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This was time well spent. I really felt that I knew the characters, and was intrigued by the story. Such a lovely book that showed how the past can influence the present.
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This is a new-to-me-author book and no, I have not read The Things We Knew, and reading As the Light Fades as a standalone was enjoyable. Even though it deals with some heavy issues like abuse, self-harm and returning back home after loosing everything! It is a book about building yourself from scratch again, love, family and loss too.
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Thank you to Netgalley for this advanced reader's copy in return for my honest review. Well written story, kept me engaged love the relationship dynamic between the characters. While the book deals with difficult characters, I found the book was light enough reading. A difficult story with an easy style.
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Light reading.  Serious topics but superficially addressed.  Easy love story.  It is a typical Lifetime movie type story.  I read it in an afternoon, enjoyed the relaxing reading.
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I have never read any of Catherine West books, but I have absolutely fallen in love with this sweet story of heartbreak, adventure, courage and happiness. When your world is falling apart, your only option is to pick yourself up and mend all broken things along the way to your own happiness. Characters and challenges are all relate-able. I really enjoyed reading this book. I will definitely be picking up more of her books.

I was given an ARC in return for my honest review.
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This book is the first one I have read by this author. I found it to be a bit predictable but an overall quick enjoyable read. It's set in Nantucket and involves the Carlisle family (who were the subject of a previous novel). This story covers family interactions, forgiveness, grace. There's also some domestic violence and mental health issues. I'm not sure I would recommend it for a book club because I don't think any of the topics covered in the book were do so in any depth that would make for good discussion.
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This book wasn’t for me. I find books on physical abuse hard to read and I didn’t realize that this was the theme of this book. I did finish it and Ms. West handled the characters well. I received copy of this arc in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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This book is one family saga with romance and a happy ending. This book talks about many things from emotional and sexual abuse to family politics. 

All the elements of the story were well developed and I liked the writing style of the author. The pace of the story was quick enough to not get bored.

The only thing I liked is the ending which I felt cliched. But other than that it's a good one time read and I recommend to all romance fans. 

Thank you, NetGalley, the author and the publisher for this ARC.
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As the Light Fades by Catherine West
Liz Carlisle moves back to Nantucket to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend and bring many secrets with her.  She joins her siblings who are turning their family home into a bed and breakfast, now that their father, a famous artist who has Alzheimer’s, is being cared for in a residential assisted living facility.  Because of the repairs, Liz must reside in a neighbor’s carriage house and develops a relationship with the owner and his 15-year-old niece.  Mia has issues of her own, including an imprisoned mother, and an abusive step-father.  The author weaves together all these characters to create a memorable story.
This is my first experience reading a book by Catherine West.  Although it is more of a romance than my usual reading diet, I did enjoy it.  It was loosely based on a previous work of hers, but despite not having read that book, I could follow this book easily.
The author covered many difficult topics, including sexual abuse, drug abuse, Alzheimer’s, and cutting, but she handled them sensitively without much gory detail.  And through it all, hope was a strong element.
Readers who enjoy contemporary women’s fiction will enjoy this book, which was not explicit in its Christian content, but did have subtle undertones of faith.
I received this book through Netgalley and these comments are my honest opinions.
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I enjoyed the characters in this story and how they relate to each other. The character of Liz was actually not my favorite but I enjoyed the dynamic she had with the others.
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This was a really good book! It follows a woman named Liz, who moves back to her family's area in Nantucket after a disastrous break-up; Matthew, a man taking care of his 15 year old niece; and Mia, said niece. I found this to be a very easy read. I was drawn into the story right away and my attention never wandered. There were a few times I did that thing where you're dying to know what happens, so you skip sections of the page in an effort to just find out already (That can't be just me, right?). I finished the book in about 3-ish hours. I can't wait to read more by Catherine West. 4 stars!
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The first chapter of As the Light Fades hooked me, then the discovery of all the characters who waltz into the setting without a misstep totally captured me. The author, Catherine West weaves various characters into the story seamlessly. 

The storylines are told through several points of view, however I wasn’t confused or taken out of the world this author created. I grew to care about the characters and found it hard to put this book down. I find it hard to pick a favorite character. There’s Liz, a woman who struggles with trust, and must find a new path in life. A teen, Mia who is full of anger and seeks understanding. I adore Mia’s Uncle, Matt… He’s unselfish, caring and unwilling to give up on his niece’s well-being. Drake, Liz’s father, famous artist, and fading fast into a world of dementia pulled my heartstrings.  There’re more well-developed characters, and maybe one will capture you too.  You’ll have to read to find out.

Sensitive subjects such as dealing with past abuse, cutting, and dementia are handled with grace and understanding. Trust and faith are strong themes without being preachy. This is an emotional and uplifting read centered in long-term residents in Nantucket. Lives entwine, and love abounds. As the Light Fades is a must read.
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The man in the mirror is old  . He painted his portrait once back when he had dark brown hair . He has wrinkles and a fading memory now . I was interested but not enough to get invested
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I can't stop reading because it was so amazing and can't wait to know the ending eventho I already predicted it but it was still nice. 

Liz, Matthew and Mia(Matthew's niece) has their own problems involving relationship, family, abused victim,  and etc. Their life full of drama. 

I loved how author make Liz and Matthew relationship blossom slowly. There are no rush I love you thingy 😂  

Mia! Omg! I hate her at first but once I get to know her then I know why she acted like that. She has a rough life and have been through a lot at such a young age.

