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Beautiful illustrations in a picture book about not giving up hope. A boy hopes his sick dog gets well.
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The artwork is absolutely gorgeous in this book, probably one of the best I have seen this year.

Hope is a very difficult concept to explain to a child. It is with life experience that we gain understanding of how you may hope with all your heart that your beloved dog gets better and still never get the happy ending this book does, as well as learning that hope has its own intrinsic value.

This little book introduces or rather clarifies the notion of hope by letting children follow the story of a boy and his beloved dog Comet. One day Comet gets sick and needs an overnight stay at a veterinary clinic. The boy is understandably upset and worried, and this is when his father talks to him about how and how it brightens our life in difficult times. The situation is very relatable and may trigger a strong emotional response, so you might want to discuss the fact that sometimes we do not get the outcome we were hoping for, and how to deal with disappointment, sadness or even grief.
I would definitely recommend this book and would love to add it to my own home library.
Thank you to NetGalley and Words and Pictures (Quarto Publishing Group) for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.
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This is a wonderful picture book about the power of hope. When Finn's dog, Comet gets sick Finn learns a lesson about hope and remaining positive. A great book for elementary classrooms to help teach students about their emotions and approaching tasks with a positive attitude.
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Comet is Finn's dog and constant companion. They do everything together, but when Comet gets sick and has to spend the night at the Vet, Finn is very worried. Finn's father tells him not to give up Hope. This is a great book about hope and not giving up. I know that hope will not change an outcome, but having a positive outlook and state of mind is good for mental health and can be healthier for the body. In this story Comet does come home happy and back to his old self which is a positive message. The illustrations were okay, they didn't really attract the attention of my grandchildren that much. My grandson has a great deal of anxiety issues, so this message is very important for him as he can easily get upset when the outlook is questionable. I think this is a good book for those children who need that message of thinking positive.
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The theme is explained just a little too explicitly in the text for my taste, and not completely sure what kids who DON'T get what they hope for will make of the story, BUT there is still something haunting and lovely about the book, including the illustrations, so would still recommend.
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Thank you @netgalley  and Quarto Publishing for such amazing #childrensbook (ebook ). This book is a perfect bedtime story you want your child to read
Finn and his pet dog comet were inseperable. They  spent most of the time together, until one day comet fall sick and, was taken to vet for treatment.
Finn was heartbroken and upset he spend the day unhappily without comet. Seeing his condition his father tells him that hope will bring comet back .
Here Hope has been compared with light .
What happened to comet and did hope win is what you need to check out.
Brightly coloured illustration makes reading engaging and the positive vibe in the book will make you read again and again.
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This was such a sweet picture book. A heartwarming story about, well, hope, loving your pets and caring for them. Beautiful illustrations too!
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"Hope is keeping a little light on, however dark things seem" This quote from the book will stay with me a long time and I'm hoping that it will come back to me when things seem bleak.

Comet is Finn's dog and his very best friend. They do everything together. Until one day, Comet falls ill and won't even leave his bed. They take him to the vets and no one is sure whether Comet will get better. Back at home, Finn miserably hides in his den until Dad appears holding a little light. The light represents hope, and Finn is encouraged by all the lights he sees. Will he be reunited with his best friend?

This was a wonderfully illustrated picture book that made great use of colour and used light as a symbol of hope. During the happy times at the start of the book, colours are bright and reflect the happiness of Comet and Finn's friendship. As Comet falls ill, the colours chosen reflect the sadness that is felt. Then the yellow light of hope appears and things are just a little brighter. 

I would definitely consider using this book in school, as a class story, or with a child/group of children who are going through a difficult time.
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What a wonderful and sweet book! Perfect for teaching children to be hopeful and certainly a wonderful resource for those with pets who may become sick or injured. It had a lovely message and beautiful illustrations. I highly recommend and will purchase this for a niece of mine. 

Thank you, Quarto and NetGalley!
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'Hope' by Corrinne Averiss and Sebastien Pelon is a picture book about a young boy and his dog and the power of hope.

Finn loves Comet and vice versa, but when Comet become ill, Finn is worried.  His father explains that even in the dark, there is a light of hope.  Finn sees this in a flashlight beam and the light of the moon.  Will his hope bring Comet back to him?

There is nothing wrong with instilling hope, and for Finn, everything works out.  I worry for other children where the outcome is not as good.  This book tells a very nice story.  Sometimes hope is not enough, but the idea of hope is good to teach children.  

