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A beautiful book suited for intermediate to advanced papercutters. As a novice, I would find the designs lovely but intimidating for my first project. But for an experienced crafter, the geometric and natural designs will be inspiring. Step by step instructions are pretty spare. Gorgeous photography of designs and the natural elements that inspired them will be enjoyable, whether you're intending to actually make your own version or just want to admire their artistry.
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After the short Introduction to the maths behind nature and a Techniques & tips there are four main sections to this book which are: Working with a base sheet, Tessellations & 2D weaving, Assembling 3D forms and Display.

The basic tool list is very small at only three and there are a number of wish list tools you could also have to get going if you enjoy papercutting, which looks like the type of thing you can get from Hobbycraft quite easily.  The materials you require are also listed with paper, glues and tapes needed.

A number of templates are included in the book with the actual photograph of the finished project.  It provides templates for things beginners like butterflies, a sunflower, a honeycomb and then moves onto a more complicated designs such as a lampshade, a 3d flower and snowballs.  There are some designs shown such as a the trees in winter scene or lattice type shapes which don't have a template to follow but would be nice to do.  Some of the 3D shapes include photographs of the steps need to complete the design.

Overall it's an interesting book, but feel some of the images included should have had steps to follow as they looked the most interesting.  Otherwise, these would made great gifts or nice Christmas decorations.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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Paper cutting can be a beautiful art as this book shows.  For how short it is, it has beautiful projects almost anyone can do.  Some are easier than others.  I goes through various concepts, the type of paper, ways to cut, and concepts like folding and layering.
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Papercutting is a tutorial and theory guide to paper sculpture by Patricia Moffett. Due out 28th Sept 2019 from Schiffer publishing, it's 128 pages and is available in paperback (and possibly hardcover, it's not clear from the publishing info).

The inspirations for the pieces which are included in this volume come from nature. There are birds, insects, trees, and natural landscape features among the projects. The forms are fluid and dynamic. The detail on some of them is stunning. All are gorgeous. Even the most intricate pieces are built up of simple units into a deceptively complex whole.

The introductory chapters (~13% of the page content) cover tools, materials, Fibonacci sequences, cuts, folds, transferring patterns, scoring, using templates and more.
The following chapters contain the tutorials and are generally progressively more complex. There are really good general discussions of axes of symmetry and the subchapter on tesselations was concise and easy to understand.

I was so impressed with the inclusion of a really good discussion of the mathematics and symmetry of nature in the form of whorls on flowers, insects, fruits, shells, the growth pattern of trees and more. This is a layman accessible book, but it really adds to the depth and detail of the sculptures to know some theory behind the forms.

This would make a very good book for crafters as well as a wonderful resource book in a classroom art setting for middle-grades+ to tie-in with coordinating math lessons. It would be a good addition to the homeschooling library as well.

Five stars. Really lovely book.
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I literally once wrote a whole paper that was based on sacred geometry and the nautilus shell. It was for an architecture course, and I wanted to write about gesamtkunstwerk, or 'total work of art'. It was some of the most fun I've ever had writing a research paper because it was so fascinating. When I received this ARC, I had no idea that it would delve into the Fibonacci sequence and symmetry, and basically satisfy me far more than paper ever has in my life ever. If I were to want to explore the art of papercutting (which is truly a beautiful form of art) I would definitely want this book on hand to teach me about it. Not only does it give you instructions on how to physically work at the piece, but it also tells you the significance and importance of the steps you are taking and the cuts you are making, which I think makes it a much more intimate form of art than we'd really expect. I am continually fascinated by sacred geometry and I wish the world embraced it more often to get a sense of inner harmony. I suspect we could start here.
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Papercutting - Geometric Designs Inspired by Nature
by Patricia Moffett

If you are already a crafter with paper and looking to expand on your experience, this book will do just that for you. 

At this point you should have all the necessary tools if your starting this advanced level, but a list is included just Incase. Materials are listed for papers and glues for the patterns in this book. Included are photos showing techniques you’ll be using also. 

Each pattern is a product of nature. The flowers that you can find in your garden along with birds and butterflies. Even more unique is the instructions on creating a waterfall. There are many patterns along with detailed instructions and photos for completing each project. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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A really well explained and detailed book on making beautiful art pieces through paper cutting and the use of light and shadows or with the addition of colour and technique. I dabbled in paper cutting at Art school and it is an art form that can become very addictive, enjoyable and peaceful. Beautiful effects can be achieved with a little thought.
Who would have thought that a few pieces of paper and a cutting tool can create such amazing pieces.
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Wonderful book!

I have been papercutting on and off for a few years now, so it's great to have found a book that has progressively difficult papercuts to work through, in both skill required and moving from 2D to 3D.  The instructions seem very clear so I'm looking forward to having a go.

