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I enjoy crime books and I loved the unusual aspect of this, Tess is part of a team at Innocence UK which seems to overturn verdicts when seemingly innocent people have been convicted on crimes. They take on the case of Carrie, a woman convicted of murdering her husbands lover. Tess is not overly likely but I found her very intriguing and her backstory offered great insight into her however they didn’t necessarily add to the overall story. Carrie is complex, she’s a fiercely protective mother to her only child Mia even if it’s at the expense of her own happiness. There’s clearly more to Carrie than meets the eye but it was hard to work out whether she was guilty or innocent, I loved the way the story panned out though as it offered an amazing twist. Overall this is a fairly easy to read book but with enough pace to keep you turning the pages.
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Tess Driscoll works for Innocence UK a team of individuals with different skill sets gathered together to right the wrongs of prisoners who have suffered a miscarriage of justice. In her current case she has been joined in partnership with newbie Avril Hughes, Tess taking the role of mentor.
Carrie Kamara has spent the last four years in Styal Woman’s Prison, serving a sentence of 15 years for the exceedingly brutal murder of Ella Muir, her husband Pete’s girlfriend. Carrie has always maintained that she is innocent and at this very moment is desperate to get out of gaol because her fragile daughter is heavily pregnant and without any support. She worries that she will be unable to manage and is determined to win her appeal.
Tess and Avril are very thorough in their investigations and soon come across some anomalies in the original police investigation, so they visit Morecambe Police Station to pose some requests and questions to DI Gillian Frain, the officer in charge of Carrie’s case. They can soon see blaring gaps in the original investigation and as the case comes close to the finish line they are more and more certain that Carrie is indeed innocent. The Innocence UK team agree and so they vote for it to be taken to the Court of Justice for appeal. This novel charts Carrie’s story from the time of the crime until the verdict, and indeed beyond. As well as this main thread there are others that intermingle, coming together is a thrilling conclusion. It is an exquisitely plotted storyboard with superb and unexpected twists, all envisaged from the virile and massively creative mind of this hugely talented author.
From the start I confess I have followed Paula Daly from her debut novel and have read everything in between. She is a brilliant storyteller, able to create believable and well-crafted characters that ably tell her story. I loved everything about this compelling novel and marvel at what I have so eagerly read. I thought the ending was inspired and this novel will stay in my mind for years to come.
I was thrilled to receive a complimentary copy of this novel from publisher Transworld Digital  through my membership of NetGalley. These are my own honest opinions without any outside influences. It’s a top-notch read and it’s a 4.5* review from me. This author gets better and better with every novel and I am delighted to recommend 'Clear my Name' as an excellent read.
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I have enjoyed all of Paula Daly's books that I have read so far and this one definitely doesn't disappoint.
This one is as much a study of family dynamics as it is a whodunnit mystery and I certainly enjoyed that element of it - I love dysfunctional families.! Some fairly ghastly characters, most of them didn't have many redeeming qualities. 
Plenty of twists and turns and yes I was surprised at the direction the story went in! Would certainly recommend this book.
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I really enjoyed this book, kept me.pretty much guessing along the way, dont want to give too much away but it is really good x
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Paula Daly writes in her own unique style and her way of writing ( in previous books ) can make the most mundane of things and the most ‘normal’ of human behaviour fascinating,she also adds almost random descriptive sentences into a paragraph that whilst have nothing to do with the story are a part of whats happening in the ‘environment’ we are in ( as readers ) and enhance the story and bring something very special to the skill of writing, this continues in this book
And what a book!
Tess works for Innocence UK, an organisation that takes on miscarriages of justice, we are led through Carrie’s case, accused of killing her husbands lover, the facts don’t add up, she says she is innocent, her daughter Mia backs her up, Tess isn’t 100% convinced so with her new trainee she looks into every aspect of the case to make her decision, a decision that could see Carrie’s case go to the Courts of Justice
It is truly immersive to be brought into this world and be in Tess’s mind as she uncovers the ‘real’ story
But is it the true story? Is anyone telling the truth?
I was tense as the decision was given and more than that am saying zilch on what happens next......
Tess is ace, her rather dour outlook on life is wonderful and humorous at times, she is no busybody goody two shoes, far from it, yet we find out there is reason for this, slotted really well into the story it makes a real ‘second burner’ to the main event
All the characters are potent and realistically written and as we all are, subject to change in various situations
It was good to read about Morecambe, a town I have not been to for decades and that brought great childhood memories racing back
A creative book, much thought given  in the writing, much to think about as a reader
10/10   5 Stars
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Really enjoyed this book. It was super pacey, very gripping that I couldn't put it down. 
The characters were really well drawn. The story engaged me the whole time. I'd highly recommend if you're looking for an entertaining summer read that'll keep you turning the pages. 

