Mercenary Princess

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Wow!  I was in a mood for a particular kind of romance and this book did not disappoint!  I have enjoyed previous books by Setta Jay.  The Guardians of the Realms series was sexy and addicting!  This new series looks to be just as great!

Sophia is our princess, good girl turned vigilante.  She has secretly admired Viktor from when she was a teenager in a boarding school and he would stop by and visit his brother.  Fast forward a couple of years, he happens to witness her climbing  up a wall to get back to her room. He decides he is intrigued and decides to momentarily knock her bodyguards unconscious and wait for her.

So the game begins.  Viktor thinking he is one step ahead of her and yet still feeling that there is something that he is missing and Sophia trying her hardest to hide her secret, while trying to enjoy as much time with Viktor, and her family is breathing down her neck to choose a husband.

I really liked  this story.  It was very sexy, and it had me turning page after page.  The electricity that these two had was great.  I loved a good book that can make me curl my toes and have me grinning like a fool!  I have enjoyed Ms. Jay’s books and look forward to more!
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**4.5 stars**
She is everything I would want to be if I was a princess - a secret mercenary out to settle to wrongs done by the wealthy who thought they could get away with it.  She is so b@d@$$.  
  So poor Sophia has dedicated years (along her her friends) to secretly taking down elite baddies of her social strata.  She has been forced to play to good girl and lives by the iron grip her family has on her life, but it doesn't stop her from seeking justice for that have been wronged by the wealthy.  Sophia is living a lonely existence though there has been one man who has captivates her, but she can only glance at him for fear of her brothers disapproval - the hot and intense billionaire, Viktor.  He has been setting her panties on fire for years.
  It's a drama at it's finest. Fast-paced, action-packed, and seductively intriguing. These two have explosive chemistry that burns pages before it finally ignites.  I hope there is more stories for her friends because I honestly loved where it was all coming from. Highly recommend!
**I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.**
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Mercenary princess by Setta Jay.
For years, one man has ruled Sophia's fantasies. The harmless obsession keeps her warm on the nights her double life starts to take its toll. She, unfortunately, gains his attention at the worst possible moment, when she's in the middle of a dangerous job. Now, she'll be forced to protect her heart along with her life of lies.

Viktor has been tempted by the innocent princess's lust-filled glances for far too long, and he has fought hard to resist her beauty. When her secrets finally draw him in, getting through her royal guard proves a minor inconvenience. But one sexually charged night isn't enough. He wants more, including whatever she's hiding beneath that demure façade.

As much as Sophia wants Viktor, she can never fully allow him in because her secrets aren't her own. Viktor is determined to have all of his princess. Will they find a way to be together, or will her dangerous secrets tear them apart?
A great read with some great characters.  Sophie was my favourite character.  Hope there is more to come.  4*.
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My first read from Setta Jay. You know what, this was fabulous. I love this type of fast paced book with a side of hot romance, so good!
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I voluntary read an advanced review of this copy

This is actually the second time  I have read this book and it is really good. This book starts at a great pace and just keeps on picking up speed making you laugh and cross your fingers that things work out for this couple.  Sophia wants Viktor and... Viktor definitely wants Sophia but life keeps on getting in the way. Will Sophia and Viktor be able to make it with all of the secrets they have keeping them at odds? Read and find out!

Overall a great book, Setta Jay does a great job spinning this tale
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I could not put this down. I read this in one day and subscribed to get a notification for the second book. If you love the Born series by Sherrilyn Kenyon this is your jam. I had a few issues but those are personal nothing to do with the characters or book itself. I want to know all about this world and characters!!!

There was a few spelling errors nothing major against this author or read. 
Also I am not into a lot of sex scenes of super description of them. But I know people do!
Those aside I freaking loved this book. 

Thank you netgalley for this read. I'm going to order a hard copy ASAP.

To the author:

Keep them coming I want to see Iriana and Riots stories oh and I loved all the side characters. Can we please see where Jen and Ivan go hahaha.
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ARC provided by the author and  publisher via NetGalley YAY me!!

3.75 stars

This is my first read by this author, the story started off very slow for me. There was a lot of explanations of things that I would have been alright not knowing. It took some pushing through for my to continue but I am glad I did. The book did in fact pick up and so did the steam. Viktor was a great bossy, protective alpha and Sophia was a strong courageous heroine. I liked the secondary characters as well, Sophia has a lot of great loyal friends. I really want to know more about Forde!! All in all this was a good read you just gotta get through the slow parts. I would read this author again!!
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This was a steamy novel and not meant for the faint of heart. It had some lip-biting worthy romance. I definitely endorse this book for anyone in favor of good sex scenes. Very tantalizing!!!

Sophie is a crime-fighting princess who is set on making things right by using her elite status to obtain necessary contacts or information. She has a couple of friends that also help her in this endeavor. One night she crosses paths with Viktor, who is an unknown variable with Russian mob ties. She has also been nursing a healthy 8-year crush on the man. Viktor becomes intrigued when he sees the princess doing something quite outside her realm- scaling a wall at night.

I enjoyed reading from Sophie's perspective but had no idea where in the world her country was located...So I had a hard time imagining her accent, however, who really cares when sex is involved?!? 

I would definitely read this if this is a series... I want to know more about the other characters- like do Ivan and Jen hook up?!

I was able to receive a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 
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Sophia is a princess, literally. Due to her overbearing brother and mother, she is everything a princess should be. Or is she? Victor is definitely not Prince Charming and Sophia should stay away from him at all costs. However, after seeing Sophia scale a hotel wall and lose the trained guards tailing her, will Victor be able stay away from her?

