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Intense! Inferno by Rachel Grant is an intense story from the beginning. I was never bored or wanting to get through a part quickly.
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I don't think I've read anything in this series by Rachel Grant, but WOW what an introduction! I need to find these other titles. This novella has got everything going for it: intriguing characters, can't-put-down action, everything I love in a book.
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Loved it!  Every book in this series is captivating from beginning to end.  Inferno may be a novella but it is as action packed as a full length novel.  Its full of romance, action, and great writing.  I found Kaylea to be a strong and intriguing heroine.  While Espinosa is a loveable and strong hero.  Together they are unstoppable and adorable.
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An ideal length, fast paced, high action novella! I enjoyed the romantic action ride! Ms. Grant pens interesting believable characters doing cool things. Lol. I look forward to each book she writes. Highly recommended.  NetGalley arc received for honest review.
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Inferno is a a fast paced, super steamy read about the "Craziest. First date. Ever."

This is a novella in the Flashpoint series but can easily be read as a standalone.

Kaylea is an embassy liaison/covert CIA operative and Carlos is a sergeant in the special forces stationed in Djibouti.  When they attend a party at the estate of a local businessman with ties to the Russian Bratva, they are drawn into a terrorist trap to discredit the American forces.

This was a fun read! Kaylea is a real kick a$s heroine and Carlos is the man you want with you when you take on the world.  I loved all the action sequences plus their quick thinking to get out of a jam. I can't forget the steam factor too! And I would love to have a pair of Kaylea's MacGyver/spy boots!

This is great story when you want something quick and light. I look forward to the next installment in the series. 4 stars.

Thank you to Netgalley and Janus Publishing for an ebook in exchange for an honest review,
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I love Rachel Grant and have thoroughly enjoyed her Flashpoint military RS series, so when the novella, INFERNO, came on my radar, I jumped at the chance to read it even though I’m usually not a huge fan of novellas. But Ms. Grant nails it: by having had INFERNO’s hero and heroine, A-team demolitions expert (and suave Latin lover) Sgt. Carlos Espinosa and US Embassy employee (and kickass undercover CIA operator) Kaylea Halpert, dance around each other and fancy each other from afar over the preceding three books, the zero-to-sixty romance typical of novellas feels more believable, and it’s wrapped in an adrenaline-and-intrigue-packed plot that pours on the political intrigue and keeps you turning the pages from the outset. And Kaylea is seriously badass (with a killer wardrobe): I want to be her when I grow up. INFERNO is an excellent addition to the Flashpoint series, and I can’t wait for more!

**ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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US Embassy Officer Kaylea Halpert needs a date for a black tie event at a dangerous foreign national’s lavish home. Preferably someone who can watch her back. That someone is sexy Special Forces Sergeant Carlos Espinosa who is more than happy to escort the beautiful Kaylea—who just might be a CIA case officer—to the party. Their night together only gets hotter, in more ways than one. 

Date night in Djibouti turns deadly when foreign agents target the couple. But who is the intended victim, the covert operator or the Green Beret? As Carlos and Kaylea use their combined skills to escape their captors, they uncover treachery that could ignite relations between the US and Djibouti—already at a flashpoint—and trigger an inferno.

This had alot of elements of a political thriller with spy action interspersed with love scenes.  I really did enjoy this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes this genre.
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A thrilling and heartfelt story; draws you in very  quickly and doesn't let go. Excellent character development. Highly recommended!
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A fun novella! I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and really liked this addition! Kaylea and Carlos make such a great team, and I adored their romance. There was lots of action in this little story, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Looking forward to more in this series!

*I received an advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
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Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

This novella ends the Teams time in Djibouti, Africa, with a bang, make that two bangs, big ones. The story is sweet, the romance is hot and the baddies get what's coming to them. All necessary elements fro a great story and this one is a great story.

Special Forces Sergeant Carlos Espinosa is counting the days left on his Team's deployment at Camp Citron in Djibouti, Africa, when a car bomb explodes neat the American Embassy. He is proud of the way his native trainees handle the situation and knows that they are well trained and ready. At the blast site he sees beautiful US Embassy Officer Kaylea Halpert and the way she greets him takes his breath away. She has a favor she needs from him and he is more than willing to grant it, he's had a thing for her for months and getting close to her is something he would love to do.

