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The Wizards of Once: Knock Three Times

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This is rather hard to read as an E-ARC due to the heavy amount of illustration and page decoration included, so I'm basing a lot of my reaction to it off my knowledge of how the earlier books looked, because one of the cool things about this series is the mixed-media approach to storytelling. Inset pictures, doodles, and handwritten text make the books feel really unusual and should hold the attention of a reluctant reader really well (though those used to more traditional prose may well find it distracting). 

Book 3 in the series continues to provide zany, high-octane magical fun (and a little bit more darkness than previous books) for middle grade readers - it won't make a lot of sense if you haven't read the previous books, but fans should be delighted!
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I was lucky to receive an arc copy of Wizards of Once Knock Three Times by Cressida Cowell and I was over the moon via Netgalley.  I had already pre-ordered the book as I thoroughly enjoyed Wizards of Once and Wizards of Once Twice Magic but I  have to admit to you that I was scared to read Knock Three Times mainly because I did not want the story to end and not be able to read about Xar,Wish and Bodkin and their adventures with their motley crew of Snow Leopards, Sprites to name but a few made me rather sad.   So i only read it this month and I am happy that Cressida has kept up the momentum in Knock Three Times by introducing new characters,  a couple of relevations which added  to the story as well as her amazing self drawn  illustrations.  Cressida has ramped up the story that I cannot wait for the 4th and final book which is coming out September 2020 called Never and Forever which again I have pre-ordered.  For these reasons I am giving this amazing book 5 stars
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Unfortunately I didn’t finish this. This series has lost its appeal for me. Unlike other middle grade series the writing is just too simplistic to still appreciate as an adult. 

As I did not finish this book I do not feel like it is fair to leave a rating. As it is required on netgalley to leave a rating I have put a 3 star as a middle grade.
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I am really enjoying this story, I have not read Cressida's work before this series, but I want to read more because of this series. I want to know what happens next to Wish and Xar. I love getting to know them more and finding out more about the world they live and what has happened in the past to make it the way it is today.
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CressidaCowell has an amazing knack of telling stories and illustrating them with quirky drawings giving her books extra life and dimension. How to Train a Dragon is testimony to that and the Wizards of Once is another gem of a series for kids.
Wish and Xar are predominately the main characters but we can’t exclude the other characters involved. Caliburn who is Xar’s talking crow also has a starring role in proceedings. In Knock Three Times they are off on a quest and as usual nothing is ever simple or easy. They’re on the run everyone is chasing them and they have a quest to succeed at avoiding warriors witches and wizards.
A bunch of odd characters in an odd world. What is there not to enjoy reading.
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I love this series and it's a hit in my school library; in fact I've been hoarding budget in order to be able to buy the hardback as soon as it came out rather than making the kids wait! This third part of Wish and Xar's story absolutely fizzes along, with a huge supporting cast which somehow never becomes confusing. And the illustrations! Just brilliant.

Squeezjoos forever!
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Now I must be honest, I am sorry but i did not get round to reading this prior to its release so ended up reading my pre-ordered copy. 

I do not want to get into the plot as this is the third book in the series but I have to say they just keep getting better and better. I loved the character development of everyone which seemed to progress so much further in this book. I even love the side stories and characters that come together as a whole within the plot. 

100% recommend this series for children and adults alike. I have in fact bought this and the series for most of the children within my family. 

So much excitement and joy to be found within this series. I loved it and I cannot wait for the next one. I want to know who the unknown narrator is!! 🙂
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It is so exciting to leap back into the magical Wizards of Once world, of snow cats, giants, druids, sprites, and werewolves.

Knock Three Times is the third book. In the first two books, Xar, a wizard, makes friends with Wish, a warrior, who have been brought up to hate each other like poison.

The wizards and warriors are so busy fighting they didn’t notice the witches, and the witches are old evil. Xar and Wish keep trying to get the wizards and warriors to stop fighting and join together to fight the witches because they are baaaad magic.

But don’t worry, there are loads of funny bits, like baby sprites, called the ‘hairy fairies.’ In the second book, one gets trapped inside a skull thinking it’s a cave. He’s called Squeezjoos, he’s hilarious, he just buzzes around and has no idea about anything that is happening.

Knock Three Times is the funniest of all three, and I can’t wait for the fourth one, although I’ll be sad when it ends.

_Review by Alma, aged 8
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I read other novels by Ms Cowell but this was the first in this series, it won't surely be the last.
This is a great read, a firework of ideas, strike of genius and situations that made me laugh loud.
I loved everything in this book: the characters, the world building, the humour, the style of writing.
It made me laugh but it also made me think and I assume it can be love by both children and adult.
I read it as fast as could and now I want a flying door.
A great reading experience, highly recommended!
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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This is the third instalment of the Wizards of Once story. It contains all the joys of the previous instalments. There are many of moments of laughter, a lot of adventure and maybe one or two lessons about life.

I enjoyed this book enormously. I loved Bodkin’s story in this book particularly. I think it’s great that none of the characters are obvious heroes, that they make mistakes, but at the end of the day they do their best. The illustrations are looking to be as wonderful as the previous two books (my copy is an ARC, so not all of the illustrations are there yet).

I’d definitely recommend this to adults and children looking for a fun romp with unlikely heroes.
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I love how the story of Wish and Xar continues in this third instalment of the Wizards of Once. Their adventure is amazing, fantastic, magical and really well done and written. For the first time we see both Xar and Wish, and to seem extent Bodkin too, discovering what they like doing by themselves and discover that they actually are good at things they never thought they would be.

The illustrations as far as they were available in the eARC I received from the publisher are evocative and tell about the emotional layer of any one involved. They take some time to get used to. And either you love them, or you don't.

Where the book lost lots of points for me is with the representation of the parents of our two heroes. Xar's father barely features, but Wish's mother, Queen Sychorax, is quite prominent. She is reduced to a few exaggerated negative traits, and I felt simultaneously sad and angered about this representation of a single mother in a powerful position. Xar's father Encanzo, on the other hand is treated very leniently in comparison.
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I must thank NetGalley for the chance to read this.
If you’ve enjoyed the first two, you’ll love this.
I have to confess to reading this on behalf of my eight year old. To be begged for just another chapter is, for me, a pretty good indication that this is going down well.
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This book kind of fell a bit flat for me - I was really excited for this installment as I loved the first two. But I struggled to connect back to the characters, some of the new characters were annoying to me and I really had to force myself to keep picking this back up.

I've potentially just read this at the wrong time, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the first two
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Cressida Cowell never disappoints and this latest adventure of Wish & Xar is a sheer delight.   She has proved that she is National Treasure who goes from strength to strength with every new novel. 

Our plucky heroes are determined to continue on their extremely important but highly dangerous quest to make the Spell To Get Rid Of Witches. They are sure that they can triumph if only they would stop being doomed by curses & hunted by evil forces and that includes their pesky parents!  This third adventure is crammed full of epic fights, marvellous magic, entertaining new characters and a shocking betrayal that could ruin everything.
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