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The Cottage at Plum Tree Bay

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Looking for a heart warming romance. The look no further!
Darcie Boleyn has a great passion for story telling and it shows. Her settings come alive for me and I can see myself in amongst the characters as the story unfolds.  Darcie Boleyn doesn't just create characters she gives them fully fledged lives that are relate able.  
I loved The Cottage at Plum Tree Bay and would highly recommended giving it a read.
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Although the second book in a series by this author, it didn't matter that I had no read the first as it worked well as a standalone in my opinion. 
I have a soft spot for books set in Cornwall so I knew this would be one I enjoyed and I was right. A very cute and cosy read, ideal for summer getaways or for those hankering for summer to return. Gorgeous setting that really draws a reader like me in. 
I loved reading about Catherine and her romance with Mark, She really develops as a character throughout and its lovely to read. 
This is a charming, beautiful read with characters you will love. I read it in one sitting and was pleasantly surprised as it wasn't all as predictable as I presumed it would be. 
I will look forward to more.
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Catherine Bromley has spent her life in Penhallow Sands, dedicating herself to work and supporting her emotionally fragile mother. Since her father left, it’s always been the two of them and Catherine has no interest in romance. What’s the point when men just leave? And besides, her mother needs her.
But when handsome novelist Mark Coleman arrives to stay at the cottage overlooking nearby Plum Tree Bay, Catherine’s world is changed. She’s soon bumping into Mark everywhere – or being thrown at him by her matchmaking friend! The chemistry is undeniable. But can Mark let go of his painful past to be the man that Catherine can rely on? And will Catherine find the courage to let love in?

This was a fun romance with just the right amount of angst!

*Book received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
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Eternal romantic  Catherine has notions of romance but caring for her mother kind of puts a stop on that. Then she meets the handsome, Mark, who is wowing the locals, and before long Catherine is under his spell. Can she break free and believe in herself to fall in love. 

How I love Darcie’s books they always make me feel good and smile. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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The Cottage ar Plum Tree Bay is the second book in the #CornishHearts series from Darcie Boleyn.

I absolutely loved reading Catherine and Mark's story - it was one of those books where you cant help but keep turning the pages, yet torn with reading too quickly as you dont want it to end too soon! 

Catherine is deputy head at the local school and is very much looking forward to the summer holidays - especially unwinding with her favourite romance novel author.

Mark, on the other hand, has come to stay Plum Tree Cottage in hope that he can get over recent heartbreak and find some inspiration for his work as an author.

The pair meet by chance but theres an instant connection. The only trouble is, and I dont want to give too much away, that Catherine is very controlled by her mother. This influences her choices and life path and it was really wonderful to read and see Catherine change over the course of the book.

With a little help from her friends, Catherine and Mark end up spending time together, the feelings are there but both nervous to act on it.

Mark gets his writing mojo back and Catherine and her mother start to move forward, but as with any good book - there are set backs and nothing is straightforward. This kept the pages turning, and the reader interested.

I adore reading Darcie's novels, they are full of love and warmth with relatable characters and stunning settings - I can't wait to start reading her Christmas book!
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I loved this book. Local school teacher Catherine Bromley lives with her mother. Ever since her father abandoned them it has just been the two of them and Catherine has no time for love as she believes all men are untrustworthy and will just leave eventually anyway. Her demanding mother takes up all her time and he negative attitude towards love has rubbed off on Catherine, that is until novelist Mark Coleman comes to town escaping a painful past and trying to cure his writers block. He hopes that by renting plum tree cottage for a while he will have the quiet reflective isolation he is hoping for. 
Thrown together by a case of misunderstanding mark and Catherine find themselves constantly bumping into each other and with both trying to hide their mutual attraction it takes  Catherine’s hairdresser friends Jamal and Bradley to undertake a bit of matchmaking. 
This is another winner by darcey Boleyn. 
A lovely feel good novel and definitely recommended.
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Heartwarming and charming tale. Likeable characters and a beautiful setting. You couldn’t ask for more. The storyline has some twists and turns, some of which unforeseen. Enjoyable book. 

Thank you Netgalley
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Thoroughly enjoyable, believable characters, brilliant writing, a book to really lose yourself in, I highly recommend this as a great read.
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Darcie Boleyn's books are a warm hug!  I totally get my #hygge on with this one!  A cup of tea, a comfy chair...bliss!!!

Funny, sweet, and such a lovely setting!

