Don't Drink the Pink

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When Madeline turned one, her extraordinary grandfather gifted her with a box of potions, allowing her to choose a different colored one to try each year on her birthday, with only one rule: don’t drink the pink. Each year, Madeline sips her chosen potion and brilliant things happen, but as she ages so does her grandfather.  

B.C.R. Fegan’s Don’t Drink The Pink is a magically marvelous story, so full of imagination, heart, and charm! Fegan has such a wonderful way with words and the story’s rhyming verses flow effortlessly and seem to dance of the page. Readers of all ages will be captivated by the heartfelt story of Madeline, her Grandfather, and a dazzling box of colored potions. With each page and birthday, comes a fun, new potion and surprising effects. Lenny Wen’s illustrations, with their gorgeous soft colors, endearing character renderings, and fun little details, perfectly capture the whimsy and heart of Fegan’s story. 

The relationship between Madeline and her Grandfather is beautifully explored and y’all, those last few pages hit me right in the feels...I’m not gonna lie, there may have been tears shed. There is so much to love about Don’t Drink The Pink, from its bewitching rhymes; lovely illustrations; and stunning story. Definitely a must read!
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Oh My God, what a powerful book about love and loss. This book broke my heart and also filled me with love. What a genius book. I cannot wait to read more by this author. MORE BOOKS PLEASE AUTHOR!!! :)
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This is a simple story with a message regarding depth of love between cross generations. The well constructed and adorable illustrations shows the heart put into the story that has been well conveyed in form of the book. The love a grandparent and grandchild have for each other, the cross generational love lives on regardless of age and time. The bond is always there.
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This book was lovely, through and through.  The story follows Madeline, who's gradfather gives her a special potion to drink each year on her birthday that gives her magical powers:  one year she's tiny, one year she's a giant, one year she's get the idea.  Such an original story to follow through the growth of a child, and her special relationship with her grandfather.  And such a touching ending!  Plus, the illustrations were wonderful - I also enjoyed watching her parents and her cat in each one!
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Ahhh this book made me cry! Too cute, very heartearming and breaking! Love it tho, would be good love the artwork and the story is so original!
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I have been enjoying many of TaleBlade’s children’s books and I had just recently read their newest book “Don’t Drink the Pink” by B.C.R Fegan along with artwork by Lenny Wen and it was quite an amazing and emotional book to read!

Every year, Madeline’s grandfather would come and visit Madeline on her birthday and he would give her some special potions.  However, Madeline’s grandfather would always tell Madeline to never drink the pink potion.  Madeline would then start drinking the potions that her grandfather gave her, like drinking the red potion would make Madeline breathe fire or drinking the orange potion would make Madeline control the weather.  But, when the time comes for Madeline to finally drink the pink potion, Madeline will soon discover the true magic of the pink potion that her grandfather gave her.

Wow!  This was seriously one of the most unique children’s books that I had ever read!  B.C.R Fegan did a fantastic job at writing this book as the narrative is told in rhymes and I loved the way that B.C.R Fegan involved both numbers and colors into the narrative.  I also loved the fact that B.C.R Fegan made this story extremely emotional and heartwarming as it is about a young girl spending a lot of time with her grandfather and we get to see how close their relationship is with each other. I related so much with Madeline because she loves her grandfather and her grandfather loves her back and it reminded of all the times where I used to visit my grandparents.  Lenny Wen’s artwork is adorable to look at as all the characters have rounded faces and eyes and I loved how colorful the images were as they captured the innocent and fun nature of this story.

Overall, “Don’t Drink the Pink” is a truly adorable and heartwarming story about the importance of family that both adults and children will enjoy for many years!  I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this story.
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I LOVE this book!!! I have a close relationship with my grandfather so I pictured my self as the main character. I loved the illustrations and the story that is told. The only thing that I wish would get changed is that the grandfather experienced each thing with his granddaughter. For example, in the girls second birthday, I with the grandfather was also a mermaid. That way when the girl drinks her pink potion to relive her previous birthdays, her grandfather also experienced each thing with her.
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I thought this was a great story for my son and I to read, but no fault to the author, publisher and such. My son didn't interested in reading on my Kindle. I gave it a quick glance and I loved the pictures and the colors stood out and made for a good story time book.
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This story is about Madeline and her Grandfather . It is narrated from Madeline's Point of a view. A magic potion gifted to her every year on her birthday by grandfather , gave her magical power. 
Richly illustrated, teaches children color, numbers and love for family .

A highly recommended #childrensbooks

Thank you #netgalley
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Don't Drink The Pink is a wonderful story about a little girl who receives a special potion on her birthday each year from her grandfather. She has lots of adventures with her adorable cat. This story will have your kids laughing and smiling the whole way and wishing that they had a potion-making grandfather too! I'm giving it five stars...

BUT..... Don't just take my word for it because...

Today we're having special guest reviewers, Taylor and Julia. I know you're going to love getting a real life opinion from real life kids. These gals are well-read, so they know what they're talking about. But here's a warning. There are SPOILERS!