Thanks a lot Netgalley and the publisher for this copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Paula Daly is one of those authors who rarely disappoints, though I have to say that her novels have gotten better and better. Clear My Name is probably her strongest yet, with multifaceted characters who draw you in, and enough intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat. Brilliant.
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This was a great pacey read, I enjoyed the characters in the book but found a few of the descriptions a bit fat phobic in that the characters was described in a bad way because of their size. I liked the twist and it was obviously a well researched book.
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I could tell immediately that this book was going to be right up my street. A tough female protagonist and a possible miscarriage of justice to be investigated? Yes please!

Tess Gilroy works for Innocence UK, which looks into the cases of people who may be wrongfully imprisoned. Carrie Kamara was convicted of murdering her husband’s lover, but the evidence is not all clear cut. I was unsure till the end, as is Tess really, whether Carrie was guilty or not - there are signs pointing in either direction. I didn’t guess the truth, though.

I really enjoyed following the investigation carried out by Tess and her new foisted-upon-her assistant Avril, an investigation which comes unsettlingly close to home at times for Tess. My only reservation is that I didn’t really understand the reasons for something dramatic that happens near the end (no spoilers!).

I liked the setting in Morecambe, where I once lived, a long time ago now, and which I don’t think I’ve ever seen featured in a novel before. I remember it rather less than fondly, as a “coastal town which they forgot to close down” (thanks Morrissey), although it sounds like it’s had a bit of a rehabilitation since then. 

I’ve no idea if there’s any thought of this being the first in a series, though there’s definitely scope for that and I would welcome it. (Come to think of it, it would make a great TV drama as well.) I can see these characters developing a lot more in the future.
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Thanks to netgalley for an early copy in return for an honest
Well it's been hummdinger  of a book. a very atmospheric  book that is just a fascinating  read leaving you wondering.  Loved it
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This was my first book by Paula D. And I absolutely loved it. The characters are all very sketchy and it's hard to know who is telling the truth. This is a must read. A well deserved 5 star book. 😊
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Tess Gilroyis a loner in both her personal and professional lives. It suits that she is the sole employee of Innocence UK, a non-profit group that investigates alleged injustices in the legal system and brings those cases worthy of their attention, before the Court to appeal sentences of those wrongfully convicted.

It is with some trepidation Tess views Innocence UK's most recent case because it is from her hometown of Morecambe. [And, like any good hero or heroine Tess has a secret that she would like to keep in the past]. The advisory board has appointed her a new trainee April. The case and having to work with someone else presents Tess with some challenges.

The case? Carrie Kamara has been found guilty of the murder of her husband's young mistress. Whilst she had the motive and the opportunity, Carrie swears she had nothing to do with it. With some early inconsistencies identified in the evidence presented at trial and upon meeting Carrie, Tess and April tend towards believing Carrie. They locate other evidence that has not been considered. As they continue their investigation Tess and April find themselves in danger, and in working together rely on each other more than either intended.

Paula Daly weaves a great and mysterious tale. There are relationships made, some lost, and one that never was. We meet Carrie in her fiercely protective mother-role, Carrie's loyal and seemingly dependent daughter Mia, Carrie's cheating husband Pete, as well as the victim's family and friends, as well as people from Tess' past who she has been working hard on forgetting. Tess is a remarkable and seemingly unflappable former probation officer who keeps everyone at arm's length. This case threatens to unnerve her and test the boundaries she has worked so hard to maintain.

This book focuses less on the Courtroom drama and more upon the investigation and weighing up of the evidence, testing hypotheses , re-questioning witnesses and retracing the footsteps of the original investigation. Whilst I wouldn't call it fast-paced it moved along nicely - with different plot directions ensuring you keep questioning the evidence at hand.. 

Those who love Paula Daly's work in her previous novels will love this character, and those who love thrillers, police and court-type mysteries will not be disappointed. It's a solid book with some key characters Daly can build a series around. 

