst taking a quiet break. A great book to reflect upon after meditation or yoga. Would highly recommend for anyone exploring their own spirituality.
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This beautiful book shows you how to quiet your mind and live fully in the present. I found it beautiful and well written. I would recommend it to all spiritual seekers.
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As a student of enlightenment, one of the greatest obstacles to higher levels of consciousness and awareness is that the guru's make it extremely difficult to comprehend.  As is typical, the information in this book is not easy to understand and grasp.

Obviously these are teachings from Krishnamurti and they are from years back and translated which might enhance the confusion.

Reading a chapter a day and meditating on the meaning can move you into a beautiful place.  There is a lot of information here that, when pondered, can move you from a survival mindset to one of peace and joy by living in the moment and letting go.  You just have to be ready to take it on.
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Krishnamurti is always good to read even if I have to admit that I really cannot distinguish him from all the other Gurus, but hopefully and more or less it is not so different from what all the other guru said.

Thanks Netgalley for the preview!
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Can The Mind Be Quiet is a unique and interesting book. I found a few quirks and a few very informative chapters. Jiddi  Krishnamurti  is a unique author and mind.
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It is not what I was expecting for. I received the book through Netgalley. I thought from the title that the content would be something else. Not bad, but not what I wanted to read. So, I invite you to read it and see if it is for you.
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