Sleep Martyrs

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First off, thank you to the author, publishers, and NetGalley for granting me an ARC of this book to read and review. This was a strange book. The book begins as siblings Tori and Laila move into a smart house in a new neighborhood when their mother Rita gets remarried. But then the house starts to get a little too smart. And the entire neighborhood begins to change and everything is a total trip. There is so much going on at certain points, to even tag a genre is difficult. However, that may be what made the book so interesting. It made the book a fascinating (though sometimes confusingly difficult) read.
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This book was very black mirror to me and as I enjoyed those episodes I enjoyed this as well. It’s not the type of review that you are able to give without giving away spoilers. It is full of puzzles that change so often you can’t get a handle on putting them together. It was a bit slow to get into but if you stick around the story is worth being delved into.
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I tried to give this book a chance but it just didn't workout that way. It was all over the place, with no back story of all these random characters. And the ending don't get me started on that (face palm) MESS (rolling eyes). I feel like the writer was just being lazy and just writting whatever just to finish it.
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I’ve received this book from Netgalley, the author and it’s publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and are completely unbiased.

Overall I thought this was an eerie suspenseful read. My only complaint is how it seemed to fall apart coming on the end, maybe not fall apart but definitely rushed. Again, I still enjoyed 85% of the read. I loved the setting, the premise and how the characters were well developed. 

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.
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This was a succulent new mystery and I was kept guessing until the sobering conclusion.  The book covers many genres other than thriller.  Pick it up and you won’t be able to put it down. 
Many thanks to IBPA and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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4 stars

It’s hard to review this book without giving anything away. This book was quite lengthy, but I couldn’t put it down!

Tori and Laila move to an affluent, tech village with their mother Rita who has recently gotten married. However, it quickly becomes clear to the three of them that the friendly residents of this neighbourhood are…strange.

I felt a constant sense of unease as Tori and Laila slowly discover what is wrong with the residents of Santomon. Little details are revealed over time, and you experience the same confusion and dread that the girls feel all throughout the book.

I’ve seen that some people were disappointed by the ending. I thought the story could have concluded better and more time could have been spent explaining why things turned out the way they did. It seemed a bit rushed at the end.

Thanks to NetGalley for a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This book was fast paced. Hard to put down. It flowed well and it was very well written. It caught hold of me and had me hooked from the start . I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this book.
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Unfortunately, the story this book told was not a story I wanted to read.  The beginning was very intriguing.. just what was going on at Santomon but as I continued to read this book just dragged on and on.  It got to the point that I was about to give up-it just was not my cup of tea.  Altogether too many characters and a completely unbelievable turn of events..  Possibly an okay read for young adults, but I cannot recommend it.
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This book, After reading the book summary I definitely thought this would a book up my alley. The wondering what is going on. But I just could not get into this book. There were parts that I thought I would finally get into
The book, then I just couldn’t get into it. The plot was great, maybe the writing style wasn’t my taste.
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Wow! This book held me spellbound from beginning to end! Unique perspective, fascinating, relatable characters and an interesting storyline. Definitely looking forward to reading more from this author soon!
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I think this may be a difficult review to write. Not only as I try to write it without revealing any spoilers but because my feelings are a little conflicted.  Sleep Martyrs by C. A. Wittman grabs you at the start. Is it a mystery, a thriller, horror, fantasy, science fiction? Yes, to all of that and probably other genres of which I am unaware. I am unsure if it really is Young Adult, there are some scenes that I was uncomfortable with reading, would be uncomfortable with my 14 yr old reading and I quite sure would have been uncomfortable reading as a young adult. That being said, the majority of it is fine for young adults and up.

I read through this book in one night because I just needed to know what next. I started in somewhere around 11:30 p.m. and finished it about 6:00 a.m. I've been wondering how to review this book. I was thoroughly engaged for probably 95% of the book, I had many theories, questions, i highlighted lots of sections, said wow lots of times. I wasn't as happy with the last 5% . A lot of it had to do with where the story went. It will be hard to express without spoilers. It became very technical. The story has technical stuff throughout but it got stranger, a bit beyond what I could or maybe was willing to understand. I can see why the author chose to go in that direction but it did lose me not just the science but I guess I was hoping for it to be a little different. 

I really like Laila, I wish we had more narrative from her as I found her to be the most interesting of the characters and I liked reading her voice and her take on things.
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This book cannot be placed in just one category  .It’s part horror story, part alternate reality tale, part commentary about the eco-state of the world and it’s future prospects, part dysfunctional family tale, part utopian fantasy and a whole lot more.

