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The Runaway Daughter

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Thank you for giving me access to this book ahead of the new copy of book #2 coming out on the 30th. I had not known The Runaway Wife was the second in the series so a big thank you to Charlotte from Macmillan Australia for being so helpful accessing this one. 

I read this book in one weekend such was the pleasure it was to read. There was something in the writing of this book that just made me feel like I was with Vita/Anna on her adventure. I felt her marvel and eyes-open look at life during that time in London, all the while looking over her shoulder for when it might come to an end. I loved the friendships she made, and how some of the characters declared their positions early, while some she took a little longer to figure out. The highs and the lows of friendships and disappointments of it all. 

I loved the strength of character of Vita beyond her tender years. She wasn't entirely sure where she was going but knew where she did not want to be. Nor did she get maudlin and introspective when she was disappointed, she just kept on keeping on, and hopefully finds a position of safety for book 2. I'm not convinced Nancy is going to be a particularly good horse to bet on though and think Vita will be in for some lessons within this friendship.

Thank you to Macmillan for providing me with the electronic copy of this book. It is greatly appreciated.
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This is the first book I have read from the author and it won’t be my last. A wonderful story set in London in the twenties. Well written with a fantastic cast of characters, I loved this book. Well paced, with twists and turns throughout -  I was gripped from the start and can't wait to read the next instalment.

Highly recommended, I couldn't put it down.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review
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A glorious 1920s based romp following Vita from controversy in the North down to the bright lights of London. Lots of colourful characters and intrigue throughout. I’m really hopeful there’s a next instalment. Well worth reading. 

Thank you Netgalley
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A well-written story with plenty of drama and romance.  The reader is kept in suspense until the end.  The ending also nicely paves the way for the opening of the next book in this trilogy.

Anna/Vita is an admirable, determined and adventurous character, and the reader easily warms to her.

The author has successfully researched and portrayed London in the 1920’s - very clearly a time of change and new freedoms in that post World War 1 era.

Thank you to the publisher, Pan Macmillan, via NetGalley for an early digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Although this book is the first in a trilogy it is still a stand alone novel which will set you up for what is to follow.
Brace yourself for ripping good yarn that will transport you to the roaring twenties with flapper girls and the bright young things of that era.
Wandering into this is Anna escaping from a toxic family life and a crime that she thinks that she has committed.
Befriended by a group of girls who are dancers at a London club her life changes beyond all recognition but is she safe and she is always looking over her back
Can’t wait for the next book in the trilogy
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is highly entertaining and kept me from wanting to know what happens. The story moves along at a fast pace. The description of the characters and their clothes told me about the era. I liked the ending and can't wait for next book .
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Anna Darton believes she has committed a heinous crime and therefore she has to escape, she has no choice, no one will understand what happened or believe her.

She heads to London, bit of a cliche perhaps but the only place she knows she can hide.

Whilst determined to survive, her sheltered upbring makes her naive and susceptible to being conned.

Then she meets Nancy, a chance meeting leads her to reinvent herself as Verity 'Vita' Casey and she becomes immersed in Nancy's world of society, dancing, drinking, love and fashion.

Meeting a wide variety of people, Vita starts to become immersed in the fringes of 1920s London society and her past seems just a distant memory. Her past though is about to catch up with her and will she be able to make the right choices.

One of those choices is Archie, enamoured with Vita a love affair begins and she knows that this is the man that will love her forever, but are other forces at work and will a love affair survive all the friendships she has forged in her new life.

This book, the first in a proposed trilogy took you right into the heart of Twenties London, where everything was starting to change, The Great War starting to become a memory and the "Young Bright Things" are pushing boundaries, raising hemlines, cutting hair short and embracing being women who now have more of a say. Experimenting with alcohol, drugs, friendships and differing sexual relationships this book manages to pack it all in. Not in a sensationalist way but with what can be seen as thorough research to enrich the storyline. 

I had to keep reading to see whether the past ever caught up with Vita and whilst the denouement ties lots of loose ends together it left many unresolved, I was slightly disappointed with Vita's actins and I was surprised I felt this way when I had been her greatest advocate all the way through the book. But now I want to know where and how the author is going to take this story so I am looking forward to book two. 

A great historical read, enthralling, captivating and will have you reading long into the night as you immerse yourself in the 1920s. A must for historical fiction fans.
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Glamorous, absorbing and atmospheric 
An immersive and alluring tale 
The writing is expressive. The characters are authentic and engaging. The story sweeps you away to the 1920s in London. 
This is an excellent read with the correct balance of romance, suspense and drama. An entertaining read for all fans of historical fiction
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What an amazing book! Really good description of characters and a good storyline. Highly recommended. Kept me guessing.
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Wow I really enjoyed The Runaway daughter by Joanna Rees. It’s the first book I have read from the author and it won’t be my last.
It’s 1926 and Anna Darton who is part of the Darton family and own their own cotton mills. Is running away from her family due to her thinking that she has killed her abusive brother Clement. She takes a train first not knowing where she is heading until she hears someone talk about a train going to London. So, she hops on there and arrives in London. 
At first, she goes and books in a hotel for herself on the first night. But it takes most of her money. She didn’t realise the cost, so she is determined to find cheaper lodgings. Whilst she is on her travels she is mistakenly recognised as a friend of a friend who is up for an audition at the Zip club.  She manages to wing the audition and also the owner of the club seems to admire her, so she manages to get the job.
The Runaway daughter highly entertaining gripping book that I couldn’t put it down. I thought it was well researched of the subjects that were important in them times. I cant wait for the next book in the series.
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Thanks to netgalley for an early copy in return for an honest review 
First time reading this Author and thoroughly enjoyed this book  looking forward to  the next one highly entertaining  great  characters  keeps you totally  engaged  the whole was through Anna's  journey.
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Historical fiction at its best.First in a new trilogy.I was drawn right into the story the characters the drama.Looking forward to next in the series an author to follow.#netgalley #panmacmillan.
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The Runaway Daughter, the new novel from Joanna Rees, is the story of Anna Darton. After an altercation with her abusive and bullying brother, Anna needs to flee her home and finds herself on a train to London. After arriving in London she decides to reinvent herself; so with a new name and the help of a friendly American dancer, she becomes part of a nightclub dance troupe. As Anna throws herself into her new life she is unaware that the past is about to catch up with her.

A good story with a varied cast of characters. This book was an easy and entertaining read and I’m looking forward to the next one.
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