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Samantha Hayes is an author I’ve highly rated in the past so I was delighted to have the opportunity to review an advance copy of ‘Date Night’.  This is the story of Libby who finds herself arrested following the disappearance of her babysitter on a disastrous date night.  

Until I finished this book I had forgotten how clever Samantha’s writing actually is - without giving the plot away I think it’s safe to say she uses smoke and mirrors to great effect - predictable it most definitely is not!

While I felt my attention wavered a little in the middle of the book, the ending packed enough punch to make it a worthwhile and highly enjoyable read overall.

Many thanks to Netgalley, author and publisher for the pleasure of reading this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A great psychological thriller! Lots of twists and turns, and an amazingly tight plot line. Could not put it down.
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Another chilling, up all night read by Samantha Hayes. Well done. I enjoyed this one a lot of it was full of twists and turns and what the what moments. What started out as just a date night goes all twisted and psycho.
Its best not to give anything away on this book because the surprises are awaiting inside of it :  - )
5 stars!
Thank you #Netgalley, the author and the publisher for my free ARC in exchange for my honest review. Posting on Goodreads as well,
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I've read a number of books by this author, and Date Night was another winner! This one really kept me on my toes and guessing until the end. Recommended!
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Take your seats, get your popcorn & get comfortable ladies and gentlemen because the show is about to start! And you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss this one! 

The opening Scene begins:

We see a woman in handcuffs being led into the back of a police car. She is shaking and nervous. The neighbors on the street are all standing outside their houses, staring as the woman they all know as Libby climbs into the back of the police car. She looks down at her hands. Their is dried blood on her fingernails. When they arrive at the police station Libby apologizes. She is sorry, she tells them for being nervous. It’s just that she has never been arrested before. Especially for MURDER.

Cut to the next scene. We have gone back in time:

After finding a note on her car saying Libby’s husband is having an affair, and an explosive fight between Libby and her husband Sean, they decide to make up. Sean swears to Libby he isn’t having an affair. Libby WANTS to believe he is telling her the truth. They decide to go out on a date night to try to reconnect and put the fight and the note behind them. They get dressed up and call their regular babysitter Sasha, a college student who regularly babysits for Libby and Sean’s daughter Alice. 

Alice arrives while Sean is in the kitchen, Libby comes downstairs, greets Sasha, talks to her for a little and tells her she put a plate for her to have for dinner on a plate in the fridge. Libby tells Sasha they won’t be home too late. Sasha seems upset or distracted for some reason. Libby asks if she is ok. Sasha says “yes”, and Libby and Sean’s can has arrived to take them to dinner. They say goodbye to Sasha and Alice and walk out the door. 

Libby is excited to have a dinner date night with Sean and get things back to normal. But Sean seems distracted. And why does Seans’s phone keep ringing? And who keeps texting him? He tells Libby it’s nothing, but refuses to show her his phone. She starts to have doubts again. Maybe he IS lying. He can’t be, right? But WHO keeps calling and texting him? And why is he being so secretive about it? 

The dinner is cut short and Libby and Sean decide to go home early. Hopefully Alice is asleep. Libby thinks Sasha may not be happy they came home earlier than expected, but Libby will pay her for the full night she thinks. But when they walk in the door something isn’t right. Sasha’s backpack and school books are on the table where she left them sprawled out. But the contents of her backpack have been dumped out, like she was looking for something in a big hurry. Her cell phone is on the table. Alice is asleep in her bed. But Sasha is no where to be found. WHERE did she go? Why would she have left Alice there all alone, and why would she have left without her phone and her backpack? There is no sign of break in but NONE of this makes any sense. 


Hope you stop and refill your popcorn because it’s about to get REALLY good. Make sure you set aside a night to read this one, because if you are anything like me you will read this in one sitting! 

I am someone who when I read, I am always trying to think 10 steps ahead of what is currently happening in the book to figure out what’s going on. Samantha Hayes had my head spinning, leaving on my toes, with twist after twist coming out of nowhere! I love books that I think I have figured out and can continue to leave me gasping out loud from shock after shock! And Date Night is definitely one of those books! You may think you have it figured out. But you will probably have to pick yourself up off the floor after falling out of your chair when you read the final crazy, shocking twist at the end! I LOVED this EXPLOSIVE, SHOCKING and CREATIVE ending!

If you are in a book slump, or looking for that fast read that is going to remind you exactly why you love to read, this is DEFINITELY the book to read! This one is on my top 10 books for the year, so don’t miss it! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for providing a copy of the book in exchange for  an honest review!
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Thanks to the author, Samantha Hayes; to NetGalley, and to Bookouture for my advanced copy of Date Night. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

WOW, what a rollercoaster ride!!  I really “felt” the thrills and excitement of Ms Hayes’s latest book, Date Night, as the plot developed and thickened. The story was original and fast paced, with each new page turning up another twist or devious turn!  The characters were well defined and were relatable. Emotions, some good, and others not,  are evoked as the reader understands the true nature of each person in the story. My feelings for most characters evolved as the story progressed, as motives, secrets, and deceptions were revealed. I will admit, I was very snookered by this novel. Many red herrings and surprises galore.  

