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The Man You're Made to Be

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Unfortunately I was unable to open this book to review it due to technical issues. Thank you for giving me the opportunity however I was unable to view it.
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In a world that is heavy on gender conformity and common misogyny I was hoping for a book to help me find new ways to help raise my own young man to be tender, and kind, and unique and not feel like he needs to be what society tells him. While I appreciated a lot of the ideas here I just couldn't get past the heavy Christian lessons.
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We all strive to know, live and serve a purpose in life, but what do you do when with this comes all sorts of expectations? I love Saunders style of writing and even though I am not a man, there were certain aspects I could relate to. He draws inspiration and references from both the Bible and real life experiences which makes this book easy to relate to. 
Above all, my favorite part of the book has got to be the questions towards the end of each chapter that serve as points of reflection.
I requested an eARC of this book off Netgalley and it's been a thought-provoking read, I'd recommend it to any young man or woman, it'd be great having such conversations earlier on. PS: Is it possible to have a different ebook cover?
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My heartbeat is to become a better person, and Martin Saunders writes in a way that is helpful, kind, and to the point. Saunders gives readers many questions to visit in their personal journey. Though written from the perspective of a Christian, this book has implications for all readers.
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