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The House Hacking Strategy

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I got this book because I was curious to know what house hacking was and it wasn't what I thought it would be but I got to know and understand about house hacking through this book. There are lots of tips and tricks, maths and informations and it's a very interesting book. There's a lot to read but will be able to understand the whole process and strategies. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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This is a really good insight into “House hacking” including frequently asked questions, short lists, and to-do lists which are really helpful. Useful if you are new to learning about using your house to make more money or investing in property. Particularly good if you are a first-time buyer or investor looking to make the giant leap onto the property market.

There could be a little more information on all of the costs involved rather than just mortgage payment v rent collected (e.g. repairs / vacant tenancies etc) to give a more rounded overview but this provided a good guide book overall.
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Overall a good book in you want to learn more about using real estate to make money. Tone and corny comments got a little old after awhile, but this was minor. Good examples given and I like the way the book was laid out and easy to follow. Haven't actually tried them, so cannot verify the tips and advice, but the reasoning is sound. Would recommend.
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There are hundreds or thousands of books about real estate and how it can change your life. This one is well written, has a good structure, and has some newer elements. These are the modern phenomena of Airbnb, which makes it possible to get more from one single property, as well as Uber etc., that can get you more income as well as letting you know more about an area.
The book has several good examples, and there are lots of good tips as well as discussions of some negative sides.
It also seems to be a commercial for, but as there is free advice to be had there, it's not too bad.
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Thinking of investing in property? This one is a good book for you. Smart advice and very good example on how to invest in property. Sometimes simple ideas really work,
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This is very good and pretty comprehensive. Lots of good info, including short lists of t0-dos and FAQs at the end. Very solid info and case studies to inspire you or just show that it can be done and/or how it has been done. Yes, there's some math, but if you can't handle that then RE is not for you. Plus, the author recommends some tools to assist. I read this quickly because I'm interested in the topic. Minus the incredibly corny dialog examples, this is definitely recommended if you're interested in RE investing. 

I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
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