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Hope is a children's story about a little boy's best four-legged friend named Comet that gets suddenly unwell one day and Finn, the little boy, hopes with all his heart for his dog friend to come back to him well again.

"Hoping wasn't easy"

This story is about the power of hope that feeds this tiny light that doesn't shine just for us, but we can gift it to others as well. 

"While he was hoping, things didn't seem so bad."

This book made me think about the difference between hoping and wishing. What if Finn wished on the stars instead of hope on the moon? Would it make a difference? I don't know. But the light coming from the full moon was much brighter. Greater light feeds greater hope, right? The stars would just flicker for a wish. And wishing is more of a solitary activity whereas hoping is much more powerful with other people because you can share hope and help others to find it just like Finn's dad did for him. 

"I hoped for you", said Finn, "I hoped to the Moon and back!"

This book is illustrated by Sébastien Pelon with cute little details that reflect the boy's hobbies and dreams. There's especially one illustration that I couldn't tear my eyes away from. It's of an aerial view of town's scenery in the pitch of the night and all these little embers of hope are floating around, and it's so beautiful I would frame it if I could.

My only issue with this story is that it gives hope too much power in a situation where just hope isn't enough. Hope can't cure the dog. It just helps you from worrying about him. It's a beautiful story but I can't imagine what would the story become, would it have dared to end differently.

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – words and pictures for providing me e-ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review. I solemnly swear that all opinions are my own.
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Comet is more than just Finn's dog, he is his best friend.  When Comet gets sick and needs to be at the veterinarian's office overnight, Finn's dad tells him to not give up hope.

Hope is a well told story from a child's perspective about how the illness of a loved one can affect them.  The illustrations are quite effective, with Finn's head not colored in to both give him prominence on the page and to fully show his expressions.  The sentiment echoed throughout the book that hope helps to keep a light on, no matter how dark the situation may seem, is a great message and one that will help parents to explain difficult times to their children.  This little book shows the weight that children can feel and can give parents a positive way to express hope to them.  For these reasons, I fully recommend Hope to other readers.
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A great reminder that we should never lose our hope.

A simple but very sweet book for children.This would be great for a child in need of some emotional support.
It narrates the story of Finn and his friend,the dog Comet.
The illustrations beautifully complement the narrative of the story.

A short but uplifting story!
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Awwww. This is so cute. ‘Hope’ is a heartwarming story about Finn and Comet (aka his dog, also his best friend). One day, Comet got sick and he needed a remedy so there was only one thing that Finn can do which is hoping for Comet to get well soon and come back home to him. Though this book is so short (really really really short), I quite enjoy reading it.👦🏻🐶
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Just read this one three times in a row because it's too sweet and cute. (I swear I had wet eyes only the first time)
The story is pretty simple, Finn has to take Comet, his dog (his best friend!), to the vet for a day or two and obviously he is pretty anxious. His dad is sad too. His dad is great, he teaches his son what"s hope, with a torchlight (and he makes breakfast too!), and then rather than falling into despair and sorrow, and darkness, Finn learns how to wait and hope. Whenever there is a light on, there is hope.

And this is so damn true!

Like I said, it's pretty simple, but we need to be reminded that the simple things can be the most important ones, especially when you are a kid. 

Plus the illustrations are georgeous: the lights and shadows are great, the dog is fluffly, the feelings are true and well expressed, we can feel the movements, the pages are full of details everywhere. I liked the moon, the lights, the blue, the dog, Finn and the dad. This dad is awsome, really.

Thanks to Quarto Group Publishing and NetGalley, I didn't know the work of Corrinne Averiss, nor Sebastien Pelon's, but now I sure am a fan.
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“Hope is keeping a little light on; however dark things seem.”  

Finn loves to play with his friend, Comet.  But one day, Comet didn’t want to play and wasn’t feeling well at all.  Finn and his dad took Comet to the vet.  He had to spend the night.  Finn was sad.  His dad shone a light into Finn’s tent and told Finn that all he can do is hope for Finn to be okay.  As Finn slept his light of hope joined with others.  The following day, Comet came home feeling much better.