**OMG!  I cannot believe that these reviews haven't been done!  I am so sorry they are so late!!!**
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This was a perfect cute summer read. It can definitely be read as a standalone novel though obviously you might gain a few more insights if you read the previous one. A pair of destined lovers in a small cornish town - what isn't to love about that really? I do have a soft spot for books set in or around Cornwall as it's one of my fave places to holiday. The plot isn't really anything too new in this genre but it's still enjoyable.
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Loved this! A beautifully written love story that draws you in and keeps you hooked. Nice and easy to read but hard to put down!
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Thank you to Netgalley for a pre publication copy.  In return for an honest review! #thecottageatplumtreebay #netgalley

Catherine Bromley is a thirty......something deputy head teacher at the local primary school. She has had a difficult past being brought up by her unwell single mother. Catherine's content with her life until a beautiful author buddies the waters. Will Catherine allow herself to be loved.

The bright and airy, pink cover, showing the cottage of plum tree bay drew me to this book. 

Some research into this author has told me that this is her second book in the series. However you would not know this when reading and this book makes a great stand alone book, Something I think this author has got down to a fine art. 

Once opening the book it is a page turner. Catherine draws you into her unconventional life and makes you laugh, cry and hold your breath as you go through the roller coaster of Catherine's summer holiday.

This book is a great summer read romance and you never feel that you are missing anything from the story line allowing you to follow it through until the end with confidence that you will get a good ending.  Although their are some emotional subjects included in this book such as parents divorce and mental health I do not feel this takes away from the romantic summer feel of the book.

This book includes some difficult but pressing topics within this book including mental health, child carers, single parents and the lengths people go to due to poverty. All of the characters have their own difficulties and this allows me topics to be broached in a way that does not make the book too heavy. Which could have happened if only one character went through all of the difficulties.  It is great that this can be included in a 21st century romance read to normalise this and get everyone speaking about these taboo topics. 

I would love a follow on book in this series regarding Catherine's relationship with Mark, her father and mother on her return.
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Sometimes a book can surprise you, this was on of those books. It was uplifting and perfect for a weekend read.
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Loved this book from start to finish, . A seaside village and two main characters live their lives but then....... The  book is very well written and it makes you want to live there,. It really is a book of all sorts  and I would recommend  everyone to read it. I will certainly be reading it again.
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This book was very predictable but that’s not always a bad thing. I read this on the aeroplane on the way back from holiday and it helped pass the time very quickly. 

There was very strong character development throughout and a beautiful love story. I loved reading about Catherine and Mark, their friends and their journey. There were also side stories which were interesting and did not distract from the main plot.

Enjoyable read and would recommend! My rating: 3.5 stars!
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A cute and cosy story. It has a bit of escapism and a bit of Rom-com. 
Looking forward to reading more of this series
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A perfect book to take on your holiday, easy to get into & once hooked I promise you'll be unable to put it down, as you will want to see what happens to Catherine when Mark arrives into her world
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This is another winner from Darcie Boleyn, an engaging and heartwarming story set in Cornwall with great characters, a plot filled with twists and turns and an added sprinkling of humour, too.

Catherine Bromley has been brought up to expect men to let her down, starting with her father who left when she was a child. She’s certainly not looking out for romance but when author Mark Coleman takes over the nearby cottage their chemistry is palpable but both have events in their past to make them wary. It will take surprise revelations, a romance for Bob and Ginger, secrets to be uncovered and a new love story to help write a HEA for this couple!

With a delightful setting, a roller coaster romance and fantastic story telling, this is another great read from this talented author. I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone looking for a heartwarming romance that really does make you feel good.
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Catherine is cautious of love because her parents divorced when  she was growing up.  Now a new guy has came into the village and Catherine is interested yet not.   She lives with her mother who watches over Catherine as if she were a child.  
The only thing I disliked about this book was the lack of confidence on the part of Catherine.  At her age she should have been less worried about how her mother felt about things.
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A lovely heartwarming read, I enjoyed this book. I had read the first book in the series, but do not think this essential as this could be read as a standalone novel. 

I have read most of Darcey Boleyn's previous titles and have enjoyed them all. The author has a  warm writing style with excellent characters and lovely plot development. I enjoyed the setting of this book and how the characters developed throughout the book. I particularly loved the two cats Bob and Ginger. 

A perfect summer holiday read or for an afternoon in the garden.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read book this in exchange for an honest review.
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