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Say It Again by Catherine Bybee was not for me I don't prefer books with woman who are dominant like the character was in the book I wish it was a bit different. Do not get me wrong the writing was good and the baseline of the story was great it just wasn't for me, but if you like dominant female characters this one is a must read for you.
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Another great book from Catherine Bybee.  Bittersweet that this appears to be the final book in the Weekday Brides series. An enjoyable read. Will miss these women
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Say It Again is Bybee's fifth and final in the First Wives Series. You can read it as a stand alone, but I advise against it. You will want to get to know all the woman in this series.
You get to know Sasha Budanov early in the series. She is mysterious, beautiful, and badass and I wanted to be her. Little by little you get a glimpse of what makes Sasha. Finally, book five is Sasha's story.
Sasha grew up in a German military style boarding school. She returns to these roots while trying to figure out what's next for her. She is looking for answers and direction and she's bored.
While there she is pulled into investigating a fellow ex-student's murder with the ex-student's sexy brother. This exposes more lies behind the walls of Richter than Sasha would have ever imagined. While searching for answers to her past, present and future, Sasha once again finds herself and those she loves in danger.
Sasha learns to trust, maybe for the first time. She learns acceptance, and the love of family. She has a long way to go, but begins to move forward in many ways in her present. This final book in the series was a great story to end with.
I received an ARC from Netgalley.
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I received an Advanced Reader Copy from NetGalley and Montlake Romance for my unbiased opinion of the book. This is the book you thought the author wasn't going to write.  I am so glad she did!!!  The book centers around Sasha Budanov protector for hire and of the first wives and their families.  She had an incredibly hard life was schooled to become the best at what she does and everything else with a level of excellence few can achieve.  When her past comes to haunt her has more questions than need to be found she reluctantly decides to help AJ Hofmann.  Sparks fly from the outset.  She finds out things are not what she thought it was and people she could trust find out not able to anymore.  Can she keep her heart and AJ safe at the same time? Also, can she finally uncover the truths and bring light to a school that should have never been?  Can she finally trust a man who happens to also kiss like the whole constellation is in his lips?  Cathy thank you for ending this series on such a dramatic high note and giving us readers the book we didn't think would happen!!!!  Keep of the great writing!!!
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Another great book from Catherine Bybee.  Bittersweet that this appears to be the final book in the Weekday Brides/First Wives Club series.  Sasha's story was and enjoyable read.
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I was so excited for Sasha's story.  She has been such a big part in the series so I loved the fact that Catherine Bybee decided to expand the series and give Sasha a book.  

Because Sasha is such a kick ass character I wasn't sure whom was going to be strong enough to be a partnership with Sasha.  Though I feel AJ was the perfect fit for her, they balanced out each other well.

Sasha feels like a pseudo real life black widow character and I loved the fact we got to get Sasha's back story with Richter.   As Sasha steps into her, she gets caught up in the middle of a scandal which throws AJ into her path.   

The connection between them was good and Sasha immediately had the protective streak with Aj which means something because normally besides Trina and Reed not too many get under her skin.   Sasha is desperate for a family and doesn't realize that she already had one, just not a blood family.  

Catherine Bybee has such a gift with her writing suspense.  I was hooked immediately into this story.  There were so many levels involved with this story and between Sasha and the boys they were able to find out the answers and there were many twists and turns I didn't expect. 

I really liked this series and was happy to see everyone get their HEA.
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Say It Again is the final book in the First Wives Series and was I sad to see this series come to end of course but what a great way to end a very successful series that’s loved by many. This book can certainly be read as a stand-alone but I think you would get so much more from it if you have read the previous books. Are you ready for Sasha Budanov and AJ Hoffman’s Story because they certainly have a tale to tell !!!!
Sasha is used to spending time on her own, it’s goes with her chosen profession but when she finds herself at a crossroads in her life she needs to finds answers and that means going back to her boarding school in Germany.
AJ is also looking for answers and when they meet at the school they find all sorts of mysteries and secrets from their pasts that bring them together and  put them both in danger......
This book ticked all my boxes, it’s romantic, it’s mysterious and it has a plot that captivated me, add in a seriously swoon worthy male and you get a great entertaining read. I loved catching up with the couples from the previous books and for me this was the perfect ending to a great series.
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Honestly I think this is the best book of the series! 