The HOPE story is told in short, detailed sentences.  Bright drawings complement each one.  Comet is a shaggy, brown dog and has long, full hair.  Finn’s face is black and white, while his clothes are colorful.  This contrast blends and makes for a more interesting character.  

I received an ARC from Quarto Publishing through NetGalley is exchange for an honest review.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.
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Very cute story about a boy who learns the meaning of the word hope when his dog gets sick.  This book would go nicely in a classroom library grades pre-K - 3.
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A simple book with a big message, Hope by Corrinne Averiss literally gave me all the feels. Through the friendship of Finn and his dog Comet, Averiss has written an uplifting tale about holding onto hope during the most uncertain of times. Magically captured in the form of a torch, that lights up the darkest of places, hope is an extremely powerful message and one that is beautifully explored here. My only concern is that if the ending should've taken a different turn, that this tale wouldn't make children lose hope in their books.

Beautifully illustrated by Sébastien Pelon, Hope makes for a perfect bedtime read that will leave the stars shining that little bit brighter.
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Hope would be a wonderful book for a child who needs a little 'hope' dealing with anxiety or even a sick pupper. Hope never explains what is wrong with Comet the dog, but it gets the message across. 
I didn't like how some of the illustrations seemed incomplete. Maybe, though, it was intentional so that the child has to use their imagination to complete it. I'm not sure. 

***Thank you to Quarto Publishing for providing me with a review copy.***
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I received this e-book ARC of Hope by Corrinne Averiss and  Sébastien Pelon through Net Galley from Quarto Publishing Group in exchange for a truthful review.

Lovely picture book story of the bond between a young boy, Finn, and his family dog, Comet. When Comet falls ill, Finn learns the meaning of hope as he waits for Comet to get better.

The illustrations are simple and magical, especially the use of yellows to signify the light of hope.
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"Hope is keeping a light on, however dark things seem." A heart-warming story of a child learning to hope through hardship. A good read whether you're a sucker for a hope story like me or you enjoy books about kids and their pets. The illustrations only enhance the beauty of the story.
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I absolutely loved this simple book with a big message. So many kids have to deal with pets and family members who are not well and wishing them to be better. You can feel the relationship between Comet and Finn. I love the powerful words from Finn's dad, "Hope is keeping a light on, however dark things seem." I cannot wait to share this book with my students and teachers.
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I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group through NetGalley.
This book tugs on your heartstrings. Finn's dog Comet is ill and they take him to the vet. The vet is honest that he may or may not get better. Finn's dad teaches a lesson on hope that night when they can't sleep - hope is a light in the darkness. Finn keeps the flashlight on and sees the other lights in the night sky - moon, stars, streetlights.
Beautiful illustrations enhance the story.
Life lesson on hope applies broader than this scenario.
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This is a story that teaches a child that if they hope hard enough, that everything will be fine.

And I guess I am just that much of a cynic that I worry that this is etting up the child be be very disappointed a lot of the time.

Hope is a good thing to have.  It gives you something to cling to when times are tough, but to tell the child that that is all they need, might make the child scared, fi things goes wrong, that it was them not believing and hoping hard enough, and that is a tough thing to stick on a child.

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This is a beautiful book about hope shining through when you need it most.  Suitable for all ages, I found myself completely emotionally involved from the first page.  The illustrations are set simply on each page and focus the reader to the relationship between boy and dog.  
Comet isn't feeling well and needs to visit the vet.  Worry, sadness and despair set in and the boy's father tries to give the boy hope.  Hope in the form of a torch light that stays bright in even the darkest times.  The illustrations of lights and hope across the town and sky being sent to the vet clinic is one that brought me to tears.  It is a special page and I was worried to turn over.  
Used as a way to help the boy with an ill pet, this book could translate into any sad situation that children are faced with.  Hope is there for everyone and at any time.  

The cover with the light illuminating the boys face is gorgeous and the simple, delightful images of boy and dog are heartwarming!

A wonderful book to enjoy and share, even outside of sad situations!
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Hope is a gently-written (by Averiss) and beautifully, artfully illustrated (by Pelon) set out in about 20 double-page spreads depicting a young boy named Finn, and his large and very hairy dog named Comet. The two are very close and do everything together, so when the dog gets sick, Finn worries understandably, yet so much that it consumes him. His dad - almost as hairy as the dog(!) - comes into Finn's room one night with a torch (flashlight) and some advice, it resonates with Finn and turns his perspective around a little bit, so he learns to hope for the best and hang in there.