I really liked the nature inspired designs, I think they are beautiful and I am excited to make them.  I'm so pleased I've got this book.
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Looking for a new hobby? I love learning about and trying new to me crafts and this book caught my eye. The projects range from simpler ones that would make a great starter project to more complex projects to tackle as your skills advance. Even the simpler projects are beautiful. The photos are shot well, showing details clearly and instructions are easy to follow with good tips along the way. 

Thank you to Schiffer Publishing Ltd. and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I love this book. I want to purchase it. Really inspiring! Love the ideas and you can actually create these with the templates. Lovely book. I love to draw and paint and this gets me interested in another medium. I feel it is well written and not boring to read and has some factual info within the descriptions.
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Having completed one whole papercut (aside from the "oops" kind, of course!) in my life, I decided this would be a great ARC to receive. The theory, the technique, so much to learn from just one book. I was delighted when Schiffer Publishing Ltd approved my request on NetGalley, gifting me the ebook version in exchange for an unbiased review.
It was with some excitement I delved into the book that promised to show me "how natural forms can help you apply the rules of mathematics to create complexly beautiful works.", and I was not disappointed. Everything is laid out perfectly, from a beginners guide to the craft including tools required and techniques advised, through 25 projects, not just templates (though those are available too), but step by step from inspiration images and sketches to completion. There is something for everyone in this astoundingly beautiful collection from the simple, flat silhouette through to intricate 3D sculptures. 
I would definitely recommend the paper copy of this book, to have access to the templates for instant crafting opportunity.
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I loved the designs in this book, though many are still well above my skill level.  Cannot wait to try the few I feel confident enough for.  They are stunning.  This book really goes through the different materials that are best used for papercutting, and the designs are good for someone to grow their skills with.
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A good, well written, easy to understand book.
I enjoyed the concepts contained within. My teenage son also enjoyed them and found another dimension to mathematics through reading this book, although he has not yet attempted any of the ideas, he does intend to try some of the projects.
The projects were very interesting and well explained, with easy to follow instructions. This was easy to see after completing the simplest project, which, although this was my first attempt turned out pretty well. 
This was a great introduction to the craft of paper cutting and I am looking forward to working my way through the projects from beginning to end.
A great book with fascinating facts and insights and plenty of practical instruction to complete the various models. After reading the book and trying something simple I feel that this could be the beginning of a new and unique hobby for myself. 
Definitely worth checking out
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Amazingly detailed papercutting projects. Very intricate and really beautiful. 
They explain what tools to use and what kinds of supplies you will need to do the projects. Then there is some techniques described. Then to the projects! I liked how there are pictures of what inspired the author to do a project, like a drawing or a photo of birds flying and such. Projects go from simpler to more complex, from just cutting out a bunch of bird silhouettes to intricate 3d forms. Templates are provided in the book to trace or copy and print.

I received a digital copy of the book from NetGalley
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I love when an artist is able to see the math in nature, and incorporate it into a design. Even better is when that artist can explain what it is about! Patricia Moffett is such an artist. I was captured by this book from page 1. I love the designs and can't wait to try them all!
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Stop my heart! I found myself holding my breath as I looked through this book. Beautiful at work- breath-taking. I need to find this book and get a copy to try my hand at some of these. I even know a few paper craft folks who would appreciate copies as gifts. Detailed instructions are in the book for the projects and the book could have used a few more step by step photos, but I'm willing to try the projects with what's given.
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I don’t have the steadiest hand for cutting out intricate detail but, I liked shell design in this free sample copy and had a go. The result was a lovely hand made card for my best friends birthday. She loved that I had take the time and care to make it. The instructions are clear there are templates to print off. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to make the 3D designs. I had lots of fun and would recommend this book to new and more experienced paper sculptors.
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I was curious about this book and found it fascinating.
I think that most of the pictures show object that well over my skill but i found it fascinating and entertaining.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Honestly, I think this one is one is way over my skill range, though I might try some of the simpler designs with my Scan n Cut.   That said, this is a beautiful book.  There’s a lot of detail on what goes into designing these works of art (sorry folks who don’t like math/science, you’ve got some reading to do).  But if you don’t care about how to design from scratch, there’s also some templates included (that’s more my speed).  

The good news is that if you’re curious about paper cutting, but not sure it’s your dream craft, the only real tools required to start with are a craft knife, paper, a cutting surface, and a ruler.  The book does go into more tools you’d want if you decide to carry on with the craft, but to start with you probably already have all of the tools you’ll need. 

I probably wouldn’t recommend paper cutting by hand for folks like me who don’t have the steadiest hands.  But if you do have steady hands?  These some beautiful projects here to get you started.  I especially liked Starlings and the Trees of Winter.
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