Thank you to Netgalley, Paula Daly and Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for providing me a free eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review..

This book will also feature on my instagram @aplace_inthesun.
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Tess works at Innocence UK, an organisation which examines alleged miscarriages of justice, when the imprisoned person claims they are innocent. 
Tess is a complex character who has a hidden past. She works very hard and realises mistakes are made at court and justice is not always achieved.  Tess likes to work alone and is not too happy when she is assigned a new trainee, Avril, who is incredibly keen, with an upbeat personality.
Their latest case is that of Carrie Kamara who was convicted of the murder of her husband’s lover, Ella. Carrie denies involvement but the forensic evidence places her at the scene. Can the evidence be wrong when Carrie claims she never visited the property or is Carrie lying?
A wonderful thriller which had me on the edge of my seat turning the pages, desperate to know what happened next and whether Carrie is telling the truth. Such brilliant characters and so well plotted and a wonderful story. 
The work of the fictional group, ‘Innocence UK’, reminded me of the excellent work of the team, ‘Inside Justice’, who have been featured in recent BBC documentaries. 
Another super book by Paula Daly. Highly recommend.
Thanks to NetGalley for a Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book.  I adored the story line and loved the main characters.  I read this book in one sitting and would highly recommend this book.
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Clear My Name by Paula Daly was a thriller that I did not want to put down.
Tess who works as an investigator for a charity called Innocence UK, helps people who claim that they have been wrongfully convicted of a crime.
She is investigating a case where a woman was convicted of killing her husbands mistress. Tess believes that the woman is innocent and is looking for evidence to prove her case.
There was plenty of twist and surprises to keep me reading. 
Tess was a interesting character. I really enjoyed this story.
I'm a big fan of Paula Daly and can't wait for her next book.
Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Paula Daly’s latest novel, ‘Clear My Name’ is just as memorable for its determined no-nonsense central character, former probation officer Tess Gilroy, as it is for its typically multi-layered plot.  Tess works for Innocence UK, an organisation that investigates cases of those believed to be wrongfully imprisoned.  Taking on the file of Cassie Kamara, serving a sentence for murdering her husband’s lover, sees Tess back in Morecombe, her childhood town, and this in itself brings back painful memories.
On meeting Carrie’s daughter Mia, now a single parent, Tess is prompted to explore her own turbulent teenage years and, in doing so, Daly reminds us that we are all potentially just a few moments away from a stable. ordered, happy life into one that is chaotic and terrifying.  
Throughout the novel, we are shown just how important it is to have a reliable parent figure in one’s life.  Whilst to give away important plot twists would be unhelpful, it is true to say that the exploration of family dynamics is far more important than the ‘whodunnit’ element of the novel, and all the better for this.
As ever, Daly writes convincingly for the most part and I enjoyed learning about some of the legal issues associated with cases like Carrie’s as well as the author’s sensitive depiction of the psychological effects of being supposedly wrongly arrested and charged.  The final chapters of the novel were less realistic, perhaps though an ill-judged belief that a dramatic ending is imperative!  However, all in all, this is a compelling read.
My thanks to NetGalley and Transworld Publishers for a copy of this novel in exchange for a fair review.
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Great dramatic read. Enjoyed the characters and how they developed and also loved that my guess was incorrect. 

Its a great read
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Is she innocent? That is the question that we are being asked in this book. The idea of attempting to prove a convicted criminal innocent by revisiting the case is a fascinating one. In this story we got to know more about the background to the case as well as how the investigation unfolds. I didn't find this book particularly 'pacey' but perhaps that mirrors the justice system! So not many twists but the gradual unfolding of the truth. Overall, a good read.
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Easy to read crime thriller with a nice Innocence /justice angle which was interesting. There were two things I thought unnecessary: the ending (weak) and the investigator's story of giving up her own child for adoption. Overall it was easy to read and no too demanding.
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Tess is a full time employee of ‘Innocence UK’, a charity that endeavours to release prisoners that have been falsely convicted of a crime. Carrie is in prison after being charged ‘bang to rights’ with the murder of her husbands lover. With this being the first female case that Tess has worked on, she is determined to help her, whatever the cost. 

All I can say is ‘wow’, I absolutely devoured this novel and was thoroughly gripped throughout. If you are a fan of Lisa Jewell, Liane Moriarty or British thrillers in general then I strongly urge you to read this book!
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