Kaylea Halpert needs a date to an event she would rather not attend. There has been a lot happening in and around Djibouti and the host of this black tie party sends her spidy senses on full alert. She wants some muscle with her for this party and Carlos more than fits the bill. The baddie's plans don't go like they wanted and Carlos and Kaylea are able to save the US mission in Africa.
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Inferno by Rachel Grant is a novella set the Flashpoint world and was adrenaline packed from almost the beginning of the book.

Carlos and Kaylea have been interested in each other for several months. Kaylea finally gets a chance to get to know him better by requesting him as her "date" for an event at a lavish home of a foreign national. These two throw off sparks immediately and it doesn't take long for them to go all in. The plot was quickly paced but never lost any of the emphasis upon the political unrest that surrounds the Horn of Africa. Kaylea and Carlos are both smart kick ass professionals that worked very well together. Romantic suspense at it's best!
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Loved this book only thing wrong with it was it was a very quick read great story and characters and a good plot
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INFERNO....Rachel.Grant..#4 In her Flashpoint series
Gripping , full of action, with Kaylea and Carlos, the setting around the Horn of Africa. She is a CIA operative as well as a US Embassy Officer. Carlos is a special force officer. An event she feels uneasy about attending ask him to accompany her.  Good series, full of susuapense and romance.  Given Arc for my voluntary review and my honest opinion by Net Galley and Janus Pubkishers.
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Kaylea and Carlos have been circling each other for a while.  They both felt the attraction but their jobs kinda precluded them from getting involved.  But Kaylea needs backup at a social event with a possible terrorist sympathiser and Carlos jumps at the chance to be her escort.

Bu the glitzy get together soon dissolves into a passionate encounter between these BBB's - Beautiful/Brawny, Brainy Badasses!  But when Carlos leaves to return to base the bad guys strike, Kaylea breaks her covert CIA cover to rescue him. The plot is still unknown so they have to dig in further to find the mole and determine just what the Sheikh's endgame is. 

Love a hero who is secure in himself and feels no need to belittle his love interest.  Kaylea is just as capable and talented as him, more so in some areas. And those boots...I'm not much a footwear worshipper but even I want those damn boots!  You can understand their reluctance at starting something they can't finish but they do have a chance and they'd be fools to ignore their potential for a HEA.
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Rachel Grant is able to pack in story, action, characters who comes alive as well as the locations.

The story is so short so the romance is packed into the story quickly.  The story its self will keep readers hooked and wanting more from the series.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Janus Publishing for the advance copy of Rachel Grant Inferno
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I love action-packed books and romance books because they are great for escapism. Even better for escapism? A book that tackles both. But the problem I usually find with these books is that they are usually not well balanced. You get a romance with an underdeveloped adventure plot, or the other way around. Recently I discovered Rachel Grants books, and she really does do both well. 

Another thing I like in theory, but not usually in execution, are novellas. It's hard to get a well-rounded plot and proper character development in a short book. Again, "Inferno" had no such issues. Great world building. Fantastic heroine and hero. A steamy romance that wasn't too much or too little. Non-stop action and intrigue. Rachel Grant is my Goldilocks author: everything is just right.  

Thanks to NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy through Netgallery of INFERNO . I really enjoyed reading this story . It is fantastic . While not along story it still packs a punch. The suspense is off the charts. It is definitely a pulse pounding,on the edge of your seat tale. It's full of twists and turns you really don't see coming an all out fabulous and intense story. Kaylea is a CIA operative also an US Embassy Officer. Carlos is a special forces sergeant. The two have been attracted to each other for awhile. Kaylea asks Carlos to accompany her to a black tie event at a dangerous foreign national's home, so he can watch her back , little do they know what's brewing . While they let their attraction and heat loose . The danger i.s burning . This story is so full of suspense , Intrigue and sexy times . Kaylea is a total bad a_ _ ! Very well trained not to be messed with operative with Carlos by her side they are a formative couple . The story has wonderful characters . I highly recommend taking the time to read and enjoy
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Saucy while with action. This is a great novella of this series and I loved the characters. If you've read none of the other books this is a great teaser to get you interested in the series and is a quick read you can finish in a day or weekend.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Fast paced!

Quick read full of action, intrigue and heat in this insta-love story. 

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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This ARC was courtesy of netgalley - all thoughts and opinions are mine and unbiased

Rachel Grant is a new voice for me but WOW - I just loved this!!
Tense, suspense - no spoilers here - you need to read this yourself !!!
A fantastic summer read . Beach perfect !!!
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