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Caillou: The Dinosaur Museum

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A love dinosaurs and I hope my son loves them too. So this was a fun story about Caillou going to visit the dinosaurs in the museum with his stuffed animal Rexy. The story has very surface level facts about dinosaurs but it has a lesson incorporated into the story as well. Read to read about what happens when you get lost and you don't know where your family is.
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Caillou loves dinosaurs and today, at last he’s going with his family to the natural history museum.
There he discovers a world that fascinates him. He sees the different types of dinosaurs that existed, some skeletons and what was its habitat before it became extinct.

As it couldn’t be otherwise his favorite stuffed toy is also a dinosaur he calls Rexy and that he brings to the museum so they can enjoy the visit together.

Curious and excited Caillou keeps an eye on things and he asks his parents about everything he sees there. He is so distracted that suddenly loses sight of his parents and he is found alone in the museum. 

Caillou: The Dinosaur Museum is a very entertaining children’s story by which to explain easily to children the importance of obeying the parents at all times.

This is another tale from the Caillou series that all children like for the beautiful and simple as well as useful for parents to explain and teach basic concepts to children.

A Caillou le encantan los dinosaurios y hoy, por fin, irá con su familia al museo de historia natural. Allí descubre un mundo que le fascina. Ve los distintos tipos de dinosaurios que existían, algunos esqueletos y como era su hábitat antes de extinguirse.

Como no podía ser de otra forma, su juguete de peluche favorito es también un dinosaurio al que llama Rexy y que se trae al museo para juntos disfrutar de la visita.

Curioso y emocionado Caillou no pierde detalle y pregunta a sus padres sobre todo lo que allí ve. Tan distraído está, que de repente pierde de vista a sus padres y se encuentra solo en medio del museo. 

Caillou: The Dinosaur Museum es un cuento infantil muy entretenido mediante el cual explicar de forma sencilla a los niños, la importancia de obedecer en todo momento a los padres.

Este es otro cuento de la serie de Caillou que a todos los niños gusta por lo bonito y sencillo, a la vez que útil para la padres explicar y enseñar conceptos básicos a los niños.
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As the title suggests, this short but charming story features the popular character of Caillou as he goes to the dinosaur museum. Caillou’s parents patiently answer Caillou’s questions (questions typical of any young child), such as why dinosaurs no longer exist and why the ones in the museum don’t have skin.  There is a teachable moment when Caillou gets lost but knows to stay where he is until his parents come to find him.  The illustrations are bright and colorful—just as you would see in the animated television series.  This is a fun story, and perfect for any toddler. 

I received a free copy from the publisher, Chouette.  All opinions are my own.
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The Dinosaur Museum is a fun story of when Caillou visits a museum with his toy dinosaur. We thought the book would focus more heavily on dinosaurs but a lot of it seemed to be more focused on Caillou getting lost. This is good for the children to see and sensible advice for them to learn about him and his toy dinosaur but we'd have liked to see more dinosaurs too. Another good Caillou book with great bright illustrations and a fun story.
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My children used to watch Caillou and they like the show. But like many other parents, he annoys me. Since this book is an adaptation of the show, I find it annoying as well. I was interested in it because my son loves dinosaurs and loves visiting the natural history museum in our town. This story has a few facts about dinosaurs, though not enough. The main focus of this plot is that Caillou and his pet dinosaur Rexy both keep getting lost. The solution and moral of the story is that Caillou should stay right where he is if he loses track or gets separated from his parents and should wait for them to find him. This goes against what I have told my own kids, which is to find a someone who works for the store or museum, or go to customer service and page is or call us. I also have them memorize my phone number and name. And not to go with anyone outside the building or wherever we happen to be. Caillou was only able to stay put because he was lost next to a security guard. This story is almost harmful to be honest, depending on what you have taught your own kids about what to do when they are lost. I wouldn't read this story to my own children. In addition there's too much text and not enough pictures. But that may be a Kindle format issue.
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This is a lovely book aimed at preschoolers.

I'll be honest, my 3 year old granddaughter watches  Caillou videos and I requested this book because I know she loves the character.

The themes in the story are very familiar to adults and children:  A family day out; the need for young children to take a favourite toy with them when they go anywhere; the inevitability of 'losing' said toy and and having to go back and find it;  getting lost and being found.  Caillou does get lost in the story but he knows what to do until his parents find him. I think it would be a reassuring book for young children.

The story is short and doesn't take too long to read but there are ample opportunities for adult and child to talk about the things happening in the book.
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Caillou:The Dinosaur Museum. Caillou at the Dinosaur Museum was a very cute book. Teaches children when they get lost to stay where they are and they will be found. My grandson who is 7 would love the book he always loved to watch the Caillou cartoons.
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I love that this book does a great job to appeal to the interest of children (with the incorporation of dinosaurs) but also teach children a lesson when faced with scary situations for children. The big thing is that the book reminds children that they should not talk to strangers. But it also teaches kids that when you cannot find your family you should stay where you are so that your family can find you.
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Every little one loves Caillou.  This story takes his family to the natural history museum to visit the dinosaur exhibit.  His favourite stuffed dinosaur Rex accompanies him to share the fun experience.  As Caillou ogles the mammoth skeletons he discovers that he and his family are separated.  