Julia, aged seven: It was great. It was funny. Why did the grandfather have to die? My favorite potion was when she turned into a mermaid. My other favorite potion was when she could go back in time. And my third time was when every time she clapped her hands she got more money in her hands. The pictures were great great great great. Five stars. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

Taylor, aged eleven: The story was ridonculous, and the sad and hilarious story is great for kids. The illustrations get a thumbs up. My favorite potion was when she multiplied. That would be my best dream ever. Four stars.
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The book was very cute. I love the granddaughter and grandfather relationship. I had a very close relationship with mine and I always did love seeing him on my birthday. I think it is a very nice story and you could always ask students  - which potion would you choose? I am also suprised at the willpower the granddaughter has to not drink the pink! Cute story - sad at the end - but relatable.
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This picture book had so much more depth than I was anticipating. It deals with growth and loss while also being fun. This book will be great to teach about theme, inference, predictions, and much more!
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It is difficult to craft books with rhyme and repetition that are also heartfelt and soulful but Fegan manages to pull both off in this book while also sneakily working in order numbers and colors. A great read that will no doubt have a long shelf life (although I doubt it will be on the shelf too often, as I anticipate children will want to read it over and over again.)
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This is a wonderful story of a birthday bond between a child and her Grandfather. This cute rhyming book is about Madeline and her Grandfather bringing her a potion every year for her birthday. She can pick any potion she likes but the pink one. Each potion has a magical power from flying, to shrinking,  to being invisible and so on. On her fourteenth birthday because of certain circumstances she is allowed to drink the pink bottle. This is a fantastic book for bedtime to be read by a Grandpa. The illustrations will enchant any child and are colorful and imaginative. I recommend this book for 3+.
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It has been a long time since I've read a children book. I received this ARC a few days ago from publisher at NetGalley ❤  and now I'm glad that I picked this up.

Don't Drink the Pink by B.C.R. Fegan is a story of a little girl called Madeline and her grandfather. It is beautifully written and suitable for younger children from toodlers until preschooler. It has a captivating theme which is so magical and exciting. You will feel that you're within Madeline adventure as well.

In each pages, I just can't wait on what the suprises that Madeline will experience with her grandfather. Lenny Wen illustrate this book perfectly. In each rhyme written, those illustration capture its mood and meaning. This book will be a fun, easy to understand and a fantastic read for the children.

" Happy birthday, Madeline" he said with a wink. " Take a potion, take a brew. Just don't drink the pink.". 

And when the time has come for her to drink the pink, comes the most amazing suprise that will warm every soul.

Do you still remember the tittle of your favourite book when you were a child? 
Mine will be a story about a hardworking girl who find gold coins in each places she had clean. Under the table legs, the dirty dishes, rugs and more. And everytime she found it, I remember of getting really excited over it.
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Madeline is gifted magical potions from her grandpa each year on her birthday. Each one giving her a magical power. For example, the yellow gives her super speed. The red let’s her breathe fire.  There are ups and downs along the way and experiences with grandpa. It allows her to see grandpa age as well.   One year, there is no potion... it allows for interpretation, but I gathered she lost her grandpa. It was a bit sad, but also enlightening for Madeline. 
Illustrations were beautiful and magical.
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Birthday's are a special time for Madeline in Don't Drink the Pink.  Each year that she grows older her grandfather gives her a choice of magical potions. There's red ones, and blue ones, and yellow ones and more.  But the one color she can't pick is pink. 

Each birthday when she selects a potion and drinks something magical occurs.  With red one she breathes fire, with yellow she has super speed.  It's a cute rhyming book with fun pictures that even includes extra things occurring in the background, such as her parents putting our fires on her first birthday.  She has a lot of fun on these birthdays and looks forward to them every year.

One year he's not there to give her a potion.  It's a sad moment in the book and reminds us that the ones we love will not always be with us, but in this story he's left her one more potion to drink.  The last potion I wasn't 100% sure what was occurring although maybe it is meant to be open to our interpretation, either way it was a nice ending.

Thank you to Netgalley and TaleBlade for ARC and opportunity to provide an honest opinion.
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I really enjoyed this book. It goes over different emotions that children could relate to such as happiness, excitement, but also feeling sad. It goes over colors that children should know. And it’s very repetitive for a good reason. I got kind of sad at the end. But then I was also confused, did she travel back in time? Or were those memories?
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This had a lot of color, love, cute magical moments, and potions for days. And, even when it got a bit more serious along the way, it gave us a nice happy ending. For a child though, I would say that it might be too much to take in. Little ones having to see the main character progress, while their grandfather ages, might sadden them way too much. 

It did have it's really fun times though, all the amazing things that Madeline got to experience because of her grandfather. Then, when it seemed to go on a little too long, we reached the end and the reason why she couldn't drink the pink potion. Which, I have to admit, almost made me cry. Like I said, for a little one it might be too much too soon, but it didn't take away from the fact that it was still a cute and magical book.

***I received this copy from TaleBlade via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
What a lovely, moving storybook about a young girl who is gifted different options from her grandfather on her birthday and each one gives her special abilities. She creates these beautiful memories that remain with her as she grows. Loved it.
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