Think of it as Ira Levin’s THE STEPFORD WIVES and Stephanie Meyer’s THE HOST meeting Dean Koontz’s FALSE MEMORY, Stephen King’s CELL and Philp K. Dick’s DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP as all of them converge via H. G. Wells THE TIME MACHINE. 

If this sound like you might experience sensory overload, that could well happen.  Other than the ‘clues’ above, I will not divulge the finer points of the story lest it ruin your reading enjoyment.  Just know that there is a lot going on in SLEEP MARTYRS and author C.A. Wittman has done an outstanding job with her character development and the unexpected twists and turns her narrative takes.  3 1/2 stars
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This was a terrifying book and I really enjoyed it, the characters were great and I enjoyed the mystery throughtout the book. I like tori and layla I thought they were well developed.
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This book had me turning pages so fast! It was like a Twilight Zone episode!! Then the end happened and COMPLETELY RUINED THE WHOLE THING FOR ME!!!!! A 489 paged book that i read in 2 days, and ended up being a HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME!!! I cannot recommend this at all. I’m giving it 3 stars, which i hardly ever do, because it did entertain me and was very well written until the end. I feel VERY UNSATISFIED!!!
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Very interesting read, not at all what I expected. Though a lot of the concepts were a bit over my head, this was still a pretty good story.
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It is impossible to write an extensive review about this book without giving away too much of what is happening in this book and above all, why.
It deserves the five stars fully, although there are a few things that I don't understand - or maybe it's just because English is not my first language. I've gone back and read the last part of the story, in which an explanation is given for everything, twice and still... But, maybe I'm not wrong and this is part of the puzzle.
The main characters, Rita and her daughters Tori (short for Victoria) and Laila arrive in the beautiful villa of Santomon with Carl, who married Rita only a month ago and is to be the stepdad of the children. They will be living in a large mansion with lots of rooms, a swimming pool, gardens, staff to wait on them ánd two other siblings, Paul and Becky. Now this is a sad part of the story. Peter and Becky are not Carl's children from a previous marriage. Their mother married Carl after their dad died and Carl adopted them. Now their mother died to, so Peter makes the remark (when someone else asks him about their family), that Tori and Laila are the ones with 'OTP', short for One True Parent.
Anyway, things start to go wrong almost immediately - although what can be wrong with a large room, study and shower all for yourself, as Tori finds out? The house is completely run by a computer and will even anticipate on their wishes.
Since Rita had Tori and Laila with a very nice man, a free spirit living on Maui with four wives and thirteen children, and till recently they didn't have a hot shower, they are somewhat overcome with this and not all too happy.
Tori has an inquisitive mind but Laila is a true genius. She always carries a notebook with here to write down her observations, and because of this she is labelled 'Aspergers' syndrome' because people just don't understand how her mind works.
Both girls go to school and that is when they realize Santomon is not the usual village as strange things start to happen and people suddenly don't seem to be who they were.

Think: Bentley Little. Think: The Stepford Wives. Think: Dan Brown. Think: thriler - horror and a dash of SF. Think: very well written, very hard to put down, with lots of interesting characters and very hard to put down once you start reading. Don't think that you'll understand where the story will go and don't think it will follow the usual path. It is just one big surprise!

There are, as I said, a few things I don't understand. There is something happening that is not explained later, and only in the very last part of the book we get an explanation for most of the things that happened in the story. I would have liked to read some of this information earlier in the story for now the ending feels as if it was the beginning of the story and the rest came later. As if the author had a brilliant idea and wanted a story to get this brilliant idea in a book. I can only say: read the book and see for yourself. I'm looking forward to reviews from other readers.

Thank you Netgalley and IBPA for the digital copy of this book.
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I received this from Net Galley in exchange for a review. 

I really enjoyed this one!  Turned a familiar trope on its head.  Lots of twists and turns. Like a good episode of "Black Mirror," addressed some relevant concerns about the future of our world through a story that kept me hooked, trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together.  Very clever.  A couple of things confused me and at times the pacing was a little slow, but, overall, I would say it was imaginative in a way I don't encounter that often and it had something to say about where we are as a society and where we could be headed.
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Sleep Martyrs have me whip lash, but in a fantastic twisty way.  A unique story, well written, and well developed characters. I would read more from this author.
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This was a very strange book.   But I say this in a good way.    

It starts out one way, and you think you know where it's leading, but you are wrong.  It takes a totally different turn.  But I have to say I enjoyed the ride.  It was creepy, it was fun, it was suspenseful.  

I liked the characters, the writing style, the story and the twists.  

I did get a little confused at times - there were so many stories to follow and characters (but that could be my old brain).     I will certainly look for more books by this author.
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