Date Nights are usually considered to be fun filled events, greatly anticipated, where happy memories are created. But the date night shared by the main character, Libby and her husband, Sean?  NOT!!  It was not only disastrous, but as a result lives were destroyed, there was a murder by the end of the night, and deeply hidden secrets were eventually revealed at a great cost to all. The end of the book was so shocking and unexpected that it hit me like a ton of bricks! Literally, I had to go back and reread the Epilogue to be sure I could believe my eyes.  I definitely recommend this book to those who love a great twisty mystery, and love to be surprised!  In my opinion, one of the best in this genre.
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A date night seems like any other night where nothing can go wrong. That is not true for Libby and Sean. These two go out to put rumors of Sean having an affair put to rest but after the night is over they go home to find that their babysitter is missing and has left their daughter home by herself. Libby gets the sense over the book that she is going crazy and that there is nothing to do but to trust her husband. Who wouldn't trust their husband?

This story takes some crazy twists and turns but has the initial feeling and story line of a lot of other thrillers out there. The real twist comes at the end when you learn not only of one betrayal but two! I was more enthralled with the last 100 pages of this book than with the rest. I will say that if you get to those last 100 pages it makes the book worthwhile as it was a twist not even I saw coming! Overall a good read and would read future titles by this author.
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Have you ever tried to ignore an itch? It is hard, isn’t it? The mystery in this book was that itch that can’t be ignored. I would put down the book only to find myself thinking about it. I desperately wanted to know what happened to Sasha! I mean, how does a baby sitter just disappear? Libby and her husband, Sean, had a date night. They left Sasha watching their 4 year old daughter, Alice.  Later in the evening, they came home to find Sasha gone! Her belongings were all left behind but she had disappeared into the night!

What I loved the most about this narrative was the unpredictability. I tried to guess what happened to Sasha but really had no clue. I suspected Sean since I didn’t like him but he still wasn’t looking good as a suspect since he had an alibi. I mean, he was on the date with Libby when Sasha disappeared. This mystery was driving me nuts. I had no real suspects and absolutely no clue about what had happened.

The reveal was insane! I don’t mean that it was implausible but it just never crossed my mind. Loved it!

My only issue with the book was that the pace slowed down in the middle. I felt like Libby was driving me nuts and her interview with the police was frustrating me. I couldn’t really get why she was acting the way she was. I liked her but again, didn’t like her most of the times. Plus I really didn’t like Sean. Or maybe I thought the pace slowed down but it was just me getting impatient to get to the end and solve the mystery.

Well written, captivating with a jaw dropping twist, I think readers of this genre will enjoy Date Night by Samantha Hayes. I am giving out trophies (virtual, imaginary ones) to anyone who will honestly say that they predicted entire twist at the end. I know some of it might have been easy to guess but wow, I couldn’t have guessed it all. What an entertaining read!
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WOW!!!!! Just Wow!  I can't believe the unexpected surprise that the author put towards the end of this book, totally did not expect the twist.  After a disagreement between Sean, a popular veterinarian and his wife, Libby, a self employed caterer and party planner they decided to have a Date Night to reignite their relationship.  Unfortunately, things didn't end up like they had hoped.  When they returned home they discovered that the teenager that they had hired to babysit their young daughter was nowhere to be found.  Her belongings were scattered around the living room and their daughter was asleep and safe, but the babysitter, Sasha, had disappeared without a trace.  As hours and then days passed without Sasha being found, the tension escalated.  Libby, Sean and their daughter, Alice, were forced to temporarily moved in with Sean's parents while the police thoroughly searched their home.  As the search for Sasha intensified, Libby discovered that the loving and gentle Sean she married becomes a man she no longer recognizes.  Ms. Hayes has written an amazing psychological thriller that included a character suffering from self doubt due to Sean's manipulation and controlling nature.  A mothers love that crossed the boundaries between right and wrong, a mother's sense of protection and responsibility to save her child.  A love so deep and important that you want to protect at any costs, and secrets that can never be revealed.  This is the second book I've read written by Samantha Hayes and she definitely writes thought provoking, surprising books, I'm looking forward to many more!!Thank-you to Netgalley, Bookouture, and Samantha Hayes for an ARC in exchange for a honest review.
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This book left me speechless at the end of it. The final twist at the end was breath taking. How Samantha made you feel for Libby and also made you angry at her at the same time leaves me shaking my head! This is a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 rating from me (would give more if I could)! Definite fast paced domestic Thriller that you will enjoy! Thank you Book Outure and Netgalley for this book in exchange for an honest review!
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Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture, and Samantha Hayes for the opportunity to read and review her latest psychological thriller - one that will keep you turning the pages until the last twisty page!  

