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The Art of Making Memories

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I have always been a fan of Meik Wiking Books ever since I read Hygge. His books have a very positive vibe to them and lets you achieve the ultimate goal of anybody in the world - happiness. 
The book is beautiful and so are his other books.
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Loved the combination of scientific studies and practical tips on how to make more good memories. I've come away with great ideas and a renewed sense of motivation to do more memorable things!
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I love Meik Wiking books. They are warm and cozy, full of inspiration for enjoying a simpler, fuller life. Also, the design is stunning.
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Having previously enjoyed The Little Book of Hygge, I was really looking forward to this new book. However, it just didn't live up to my expectations. It was a quick read with little substance.
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What a truly delightful and insightful read.

I have enjoyed all of Meik Wiking's books but this one is more poinient for me than most. Memories are essentially all we have in the end and some don't even get to keep those. but reading this book has made me think more about how we create memories, its not just doing exciting or adventurous things, though those are great, it's a conversation with a loved one, a story shared, even a scent of a moment. As readers we may be unconciously aware of the points this book drawers upon but reading this has broughts these ideas into focus. In particular I found the 'sketch of the future, helpful and will be drawering upon its advice in the coming months.
My thanks to #Netgalley, #PenguinBooksand #PenguinLife for giving me the opportunity to read and review #TheArtOfMakingMemories. I rate this book a 5 star read but there is no higher praise for a book than being given a copy and then for it to be that good that you go out and by not only a copy for yourself but also a friend, which is what I have done.

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The Art of Making Memories: How to Create and Remember Happy Moments is a new book by Meik Wiking, who you might know from his previous books on the Danish concepts of hygge and lykke. He’s the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and has been described as “the world’s happiest man”. I’m always trying to be more positive about life so I was interested to read this and pick up some tips. 

It’s no surprise to learn that remembering happy memories makes us happier. The book includes some great advice and tips on how we can use their research to create more memorable moments and keep from forgetting the good times in our lives. It’s very easy to put a kawaii twist on these tips too so here’s some I’ve come up with.(full post at link)
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A heart-warming and joyful book, it has been a real delight to read.  The style of writing is fluid and light, with a gentle, humorous tone.  The book is divided into eight chapters, each exploring the way we make and recall memories with plenty of anecdotes from the author.  I found it a fascinating and educational read.  It inspires you to think about your experiences and the way you would like to recall them.  
The final section provides a calendar of ideas to make the most of your happy memories throughout the year.
I enjoyed this book so much and want to pass on the joy, so I will be buying a copy for all my loved ones.
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I loved the author’s other book The Little Book of Hygge so was really excited to get my hands on this. I enjoyed it as I think there was a lot of useful information to live a happier life with fulfilment. The book is an easy read and break down the various elements to making memories. If you are a fan of minimalism, you will enjoy this book!
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The Art of Making Memories has made me think about just how important memories are to the future. How memories can shape our lives and make us happier when we are feeling blue.

The biggest impact I have had from the book is thinking about making memories that I will remember after ten years and giving attention completely over to the moment.

The way Wiking writes this makes it easy to read and funny without losing the point of the book. I would definitely pick up his other books that I haven't read before!
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