A Sister’s Courage

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This book was a brilliant read and one that is perfect to escape for a few hours and loose yourself.
Characters that fall out of the pages of the book and make you fell apart of the story, the setting comes alive  and captured is well with words.
A great read. that I would highly recommend.
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This novel is the 2st in a trilogy about 3 sisters set in the 1930's.
The story follows Raine Linfoot who is the elsest of the sisters. 
Her dream has always to be a pilot but with no financial means to be one it seemed unlikely. 
When she hears about the women's air transport auxiliary it seemed like her answer. 
She is accepted into the training and becomes part of the group. The story follows the perspective of a female pilot but it moved a little slowly for me without much depth. 
Maybe it would be good as an easy read but it wasn't for me.
I received this advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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It's 1939 and the threat of war hangs over Britain. And all Lorraine "Raine" Linfoot wanted to do since her father took her to the flying circus when she was 14 was to be a pilot. But it's a man's world and the general consensus is that women can't fly planes...a view shared by her highly strung French mother.

In the first of what promises to be a heartwarming, feel-good series, A SISTER'S COURAGE is Raine's story...her journey from a young idealistic 14 year old to the woman who defies the odds to follow her dream.

From the moment her father took her to see the Flying Circus in 1936, Raine knew she wanted to be a pilot. To feel the freedom up in the skies, the wind beneath her wings. When at 17, she ventures to Biggins Hill airfield to watch the planes, it's there she meets Doug White and she persuades him to teach her to fly whilst arranging a job for her at the airfield to pay for her lessons. She knew her mother would never agree to her flying and therefore would never pay for the lessons.

When Raine has her first solo flight she can hardly contain the thrill of her emotions. Upon her return home she excitedly shares her news with her family who are all thrilled for her...except her mother. She is mortified and angered that Raine would choose to defy her regardless of her thoughts on the matter.

It isn't long before Raine takes her final test flight and and becomes a fully fledged pilot. However, before she can get her hours up, war is declared and the airfield is closed to civilian use. Biggins Hill now comes under the RAF and her mentor Doug is sent to Fighter Command in the war against Germany.

But before he leaves, he recommends she join the newly formed Air Transport Auxilliary (ATA) who deliver planes throughout the country for the RAF. And they are taking women pilots. But in the meantime, she must bide her time at the airfield as a typist and clerk where she now falls under the command of Flight Lieutenant Fox, a despicable man who sees women as objects for his own amusement. From the start, he rubbed Raine up the wrong way and she refused to let him bully her. So when he calls her into his office citing a letter from the ATA asking for pilots, Raine is thrilled to see her chance to fly. But she is quickly brought back to earth with a resounding thump when Fox tells her that they are looking for "experienced" pilots with an excess of 250 hours. Raine only had 20...and with a war on, no chance to increase her hours in any way.

But Fox had other plans for Raine...and when she refuses his advances and swiftly puts him in his place, he terminates her employment. Fearing the new girl Linda's chances with the sleazy Fox, the two women hatch a plan...which sees Linda obtaining the address for the ATA from the letter asking for pilots.

Raine writes to Pauline Gower who is in charge of the ATA pilots at Hatfield, citing her flying hours and her desire to do her bit for the war effort as a pilot. She hears back with the news that she is not immediately successful as the positions have all been filled, but it isn't long before she receives the news she has been waiting for. After an interview with Ms Gower and a flight test that proved to be somewhat hair-raising, Raine at last obtains her dream job as a pilot for the ATA. And not for want of trying either...for it seems the required minimum of 250 hours for the position was the cruel work of Flight Lieutenant Fox. There had been no minimum flying hours. The ATA were desperate for pilots.

Meanwhile back home, Raine's mother is as furious as expected. To think that her daughter was flying dangerous machines in the air during a war. Her sisters, Suzanne and Ronnie, were thrilled for her as was her father Robert. Even Doug was elated in their exchange of letters. Everyone was happy for her, except her mother. On a visit home, she went to a dance with her sister Suzanne, where she met the most infuriating cocky fly-boy with the greenest eyes she had ever seen. He introduced himself as Alec Marshall. She had seen him once before when she started at Biggins Hill before the war and while he was attractive, he was even more infuriating. Even moreso when he laughed at her.

Back in Hatfield, Raine was living her dream as a pilot ferrying fighter planes to the men on the front line. And although she had only ever flown a Tiger Moth, she was soon flying other planes such as Hurricanes, Spitfires and Typhoons. It was the general consensus amongst the female pilots that the Spitfire was a "woman's plane". It was light and comfortable and truly a dream to fly. And when Raine got her chance to fly her first Spit, she understood exactly what the other women meant. It WAS a woman's plane.

Then Raine receives the devastating news that Doug's plane had been shot down in France and, unless he bailed out before it crashed, he was missing presumed dead. It wasn't long after that she received her last letter from Doug which appeared to be unfinished, and in it he stated his true feelings for her and hoped they could marry upon his return. But suddenly Raine wasn't sure. This man who had seemed so much older than her, more experienced, she'd always looked on as an older brother. She didn't think she loved him in that way.