Caillou uses a valuable life lesson that he is taught until he is reunited with his parents.  Unfortunately his favourite toy goes missing also and it's through this event that he learns about the lost and found component of the museum.  Happily he and Rex unite again. 

The book is a take off of the very popular television series and the Clubhouse books that feature this popular little character.  Kids can relate to Caillou as they are familiar with how he feels and probably are going through similar experiences in their own lives.  

The illustrations are colourful, uncluttered and vibrant.  I recommend this book as it will ignite conversations about life issues and will be a model for a strong family unit.
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This is another lovely book about Caillou and his adventures. This time Caillou visits the museum. This sweet book teaches children an important lesson about what to do should they get lost in a public place. It reminds them that they need to follow their care-giver’s advice an go to the pre-assigned location to announce that they’re lost and to seek help in finding their parents/guardians. My children loved this book. It’s another great book for teaching simple yet valuable lessons to young children and students. Five stars from me!!
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*thank you to Netgalley, Chouette Publishing and the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

4 stars.

A great little book about Caillou's trip to the Dinosaur Museum. He takes his toy Dinosaur, Rexy, with him and while there he ends up losing him. Thankfully he knows just how to find him again by retracing his steps.

This is another fun read in the Caillou book series that also teaches kids what to do when you have lost something or are lost yourself. Illustrations are very well done, nice and bright and colourful.
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This is a charming little book. My son has always enjoyed Caillou, and this is a wonderful story that not only has the dinosaurs your little one will love, but an important message about what to do when you get separated from your parents/group.

This is perfect for the 3-6 age range; my three- and five-year-old loved it.
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This is my first Caillou read and I’m very impressed. The story structure allows the most common dinosaur related questions to be answered without being shoehorned in.
The sub plot of going missing is really well combined and allows a reader to understand the importance of following instructions.
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I was so excited to share this book with the boys I nanny because they love Caillou and dinosaurs. They thoroughly enjoyed the book and learned an important skill. This book is not just about dinosaurs, it's also about what to do if you get separated from your family or caregiver. The boys loved the illustrations and the story, so much so that we immediately had to read it two more times. I am grateful to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to share this story with the boys I care for in exchange for an honest review. I recommend this book for ages 2 to 5 to enjoy.
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This was a pretty cute little book with a moral for children to learn. When I started reading it to my daughter, she started telling me all the things she has learned about dinosaurs and we talked about what may have killed off the dinosaurs and how no one knows. Then when we got to the part about Calliou getting separated from his family but staying in place so he could be found, I reminded my daughter that is what she should also do if she was ever separated from us. This book was a bit short but it was fun and the pictures were very vivid and colorful.
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I absolutely love these little stories of Caillou. Reasons, teachings and morals behind every solid story.

This one identifies who to speak to, and what to do if you get separated/ lost from your mommy and daddy.

The illustrations are fabulous.
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Thank you netgalley for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

I loved Caillou when I was little and throughout the whole time I read this very short book, I was hearing their voices.
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A very cute book with an important message about staying put where your parents tell you when you get lost so they can find you again. Looking forward to reading the rest in the series.
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This Caillou title will be welcomed by preschoolers.  In it, Caillou and his stuffed dinosaur, Rex, visit the natural history museum with their family.  With bright primary color illustrations and a simple text, the book answers some basic questions about dinosaurs that kids may have.  Caillou learns about dinosaur bones, types of dinosaurs and more.

Over the course of this short book, both Caillou and  Rex get lost at different times.  Caillou remembers what his family told him to do and is found again without upset.  The same happens a bit later for Rex.  The message about what to do if separated is a bonus lesson that parents can offer to their children. 

This is a fine title in a series with a character that young children enjoy.  Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this e galley.  All opinions are my own.
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Caillou and his family go to the natural history museum to look at the dinosaurs. Caillou really enjoys looking at the skeletons and learning about the different kinds of dinosaurs. 

When he loses sight of the others, he knows to stay put until Mommy comes back to find him. And when he realizes he forgot Rexy somewhere, Caillou learns about the lost and found, and retraces his steps until he finds his dinosaur friend. 

Drawn from episodes of the popular animated television series, the Clubhouse books follow Caillou as he continues to explore the world around him and gain a better understanding of his environment.

To be honest I usually just do reviews for adult books. But when i was offered the chance for This I said what the heck, I read to her anyway. This is a really cute book for kids to encourage them to read. I loved the amazing message this book taught about staying put if you got lost.The Reading level is	3-6 years. It has CUTE pics for the kids to look while you read to them.My and my 4 year old loved it. 
Thanks to netgalley Dr letting us red and review this book. All opinions are of my own.
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