I received a review copy of this ebook from Quarto - words & pictures, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Quarto Publishing Group - words & pictures and NetGalley for my unbiased opinion of the book.  The book is about little boy Finn and his dog Comet.  One day Comet must go to vet because he’s sick.  Finn gets home and is very sad he won’t see Comet again.  His father joins him and explains he needs to have hope to help Comet get better.  I won’t give away the rest of the story.  I will definitely be giving this book to children I know who have pets for gifts.  I loved the story and the graphics were great!
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Positive thoughts and affirmations have become commonplace due to the stress and strife upliving causes but too often we forget that children may need these messages of hope too. The story follows Finn and his dog and constant companion, Comet. When Comet falls ill and requires time under the vet's supervision Finn is heartbroken to be separated from him. His father tells him to never stop hoping as it's good to have a powerful, positive outlook and when Comet returns home and is back to his old self Finn is over the moon. This is a wholesome, well-written story and is absolutely perfect 

The pictures complement the story so well and are crisp and colourful which fits with the message of the book. It's uplifting, charming and tugs on the heartstrings as we can all relate to the feeling that you may lose that special person or animal from your life. My only issue is that it kind of unintentionally/indirectly infers that hope can change the outcome of a situation and that is not usually the case, unfortunately. There's no doubt positive thinking helps mental health in uncertain times but we should not overstate the power of hope as it is a little misguided. Overall, though, this is a great book for parents and children to enjoy together. Many thanks to words & pictures for an ARC.
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'Hope is keeping a little light on, however dark things seem'

Corrinne Averiss seems to have a knack for inserting the sweetest little poetic lines into children's books (see also 	‘Joy is what makes your heart happy and your eyes twinkle.’ from the book 'Joy'). 

'Hope' is another singular abstract noun entitled picture book filled with another sweet short story of a child connecting with their emotions. This time the story follows a child holding out 'hope' that his dog recovers from illness. Neatly illustrated throughout, and with a nice consistent theme, I would recommend this to anyone reading to young children.
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Finn loves his dog, Comet, they do everything together. But when Comet gets sick and has to stay with the vet, Finn finds himself all alone and feeling very sad. Then his dad shows him the light: when you’re sad and feeling helpless, you can always hope. And Finn “hopes hard”. Will his beloved Comet return? Finn hopes so…

The illustrations in this book are brilliant. Sébastien brings the emotional journey of this story to life, starting with happy illustrations of Finn and Comet. (Torch) light is used as a metaphor for hope throughout the story and Sébastien’s clever use of colour and layering brings the message to life.

This is an emotive and uplifting story that will have you rooting for Comet and Finn (and Hope!) from the start. Corinne and Sébastien’s use of light as a metaphor for hope is excellent and makes this a book you will find yourself wanting to read over and over again.

**This review will be published on 27th August**
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First off, I love the title. Hope is something we talk a lot about in schools today and having hope for a brighter future is so valuable. I appreciate that the dog in the story lived. My heart couldn’t take it had it ended differently. It also supports the idea that hoping can make a difference. I do worry about younger kids who read this and hope without getting a positive outcome. However I think the illustrations were beautiful and the text lyrical at times. A sweet book that would be great in elementary classrooms.
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This wonderful, inspiring picture book for children follows Finn, a small boy with a very big dog named Comet. Finn and Comet are best friends, playing together, running in the park together; Finn even grudgingly allows the over-sized dog to sleep in his "den" (tent), though Comet is way too big. But one morning the normally boisterous, highly-energetic Comet won't leave his bed, and a hurried trip to the vet confirms that Finn's best friend is quite ill. Saddened beyond belief, Finn must leave Comet behind at the animal clinic overnight, with the vet's promise to do his best. That night, alone in his den where he can release the tears he'd been holding back, Finn notices a flashlight playing on the walls of the tent. It's Finn's dad, who joins him inside, telling Finn he is very sad too - but, using the flashlight as an example, advises the boy that "Hope is keeping a light on, however dark things seem." It's advice Finn takes to heart in bed that night, his flashlight burning for his best friend before Finn notices the second source of light filling his room as well; the full moon outside, huge and seemingly keeping it's like on for Comet too. Hope is simple in both writing style and its lovely illustrations, but still packs an emotional impact with its message to children that you must always have hope - find your light - even in the darkest of times. Of special note, I absolutely loved the relationship shown between Finn and his father; often in such stories it's the mother who presides as the main parental figure there to help the child, if the father is even around at all. Here, the father-son relationship was a genuine cherry on top of a very tasty sundae. Truly charming, with a powerful, positive message that shines through via terrific writing and art.  4.5/5 stars

NOTE: I received a free ARC of this title from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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Hope is a charming story about a little boy names Finn and his dog Comet. Originally published in the UK young readers might be confused by the use of the word "torch" instead of "flashlight" and parents might be concerned about the images of cowboys and Native American on Finn's bedroom wall but if the reader is able to get past those points, the message of hoping when something makes you sad or doesn't go the way you'd expect is explained well through the interactions between Finn and his dad.
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This is a beautifully written and illustrated story about a child and their sick dog that does a phenomenal job of introducing the very abstract idea of hope. I read this again today and sobbed.  It’s wonderful.
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I didn't know I needed this today. My cat is sick too so this is reminding me to hope against hope.

The book is very short with few sentences but the drawings in it helps tell the whole story. The artstyle is extremely cute and simple and I love it. Definitely a good way to start teaching children to know what it means to hope and never lose it. I guess it also teaches how not to take things for granted since the kid in the story is having more fun with the dog after it came back more than before and allowing the dog to sleep in his tent anytime it wishes so.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with the digital copy for an honest review.
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Oh boy! This thoughtful and inspiring book tugged on my heart-strings. It is well done and such a needed topic for the modern kid. Simply a wonderful way to teach such a powerful and underestimated human sentiment. A perfect balance struck; not preachy, nor is it fluffy. I highly recommend it!
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