But when she laid eyes on Alec Marshall again, she knew where her heart lay. But being the stubborn woman that she was, Raine never admitted her true feelings to anyone...for fear of her heart being broken. This war was a cruel war and it was taking so many lives. She didn't know if she could give her heart to another...only to lose it should he be killed.

A SISTER'S COURAGE is a heartwarming story that sees Raine breaking with convention learning to fly and then going on to do a man's job during the toughest of conditions. Wartime was not an easy time. Women were left at home to keep the home fires burning, but many were also given roles they had never had before...in place of the men who were out there fighting. They had to deal with prejudice, convention, family and relationships.

I love historical fiction, with WW2 fiction often a favourite. A SISTER'S COURAGE is no different. It is well written and well portrayed with characters that are relatable and well developed as far as this part of the story goes. As we know, this is the first installment in "The Victory Sisters" series and is Raine's story. The second book I note will be focusing on Raine's sister Suzanne in the appropriately titled "A Sister's Song" .

This is my first book my Molly Green and it won't be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed A SISTER'S COURAGE and look forward to "A Sister's Song" .

I would like to thank #MollyGreen, #NetGalley and #AvonUK for an ARC of #ASistersCourage in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was obvious that a huge amount of research had gone into writing the book, which made for a wonderful historical read. The romance aspect compliments this nicely. Great characters and a really interesting plot.
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My thanks to Avon and Netgalley for the preview copy of this novel.

My first Molly Green novel deals with a subject I have recently become interested in, the Air Transport Auxiliary, an integral and vital part of Great Britain's WWII war effort. Without going into too much detail, this novel tells the story of Raine , her family and the determination to join this unit. Well written, detailed and researched, I was enthralled by her story and the people she surrounds herself with. I doubt if this will be the final novel I read by this author. Well recommended.
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The plot was too predictable, too thin. I liked Raine, an obstinate, determined character, ready to do what it takes to fulfill her dreams but I did not find the two men in her life (Doug and Alec) agreeable enough. They did not fight for her, they presumed she loved them because they were pilots/ heroes.
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I really enjoyed this novel about female pilots set during WWII by Molly Green.  Not only did I enjoy the romantic story, but found the information about female pilots during the war that drew me in.  I have read other stories about female pilots and that being said, this was another book about those brave women that I enjoyed. This story of three sisters and their family was very touching. The girls were close knit holding themselves together as a unit during the hard times.  I've never read Ms. Green's novels before, but I will be looking for more.

My thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A Sister’s Courage: An inspiring wartime story of friendship, bravery and love (The Victory Sisters, Book 1) by [Green, Molly]Molly Green wrote and interesting book, A Sister's Courage, about the women who became pilots in the ATA. This is also a historical romance between Raine, the female pilot and Dog and Alec. Doug was Raine's instructor when she was 14 and then during WWII. Alec is a young pilot. This book is filled with information about the ATA and women during the war. It is sweet and enjoying.
I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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The Victory Sisters #1

All Lorraine Linfoot ever wanted to do was to become a pilot. When she's seventeen years old she persuades her hero, Doug William's to teach her to fly. When the war broke out in 1939, she enlisted in the Air Transport Auxiliary. Her mission is to fly fighter planes to the men on the front line. Doug's plane has been shot down. He's reported as missing. Laine (Lorraine) realises the war could also break her heart.