I really liked this story; it had a steady pace and an easy meter, and I loved the artwork which was exquisitely rendered. I commend it for any young reader, especially ones who might find themselves in Finn's position vis-à-vis a dog or any pet. I recently went through the loss of two pets - and these were not dogs but rats. I never thought I'd ever get attached to a pet rat, but these two were the inspiration for a series of children's books I started writing, and I bonded with them far too deeply, which left me devastated when they died, one of them last December right before Christmas, and the other five months later.

This book has a much happier ending than that, but I can also still recall how I felt when the first family dog we had when I was a child grew old and into a condition where she had to be put down, and it devastated me too. I've never forgotten how much that affected me back then, and if a book like this helps young children cope with such feelings, no matter whether the outcome is good, as it is here, or the worst, then it's well-worth investing in. I commend this as a worthy read for the message it carries and for the art is displays.
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What a delightful book this is about Finn and his best friend, a dog called Comet. Comet is sick and Finn’s dad teaches him how to find hope in anxious circumstances. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. A great book to help a child who is having to deal with a sick pet.
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Fantastic storyline and one that will warm your heart. It's all about a child believing in hope in tough times. About keeping a light of hope on no matter how dark it gets. Wonderful message and beautifully illustrated.
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“Hope is keeping a light on, however dark things seem.” Hope is also the title of a lovely book by Corrinne Averiss about a dog called Comet and his boy Finn. Comet falls ill and must stay at the vet clinic that day and overnight. Finn’s father climbs into Finn’s fort, as Comet typically does, sits beside his son, and hands him a flashlight. He admits to an understandably sulky Finn that he is sad, too. Hope is keeping a little light on. Finn mulls this over while peering through his window. The light from Finn’s flashlight is joined by other lights around the town. As Finn keeps hoping, moonlight floods Finn’s room, and Finn is able to sleep. The next morning, the dog and his boy are reunited, happily playing together once again. 

The illustrations are beautiful; they’re vibrant when Comet and Finn are together, and subdued while they’re apart. Sébastien Pelon masterfully captures the essence of hope with the use of light in his illustrations. He makes hope visible. It illuminates Finn’s fort, his bed, then nearly his entire bedroom. When Comet returns, he leaps into Finn’s arms swathed in a radiant, brilliantly white light. 

Hope has definitely earned a place on my bookshelf, and I’m eager to add it to my collection!

Thanks to words & pictures of Quarto Publishing Group for granting my wish, and to NetGalley for the provided e-ARC and the opportunity to read this book. My review is honest, unbiased, and voluntary. #NetGalley #Hope
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This book, while sweet, has the potential to get hopes up and make children very distrustful of picture books if things happen to turn out differently for them.

Finn's dog, Comet, is his best friend. They do everything together. But when Comet gets sick, Finn's parents take the dog to the vet. The vet promises to do what he can, and Finn has no choice but to go home and wait. While he waits, with the encouragement of his father, he hopes. And, eventually, Comet returns, feeling much better.

When a dog is as sick as Comet appeared to be, there's probably something pretty serious going on. I don't really like how this book gives the impression that all that's needed is an overnight stay at the vet's and everything will be all better. If your dog is sick enough to have to stay at the vet's, it's probably very ill. It might even have to be put down. In fact, I thought that's where this book was going to go, with perhaps a hopeful little message about love and memories. Unfortunately, the loss of a dog is something that nearly all dog owners are going to have to experience at some point; I kind of wish this book had addressed this reality, rather than giving Finn a temporary happy ending.

The illustrations are probably the best thing about this book for me, although I'm not sure why Finn doesn't have any colour like the other human figures. The scene with all the hopes twinkling in the night sky is especially pretty.

Maybe this is just a case of expectations not matching with the actual book. But I would caution parents to tread carefully with this one; I don't think I would've appreciated reading a book about a boy whose dog gets a happy ending right after having to say goodbye to my own dog. Timing will be important with this one.
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