Libby and Sean are two busy professionals with 4-year-old Alice.  Romance sometimes takes a back seat but Libby feels like they are a happy family.  Until she finds a note on her car window saying that Sean is having an affair.  When she confronts Sean, he assures her that nothing is going on.  They arrange a date night to get their marriage back on the right track.  Babysitter Sasha is at their house watching Alice.  But Sean is preoccupied during dinner, making the date night a disaster.  They leave early and discover that Sasha is missing.  Then Libby is arrested for her murder.

Told from Libby's perspective in both Now and Before time periods, this book will keep you guessing until the end.  Great read!
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So many twists and turns and an ending that you won’t see coming! Well crafted storyline driven by flawed, well developed characters. How far would you go to protect your child, to keep a secret?
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4.5 stars! A fast-moving psychological page-turner with surprise twists around every corner. Very good, loved the suspense!! 
Everything’s picture perfect between Libby and her husband Sean until Libby finds a note on her windshield “Sean is having an affair..” Her husband denies it, but the seed has already been planted. 
Immediately the strain of doubt begins to separate them. They set a date night, hoping to put things back on track, it’s a disaster. 
Returning home Sasha the babysitter is missing and their young 4yr old daughter is in bed asleep. 
Libby is arrested. The story then starts to reveal new clues to solving the mind-boggling mystery between two timelines. What happened to Sasha? Who’s Sean having an affair with? Who wrote the notes? (Libby finds two notes alltogether)
Lies, secrets, and one family’s hidden cover-up you’d have to see to believe. And that jaw dropping revelation at the end, who would of guessed, tied all the pieces together brilliantly! I recommend to anyone who enjoys a DARK psychological thriller with mystery that has you second guessing yourself to its very end. 🖤

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher Bookouture for kindly providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Rating rounded up to 4.5 stars.

Libby and Sean seem to have it all, she runs her own catering business and he's a well established vet, they have a young daughter Alice, and Sean has a teenage son Dan, from his previous marriage to Natalie. Things appear to be good until Libby finds a note left on her windscreen accusing Sean of having an affair, she confronts him and he denies it, to try and prove it to her he suggests they have a date night and they leave Alice with their babysitter, Sasha but their date ends in disaster and that's before they even get home and find Sasha is missing and Alice is alone in the house. The story opens with Libby being arrested for Sasha's murder, she protests her innocence but nobody is listening, what really happened on that disastrous night and does Libby know more than she's letting on?

This story is told over two timelines; Before, which is told by Libby and Now, which is narrated by a third person, it was confusing at first how the two scenarios were linked as the stories conflicted with each other but as it continues it becomes clear why, there are twists in this book, more than you can imagine, but that final one hit like a double whammy, I don't think anyone will see that one coming! This story is so well executed, and I was intrigued throughout, hoping that Libby wasn't a murderer. This is the second book I've read by Samantha Hayes, the first being The Liar's Wife, and if you like a book full of twists that grabs you by the seat of your pants and has you screaming to go faster, then I recommend you read Date Night.

I'd like to thank Bookouture and Netgalley for the auto approval, I will post my review on both Amazon and Goodreads.
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Great premise - great book. This book was very intriguing from the start. There were great twists that I did not see coming. 

If you're looking for a quick, easy read - definitely give this book a read.
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It’s not often that a thriller has “a twist you don’t see coming” despite how many make the claim. And yet, Date Night left me breathless. 

A novel that seems, on the surface, a simple story: betrayal, murder, yet the twists and turns keep coming. This is definitely one to reread with the knowledge of the ending so that I can wholly complete the craft. Read it, you won’t be disappointed.
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Libby is happily married to Sean and has a young daughter Alice. Then one morning, she finds a note on her car windscreen….”Sean is having an affair”…

This really starts to worry her, she trusts him, but then notices him acting a bit vague and asks him outright if he having an affair. He assures her he isn’t and they arrange a date night to put it all behind them. The babysitter Sasha arrives and off they go….but Sean is distracted by his phone and Libby loses her calm and they go home early…..but Sasha is not there….Alice is home alone!

They search but Sasha has disappeared! What has happened to her?

I can’t really say much more for fear of spoiling this marvellously twisted and dark thriller. Utterly engrossing, a real time thief and I can thoroughly recommend it.

Thank you to Bookouture, the author and NetGalley for a free copy of the ebook. This is my in honest, unbiased review.
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Date Night. By Samantha Hayes was a fast pace read that has a few twists that I actually didn't see coming. 4 stars. Thank you Netgalley for an early copy.
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Another hit from the author.  If you enjoy mystery and suspense with twists throughout, this is certainly the book for you.  The variety of plots from book to book always leaves me waiting for he author's next book.  This is a book that I would recommend to all.
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This is quite a page turner - the tale begins with Libby being arrested for the murder of Sasha, her 17 year old babysitter. From there we alternate between before and now from the point of Libby and Sean, her husband. My only criticism would be that Libby and Sean were very naive to lie to the police about the order and time of events on the night in question when their lies were so obviously easy to disprove. Having said that the plot was fast moving and intriguing. It was definitely a book that I could not put down and I didn't see the end coming.
Many thanks to Netgalley/Samantha Hayes/Bookouture for a digital copy of this title. All opinions expressed are my own.
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