I devoured Sasha and AJ's story and once again was enchanted by Catherine Bybee's writing. I was so happy to see the illusive and tough as nails Sasha become a little more soft and feel a bit more settled with AJ. The mystery and intrigue makes this story exciting and "Unputdownable". I cannot wait for her next series!
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Catherine Bybee is an amazing Storyteller! Every single book I read of hers is great! Can't wait for her next book!!
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I love this series and a so happy that Sasha got her chance for a happy ending. She is a badass just looking to belong. Going back to where she began has her experiencing flashbacks and realizing that some people are not what they seem. AJ is desperate to find out how his sister died. When these two meet the attraction is electrifying. Fighting it at every turn, they must work together to solve the mysterious deaths that they have uncovered. Such a great book!
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I am so glad you created a book for this character. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I liked this book most out of the series, but only because this character intrigued me so much!! The entire series was great!
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Finally we learn more of the enigmatic Sasha. In SAY IT AGAIN, the 5th book in Catherine Bybee's First Wives series we learn about the mystery woman Bybee's been dangling and teasing her readers with since the first book. And WOW! What a background story! I was picturing every badass female I've ever seen in action movies. What a thrill ride this book was. As are ALL of Bybee's stories it's well written, well researched, the characters are fun and real and easy to connect with, the mystery and suspense hooks you and it's nearly impossible to put the book down. I

AJ Hofmann was just the right match for keeping up with Sasha. His dedication to finding his sister, willingness to let Sasha lead, and of course his charm, managed to earn her trust. The strong sexual attraction and chemistry between them was also well-developed. 

The story brought in all the gang. Added a bright new character that really balanced the time of the story. And there's babies now. How do you resist the cuteness of babies?

Overall a polished ending to a wonderful series. All of which I highly recommend as a read. 

4.5 stars
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Catherine Bybee has managed to create a series with incredibly interesting female characters and Say It Again was another great addition. I was always fascinated by Sasha's character and her upbringing. Where was she trained? Why is she such a recluse? Say It Again answers all of those questions and manages to pair her up with an interesting character in AJ. Bybee's writing is great and she had me hooked till the final page!
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What a thrilling end to another great series from Catherine Bybee. She closes The First Wives Series, with Sasha getting answers to her unanswered questions and putting to her past to rest and embracing a new future with Hoffmann. 

You can "Say It Again" that a brilliant writer that she is, Catherine Bybee gives her readers another worthy read!
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Oh, what a way to end this series!  Sasha is restless and decides to return to the school in Germany where she ends up meeting A.J. who is looking into his sister's death.  His sister was also a graduate of the school. Twists and turns and intrigue and soon they are chasing leads back in the states and enlisting the team with Neil and Reid and back 0n the ranch with Trina and Wade. So much fun to catch up with the women of the First Wives Club and watch Sasha take the fall at the end!  I really enjoyed this entire series and recommend it. 

**Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
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When AJ goes looking for answers in the death of his sister, he never expects to find love in the shape of a sexy and insanely talented woman named Sasha.  Say It Again has mystery, intrigue, hot passion and amazing characters put this all together and you have a wonderful way to spend your time loosing yourself in this story.   

A must read and the perfect close to this series.
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What can I say. Sasha is portrayed in the exact manner as I expected. The story packs suspense, protectiveness, and romance all in one. Making Sasha a person with ties and feelings really put her in a different light. I am sad to see this series end.
I really loved this story read it in a day as I could not out it down.

** I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review**
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the fifth (and sadly, final) book in the series. If you have not read any of them yet, then I would recommend that you do, as they are really good. You will meet characters from the previous books here, but actually Sasha's story is quite separate, so you could read this first and then go back. Each story is wonderfully unique and this one certainly is too! Sasha was never a first wife, however, she has been an important side character in helping earlier leads get their happily ever afters. She has always been a mystery... and some of that is peeled away here, but more importantly, she finds someone who wants her, for her, no matter her past.

We find Sasha returning to her German boarding school, which is more like a fortress training soldiers for life. As we get to understand how she was educated, and the lengths that she went to to subvert the system, I think she becomes an even more appealing person. She is given access to information which reveals more about her past, and possibly has an impact on what her future could hold. She also meets AJ, a man in search of answers about his sister's death. He is convinced that it is due to her also being a student at the same school. And thus, the purpose for her visit expands, as well as her finding AJ may be of interest himself... a thought she normally would not allow herself. This leads to them becoming embroiled in a political school battle. I loved all this intrigue, passion, and hope.

A very different story from the previous ones, yet ardent fans will be delighted that we do still meet up with the first wives, and get to celebrate with them what family and love really mean.

Thank you, Catherine Bybee, for a lovely series, one which has found its place on my Must Reread List.
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As a final book in the series, this book was suspenseful, intriguing, and interesting.  Sasha is a tough cookie and has always been a bit of a mysterious women, but in her own story we learn what makes her tick. This was written in a different style from the rest in the series, but it was a great closing to the series.  I recommend this book and love Catherine Bybee.
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I really tried to like this book but it was just a bit too slow for me.  Maybe because I was nursing a book hangover from the previous book I had just finished, but this just wasn't the read for me at this time.  Might try it again in the future though because I've heard good things about this author.  I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC for NetGalley.
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