Jane Bond meets royal romance. From the beginning, this novel drew me in. The mystery of Sophia’s past and her vigilante attitude along with Victor’s dominating love and protective streak make this a nonstop adventure. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a thrilling new romance.
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I received a free copy of Mercenary Princess from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Agh!! I loved this book! 

Massive bonus on the Russian. I love all things Russian, especially men... :D
I absolutely loved Viktor and the way he was with Sophia.

It was filled with mystery, charm and sexiness! I didn't want it to end.
I had expected something different when I started reading this book, but colour me surprised at how much I loved it.
I thought this book was going to be filled with sex scenes and nothing else. 
Don't get me wrong, I love hot sex scenes but not when they take over the story and bury the characters. Luckily this book was suspenseful, thrilling and had a very strong female character.

I would happily recommend this book.
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Engaging, different royal romance story with action, drama, and surprises along the way. Good cast of characters that are well developed. Well written book that I liked reading. I have voluntarily chosen to read and review this book.
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I absolutely could not put this book down. I was drawn in right from the start, the story moves along just right and the story unfolds at a believable rate. I loved all the side characters (that I am sure will be getting their own books? Hopeful hint :) ). Sophia and Viktor's story was a unique one full of adventure, mystery and the quest to find answers that only wets your appetite for more knowledge about the characters introduced. This book was my first by Setta Jay but it will definitely not be my last. I highly recommend reading this book. 
I volunteered to read this book from Setta Jay LLC. in return for my honest feedback. The thoughts and opinions expressed with in are my own.
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This book managed to incorporate so many aspects of a novel I love and avoid other tropes I am not a great fan of. This is adult romance (18+) with royalty, mafia-like characters and espionage. 

I think it is the romance element which I enjoyed the most, I am not a fan of insta-love (or at least whirlwind romances) that is often found in romance books but I am also not a fan of drawn out romances that take them forever to get around to recognising their feelings - I'm not easy to please! This book however, avoided both of these tropes, and I loved that as the book starts Sophia has been yearning for Viktor for so long and finally acting upon those feelings (no insta-love; no long wait for relationship for us, win-win!)

Secondly, I loved our main characters Viktor and Sophia. Sophia is the prim and proper princess to the world and vigilante when she escapes the spotlight. I haven't come across a vigilante princess outside of fantasy books and it was nice to read one of my favourite fantasy tropes played out in a contemporary setting. She is also strong willed and skilled but also very human and has fears and vulnerabilities. Viktor is our 'bad boy' that give you mafia-vibes. He is the typical mysterious boss man who likes to be in control and protective to those he cares for. 

I loved that the espionage side of the plot has a backstory as well as a current case to follow. The only thing I would have liked to be different was slightly more focus on Sophia's team. It would have been nice to have got to know more about the individuals and that dynamic. I would also like to have known more about Viktor businesses. I feel like we get glimpses of these in the book but I would have liked more, and I am all up for a sequel to see how dynamics change.
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Angst and suspense at an all time high... check! 
However, I totally didn't click with this book as what I had hoped for. God, I wanted to fall head over heels in love as the synopsis of this story reached out to me. Maybe it was the way the story was written, the characters, the dialogue... ugh... But unfortunately, it didn't and I am sorry that I have to rate it lower than what I care too. I am an honest reviewer and I won't deter from that.
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This was fascinating, from the concept to the actual reading of the book was great. The characters were great and felt real.
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Overall I found the story quite interesting and hot. Good writing and characters keep the story from being boring
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Mercenary princess is just what the title says. Sophia May appear to be the cool calm innocent princess but her life has been filled with monsters. Now she works to stop those monsters with the help of her friends. There is one problem. There is one person who breaks her Facade and makes it hard to concentrate. 

Viktor is know as a bad man with a dark reputation, but lately the princess has been holding his attention. When he gets her in his grasp he’s drawn to the secrets she holds, her smarts, and her abilities he’s constantly discovering. When the royal family demands she marries and the mark is getting dangerous, add in the man she cares for is getting to close she will have quite the battle on her hands. 

This is another awesome book written by Setta Jay that I could not put down. I liked how the princess rescued herself and still is going to battle. It’s just all around a damn good book and I can’t wait for Larina and Titian’s story.
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This is a new author to me, and I am in love with her!  This book is sexy, steamy, and fast-paced.  The author does a great job of developing all the characters in the book so that you can't wait until their stories get published too.

Sophia and Viktor will steal your hearts and the love scenes are extremely sexy.  I love the fact that all of the females in this book are strong, independent women who are skilled, courageous, and have moral values.  They choose to right the wrongs of the wealthy elite who literally get away with murder.  The men are all alpha males too, which makes for some explosive battle of wills for Sophia and Viktor (and I'm sure for the other characters when they get their books published).  

There are good guys, bad guys, and truly evil guys in this book.  There is intrigue, mystery, love, and sex.  Who could ask for more? 

Thoroughly entertaining and I am eagerly waiting to read more from this author!
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I ultimately wasn't a fan of this writing style so I could not get through it. Overall I wasn't a fan of the writing style and I don't like my MC's already attracted to each other from the start. This just wasn't for me.
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If you like strong female leads and alphas trying to be protective; this is your book. When you have a ex-warlord and a princess leading a double life; sparks will fly. Princess Sofia, controlled by her brother and mother, lead a very dysfunctional life. One nobody knows about or believe. While in boarding school, the princess and some friends find a dead body of a student. They knew the killer and he got away with it. The friends become like a vigilante, mercenary group to take out those who cause harm. During this time Sophia meets, viktor, a Russian billionaire trying to clean up his family’s business. The cross paths throughout the years until she is slated to find a husband. This cross crosses into that double life and out comes Viktors protective instincts and his love. Let the sparks fly!!! Cannot wait for the second book!
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