Digital Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 27 Aug 2019

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This book is a little light on the calligraphy techniques, but it is fantastic on its main focus: how to digitize the lettering and make interesting projects with them. The level of detail for the use of illustrator and the sample projects was great for anyone who already has a handle on calligraphy and wants to use it to make larges projects. It will be a great resource for hobbies, for creative party planning, and even for small business ideas. 

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I was Gifted a digital copy of this book by Quatro Publishing Group. (Thank You) My review is my own opinion.

I love anything to do with Calligraphy so this book looked like it would be brilliant.  I did like it but have to say that it would be much better to buy the actual book and not have it digitally.  

The book goes though lots of techniques and tutorials with practice pages for you to try out the lettering yourself. Lots of step by step tutorials which are easy to understand.  It works through from using an actual pen to doing the writing digitally. Great book.
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I nice starter book for calligraphy right from beginner through to easily accessible little projects.  This is a great digital copy but for serious entry into calligraphy you would need to buy the physical book to get the best out of it - which I definitely would recommend

Really enjoyed this and would recommend buying a physical copy if you are seriously wanting to enter the world of calligraphy
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Modern calligraphy has been on my list of things to learn for a few years now. I see all of the beautiful typography created with this style of writing and it is fantastic. I attempted (and failed) a few times to recreate the calligraphy and it turned me off to learning it at all. 

This book is super informative. It has the same style of teaching as a kindergarten child’s letter learning books. Which means it is easy for me to follow it and attempt it for myself. 

I will be putting some serious time in with this book to see if I can actually learn how to do modern calligraphy.
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This gives quite a good first and basic look into calligraphy. And it's definitely a book you'd need a physical copy of to properly take advantage of it. All in all, a must have for anyone who's interested in the subject and would like to try their hand on beautiful lettering.
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