Matthew!! Omg my favorite character! I loved how Matt tried his best to help his niece. 

Thank you @netgalley and Catherine West for this amazing ARC!

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I enjoyed this book,  the story kept me engaged,  I thought the characters were well written and I liked the setting.   The dynamic between the father with dementia and the troubled teenager was particularly well crafted.  I would certainly look for other books by the author.
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"Sometimes things happen the way they're meant to."
A wonderful story of a young women, Liz, who comes back to her home in Nantucket to regroup and escape an abusive relationship.
A teenager,Mia comes to Nantucket to live with her Uncle when she too, needs to escape an abusive situation. 
These two amazing, strong women slowly become friends, confidantes and learn to trust each other.
This novel had me right on the island with these people. I could smell the ocean, sense the tension and fear as the plot began to unfold. There is so much 
within this book to ponder. I loved it all!
Truly another wonderful read by Catherine West!
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Enticing.  The emotional depth is apparent on every page and it lends itself to the kind of captivation most readers desire in a novel.  
Many thanks to the author, IBPA, and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I’m amazed at how this author can tell so many storylines, backstories, and points of view—without confusing readers or making them stumble! Ms. West is a masterful storyteller, weaving each character’s story into a lovely mélange that’s both significant and satisfying. I love the cover art, the meaningful title, and the sentiments this story left in its wake!

As the Light Fades is moving, meaningful, and memorable. It centers on mature subjects, such as family dynamics, self-injurious behavior, the aftermath of abuse, trust, and faith. But even with these serious themes, the story isn’t heavy or depressing. It’s rather uplifting and edifying.

It’s difficult to say who my favorite character is. Each character adds so much to the story and I sympathized and rooted for each of them. Liz, who is closed off and untrusting, unknowingly seeks a deeper and more meaningful life. Matt’s do-good, non-confrontational personality begins to weigh him down as he carries around heavy burdens from the past (as well as the present.) Drake navigates the trials of growing old the best he knows how. And Mia, the tortured teenaged soul, yearns for peace, protection, and someone to believe in.

Whew. I went through so many emotions while delving into the lives of these Nantucket residents. This seaside town and the flawed families that reside there now hold a dear place in my heart. I truly hope to revisit this place and these people. I didn’t want their stories to end!

Source: I received a complimentary copy of this book as part of Prism Book Tours and NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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Cathy West has a wonderful knack of turning a story of brokenness into something beautiful. 

As the Light Fades is a story of family, forgiveness and hope. West expertly weaves stories that reflect the various relationships we share in life; that of parent, child, sibling and friend. She gives us an engaging cast of characters, all the more lovable for their vulnerability and flaws. I love it when an author writes a story that resonates with her audience. 

Both Liz and Mia are barely holding the shattered pieces of brokenness together, both victims, yet not seeing themselves worthy of happiness. They both realize that healing cannot begin until they stop running and face their past, ready to accept help and love from others. 

Catherine West grabs our hearts in this emotionally charged tale, handling sensitive topics with care. While we all fight our own battles, face our own valleys, it is nice to escape into a book and see that there is hope for all. As serious as some of the topics covered in this book, I finished this book feeling refreshed. Although there were some moments that tugged at the heart strings, I found it is mostly a story of strength and healing, forgiveness and love. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author/publisher and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine.
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This story had so much more to it than a romance, which was what I was expecting. I really enjoyed this story that dealt with family dynamics, domestic abuse, addiction, alzheimer's, the effects of sexual abuse, all told in an environment of forgiveness and grace. The three main characters are Elizabeth Carlisle, who has come home after escaping an abusive relationship, Matthew, a man who rents Liz his guest house as well as becoming guardian to his 15 year old niece, and Mia, Matthew's niece, whom he has custody of while her mom is in jail. All of them are dealing with difficult situations including some serious depression and fear. As the three of them get closer together, the help each other to heal. Through art, listening and eventually counselling, they are able to move forward in their lives.

I loved the characters in this story, especially Drake. He is the patriarch of the Carlisle family and lives in a nursing home. He is dealing with the effects of Alzheimer's, yet he knows that he doesn't remember things. His voice is told through his thoughts, almost talking to himself and it added so much to the story. Without realizing it, he was instrumental in Mia's healing. Elizabeth (Liz or Lizzie) is dealing with her own fear that her ex will come after her. He tries to intimidate her and she allows it until she sees what Mia is going through. She eventually develops a backbone, standing up to him, doing what is right. Then there is Matt. He is adorable. What single male would take on his teenage niece who has such a big chip on her shoulder? He fell in love with Liz almost immediately upon meeting her, but gave her the time and space she needed to heal before pursuing a relationship. Mia, broke my heart. She had already been through so much in her short life. She was hurting so badly and didn't trust anyone to share her pain with. As the three of them grow, heal and learn to forgive themselves and others who hurt them along the way, it was very emotional. Adding in Matt's parents was wonderful. Seeing how these uppity Boston Brahmins finally admitted they were wrong and apologizing for their shortcomings showed that grace can come at any time if you are open to it. Each of these characters had their own realistic voice that made this story seem so real. The emotions I felt as I read this story ran the gamut from laughter to terrible sadness. I definitely recommend this story to those who enjoy Contemporary Women's Fiction and I know I will look for more books by Catherine West.
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