I really liked this story that showed how only a few women were privileged to fly aeroplanes during the war. It was just as dangerous for the courageous women who risked their lives to do this job as it was for the men. This is a well written historical fiction novel. The characters are relatable and true to life. This is the first book that I have read by the author but it won't be my last. I look forward to reading the next installment I  this series.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Avon Books UK and the author Molly Green for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Fans of historical romances will enjoy this for its portrait of Raine, a young woman who flies with the ATA and loves two pilots- Doug and Alec.  Raine began flying- taught by Doug, when she was only 14 and as WWII got worse, found herself involved with the ATA.  There is some nice info about the organization and the relationships between the women are well done.  This being a WWII romance, you know there's going to be some bad news- in this case when Doug goes missing.  Alec, a flashier young pilot, is competing for Raine's attentions.  You'll live the ups and downs with her.  Thanks to net galley for the ARC.  A fair amount of drama and a sweet love story.
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A Sister's Courage by Molly Green was an engaging, entertaining and very informative book. 
Lorraine "Raine" Linfoot began learning to fly at 17 with her Father's support and her Mother's unhappiness at such an inappropriate pastime for a girl.
In 1939, the only way Raine could assist with the war effort was to join the Air Transport Auxiliary, a new group of women who flew planes to the front lines so men weren't taken away from the important job of fighting the Germans. These brave women had to have the same skills as the men and had to work so much harder to prove their worth to the war effort. 
I was not aware of the ATA, as the women called it, or the important job they did. The friendships these women formed lasted a lifetime and they are wonderful to read about. Two pilots have fallen in love with Raine, even though her Mother said no man would fall for a pilot.
The story is wonderful with a lot of information and sources in the back of the book. My list grows longer as this book has made me want to learn more about these women. Such a good book and you will not want to put it down. I read it in one day.
Thank you NetGalley, Avon Books UK and Molly Green for this wonderful book to review.
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I really enjoyed this novel about female pilots set during WWII by Molly Green. I loved the way the characters developed throughout the story and you really got to know them. I love reading WWII books about female characters and how they helped participate in the war because it allows you to see everything from their perspective as well. I also like that I had not yet read a book about a female pilot. I felt the main character was very likeable and I was rooting for her success the whole time. I felt vested in her love story and watched as her romance slowly built. I loved that the romance was part of the story, but that the information about female pilots was at the forefront of the whole novel. This is the first in a set of novels about sisters who do their part during the war, and I am excited to read the next ones!
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Loved this book the characters cam aliv I was drawn in to their world their lives.Read late into the night looking forward to next in the series. #netgalley#avonbooksuk
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Lorraine “Raine” Linfoot is the main character.  Her mother, Simone is very French, her Father, Robert, who is older than Simone and English.  She has two younger sisters, Suzanne (Suzy) and Veronique (Ronnie).  This is described as being about the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), which is the British Version of the WASPS.  However, it is more about Raine and her love life than the ATA’s history.  In 1936, at the age of 14 Raine flies for the first time, and it is then that she decides she will be a pilot.  We see Raine achieve that dream and also get caught between her feelings for two very special pilots in her life.
I didn’t realize until I got to the end that this was the first in what I believe will be a trilogy, the 2nd book is due out May 2020 and is about Raines sister Suzy, called A Sister’s song.  This was an ok book, it was more of a romance and less of a historical novel than I expected.  Actually I felt like besides setting it wasn’t really about the ATA, it was about Raine’s love triangle.  
I liked the strong character Raine is, she was not afraid to advocate for herself.  In the WWII era, there was a lot of discrimination against women, especially in historically male work fields.  She is a very strong character that way. I think that if I had realized it was more about the love story and not the history of the ATA I may have enjoyed the book more.  It was well written, and there were some very well developed characters, I just wanted more history I think.
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Loved reading how the women made a stand and showed the men what for. I cannot wait for the next one. Please hurry! Amazing insight to how it was. Written beautifully and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. 5*
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What a fantastic book this was I had to read from start to finish in one sitting would definitely recommend to others ,
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During WWII, women were given roles they have never had before. One of these was working as a ferry pilot for ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary). A Sister's Courage is the story of Raine and other intrepid women who served in the ATA. Raine was one of three sisters, who broke with convention, and learned to fly when just a teenager.  Through the eyes of Raine, you see how these women struggled with prejudice against women flying, how they did a remarkable job flying multiple airplanes without instruments, how they retained their femininity ("Beauty is your duty" the government told them.), and tried to balance family and romantic relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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Airplanes, Friendship, and Romance

I really enjoyed reading this story about the lady pilots flying for the ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary).  It was good to hear how women helped during the war shuttling airplanes to the bases for the male servicemen to fly.  Not only did they prove to be as good pilots as the men, they could fly every different kind of aircraft.

The friendship between the lady pilots was heartwarming. Not only did they have each other's back, the actually cared about the well being of their fellow pilots.

Raine had wanted to fly an airplane from an early age, ever since her father took her to a flying circus and she was allowed to ride in an airplane.  Against her mother's wishes, but with her father's blessing, and the help and encouragement from her two sisters,  she learned to fly. The story not only covers how she learned to fly and got into the ATA, but the story of her family and her struggles to find her way as a woman pilot.

The best part is the ATA and her friendship with the other women pilots. Their experiences in prejudice against women flying, their narrow misses in the airplanes, the drama of their lives and how they helped each other cope with the stress of war and of the job.  The rigid training, the long hours flying, the thrill of the first solo flight.  It was a wonderful story of triumph and fulfillment.

There is also the story of her friends Doug, and Alec and the drama between the three of them. Both Doug and Alec spoke to her of their love for her. Would she choose Doug the older soft spoken friend or Alec the new cocky pilot she meets at a dance? The drama of Doug being shot down over enemy territory. The night with Alec in Windsor when the bomb just missed the theatre they were attending. So much action and drama.  It in itself was a sweet love story in the midst of war.

Molly has written another great book.  This author is one of my favorite, I enjoy her books, and I am sure you will as well. I recommend you grab a copy of " A Sister's Courage" and start reading, you will be glad you did.

My thanks to Molly Green, Avon Books UK,  and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review an advance copy of the book.
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Molly Green begins a new trilogy in this lovely tale set in World War II. We know that all our women played an incredibly important part in the war, and in this particular story we meet Raine who is a ferry pilot – she transfers planes between RAF stations so that the men don’t waste their flying hours.  The author has clearly researched her subject well, as there are a lot of detail about the training and the different bases. I found the book very interesting to read. There is the usual obligatory wartime romance, of course, but this too is told in an interesting way without being slushy.
I have read all of Molly Green’s books and this book, although dealing with a different subject matter, is written as well as any of her others. Very much looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy!
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